Her worst Valentine’s Day was the absolute best

I fucking hate Valentine’s Day. It’s a retail excuse for showering your loved one in flowers and chocolates, and an overpriced dinner of surf and turf. The card companies make out the most, selling beautiful card stock dreams in red, pink, and white–all with promises of romance and devotion.

It’s poetry in motion, complete with a fat baby with wings and a bow and arrow. (Who gave a baby that job? Babies have no depth perception.)

And I hate it all.

Actually, I don’t hate it. Currently, I just hate Tyler. I had thought it had been a great six months. Then, two days ago, I found him in bed with some big breasted bombshell doing a very contorted 69.

Honestly, what pissed me off the most was he had refused to try that with me.

So there I was, arms full of two bags of groceries with the intent of making him a Valentine’s Day lava cake.

He’d looked up at me, tongue pausing mid stroke across her perfect, smooth pussy. And then the fucker smiled. “Oops,” he said.

Oops? No, what was an oops was dumping the quart of milk over his head. Oops was then ripping open the bag of flour and leaving him tarred and feathered.

Who am I kidding? It wasn’t an oops. It felt fucking good.

Now, it was 3 PM on Valentine’s Day, and I was on my second glass of wine. I was filled with rage and popcorn as I scowled at the couple on the screen. I gave my best friend, Abby, a glare.

“Why the fuck are we watching this? Tyler ruined everything.”

She picked at a cuticle. “Amanda, please. Having fun today is your biggest revenge.”

I scowled deeper. “I’m not having fun. I’m getting drunk in my own living room. With you.”


I sighed. “It’s not that I don’t want to be with you. I’m sorry. It’s just that…I had so much planned for today with Tyler. I really thought he cared. And then the fucker found a prettier model.” I set down my glass of wine and paused the film. “Abbs, I can’t watch this.”

She ran a hand through her long, thick, light-brown hair. “I have an idea. Come on, go get dressed in something good. No more pajamas. Actually, go take a shower first. We’re going out.”

I stared at her. “Out where? It’s Valentine’s Day.”

She rolled her eyes. “Go get a shower, damnit. Now.”

I stood. Abby was a trained martial artist. I knew better than to fuck with her. I showered and changed into jeans and a sweatshirt.

She wandered into my bedroom.

“Nope. What the fuck, Amanda? Where’s your leather mini skirt and that red sequined top I got you when I was in Milan last month? You have to look like sex on fire.”

I frowned. “What’s the point?”

Abby was already in my closet, and had thrown the skirt and top at me, hitting me in the chest. “And you’re wearing these!” A pair of strappy heels went flying in my direction. Fine. We’ll do it your way.

An hour later, she pulled up in front of one of the local bars.

“Really?” I fumed, “I got dressed up to go to Vito’s?”

“Shut up, they have speed dating starting in five minutes. Let’s go.”

My heart went into my stomach. “Speed dating? Have you lost your mind?”

But she grabbed my hand and hauled me out of the car. “Come on. It’ll be fun.”

This happened often. Abby declared something was gonna be fun, and dragged me to it. And 9 chances out of 10, she was right. But speed dating? Sounded like a nightmare.

The bar was decorated with tacky red paper hearts and those dumb ass cupids. I surveyed the crowd gathered for speed dating. I winced. Paunchy, older men, already slightly drunk from swilling the bar’s cheap beer. Lovely.

But, at this point, I was doing this for Abby. I couldn’t turn tail and run now.

So I sat down at one of the tables and the madness began. We had five minutes to have a “date”. After the fifth man, I was feeling violated from being eye fucked, and having absolutely nothing of substance to say. This wasn’t going well. The bell rang to switch tables.

I took a long drink of my cocktail. I set it down and sighed. “Alright,” I said to the new guy, “let’s get this over with.”

“Aw, why? I showered earlier.” It was a deep, sexy voice. I looked up, startled. The man that sat across from me could only be described as “sinfully hot”.

Bright hazel eyes stared at me, a beautiful mix of brown, green and yellow. His hair was a thick mop of dark brown curls. He was strong, muscular and even though he was sitting, I could tell he was tall. I swallowed hard. He also was about twenty years younger than the other men assembled for the event.

My cheeks went bright red. “Oh! I mean, I…I wasn’t…” Damnit, Amanda, get your tongue in gear, I chastised myself, you have a god of a man sitting across from you, and you’re blowing it!

He smiled, showing off perfect teeth– a genuine smile. No slimy undertones. Just a man wanting to have a conversation with a woman.

“Are you always this articulate?” He asked, his eyes showing a flash of mischief.

I cleared my throat, downed my cocktail completely, and slowly met his eyes. “I’m better on the page.”

He leaned forward, a look of intrigue on his face. “The page? Is the lady a writer?”

I flushed. “Yes.”

He twirled one of his curls around his finger in thought. “Anything I’ve read?”

My redness deepened. “Ha. I highly doubt it. I’ve written and had published a whole series of romance novels.”

His smile widened. “So you buy in to the idea of true love?”

I sat back in my seat and crossed my arms over my chest. “I used to. But it’s all bullshit, really. People like me write the fantasies, but let’s face it. Life isn’t a fairy tale.”

He ran his finger around the rim of his glass. “No? I think with the right person it could be. After all, you’re here, in a bar, on Valentine’s Day looking for something fun and new, right?”

I shrugged. “I’m here because my best friend dragged me out of the house.”

“Is she here? I’d like to send her a thank you card.”

“Well, aren’t you a proper gentleman.” I kept my arms crossed, but I couldn’t hide my growing smile. Not only was this guy hot, but he was delightfully funny. “Actually, the truth is, I was supposed to be with my boyfriend tonight–I mean, my ex-boyfriend.” I let out a long sigh. “It all ended two days ago. That lying, cheating son of a bitch…” I trailed off, surprised I had just been so candid with a stranger.

“I’m sorry. That really sucks. But, that just goes to show that he wasn’t for you. And he must be blind.” He was quiet for a moment, then he leaned forward.

“I’m–” but at that moment, the bell rang. He looked at me sadly and reluctantly stood. He took a step towards me, when his phone went off. With a frown, he glanced at the screen, swore under his breath, and bolted from the bar.

My mouth dropped open. What the…? What could have been so urgent?

The rest of the evening was looking bleak. I sighed as the next man plopped down in front of me.

He was sucking on a toothpick. That was enough to make my stomach turn.

Abby suddenly appeared at my shoulder. “Amanda, we gotta go. Robby texted. It’s been a month, this is my chance to make this official.”

I gave her an incredulous look. Robby had ghosted her in mid January, and I thought she’d seen the last of him. “You’re ditching me for Robby? Seriously? You’re that desperate?”

She gave me a look. “Mandy, please? I want to see if this can go anywhere. Come on, it’s not like you’re having fun over here, anyway.”

I rolled my eyes. “Fine.” In a way, she was right. I hadn’t been having fun. With the exception of Mr. Flirt-and-Dash, I hadn’t enjoyed myself one iota.

Abby clasped her hands together. “Thank you! Come on, let’s go.”

Fifteen minutes later, she had dropped me off on my doorstep. Now, even more so than earlier, I was completely alone.

Inside, I kicked off the stupid heels, yanked off the stupid skirt and top, and headed for the shower. I stopped in my bedroom, grabbed my pink, thrusting dildo, then made haste for the bathroom.

Come hell or high water, I was having a happy ending tonight.

The hot water quickly steamed up the cold bathroom. I stepped into the stream, closed my eyes, tilted back my head, and let the water wash away the evening. I lathered up my loofa with foaming body gel and slowly began to ease it down my naked form.

Closing my eyes again, I imagined the hazel eyes of the handsome stranger from earlier, and felt an ache stir between my legs. Loofa forgotten, I bit down on my lip and began to caress my round, natural breasts. I sighed as I imagined his curls in my hands, and his strong body pressed against mine. Without realizing it, I had slipped my toy deep inside me. My fingers had instinctually pressed the on button and the silicone thrusted upward at a rapid pace. I gasped, feeling my creamy wetness coat the toy as it worked its magic. I knew it wouldn’t take me long… I could already feel my pussy walls clenching…


My eyes popped open and the toy slipped from my hand. What the fuck was that?

I turned off the water and reached for my towel. Was someone at the door? I wrapped the fluffy fabric around my body and tip-toed down the hall towards the front door.

“Amanda! I know you’re in there!”

I froze. It was Tyler.

“You stupid bitch, I’m gonna break down the fucking door! You fucking humiliated me!”

My blood ran cold. Was he drunk? High? Out of his damn mind? Maybe all three. There was no fucking way I was opening the door.

The pounding continued. “I’m not leaving! I’m gonna make you pay for what you did!”

My heart hammered against my ribs. I needed my phone. Slowly, I backed down the hall to the bathroom where my phone sat next to the sink.

Tyler slammed his fist into the wood of the front door over and over. I felt panicked tears start to roll down my cheeks. I grabbed my phone and with a shaking hand, I pressed the emergency alert for 911.

“911, what’s your emergency? Hopefully, you didn’t just realize you’re allergic to lobster.”

“No, I’m not allergic to lobster! I’m alone in my house, and my ex boyfriend is trying to break in! He’s threatened me! I need police assistance to 205 Ellison Road, and quickly! I’m afraid he’s going to bust the door off its hinges!”

The operator was silent for a beat. “I apologize, ma’am, I’ll dispatch a car immediately. Where are you in the house, can you move to a room that you can lock?”

“Yes, I’m in the bathroom. I-I’ll lock the door.”

“Alright, ma’am, take a deep breath, remain calm, and the police will be on their way. I’ll stay on the line until the police arrive.”

The pounding on the front door hadn’t ceased. I locked the door, then I allowed myself to sink to the floor. I truly did hate Valentine’s Day.

Please, just let the pounding stop…Minutes passed and finally, I heard the sound of a police siren in front of the house.

“They’re here.” I thanked the dispatcher and disconnected the call. Breathing a sigh of relief, I unlocked the door and peeked out down the hall.

The loud sound of a scuffle in my front yard made me scamper to the front window to see what was happening. I peered around the corner, to see two officers tackle a furious Tyler to the ground.

Served the fucker right. I didn’t turn away from the window until he was safely inside the police car.

There was a gentle rap on the front door and with horror, I remembered I was clothed in nothing but a towel.

I raced back to my bedroom and yanked on a t-shirt and a pair of leggings, then sprinted back to the front door.

Out of breath, and my hair still dripping wet, I yanked the front door open.

“Oh! I guess you should have added bat-shit crazy to ‘that lying, cheating, son of a bitch'”.

My mouth dropped to the floor. Standing in front of me in full uniform, was the handsome stranger from the bar.

I swallowed hard. There was something about a man in uniform–especially a policeman–that made my body react. I felt my cheeks redden, and the aching wetness had returned between my legs. Now, the dashing from the bar made sense. He must have gotten a call.

The cold February air suddenly hit my body and I felt my nipples instantly harden. Braless, they easily showed through my thin t-shirt.

He’d noticed, but he chose to return his gaze to my face. He gave me a reassuring smile.

I cleared my throat.

“You’re a cop?” Jesus, Amanda, that was the best you could do?

His reassuring smile remained.

“Yes, well spotted.”

But then, his smile faded into a look of concern. Suddenly, he was all business. “Are you alright? I’m going to need some information for my report.”

My eyes glanced to the other car where Tyler fumed as an unwilling passenger. The other officer entered the vehicle and it took off down the street.

“Ma’am?” His voice brought me back.

“Sorry. I don’t know what I ever saw in that creep.” I shivered, and wrapped my arms around myself.

He frowned. “You’re gonna get pneumonia out here.”

I sighed. “Come on in, I’ll make a pot of coffee.” I opened the door wider to grant him easier access. He followed me inside, and I gestured him into the kitchen.

“Please, have a seat. I’ll be right back.” But then I sneezed. Gooseflesh covered my arms and I shivered with cold.

“Ma’am, I’m a patient man. Why don’t you go get fully dry and dressed in something warm? I’ll wait.” His warm hazel eyes gave me a look of compassion, and it caught me completely off guard.

“I… wow, that’s really sweet of you. I just need a few minutes. I’ll be right back.” I turned and quickly hastened down the hall. No, I didn’t know this man from Adam, but there was something about his professional authority that put me at ease.

I raced into my bedroom, grabbed the first pair of panties in the drawer, a bra, jeans and a sweatshirt. Figuring he’d wait, I made the decision to take a quick hot shower–after all, I was freezing. I took the fastest shower known to man, then toweled off and dressed in record time. I combed the knots out of my hair, then headed towards the kitchen.

The heavenly scent of dark roast coffee hit my nose, followed by the soft gurgle of the percolator.

No. Was he really that perfect? My jaw dropped. The officer stood in front of me offering me a mug of steaming hot coffee. I mean, it wasn’t completely weird. I had a coffee tin and a few mugs sitting out next to my coffee pot. But it was the fact that he had taken it upon himself to be kind and compassionate. That was something I had really never experienced.

“I hope you don’t mind. But I figured this would save time.”

I wordlessly took the mug from him, still staring at him wide a wide-eyed expression.

“Thank you, sir.” I managed to murmur.

“I’m Michael.” For the first time that evening, his cheeks reddened a little. “I mean, it’s Officer Rossi. But, you can call me Michael. Or Mike.” He cleared his throat.

I offered him a warm smile. “Amanda Everett. Nice to formally meet you, Mike. Thank you again for letting me get warmed up and for making coffee. That was really sweet of you.”

Mike’s hazel eyes studied me. “I’m sorry your shitty night got worse.”

“It wasn’t all bad.” I took a sip of coffee and looked up at him from under my lashes. “The five minutes we spent together were the… highlight of my evening.”

He smiled, but then pulled out his notepad.

“Alright, I hate to have to do this to you. But I need you to give me a summary of what happened here. What did he say to you? Were you threatened?”

I frowned, my warm feelings dissipated. I sat down at the kitchen table beside him, my hands clutching my coffee mug for support. I sighed, and told him everything.

Mike sat quietly, writing down my every word.

When I told him that Tyler had said he was going to make me pay, I watched the muscle in his jaw twitch. But he kept quiet, until I finished.

“Amanda? You know you deserve better than that, right?” Mike’s eyes were so warm. He sighed and continued. “I mean, you’re an author. A published author, no less. You shouldn’t take shit from anyone. You’re intelligent. You deserve to have someone who appreciates all that you are.”

I bit down on my lip and brushed a lock of my hair behind my ear.

“I don’t know what I deserve anymore.”

Mike’s hand rested on top of mine, and the warmth that radiated from him caused me to gasp.

“Then let me show you what you deserve.”

Suddenly, he leaned across the table, closed the gap between us, and very gently, his lips met mine. Holy shit. So soft… Just as quickly as it happened, it was over. His cheeks went a dark shade of red.

“Sorry. That was completely unprofessional… you’re just so fucking beautiful, and–“

I grabbed him by the Velcro of his Kevlar and kissed him back, a hot, searing kiss that set my body aflame from my lips to my toes. The pulsing heat between my legs was back, almost an unbearable ache. He groaned and wrapped his arms around my waist, but then he pulled back.

“Wait. Are you sure?”

“Shut up and kiss me.” I wanted him. Fuck, I needed him. My affirmation was all he needed.

“Amanda…” he growled, and pulled me close. He kissed me with such passion, that Tyler and his betrayal and threats became a distant memory. I allowed myself the pleasure of digging my hands into those soft brown curls, reveling in the moan that slipped from his lips as I did.

His tall frame pressed me against the kitchen counter. I couldn’t quiet my own moans as I felt his cock throb and swell against my stomach. My panties were quickly soaked with desire as his big hands found my soft breasts, squeezing gently through the fabric of my sweatshirt.

Our kisses had deepened; his tongue slipped past my lips and teased mine with a tenderness that knocked me off my feet.

His warm fingers made their way to the hem of my sweatshirt and brushed just underneath–enough to be asking my permission.

Without breaking the kiss, I took his hand and guided it across my flat stomach.

The moan that escaped his lips at the touch of my skin, caused more wetness to flow. I knew I was soaking through my jeans and the ache was becoming unbearable.

I let go of him and yanked my sweatshirt over my head, breaking the kiss just long enough to get the damn thing off.

He looked down at the sight of my full c-cups; his pupils dilated and his growl deepened.

“Fuck…Amanda…” Without a second’s hesitation, he gripped me under my thighs, lifted me up, and plunked me down on the kitchen counter.

“Oof!” I gasped, surprised at being picked up, but Mike wasn’t done with me.

He buried his head between my breasts, kissing every inch of the exposed flesh.

My head swam with the sensations that I barely registered his fingers popping the button of my jeans and yanking down the zipper. In another yank, he’d freed me of the tight denim fabric. I flushed red hot as he stood back for a moment, admiring me.

“God, you really are gorgeous, baby.” Quickly, he removed his vest and belt, leaving him clad only in the dark blue uniform. The outline of his cock, hard and thick, stood out against the polyester and my mind was running wild of how he would feel inside me–but then, another surprise–Mike dropped to his knees.

My God. Was he really going to…? No guy had ever made the effort before. With a look that could have made me cum right there, Mike pushed open my thighs and with a gentle finger, pushed aside my drenched panties.

His hot breath against my slippery sex sent goose flesh up and down my arms. But before I could have a coherent thought, his lips made contact with my swelling pussy. The kiss was almost innocent. But when a drop of my desire coated his lips, his eyes rolled back with an unquenchable thirst.

Not holding back, he buried his tongue inside my pussy, his hands soothing up and down my hips and thighs.

My hands immediately dug into his curls and I held on for dear life, grinding my pussy against his mouth.

It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen: a handsome policeman in full uniform, on his knees, eating me out. Me! I wanted to close my eyes and savor the feelings, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his beautiful hazel irises.

He was giving me the greatest pleasure of my life, with more care and compassion than I knew could exist. This was the erotic fantasy that drove my fingers over my keyboard as I wrote romance after romance. This was the bliss that I thought could only happen in fiction.

But now, I was the wild, passionate heroine of my own story, cheeks flushed, fingers gripping his curls, pussy and clit on fire, my arousal settling on his lips and tongue.

My moans were loud, gasping and breathless, as I almost crushed his head between my thighs. Holy fuck!

He looked up at me, then slowly pulled back.

“You like that? God, your pussy tastes so fucking good…” Mike’s eyes rolled back in pleasure. “You want my cock, baby?”

“Fuck yes, Mike…I want you inside me…please!” I bit down on my lip. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Mike didn’t bother undressing. He unzipped his fly and reached into his pants; my eyes widened at the thick length he set free.

“Holy shit…” I murmured. Mike’s cock made Tyler look like a eunuch. Mike stroked the veined flesh up and down, as he eyed me with fire in his eyes.

“Mmm you like what you see?” He teased, brushing his thumb across his glistening tip, catching a drop of precum.

I ran my tongue across my lips. “Yes, baby.”

I reached out and took his hand, forcing him to release his grip on his cock.

Mike looked surprised, but I brought his hand to my mouth, and slowly sucked the precum from his finger.

His eyes rolled back, the closed. “Fuck…oh my God, baby…please…I need you now!”

I released his finger from my lips and he quickly gripped my hips in his hands.

He was so tall and muscular, I was having trouble seeing straight.

Mike rubbed the bulbous head of his cock slowly against my sopping wet slit, and I moaned loudly in anticipation.

“Ready for me?” He reached out and stroked a finger across my cheek, coaxing my face up to meet his.

I kissed him deeply, my clit pulsing and throbbing with need.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Amanda.” He whispered, and began to gently push his cock inside my wet depths.

My eyes rolled back. “Oh…Mike…holy–” I couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Yes, baby, let me make up for every man who failed to please you, failed…oh fuck, you’re tight…failed to show you…how…fucking special you are…” he trailed off, his eyes locked on to mine as he began to slowly piston his hips upward.

The polyester fabric brushed against my thighs and I groaned with the sensations.

I threw my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs tightly around his waist.

This was real. This wasn’t a dream. Mike existed and there was nothing else in the moment but his body against mine.

The way he looked at me sent shivers down my spine and shock wave after shock wave of pleasure to my core.

My climax was building quickly; every stroke of his cock inside me brought me closer to the edge. He reached around me, his big hand caressed my back–and I felt my bra clasp come undone. As I smiled up at him with a gleeful, almost drunken expression, my bare breasts were exposed to his sight.

Another low growl escaped his lips. “Jesus…’Manda…you’re so beautiful…” he grunted and thrusted deeper inside of me, as he palmed a breast in each hand.

He gently rolled my nipples between his fingers–and with a cry, I came undone.

“Oh my God! Holy fucking shit…Mike, I’m cumming! Oh, yes!” I spasmed in uncontrollable pleasure; my pussy juices covered his cock in a creamy coating.

“Yes, baby, cum hard for me…oh God…I’m…oh fuck!” Mike gasped and let out a guttural moan as rope after rope of his hot cum shot up inside of me.

I grasped him tightly, our eyes locked on the others. The passion in his was so intense…so beautiful, I couldn’t look away.

With one last shuddering gasp, I felt the last of his spurts subside.

Both of us were breathless, spent, and sweating profusely.

In an act, that would stir my deepest emotions all the way to my very soul, Mike gently pressed his forehead to mine.

“I…wow. Are you alright?”

I flushed and found myself nuzzling my nose against his.

“More than alright. You’re amazing, Mike.”

“You deserve to be pleasured. And you deserve to be taken care of by someone who gives a shit.” Suddenly a flush crossed his cheeks.

“Would you? I mean…would you let that someone be me? As my Valentine? Not just tonight, but…maybe we could make this work? Cupid hit me really hard earlier when I met you, and I don’t think it was an accident that I ended up as the responding officer to your situation. I…shit, I’m rambling…”

I stroked his cheek, my forehead and nose still against his.

“You’re not rambling. And…I would love to be your Valentine.”

I giggled, then pressed my lips to his. “My blue Valentine.” I murmured softly. “Shall we move this to the bedroom?”

His grin widened. “Fuck yes. I’m not done with you. Not one bit.”

But suddenly, the radio clipped to his discarded vest buzzed with a call.

The crackling voice of the dispatcher rang out in the now quiet kitchen.

“Got a call from a young man in distress…says his ex girlfriend has rammed into his car multiple times and has now taken a tire iron to the windshield. He’s safely in his home, but she’s right outside. All units please respond to 1125 North Street…22:35, over.”

Mike looked from the radio to me. “Fuck! Amanda, I’m so sorry but I have to go. Mother fuckers are crazy.” Carefully, he slipped out of me and zipped up.

I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me.

“Wait, do you have to go?” I blurted out as he zipped up his vest and snapped on his belt.

“I’m so sorry. But yes. I do. Don’t you move, though. I’ll be back as soon as I can. I told you, I’m not finished with you.”

After giving me a deep, longing kiss, and a look that could have stopped my heart, he raced from my house.

I looked around the empty kitchen, my clothes on the floor, the empty coffee mugs on the counter. The smell of sex lingered in the air. I felt myself start to laugh at the craziness of the whole situation.

With a smile on my face, I sat back against the countertop and took it all in. I shook my head and my grin widened.

I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it 100 times more: I fucking hate Valentine’s Day.

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