My Conservative Wife Got Stoned And Fucked My Best Friend

This is the true story of an event that radically changed our love life. It took place at our home approximately 12 years ago.

My wife Karen is so shy and conservative, she won’t even talk about sex. She is a cute 5’4” tall and around 125 lbs with smallish 34B tits topped with large conical, puffy, nipples. We enjoyed a fairly boring sex life with one date night a week. That all changed one stoned, horny evening.

Our old friend Mike, now a successful music producer, had recently got a divorce and was in town staying overnight with us. After dinner and drinks he produced something we had never done: a baggy full of crack and a small glass pipe. After only several hits my shy wife was suddenly flirty, confessing to Mike that she had fantasies about him in high school(!) When he admitted he had always had a ‘secret crush’ on her, too, she exclaimed, Oh, now you tell me!” and laughed. Who was this woman? After another hit she excused herself “to put on some comfy clothes.” When she came back 10 minutes later she was wearing her Mickey Mouse nightshirt and lots of perfume. Interesting.

It was immediately obvious she was bra-less and I noticed Mike stealing repeated glimpses of her fat nipples jiggling under the fabric as my wife prepared and passed the pipe around to us. At one point she turned to him and caught him blatantly staring at her tits. Embarrassed, he profusely apologized, saying he had not had sex for months and was turning into “a creepy perv.” She laughed it off, but I noticed when she leaned around him to hand me the lighter, she deliberately brushed her obviously erect nipples across his back. For some reason, this excited me as much as it seemed to excite Mike, judging from the growing bulge in his shorts. Just when things were getting interesting, Mike excused himself for the night, saying he couldn’t do any more crack.

As I cleaned up the bar, Karen took one last long hit off the pipe, exhaled a huge cloud of smoke, then stared at me with a seductive smile as she slowly leaned back and parted her knees exposing her naked, swollen fuzzy cunt. Looking around to make sure the coast was clear, I came around the bar and gripped a hard nipple with one hand while reaching down and stroking her overheated, very wet slit, before plunging one, then two, then three fingers deep into her as she pushed hard against my hand. Karen placed her lips to my ear and hoarsely whispered, “Somebody better fuck me. Now.”

My response even surprised me, but in retrospect, I was as stoned and horny as I’ve ever been in my life. I looked into her eyes and whispered “I know where there’s a big dick that desperately needs some attention.” Her only reply was, “Are your sure?”
“Am I sure it’s big or sure it’s okay for you to fuck it? I asked. “You know what I mean – you wouldn’t be mad?” I became aware of the fact she was fucking my hand. I said, “Actually the thought of it makes me horny. Also, I’m not lying, Mike had the biggest dick in high school (we were both on the basketball team) – I have a feeling you’d really enjoy it.” At that, she stood up without a word and disappeared into the back bedroom. In stunned silence I killed the the lights and sat down at the bar straining to hear what may be happening, feeling like I was in some weird dream.

I heard some muffled soft talking then it was quiet for some time. My heart was pounding out of my chest as I thought about my wife doing unspeakably nasty things with another guy. My curiosity getting the better of me, I quietly crept to the door and placed my ear against it. I heard my wife: “Slow. Go slow. Ouch, ouch. Hold on, I’ll be right back.” I scampered back to my stool as the door opened and my naked Karen walked past me and into our bedroom. I heard a drawer close and she came out carrying our tube of KY. She stopped and kissed me on the forehead and whispered, “You weren’t kidding” and disappeared back into the guest bedroom.

After a few minutes of quiet I heard Karen softly moaning then grunting, – louder and louder. I have never heard my wife make sounds like that. I crept back to the door and placed my ear against it. The bed was softly squeaking in time with Karen’s grunts and I became aware of the fact I had a huge erection. I heard Mike say, “Let’s do this…” and then a pause followed by my wife: “Okay, okay. Slow, baby. Slow slow slow slow….” then she started grunting again.

I couldn’t help myself – I silently opened the door just enough to peek into the room. My wife had her face buried in the pillow with her ass in the air being gripped by Mike’s hands. In the low backlight of the window I could see Mike’s fat penis plunging into my wife’s familiar cunt, her lips disappearing, then pulling out as they gripped his long, thick cock. The smell of sex and a loud squishing/sucking sound permeated the air. I closed the door and went back to the kitchen, tightly gripping my penis to forestall a climax that threatened to explode.

After a few minutes of increasingly loud and frequent grunting, Karen pleaded “Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me FUCK ME FUCK ME! OH GOD, FUCK ME HARD! Then quietly, “C’mon baby, cum in me. Please, baby, please. Please cum in me, baby…” Then loudly “OH OH OH GOD, YES!! YES YES YES YES YES UGH UGH UGH OHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh…” as Mike groaned loudly for what had to be almost a minute, obviously pumping load after load into my shy, conservative wife of 10 years.
It was all I could do not to orgasm myself.

After a few minutes, Karen, wearing her shirt, slipped into the living room accompanied by the unmistakable scent of fresh cum. She quietly turned on a lamp, lit a cigarette, and sat down on the floor facing away from me, still breathing heavily. She seemed upset. “I’m sorry. That was wrong. I want you to know I love you and I’m sorry” she said. All I could say was, “Honestly, it’s okay. It’s fine. I’m fine. Turn around and talk to me.” She turned around with her knees against her chest and tears rolling down her cheeks. I said, “Really, it’s okay. I cannot tell you how horny I am right now.” She looked confused. “ You’re not mad?” I told her I was not only not mad, but hearing her fuck my friend had turned me on more than I could say.

I dropped my gaze and was mesmerized by the gooey mess oozing between her lips and pooling in the nightshirt underneath her. Mike later related to Karen that he had not gotten off in over two months and that he experienced the longest, hardest orgasm he’d ever had. The result filled my wife to overflowing. “Do you have room for more?” I asked as I tugged down my shorts, releasing my penis which was literally throbbing. She wiped away a tear and replied, “I’ll make room” as she parted her knees. “ Bring that over here.”

After taking a once-in-a-lifetime photo of my shy wife smoking a cigarette as another man’s cum oozed from her swollen cunt, I pulled off her shirt and turned her over onto her hands and knees, her freshly-fucked pussy mere inches from my face. With great relief I slowly slid my cock into what felt like hot pudding, creating a loud slurping sound as a rope of cum squirted out around my shaft and onto the carpet (the stain was there for a year!). I added my own load to Mike’s within only a minute or two as Karen lustily begged me to fuck her.

We went to bed but neither of us could sleep. At around 2:30 AM while sucking her cunt I suggested Karen do something I knew she wanted to do – check in on Mike once more to see “if he needed anything.” Sometime later my wife quietly slipped into bed and climbed onto my eagerly waiting cock. By the time we all met at the table for a quiet and somewhat uncomfortable lunch at 12:30, I’d lost count of how many times we’d fucked. Thanks to my big friend, Karen was extremely sore for several days afterward.

As it turned out, we never did anything like that again, and thankfully never indulged in hard drugs again, either. Karen felt great shame and regret for her actions, and to this day we do not discuss it. The only lasting affect of that night has been her greatly elevated sex drive – I imagine she is reliving that night as she is obscenely vocal while having sex, loudly moaning/grunting and begging me to fuck her/fill her, etc. which I find very much a turn-on.

Although what we did was wrong, I remain personally glad it happened.

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