My Wife My Life-3

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We got out of the car and I gave the room keys to Rekha telling her to open the doors while I send the bags thru Vicky. Rekha carried two bags and Vicky followed her carrying 4 more. From here on read what happened in Rekha’s words.

When I entered the reception John jumped out of his seat greeting me. He said madam you are looking very hot. I thanked him and continued to my room. Our room was about 4-5 minutes of normal walking time.

Because I was carrying bags I was walking slower. Vicky was walking right behind me and very frequently he was bumping into me. As we got farther away from the reception his bumping became more frequent.

I could feel his hard cock poke my butt because I was wearing heels giving me the right height. I ignored and as we got closer to my room, he stuck his cock against my butt constantly rubbing it while we walked.

For a moment I stopped and he ended pushing hard into my butt holding my waist. He said he was sorry, I did not say anything and continued walking. We stopped at my door and I bent to put the key in the hole.

Vicky kept the bags on the floor grabbing my waist firmly, dry humping my ass with his cock. I stood up and told him to stop saying this is wrong but he didn’t listen. When I stood up he pushed his cock deeper holding me firmly.

He said madam you are so hot I have been dreaming about you since the time I saw you the first time. His dry humping triggered my arousal because his cock felt very big. My mind was telling me this is wrong.

I again bent trying to open the lock but could not get the key in the lock correctly. When I bent further, I realized I was doing it in reverse, Vicky raised my skirt pushing his cock further directly rubbing my pussy.

I finally managed to get the door open and went inside. Vicky picked up the bags and followed. I stood away from him telling him to keep the bags near the wardrobe. He kept them and went back to get the rest.

I felt relieved he left me alone. He came with 4 more and kept them there walking towards me. He took my hand and rubbed it on his cock over his pant. He said madam my cock has been hard since I saw you in the bathroom having sex.

I was shocked that he had seen us having sex and did not know what to do. He came up behind me squeezing my boobs and humping my ass again after raising my skirt. This got me aroused as hell and now I did not want him to stop.

I asked him who else was with him watching us, he said John. With one hand he rubbed my pussy hard saying madam give me one chance to fuck you with my cock and I will show you heaven. Then he let go of me and brought 4 more bags.

He again hugged me from behind and continued his actions. I was fully enjoying and even if he fucked me now I would not want to stop him. Every time he was doing this for a few minutes keeping me on the peak of my arousal.

This time when he came with 4 more bags, he pushed me against the wall raising my skirt and unzipping his pants. He pushed his hard cock between my closed legs, it was rubbing against my pussy over my panties.

He cupped my boobs squeezing them hard, his cock was driving me towards my next orgasm. He turned me around and I held his face kissing him. Vicky was very happy and quickly unbuttoned my top licking my entire exposed chest.

He left saying correct your clothes now, I promise you, today I will fuck your brains out if I you give me one chance. This time when he came Ramesh was with him. Vicky quietly kept the bags down and while leaving Ramesh tipped him.

Vicky winked at me and left. I rushed to the door and locked it removing all my clothes and Ramesh’s also and took him to the bed. I said darling I need you to fuck me right now with your cock, I cannot live without it.

Ramesh was in a state of shock seeing me begging him for sex again, he did not know that it was because Vicky had got me so aroused with my orgasm around the corner. Ramesh mounted me missionary style fucking me slowly.

Since it was the sixth time he was fucking me today, he lasted much longer. He fucked me in different positions and giving me many orgasms. All the while I was imagining it was Vicky fucking me.

Soon he came in my pussy. We were tired and drifted to sleep with Ramesh by my side. He woke me up at 7pm. He took me to the bathroom making me sit on the commode spreading my legs wide.

Ramesh got his shaving kit and began shaving my pussy. I asked him why he was doing it, he said so I could wear the new panties which we bought today. He said a shaved pussy looks much more beautiful and inviting.

I asked him who else do I need to invite to see my pussy when you are there. He kept quiet and completed what he was doing. When we were done he washed my pussy and asked me to get dressed.

He said John told him that they have a very nice bar in the hotel with a dance floor and we should go there and enjoy. We took a bath together while I tried to convince him to fuck me again under the shower.

He said he was very tired after so much of sex today and wanted to save his energy so he could fuck me again at night. I was upset but knew somewhere in my head that Vicky would surely keep his promise of fucking me tonight.

I realized this was wrong because I was cheating on Ramesh who was such a loving husband so decided to tell him everything that happened. After the bath we came to the room where I seated him on the bed.

I said darling there is something very wrong that has happened today and I want to tell you about it. I have sinned and I cannot live with that guilt anymore with tear swelling in my eyes.

I am ready to face any punishment you give me, I deserve it. Ramesh seemed puzzled and consoling me he said what could have happened when I was there all along with you.

I said there were moments when you left me alone and a lot happened then. He said please relax darling and tell me what so big has happened that is making you feel like this.

I said when you went to the medical store, David turned to me saying madam you are the hottest woman I have ever seen. I cannot stop thinking about you since I saw you. While saying this he was feeling my legs.

I was trying to think how to stop him but by that time he raised my feet kissing it sucking my toes. This got me aroused making me very weak to think straight anymore.

After sucking my toes his hands came higher up rubbing my inner thighs spreading them. He said your panties are looking very sexy, can I touch them? My mind had stopped working and my body was responding to everything he was asking.

He said please come closer madam so I can take a good look. I said I am scared if my husband comes now, I will be ruined. He confidently said madam you don’t worry I am keeping an eye on him.

I slid closer to him, he put his hand under my skirt touching my pussy over my panties. This sent shock-waves thru my body because other than you he was the first man to touch me there.

He said madam your pussy is so wet, looks like sir is not taking care of your needs. I said he is taking very good care of all my needs. He slid my panty aside and fingered my pussy. He licked his fingers saying you are very tasty madam.

He fingered my pussy a few more times licking his fingers each time. He said madam can you open two more buttons so I can adore your beautiful boobs. I looked towards the store and he said don’t worry, we have time.

I opened two buttons and he touched and squeezed my boobs nicely. He quickly kissed me and said please get back madam, sir will come now. I corrected my clothes putting back the buttons and sat looking out of the window.

I was thinking what had I done, what had I gotten into. I looked at Ramesh and he was quiet, but when I looked below his cock was hard as a rod and I did not know why.

Ramesh took a deep breath and calmly said darling you have not committed any sin, you were under the influence of David who used your body for his own satisfaction. Don’t worry, it ok, now you relax.

I said I am not done yet, there is more I need to tell you. He asked what? I told him the entire episode with Vicky. I said Vicky was the waiter who brought the coffee tray and saw us fucking in the bathroom.

Ramesh was still cool and despite two people fondling my body. The calmness on his face after I told him everything was driving me nuts. But the sight of his erection triggered my need for sex to take over my mind.

I held his cock and started stroking it. There was lots of precum all over his cock. Earlier I had to stroke his cock to make it hard so he could fuck me but now he was already hard. Ramesh said get into doggy style and I did.

He put his face to my pussy and ate me. He did not do oral for too long and pushed his cock in my pussy fucking me hard like never before. He was rocking my entire body making loud clapping sounds.

He fucked me pussy nonstop for a long time before pushing his cock in my ass. He was fucking me furiously with new found energy. I daringly asked what would you do if David or Vicky really ended up fucking me.

His answer was beyond my wildest imagination, he said I would be even more excited and would fuck you crazy after them. I never imagined that my husband would be excited to see his wife getting fucked by other men.

I wanted to be a loyal wife and enjoy sex with him only but his answer changed everything. Ramesh was fucking me so hard that my rear was in the air. I got many orgasms during this but he had still not cum.

Ramesh never lasted so long but now he was setting a new personal record. Maybe listening to how two strangers enjoyed my body was his trigger. Maybe he was honest about what he said. He gave a few more strokes and came in my butt.

This was by far the best sex I ever had with Ramesh. We both lay on the bed panting in each other’s arms. I asked him did you really mean what you said that other men fucking me would excite you, he smooched me saying yes.

I decided I was going to fuck any man I desired without worrying about Ramesh. I had the green signal and was already thinking about Vicky & David again. We went to the bathroom and cleaned up.

Ramesh was very normal as if nothing had happened. We came back to the bedroom and Ramesh asked me to wear a frock we had bought today along with matching underwear.

I picked a light green frock with floral print and matching green bra and panties. I showed it to Ramesh and he approved it. I put on minimal makeup with wedge heel ankle boots we had bought today.

Ramesh complimented me saying I was looking outrageously sexy and was going to give all men a hard time. We locked the room and went to the reception where John was staring at my cleavage with eyes popping out of his head.

John complimented me saying I have not seen such a pretty woman like you ever. I thanked him signalling with my eyes that Ramesh was there. He asked Ramesh if we wanted to party at the bar, Ramesh said yes.

John called Vicky telling him to take us to the bar. Vicky took us there and we saw this was quite an upper market place. Many couples were dancing on the dance floor. Ramesh asked for a table away from the speakers so we could talk.

Vicky called the bar manager Charles who came to us and he told him about us. Charles was a very handsome well-built 30yr old guy who was ogling at my body constantly while talking to us.

He took us to a corner table and had us seated. Complimentary champagne was served to both of us celebrating our honeymoon. I told Ramesh that I have never had a drink before, he said today is a good time to start.

We said cheers clanking our glasses and he told me to sip the drink slowly. I sipped it and liked the taste. Soon our glasses were empty and Charles came running asking what we would like to have.

Ramesh ordered light beer for both of us. Charles suggested they have freshly brewed rice beer and we should try that. Ramesh said ok with some chicken starters. I asked what are your intentions by getting me to drink?

He said a few mugs of beer will not get you drunk as long as you have it slowly. Just forget everything and enjoy the moment. Beer and starters were served and by the time I was half glass down he was on his third.

I figured he was a seasoned drinker so did not bother. By the time I finished my first mug he was on his fifth. His voice was beginning to slur. I asked him are you high, should we stop? He said I am fine.

I can have much more than this. Ramesh got up from the table saying he needed to piss, I watched him walk and he was unsteady. He somehow managed to get back and two mugs later he wanted to go piss again.

This time he was not able to get up. I ran to him helping him get up. Out of nowhere Vicky came and held Ramesh from the other side. We reached the gents and Vicky took him inside. Ramesh was quiet drunk.

When they came out I saw Ramesh still had half his cock outside and zipper open. I pushed it in closing the zip. I asked Ramesh should we go back to the room, he said no. We came back to the table and sat Ramesh down.

He quietly sipped his beer telling me sorry darling I got drunk, I did not mean to. I called Charles and requested him if we could be served in our room? He was staring at my cleavage while talking to me.

Charles said normally we don’t but for a hot lady like you we can make an exception. I said thank you and finished my mug. I saw the time and we had been here for less than thirty minutes and I was very frustrated.

I said We will go back to our room and order from there. He called another big hunk and Vicky to take Ramesh back to our room. This hunk whose name I don’t remember was constantly ogling at my body.

Both of them helped Ramesh to our room and put him on the bed. I thanked them for their help. Vicky was staring at me with lust, He asked me what I would like to order. I said one mug of beer would be enough and they both left.

I saw the time and it was only 8.30pm. I looked at Ramesh and tried waking him but he was fast asleep. I cursed my stars for ruining our first party in Goa together. Vicky knocked on the door and I opened it letting him inside.

I remembered his promise he made earlier today. He placed the beer mug on the table and while leaving said madam I am waiting outside if you need me. I noticed the bulge in his pant when he was leaving.

I locked the door and sat down sipping my drink watching Ramesh sleep. I was very frustrated and remembered what Vicky did to me earlier when I was alone with him.

Just the thought made my pussy wet getting me aroused. I knew he was standing outside waiting for a chance but how could I do it here next to Ramesh sleeping. Then what Ramesh said after my confession came to my mind.

I gulped down half the mug wanting to get high before I begin. I opened the door and saw Vicky rubbing his crotch vigorously. I called him inside locking the door. He saw Ramesh sleeping and hugged me squeezing my boobs and ass.

He was grinding his erection against my crotch. I was very aroused so I held his face and kissed him giving him the signal. He pulled down the zipper of my frock and I removed it throwing it on the bed.

I was standing in front of him in my underwear. I said you left promising me heaven, now you need to fulfill that promise. I was unsure about Vicky and thought that all that a man can do is fuck.

Vicky swiftly removed my bra and panties and pushed me on the bed. He removed all his clothes revealing a decent 6” cock but much thicker than Ramesh. He took a condom from his pocket and mounted me.

I closed my eyes expecting him to do some foreplay, some oral. But instead I felt the tip of his cock rubbing against my pussy. He held my legs raising them high resting against his shoulders and his cock at my love hole.

He gave a strong push and the tip of his cock entered my pussy stretching it making me scream in pain. Vicky sealed my mouth with his hand while he continued to hammer his big cock deeper in my pussy ignoring my pain.

Soon he was fully inside and fucking me with full force. He fucked nonstop despite me signalling him to stop. After a few minutes into this painful fucking, the pain was reducing and I was beginning to experience pleasure.

I looked at Vicky and he was fucking me like a bull. After nearly half an hour he stiffened and came inside me and only then stopped. He got off me throwing the condom in the dustbin by the bedside.

I was not worried about Ramesh seeing the condom in the morning. Vicky got dressed and sat next to me saying I hope I have satisfied you now bitch. I said you fucked me like an animal and hurt me.

I will never let you fuck me again. He had zero remorse and left closing the door behind him. Vicky had great size and stamina, but I hate rough sex and disrespectful behavior. I sat on the couch naked sipping my beer.

Whatever high I had got from the beer previously, Vicky’s rough fucking had brought it down to zero.

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