My Wife My Life-3

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

We got out of the car and I gave the room keys to Rekha telling her to open the doors while I send the bags thru Vicky. Rekha carried two bags and Vicky followed her carrying 4 more. From here on read what happened in Rekha’s words.

When I entered the reception John jumped out of his seat greeting me. He said madam you are looking very hot. I thanked him and continued to my room. Our room was about 4-5 minutes of normal walking time.

Because I was carrying bags I was walking slower. Vicky was walking right behind me and very frequently he was bumping into me. As we got farther away from the reception his bumping became more frequent.

I could feel his hard cock poke my butt because I was wearing heels giving me the right height. I ignored and as we got closer to my room, he stuck his cock against my butt constantly rubbing it while we walked.

For a moment I stopped and he ended pushing hard into my butt holding my waist. He said he was sorry, I did not say anything and continued walking. We stopped at my door and I bent to put the key in the hole.

Vicky kept the bags on the floor grabbing my waist firmly, dry humping my ass with his cock. I stood up and told him to stop saying this is wrong but he didn’t listen. When I stood up he pushed his cock deeper holding me firmly.

He said madam you are so hot I have been dreaming about you since the time I saw you the first time. His dry humping triggered my arousal because his cock felt very big. My mind was telling me this is wrong.

I again bent trying to open the lock but could not get the key in the lock correctly. When I bent further, I realized I was doing it in reverse, Vicky raised my skirt pushing his cock further directly rubbing my pussy.

I finally managed to get the door open and went inside. Vicky picked up the bags and followed. I stood away from him telling him to keep the bags near the wardrobe. He kept them and went back to get the rest.

I felt relieved he left me alone. He came with 4 more and kept them there walking towards me. He took my hand and rubbed it on his cock over his pant. He said madam my cock has been hard since I saw you in the bathroom having sex.

I was shocked that he had seen us having sex and did not know what to do. He came up behind me squeezing my boobs and humping my ass again after raising my skirt. This got me aroused as hell and now I did not want him to stop.

I asked him who else was with him watching us, he said John. With one hand he rubbed my pussy hard saying madam give me one chance to fuck you with my cock and I will show you heaven. Then he let go of me and brought 4 more bags.

He again hugged me from behind and continued his actions. I was fully enjoying and even if he fucked me now I would not want to stop him. Every time he was doing this for a few minutes keeping me on the peak of my arousal.

This time when he came with 4 more bags, he pushed me against the wall raising my skirt and unzipping his pants. He pushed his hard cock between my closed legs, it was rubbing against my pussy over my panties.

He cupped my boobs squeezing them hard, his cock was driving me towards my next orgasm. He turned me around and I held his face kissing him. Vicky was very happy and quickly unbuttoned my top licking my entire exposed chest.

He left saying correct your clothes now, I promise you, today I will fuck your brains out if I you give me one chance. This time when he came Ramesh was with him. Vicky quietly kept the bags down and while leaving Ramesh tipped him.

Vicky winked at me and left. I rushed to the door and locked it removing all my clothes and Ramesh’s also and took him to the bed. I said darling I need you to fuck me right now with your cock, I cannot live without it.

Ramesh was in a state of shock seeing me begging him for sex again, he did not know that it was because Vicky had got me so aroused with my orgasm around the corner. Ramesh mounted me missionary style fucking me slowly.

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