A night out while his wife’s away becomes a dream come true

“Bye honey, I’ll see you next week,” my wife said, kissing me on the cheek as she ran out the door to get her taxi. “don’t forget the bins, and I’ll call you when I get a chance.”

I smiled at her as she left. A whole week living the bachelor lifestyle stretched out before me, no responsibilities, no work and no evenings of reality TV. Loathing ahead except, of course, the pile of chores that we’d both been neglecting. I sighed and trudged to the kitchen.

“Better get these out of the way before I do anything else,” I think to myself. “starting with these dishes.” I slide off my wedding ring and get to work scrubbing.

A few hours later, with the place looking nearly brand new, my phone rings.

“Hey Pete, what do you need this time?” over a decade of friendship had me knowing that Pete only called when he wanted something, or wanted to tell me something he didn’t want in writing.

“Oh sure. Like you have ever helped with anything,” the amusement in Pete’s voice was obvious “I hear you’re living the solo life for a bit. Want to hit up the town, get a few drinks?”

I looked back at the empty house, knowing that Pete probably was looking for a wingman.

“Why the hell not.” I hadn’t been out for a while, and I had plenty of time for sitting at home by myself ahead of me.

“Great. I’ll come grab you in 10,” Pete hung up without waiting for a reply.

Before I know it, I’m in my usual going out clothes, a pair of jeans, black T-Shirt and a jacket. I look myself up and down in the mirror, running my hands through my salt and pepper hair as I think back to the mischief Pete and I used to get up to before we settled down. An insistent beeping breaks me from my reverie, and I hurry to pile into Pete’s car.

“This thing is still ridiculous,” I say as he revs the engine on his vintage mustang.

“You’re the one that picked the settle down with a good woman route, not me,” Pete shot back, “I can spend my money however I want.”

We drove in companionable silence for a while before pulling in at a trendy new cocktail place.

“Aren’t we a little old for a place like this?” I asked Pete

“Nah,” Pete responded. “one of the advantages of success is that we can afford the drinks here.”

We laughed as we went in, light jazz filling the spacious, dimly lit room with a warm background to the buzz of conversation. The crowd was a lively mix of folks, but being early in the evening we were able to secure a booth and settle in for a night of swapping stories and drinking whiskey.


As the evening descended into night, the lights got dimmer and the music more upbeat, and before long the place was filling up. We were in the middle of recounting that time Pete and I entirely wrapped a friend’s car in tin foil when a feminine voice interrupted with a slightly breathy “Excuse me.”

Pete and I turn to the speaker and my jaw nearly hit the floor. A pair of utterly stunning young ladies were standing nervously at the end of our table, elaborate cocktails in hand.

“We noticed that you had some space at your table and we were hoping we could join you.” The speaker was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, a petite redhead with a spray of freckles across her face in a skintight green dress that accentuated her figure in all sorts of intriguing ways. Her friend, a just as shockingly stunning brunette smiled shyly as I found myself shuffling across and saying “Please, make yourselves comfortable.” Some deeply ingrained politeness overrode my brain’s lack of ability to process anything beyond these visions of beauty before us.

Their nervousness softened as they slid into the booth with Pete and I, smiles shifting more to thanks as they settled into the cushioned leather.

“Thank you soooo much,” said the brunette. “It’s standing room only now, and, well,” she extended a shapely leg out to reveal stiletto heels that looked like a recipe for a sprained ankle “I didn’t really pick good shoes for that.” A crystalline laugh rang out from her friend.

“Amy those shoes will be the death of you one of these days,” said the redhead. “I swear you still dress like we’re teenagers. I’m Tracy,” she said, smiling widely as her friend readjusted her dress, “And this reprobate is Amy.”

Pete and I laughed and I tried my best to push the stubborn lust clouding my brain aside. I’m a married man, I thought to myself, doing my best not to admire the way the girls’ laughs moved their bodies.

“A pleasure to meet you both,” Pete said, stepping in to rescue my addled mind. “I’m Pete, and this is Tim. What brings you here this fine evening?”

“Booze!” said Amy, holding her alarmingly coloured drink high before taking a long sip through the glass straw.

“Although at these prices we probably only get to have one,” sighed Tracy, before taking a sip from her equivalently elaborate concoction. “The grad student life doesn’t lend itself to riches”

“I remember those days.” I commiserated back. “But I promise it does get better, money wise, at least. Pete and I used to do experiments for the Psych students to make beer money when we were in grad school. Less of a problem these days, right Pete?”

“Absolutely.” Pete replied “Anyway, I’m sure our budget can stretch to a few drinks for our new friends”

The ice broken, I started to relax a little, listening to Pete settle in to story telling about our time as students and listening to the replies, mostly supplied by Amy about the girls. In spite of Tracy being the one to approach us, it was obvious that she was the shyer of the pair and she was content to let Amy carry most of the conversation. It became apparent that the girls were later year grad students, Amy studying biology and Tracy chemistry, and the girls were enjoying a rare night out. We made some small talk, Pete and I explaining our history as engineering grad students, and commiserating with how much study consumes your life.

“My asshole of a boyfriend dumped me,” Amy chimed in unexpectedly, eyes taking on a slightly faraway look “He said I spent too much time in the lab and not enough time with him” She shook her head slightly as if to clear it, “But whatever, he sucked anyway” she drained the rest of her drink in a single gulp. “Were you serious about that drink?” she looked over at Pete imploringly.

“Of course. I’ll get the next round, but you’ll need to tell me what you want”

Amy immediately sprung to her feet, nearly tripping in her heels as she reached over to grab Pete’s hand and pull him to the bar with her. Tracy and I laughed as Pete looked allowed himself to be bewilderedly dragged away.

With our more talkative companions gone, Tracy and I looked at each other shyly, both of us reaching to take a drink at the same time to try and mask the sudden silence and avoid being the first to speak. Tracy laughed at the awkwardness and broke the silence.

“Um. I couldn’t help but notice.” she gestured at my left hand “Do you usually wear a ring?”

I reached over to grab my unadorned ring finger recalling the wedding band I had removed earlier in the day. Before I could say anything Tracy continued “I know what it usually means when guys go out without their wedding rings, and I just wanted to let you know that your business is your business.”

“Oh. Um. No.” I practically stammered. “I just”

“It’s OK,” Tracy smiled. “I won’t tell anyone.” She gave me a smile that brought the thoughts I thought I had suppressed roaring back to the front of my mind before she took a long, slow drink, her rosebud lips wrapping around the straw not helping with the images racing through my head.

“Um. Thanks.” I managed, noticing that she had stayed close to me even though the booth was empty. “I don’t get out much these days,” I confessed, “it’s nice to be out of the house”

Tracy smiled again, “It’s nice to be out of the lab, these chemicals are a lot more fun than the ones I usually work with” a gesture at her emptying hurricane glass highlighting the toned muscles of her bare arm. I laughed, “It gets better after you graduate, I promise. Well, mostly.”

“Mostly?” the quirk in Tracy’s eyebrow did nothing but accentuate her attractiveness

“I think what I really miss is being young and handsome. But I don’t miss not having money for drinks.” I smiled over at her, hoping I was coming across as dashing and not creepy.

“You aren’t so old, and you’re definitely still handsome” I thought I saw a slight blush spread across Tracy’s features as she looked away from me slightly with these words.

“That means a lot coming from a brilliant young lady like yourself” the blush that was definitely spreading across Tracy’s cheeks accentuated her freckles and made my heart beat a little faster, and the smile that widened across her face made it beat a lot faster.

“Thanks. And thanks for listening to us. Most guys don’t even bother with our names before leering, it gets a bit boring. I mean, I don’t really blame them” She gestured at her friend at the bar, and the obvious stares she was getting in her cherry red dress and ridiculous black heels. “Especially with how ‘Amy’ Amy is, but it’s nice to get to talk for a bit to someone that actually gets what we do, and it’s nice to not feel like I’m a consolation prize for people that didn’t get to talk to her.”

“I smile at her. “I know how you feel, Pete was always the dashing one of us, and I spent most nights out with him being wingmanned by the friends of people that wanted to get him all to themselves.”

Tracy’s laugh was like a cold glass of water after a long workout. “No way. You’re too cute for them to not have wanted you for you.”

“I could say the same for you.” I responded, feeling my face flush red as I saw hers do the same. We both looked bashfully away, attention being paid mostly to our dwindling drinks.

A sudden yelp from the direction of the bar broke us out of whatever thoughts we were thinking, turning we saw Amy pulling away from a pair of cocky young men, Pete advancing on them like a stormcloud. His enraged should cut across the din “What the fuck do you think you’re playing at, sunshine?!” Tracy and I slid out of the booth and made a beeline for the bar, noticing Amy’s distressed face and hand holding her dress up as Pete menaced the young men who were starting to puff up again, initial shock at being called out starting to wear off. It didn’t take me long to notice the logos of a local sports team on their shirts, and not much longer to notice that it seemed half the bar were wearing the same logo.

“I think maybe we should go” I tried to deescalate things before Pete started throwing fists. Tracy’s voice in my ear echoing similar sentiments as we saw the bouncers heading over.

“You’re right” Pete spat “these kids have soured my mood. Are you ok?” he asked Amy without turning away from the pair of youths

“Let’s just go” Amy responded, clearly close to tears. We made our way to the relative cool and quiet outside, with Tracy shielding Amy from the crowd as we left.

“Those dickheads undid her dress at the bar,” Pete explained. “What kind of a dickhead does that to a person?”

“Are you OK?” I asked Amy. She nodded, having managed to realign her dress and get everything back into place.

“Damn it.” She said, anger fighting back tears. “I was really looking forward to a night out, but I’m not sure I can deal with people right now.”

A sudden boldness seized me “I have a pretty well-stocked bar at my place, and there’s no one else home, you’re welcome to come for a drink if you’d like.” Amy looked a little taken aback at the request, but after a quick whispered conversation with Tracy both girls nodded.

“Should we call a cab?” Amy asked.

“I’ve got my car here, although it might be a squeeze.” Pete replied, leading us to his mustang and its tiny back seat.

Amy laughed and pointed at her heels. “There’s no way in hell I can climb in to the back seat in these”

“I’m happy to sit in the back” I offered, folding myself into the tight space before there were any objections.

“Me too,” Tracy offered.

As she clambered into the tight space with me, I got an incredible view of the curves her emerald green dress barely covered, and I could feel the strength in her hands as she grabbed on to me for leverage, eventually making it into a seated position pressed up against me as Amy and Pete more elegantly climbed in to the comfortable and spacious front seats. I could feel Amy pressing into me as we accelerated out of the parking lot, her body against mine a lot more than seemed absolutely necessary as her hand found mine. I was startled when she grabbed it and put it firmly on to her bare knee, sending me a smile before leaning in and whispering “Now. I really know what it means when a man not wearing his ring invites someone over for drinks, and I promise I still won’t tell.”


It wasn’t long before I found myself opening my front door and leading Pete, Amy and Tracy into my freshly cleaned house. I mentally thanked myself for deciding to do that early and not just firing up some video game or other.

“What’ll it be?” I asked, leading them into my spacious living room and stepping behind the bar.

“This,” Amy said loudly, dropping to the couch and leaning down to unstrap her shoes. “That’s so much better.” she purred, wiggling her toes and sinking them into the thick rug. “I’m sorry about the bar, thanks for looking out for me, and thanks for letting us continue our night. Do you have any whiskey?”

“Whiskey for me too,” said Tracy, joining her friend on the couch and leaning back, stretching languidly as she adopted a relaxed pose.

“Of course” I say, a little surprised given the sweet, fruity concoctions the girls had been drinking at the bar. I poured four measures of one of my better single malts and took them to Pete and the ladies, noticing the change in the girls now that they were not out in public. “And you don’t need to apologise for assholes. I’m sorry that people thought they could do something like that to you.”

“They were friends of my ex. I guess they thought it was funny or that I wouldn’t mind, but I wasn’t planning on flashing the whole bar,” A cheeky smile crossed Amy’s face “At least not without a few more drinks.”

We all laughed, thankful that the ordeal hadn’t left her feeling too down. I went to sit in an adjacent armchair, but Tracy caught my eye and gestured at the space next to her on the couch. A small war raged in my mind before I quashed it and went to sit next to her. As I settled in I felt her snuggle against my side slightly. I looked over at Pete who gave me a sly wink and took a sip of his whiskey.

“This is good.” Tracy said, taking a sip from her glass.

“One of the perks of having finished my PhD a over a decade ago,” I said, the warmth of the whiskey spreading through me, and the warmth of Tracy’s body very obvious against my side. “is that now I can afford all the things that i wanted back when I was studying”

“Cheers to that!” said Pete, raising his glass.

“So where’s your wife?” Amy said, cracking my mood slightly and feeling Tracy tense and shift slightly away from me.

“Um.” I started, trying to think through the haze of lust that was still fogging my mind

“Just kidding, I don’t care.” Amy laughed. “I just wanted to see you squirm. Trace has a thing for married dudes, and I’ve got my eye on something else.” she winked at Pete

“Amy!” Tracy yelled at her friend. “I do not!”

“You can lie to yourself but not to me,” Amy shot back, before rising from the couch next to Tracy and walking over to Pete, positioning herself on his lap. “Now you can have enough space and don’t have to be all cramped against him.”

Pete looked a little surprised, but not as surprised as I was when I felt Tracy relax against me, retorting with “I know I don’t have to,” she leaned against me “But he’s nice and warm and this dress isn’t.” She lifted my arm and draped it around herself, my hand dropping alarmingly close to the plunging neckline of her dress.

I could feel my pulse racing as I felt her soft body pressing into me, and I was extra surprised to see Pete and Amy whispering to each other. I felt myself starting to stiffen before a buzz between Tracy and I jolted me back to reality. Tracy laughed as I struggled to get my phone from my pocket, moving just enough that I could reach it but ensuring that I had to run my hand over her as I did.

‘Hi honey. I’ve made it to my hotel. I hope you’re having fun without me. I’m bushed, so I’m going to go to bed, hope you’re ok with a text instead of a call.’

Tracy laughed as she read the message and grabbed the phone out of my hands.

“What do you call your wife?” she asked playfully as she tapped at the phone’s screen.

“Um. Oh. Sweety, I guess.” I felt a little shock of panic as she deftly tapped out a reply, her delicate fingers flowing over the screen with practiced ease.

‘No worries Sweety. I’m just at home chilling on the couch. Hope you have a good rest, I’ll probably go to bed soon too.’

I relaxed as she hit send, a message that didn’t seem out of place. Her message sent, Tracy then snapped a few photos of herself with my phone, striking the classic social media poses and pulling some absurd faces that somehow looked incredible on her instead of silly. As she found the best angle to show off her cleavage without looking like she was trying to show off her cleavage, I took off my jacket and draped it over her shoulders. I had been a little surprised that she had mentioned being cold in spite of what I thought was the warmth of my home.

“Don’t worry, they aren’t for her,” she said, adding her number to my phone before passing it back to me. She pulled my jacket over herself and smiled demurely at me, sitting a little further away from me.

I hardly noticed that Amy and Pete were shuffling and standing on the couch opposite us as Tracy settled back onto the couch, tucking her flawless legs under her as the hem of her dress slid further up her thighs. Again I was jolted out of my fantasies by Amy’s voice “Well, I’m bushed. Thanks for the drink, Pete has offered to give me a ride home. Do you want a lift Trace?”

“Um,” I hear Tracy saying as Amy collected her shoes and bag. “I think I’ll get a cab, I don’t think I can squeeze myself into the back of that car again tonight, and I haven’t finished my drink” she held up her nearly empty tumbler as evidence.

“Of course. Have a great night, I’ll see you tomorrow.” The twinkle in her eye and the fact that Pete had his hand clamped firmly on Amy’s shapely butt gave me a hint that it was more than a ride home that would be had tonight.

“Classic Ames,” Tracy laughed as the front door closed behind, “Always looking for something new. He dumped her a week ago and Pete’s already the second guy she’s ‘got a lift from’ this week”

I laughed with her. “That’s Pete too, he always finds someone to take home that’s way out of his league, and seems to have someone new every time we talk.”

Tracy laughed again, and shrugged off my jacket. “You know I wasn’t actually cold, right? I just wanted an excuse to be close to you.” She wiggled her way back against me until she was practically sitting in my lap. “And you smell good.”

She turned to face me, her mouth finding mine as she kissed me on the lips. She felt me pull back slightly at the realisation that a beautiful young woman was alone with me in the home I share with my wife, and that she wanted more than just to finish her drink.

“Um. I’ve never done anything like this before.” I managed to stammer, getting my mouth to respond to my brain and not to my libido with a great deal of effort.

“You’ve never cheated on your wife?” Tracy said, arching her eyebrow again in that way that sent blood pumping to my crotch. I shook my head no “I thought that’s what you were looking for,” she purred, her voice like pure silk “with no ring and inviting us over.” Her mouth moved close to mine again and I could feel her hot breath on my lips. “Do you want me to stop?” I felt her lips brush against mine as she formed the final word. My response was grabbing her tightly and kissing her passionately. I could feel her giggling as my hands ran up and down her back, the satin of her dress smooth and cool over the trembling warmth of her skin. After one of the most blissful kisses of my life, she leaned back and said “That’s what I thought,” in a breathless voice.

She stood in front of me, her deep green dress rumpled over her pale white skin, blue eyes sparkling mischievously. “So tell me Mr, am I hotter than your wife?” She spun around in front of me, her petite body and ample curves making an intoxicating display.

“You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” I said, honestly, trying not to be obvious about which part of her I was staring at.

Tracy blushed as she stepped in closer to me, her dress riding further and further up as she straddled me on the couch, kissing me again. “Do you want me?” she said, leaning back and locking eyes with me. I nodded, not trusting my ability to speak as I wrapped my hands around her back. I felt her melt into me as I held her close and kissed her passionately. I know that she could feel my erection through my jeans as she pressed against me, and my hands ran down her back, luxuriating in the feel of her weight on me and the feel of her lips on mine. After a beautiful eternity feeling her pressing down on me with all of her slight weight, she disengaged and pulled back, her face flushed and her eyes lidded. I could see that she was moving to stand and I put my arms under hers and lifted her off me, easily moving her petite frame. She stood in front of me again and looked me up and down, eyes lingering on the obvious bulge in my pants.

“How about a little game?” she asked, straightening her clothes. “If you guess the colour of my panties, I’ll let you take off my dress, otherwise, you take your clothes off.” I laughed as I felt my rational brain starting to reemerge from a sea of hormones and desire.

“That sounds win-win to me!” I laughed back.

“You get one guess.” She says, holding down the hem of her dress. “No peeking.”

I racked my brain, thinking of all the sneaky glances I was taking at her over the evening. I couldn’t recall seeing anything, not even a flash of colour other than pale skin and her deep green dress. Taking a stab in the dark and fully expecting to end up naked, I said “Pink?”

Her grin was devilish as she said “Close enough”, quickly unzipping and then slowly lifting her dress over her head. My rational brain shrank back away as a fresh wave of lust surged through me. Tracy’s nude lower half had a tiny tuft of red hair above a smooth, flawless pussy. She threw the dress aside and ran her hands down her stomach and over her thighs, “I’d say it’s pretty pink.” I tore my eyes off her flawless body and stood up. Without prompting, she quickly unclasped the lacy bra I had been catching glimpses of all night and cast it aside, covering the already hard nipples of her incredible breasts with one arm as the other ran up and down her abdomen.

“I think I got it wrong,” I said, ripping my shirt over my head and fumbling to unbuckle my jeans. A tiny pang of guilt stung through my head as I stood nude in front of Tracy, which was quickly quelled by lust as Tracy giggled, setting her body moving in fascinating ways. I noted with satisfaction that freckles extended down her pale skin, light tan accentuating her pale perfection rather than detracting from it. I heard a small gasp as Tracy saw the full length of my cock for the first time. I pulled her close to me, lifting her as our mouths met and turned to seat her on the couch. I dropped to my knees on the thick rug as Tracy eagerly parted her legs for me.

“See?” she said cheekily, “I told you it was pink.” I hesitated before advancing into her, that stab of guilt again piercing the intensity of my desire. Tracy noticed me hesitating and ran a hand down the side of my face, tilting me up to look at her smiling face. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” her fingers cool against my cheek. “But Amy was right, I love married guys. I love giving them everything their wife doesn’t, and I love knowing that they want me more than they want her.” Her eyes locked with mine. “I will never tell anyone what happens tonight, and I’ll put my dress back on and go if that’s what you want me to do.” She smiled down at me, biting her bottom lip before continuing. “But I want you to do this. I want you to taste a pussy that doesn’t belong to your wife. I want you to feel young again.” she ran a hand down her naked chest, pausing to make a gentle circle around her nipple. “And most of all, I want you.”

Her last words broke the guilt and I made up my mind, hungrily diving my mouth to meet her already wet pussy. The smell and taste of her were intoxicating, familiar and yet so different, my ardor fully inflamed. I hear Tracy’s moans as she runs her hands through my hair pulling my mouth into her as my tongue explores every part of her. I lick and suck and kiss wildly, before settling into more of a rhythm. As Tracy starts to relax and moan more evenly, I run my tongue all the way from the peak of her clit to her tight asshole and back, pausing to push my tongue deep into her opening before wrapping my mouth around her swollen clit and sucking, flicking my tongue across its sensitive surface.

I hear Tracy gasp as I slowly slip a finger into her “oh yes,” she moaned as I started to trace circles inside her before slowly sliding a second finger into her tight pussy “OH YES.” she expounded, a lot louder this time as I fingered her deeply and lapped at her clit like a drowning man gasping for air. She squirmed and started to move her hips in rhythm with my movements. Deep, primal moans echoed through my living room as she pressed into me, her hands opening herself wider to let me take more of her into my mouth and letting her pussy take my fingers even deeper. I felt her pussy start to clench as her moans increased in pace and volume. A choked cry that was nearly a scream escaped her throat as her orgasm squeezed tight enough around my fingers to nearly break them. I felt a warm gush as she squirted in my face, her orgasm pulsing again and again as I continued teasing her clit with my tongue.

“Holy shit.” she said, looking down at the wet spot on the couch between her legs and the moisture covering my face. “I’ve never done that before.” She leant back, shivers of pleasure surging through her as aftershocks from her orgasm pulsed through her body. I ran my hands over her silken thighs as she came back to herself, smiling at me “Your wife is a lucky woman. Sorry about the mess.” It’s my turn to laugh as I realised how wet she made the sofa, but I was beyond caring at this point. Tracy smiled that wicked grin she’s been flashing all evening,

“Take me to the bed you share with her.” I stand, my rock hard cock pointing straight at her as I scooped her into my arms, carrying her the way I carried my wife on our wedding night. I threw her down on our raised bed as she giggled, perky breasts moving wonderfully as she propped herself up, looking me up and down as I stood at the edge of the bed. I looked down at her pale form, marvelling as her hands traced her sensitive spots, clearly still completely aroused despite her barely subsided shuddering orgasm.

I startled as she suddenly shifted, both hands grasping my throbbing erection before she lowered her head to delicately caress the head of my cock with her tongue. I took a half step back as the pleasure of her touch nearly overwhelmed me. Tracy grinned up at me. “Still feeling guilty?” she asked, running the fingers of one hand slowly up and down my cock as her other hand went to her pussy, sliding easily through the slick wetness. The shy, nearly demure young woman of the bar was all but gone, replaced by a lascivious seductress.

A vision of my wife in a similar position as she gets ready for bed, wearing a heavy nightgown and talking about minutia of her workplace dramas ran through my head, but faded quickly as I took in the breathtaking young lady on our bed. I shook my head at her. She smiled again and started to stroke me faster, increasing the pressure. “Do you want to go all the way?” she asked, gesturing towards her glistening slit as she shifted on the bed, moving towards the edge and bringing her pussy closer to my bulging dick.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed hoarsely, a sudden realisation shocking through my pleasure. Tracy looked at me, concern flashing across her face as she quickly removed her delicate hand from my engorged shaft. “My wife and I, we don’t use condoms. I don’t have any protection.” Tracy’s crystalline laughter shocked me a little as she looked up at me from the bed, legs opened wide and her pussy only inches from the end of my cock.

“I wouldn’t have let you use one if you had them!” she growled, lips twisting into a wicked grin. “Now, let’s stop being silly.” she grasped my cock and pulled me towards her. My rational mind broke as I let her guide me towards her, the heat of her pussy palpable well before I touched her.

“Oh shit” I moaned as I felt her slide my cock up and down her wet slit. I leaned over her to kiss her deeply as I felt her guide me to her opening. My hands found the hard nubs of her nipples as the head of my dick entered her. I squeezed them firmly as we both gasped, my thick shaft sliding smoothly into Tracy’s tight, wet pussy. Tracy looked me in the eye and said, through gasps as I started to move in her.

“Isn’t this better than fucking your wife? Don’t you wish you’d been fucking around on her for years?” she swallowed as I sped up, starting to thrust harder and deeper into her, my balls slapping against her perfect, round ass. “Are you enjoying your first taste of forbidden fruit?” she whispered in my ear as I put my hands under her ass, lifting her so I could pound her harder, wildly thrusting into her as she looked into my eyes, holding her legs high and wide.

“Oh god,” I moaned as I felt her squeezing my cock with her pussy. “Yes.” I grunt as she bucks against me, finding a rhythm to drive me more deeply into her than I have ever been inside a woman. “I want you more than I want her. I want you more than anything.” her moans turn to a slight chuckle as she arches her back, hands caressing her hard nipples as she looks me in the eye.

“You know what I want.” Tracy purrs as I feel her starting to tense around me, her climax building. I feel her legs wrap tight around me as she grinds against me, my cock fully inside her. Her hands circle my back, pulling herself entirely off the bed, her mouth firmly planted against mine as she kisses me.

“I want the same thing” I growl as soon as her mouth leaves mine, feeling my own orgasm build. Tracy’s mouth finds mine again as her eyes start to lose focus. I feel her clench tight around my cock, waves of pressure running down the length of my cock. I can feel the wetness of her increase against me and the pleasure is too much. I groaned and lowered Tracy back to the bed as wave after wave of hot cum blasted from my cock deep inside her. My legs shook as she kept her legs wrapped around me, holding my cock in her as my orgasm pulses again and again, lasting for a seeming eternity before finally I am spent, every drop of my cum buried deep in her tight, wet pussy.

With a laugh Tracy released me, relaxing down on the bed as she let me slip my wet cock out of her dripping pussy. Looking down at her face, the dreamlike quality of orgasmic afterglow softening her features as I look her over. Her hands clutch the sheets as she slowly opens her eyes to look at me. “Wow,” she manages. “You are amazing.” every movement she makes sets my mind aflame with memories of what we just did. Flashes of my wife in the place she occupies blur in my mind as guilt about breaking my vows starts to rise in my post-orgasmic clarity.

“I can’t believe I did this” I heard myself saying as a cold feeling started to spread, quenching the lust and desire I had felt moments before.

“What, fucked a stranger in your marital bed?” Tracy winked at me as her hands found her pussy, playing with it lightly as my cum started to leak out “And filled her with cum, I might add.” A look of regret must have crossed my face at her words, because she stopped and sat. “It’s just fun,” the teasing edge gone from her voice, the vixen gone, replaced again with her gentle, quiet demeanour. “Like I said, this doesn’t have to mean anything beyond tonight” she looked down at the mess we made of the bed, “Well, and maybe some cleaning. I have had an incredible night, and I know that you have too. Really, sex is not any different to anything else we do for fun, people just get hung up on it.”

Her calm voice and rationality dulled the guilt “You are incredible, you know that Tracy?” I say, smiling at her. Her sparkling return smile dulls it further as I reach a hand to her. “I think maybe you could use a shower after that.” Tracy laughed and agreed, climbing to her feet and heading towards the ensuite. I sat on the corner of the bed, looking over at the rumpled sheets, my face creasing as I considered what I’d just done, conflict between enjoyment and guilt running through my mind as I could hear the hot water running over Tracy’s body.


A half hour later, cleaned, dried and dressed in one of my old t-shirts, Tracy and I returned to the lounge room. “I have to finish my drink, after all.” Tracy laughed, the way her smile lit up her eyes still sending jolts down my spine.

My phone, forgotten in our pleasure, buzzed again. A message from my wife. Tracy leaned in as I opened it, a photo of her in lingerie I have never seen accompanied by ‘Come whenever you’d like, I’m ready for you. Room 1174’ and then a string of messages




‘I can explain’

‘I’m sorry’

‘Call me’

Tracy laughed as she read them, “Looks like that guilt is misplaced.” she said as she grabbed the phone from my hand. She struck a pose and leaned her face against mine as she snapped a photo, her lithe young body pressed against me, wrapped in my clothes and clearly fresh from the shower. Before I could react, she hit send.

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