Experience with my neighbour sister – Part 4

Yeah myself and my neighbour sister started to kiss each other. It became normal in our life. Whenever I go to her home, I used to kiss on her lips and bite her navel by moving her saree or lifting her nighty and press her boobs on blouse. But I always had a thought of touching her bare boob.

One fine day we were foreplaying on her home sofa. I asked her to sit on my lap. She obeyed and I was holding her from behind. She was in her nighty. I tried to lift her boobs from below thinking that I will get a good view of her cleavage but failed. We played for sometime and while leaving she stood up and I caught her from her back and tried to lift her boobs from below.

Now I got a very clear view of her cleavage. Almost half of her boobs came out. She saw her own cleavage and didn’t do anything. I slided my hands in between her boobs, she suddenly pulled my hand out. I didn’t understand what she is trying to do. Because she is allowing me to press her boobs on nighty or on her blouse but what’s wrong if I press her bare boob. We started having foreplay in phone as well.

I will tell ‘akka I have opened your saree’, she will tell ‘mm da’, then I will say ‘I started to kiss your navel’, she will moan for this. Like this we used to talk. My desire for her increased day by day. We used to chat in video call and ask her to remove her pallu and she does that for me. Most of the times in video call her saree will not be in place. I used to drool at her navel cleavage and boob shape in her blouse. I used to masturbate in video call without her knowledge. Sometimes she will ask what are doing. I will tell nothing akka.

But still she was not allowing for a sex experience. One fine day came for that. On my birthday, I was in audio call with her. I was doing a foreplay incall as usual. After finishing her stomach and hip area, i asked her shall i go little bit up. In this audio foreplay scene, currently i was inside her nighty kissing her stomach. She told like since it is birthday boy’s wish, mm go daa. I didn’t expect she would say that. Her daughter was sitting near her when i was in call. She was like mm, mm, mm . She didn’t say mm do da. I told her that okay I am slowly coming up, now i have two breasts in front of me. I asked her, akka which side i should go first, she told your wish da.

Then i told let me go for left breast, i kept my mouth on it and started sucking it. While sucking, I’m holding another breast and pressing it. She was silent. I called her akka? She was like mm da. She was enjoing it. I told that I’m doing the same for other breast. She told mm. Then after doing all this things in phone, she asked okay va? Happy ah? I told why not and thanked her.

She told that its time for my office, so leave. I told okay akka and masturbated in my bathroom and went to office.

After that also she started speaking normally to me. I was in hometown at that time. We were in audio call. She told that she was feeling weak. I told I will come to home akka. She told, no you don’t come, id you come you will do something to me. I didn’t obey her and went to her home. She will be alone I know. I pushed the main door of her home, it was not locked. I went inside and saw her lying in her bed in a nighty. With no time, I went inside and kissed her.

She resembled like she is weak by closing her eyes. She was not responding and just moaning by closing her eyes. I felt like I should fuck her now. I went inside her nighty from below. She was wearing a inner skirt. On top of inner skirt I went and reached her stomach part. She was not wearing anything on her top. I saw her second half of her boobs now. I was sucking her and stomach.

Moved somewhat up and sucked her nipples.

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