Hubby’s replacement

It’s a tough task to replace your hubby but if your husband don’t please you or live out of station for 10 days in a month ,than what a married or horny lady can do?,so after having sexual experience for 5-6 years ,I am much addicted to it as my hubby and too many outsiders have given my immense pleasure on bed.It’s a nice morning for my hubby Anish as he is busy in leaving home for a week ,he is going to Mysore for a week with his colleagues ,he left home with his luggage and I closed the door .my maid is also not present as his child is ill and feeling lonely ,I walked to kitchen and prepare a cup of coffee ,sitting alone in balcony as I am drinking it with my eyes on main gate ,I am thinking about my day’s affair but as my mobile started ringing ,I put my cup on ground and walked to dinning space as I can see mom’s number flashing on screen…….

“Hi mom ,how are you ?
(Mom)I am fine ,Anish have left home
(Bina)yes mom
(Mom)don’t be sad ,your brother Jeet will reach there
(Bina smiled)oh I see but he have refused to come here ,than
(Mom)he will be there as his train is late.”

And my mind started thinking about my younger brother Jeet ,as he have broke my hymns before my marriage and he have always made me saying on I started ringing on my brother’s mobile as he received my call…….

“hi Bina ,are you fine ?
(Bina)yes ,when you are coming to my house ?
(Jeet)after half an hour ,I have missed my brother in law
(Bina)ok waiting for you.”

As I put my mobile and now started putting everything in place , walked to my bedroom and removed my night wear.while standing infront of a large mirror ,I am looking at my round boobs ,it’s browenish nipples and my soft thighs to I walked inside washroom and opened the tap of cascade ,now getting wet after a while ,I took bottle of gel and started using it on my boobs to waist ,as I leaned to put gels on my thighs and legs ,than I put it on my back ,on my ass to upper parts ,now my palm is massaging my body as bubbles are covering my whole body is feeling dirty as my hubby Anish have fucked me twice last night ,so cleaning my sexual organs for my replaced hubby….my brother ……is my primary I opened the tap of cascade and started having bath.after some time ,my nude body is cleaned as it’s glittering like I rubbed my wet body with my towel as I walked to my bedroom and stands infront of a large mirror to see my sexy nude body,than I opened the wardrobe as I took out a transparent gawn to wear as it will be a dress to seduce my brother ,it can’t cover your body as transparency of dress will show my body ,even brassiere and panty for my sexual organs are on holiday .Bina Mishra is a 26 years lady with a nice physique as it’s round dome shaped ass looks sexy ,when she walks fastly without wearing a full panty ,her both boobs have grown in last 4-5 years but it’s too tight and his strong smooth thighs are attractive but I know my replaced hubby ….my brother….he is a nice fucker but will he give me sexual pleasure after his 7-8 hours long I walked to dinning space as I opened my refrigerator and look inside to see bottles of wine and I put my guests room bed in place ,door bell started ringing and I walked towards door as I opened the door ,Jeet is standing there with his luggage and he walked inside but his eyes are on my dress or he put his luggage as he sits on sofa ,now removing his shoe and looking at me ,he asked……

“Bina are you waiting for anyone to come and seduce you
(Bina laughed)why not Jeet ,but why are you asking like this ?
(Jeet unbuttoning his shirt)your dress is for no means ,even you have not put undergarments
(Bina)your brother in law have left me alone as I am waiting for my lover to come
(Jeet)oh I see.”

As he stand and removed his jeans also ,now he is in his undies and vest only.He hold his luggage as he walked to his bedroom and shouted……”prepare a cup of coffee soon.” As I moved inside kitchen to do it ,my primary concern looks like fulfilled as my brother got the strong massage on his arrival.after a while,I came back in dinning space with two cup full of I am waiting for Jeet to come as he is in bedroom or washroom ,later on he came as he is wearing only vest and undies.while sitting near me on sofa ,he took his cup and started drinking coffee as my eyes are on his bulge of penis looking straight in his undies ,making a reflection on it.Jeet looking at me ,said …….

“Bina one thing I have missed
(Bina)what you have missed
(Jeet)a cane of beer as it will make me energetic.”

I put my empty cup on table as I walked to refrigerator and took out a bottle of beer ,my sexy ass is nude inside my gawn as I know it’s swinging freely giving my replaced hubby Jeet a nice look.I am back with two glasses and a bottle ,now put it on table as I leaned forward ,my lovely tits shows his some part.Jeet started putting beer in glasses as I am sitting near him.

Jeet is my younger brother of 23 years as his slim figure is impressive ,his penis lengths 7-8 inches and 2 inches thick ,so size doesn’t make me horny but any gal or women loves his first sexual partner ,who have broken her hymens .so we both started drinking beer as Jeet put his arm on my shoulder……

“your hubby Anish knows your sexual addiction
(Bina)yes but Jeet ,no need to talk about him right now.”

As his arm is moving downwards to my boobs ,I put my hand on his bulge of he is putting more beer in his glass as I lit a cigarette and started smoking ,he took away his hand and kissed my face……..

“Bina you are still too sexy
(Bina)old wine always give you more pleasure.”

And I put my empty glass on table ,Jeet took cigarette from me as he is drinking beer while smoking I put my hand on his undies as I hold his bulge of penis on it and pressed it hard

“oohh aaauuch Bina what are you doing
(Bina)you can feel better.”

And he put his empty glass on table as his hand hold my breast on gawn ,he is pressing it hard as my hand started pulling down his undies to my younger brothers cock is in my hand ,as it seems little for me but it’s the bast option for me to I hold his cock hardly in my palm ,he is massaging my breast hardly and now he removed his vest as my replaced hubby is nude .now I stand infront of him as I put my one leg on his thigh ,I hold my lashes of gawn as I opened it and than put my gawn towards my shoulders ,I opened it as I have put my leg on his thigh and one on ground ,he can see my boobs as well as I removed my gawn as I sit near his legs ,Jeet moved forward on sofa as his penis is in my hand ,now masturbating it slowely ,I put my lips on his thigh to waist.while kissing my brother’s lower parts wildly ,my hand is masturbating his penis fastly and now as I removed penis skin to kiss ,he said…..

“darling ,no french kiss ,going for a blowjob
(Bina)ok we will do it after sucking your penis.”

As I started kissing his long penis ,I can feel his dick getting erection and I kissed his base to shaft and lastly ,penile glans is moving on my face ,it’s a soft round part of penis as I put it near my nose to smell it hard ,than put it on my lips to rub it ,just like a lip liner of revelon company ,I am rubbing it’s glans on my lips and than my mouth opened partially ,as I took his 1/2 of penis in my mouth to suck.Jeet have put his hand on my breast as he is pressing it hard and I am screaming slowly”ooh aahh uumm ” as my mouth is full of cock.

Jeets penis is in erection as I took it out and started rolling my tongue on it to taste it’s own saliva,my tongue is loving it from base to glans as it’s smells natural.later on ,Jeet pushed his cock in my mouth as he hold my hairs and started fucking my mouth with his long cock as my deep throat is getting the hit of his glans ,my body is in Jeet is shouting”oohh uumm suck it hard you bitch” as I left his penis after a Jeet walked nudely to washroom as I am sitting on sofa ,now put beer in both glasses and started drinking it ,Jeet walked to me as I can see his straight cock fully while sitting on ground near my legs ,he took his glass full of beer and asked…….

“my lovely sister ,put your ass on sofas corner
(Bina moved forward)you are my replaced hubby Jeet ,don’t use words like sister .”

As he is drinking beer and put his long finger in my glory hole ,he is fingering it fastly but it’s too hot and dry ,so he poured little beer on my vagina and now started licking my cunt with his tongue.His fingers have opened my vaginal mouth and he is licking it fastly like a dog , screaming louder”oohh uumm Jeet lick my vagina fast ,aahh make me your whore for a week.” And he took out his tongue as he pushed his two fingers in my vagina ,fingering it wildly and j am shouting” ohh aahh I will cum soon.” And Jeet took out his fingers as he took my vagina in his mouth to suck ,sucking it like a wild animal ,my mouth is sounding louder”oohh uummm aahh my vaginal discharge is in your mouth ” and my cunt become juicy as Jeet tasted it with his tongue for a we are too hot and horny as Jeet made me stand infront of him ,putting my one leg on chair as my legs are stretched ,he hold his cock and started rubbing it’s glans in my vagina as he is pushing his cock inside my cunt .as his 1/2 of penis moved inside ,he hold my waist and started pressing it hard from below and lastly fucked me hard as I screamed”oohh aahh Jeet your cock is like a iron rod ,fuck me hard” and his cock is fucking my wet cunt fastly as I have hold him tightly , our waist are touching ,my boobs are brushing on his chest and Jeet is giving me a hard fuck from my wet cunt become dry ,I started kissing his neck to face while my hand is moving on his back.after 7-8 Minutes of deep penetration ,I started shouting”oohh aahh Jeet my cunt is in fire ,rain your cum soon
(Jeet)yes my bitch have my sperms .”

And his penis poured sperms in my vagina as it’s dripping from it to ground and as he took out his penis ,I sucked it hard to taste it’s cum.

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