My Wife My Life-2

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

We got dressed and closed the room with a DND tag hanging headed for the hotel reception. We met the same manager (John) who was smiling at us while constantly staring at Rekha.

He also apologized for the earlier incident. He said very proudly we are the most preferred hotel for honeymoon couples. He said till you don’t put a clean my room tag outside, no one will disturb you.

I thanked him and asked if there were any malls nearby. He said we were within 5km distance of a very big mall which was a favourite of all the foreigners also. He suggested we take a taxi to do shopping as it will be easier to manage the bags.

I said ok. He called a cabbie called David and a taxi showed up within 5minutes. John gave him instructions about where to take us etc. We reached the mall quickly and thru the journey David kept us busy with his talks about all the good places.

Let me describe David, he is an average built man in his 40’s and very well informed. Thru the journey he kept staring at Rekha thru his mirror. I got mixed feelings about how John and now David stared at Rekha.

I was less irritated and more turned on by this. We entered the mall and Rekha was behaving like a kid in a toy store because she had never seen anything like this before. I wanted Rekha to forget her village life including her dressing.

There were many popular brands here. We went to a store and asked if they had ladies clothing. The store assistant said yes taking us to the ladies section and asked me if I wanted to buy for my wife. I said yes and I wanted a full modern makeover for her.

Rekha nudged me asking what I had in mind. I said you wait and watch and don’t say no to anything. The assistant took us to the underwear section and asked me what are her measurements. I looked at Rekha and she was blank too.

I asked the assistant if she could take the measurements herself and guide us. She said yes, She asked Rekha to follow her to a trial room big enough and Rekha panicked. I assured her I was also going with her and three of us got inside.

She made me to sit on the bench next to the mirror. The assistant let’s call her Ana, asked Rekha to remove her clothes. Rekha stared at me and I told her to do it. She removed her salwar kameez and put them on the hook.

Ana asked her to remove her bra also. Again after my insisting she did standing covering her boobs with her hands. Ana assured her to not feel shy as this was normal. Rekha still nervous lowered her hands.

Ana took her measurements and said the bra Rekha was wearing was 34C and she needed 36C. I said you are the expert on this. She told Rekha to sit on the bench while she went out and got the right stuff.

Ana stepped out asking me to follow her, this made Rekha again panicky. I reassured her I was going to select a few clothes for her and will be back soon. She should lock the door till then. On the way Ana asked me if we just got married.

I said yes and we are in goa for our honeymoon. She said in that case I should start with the honeymoon special collection for everything. I said fine with me but she had to guide us. She showed me the catalogue to select what I like.

I said my knowledge is zero and she needs to suggest what will look good on Rekha. Ana picked two bra panty sets one in bright red and one black and headed to the trial room. On the way she asked me if Rekha had a jungle down there.

I said I don’t know. She stopped and stared at me with wide eyes. She asked have you had sex with your wife yet, I said yes we had many times. Have you not seen a hairy jungle between her legs? It struck me that she meant pussy hair.

I apologised that it did not strike me what you meant, yes she has a thick bush. Ana said for your wife to wear the new underwear, you will need to shave that bush first or it will show outside the panties.

I said fine I will do it after we get back to the hotel. We entered the trial room and I sat in my place. Ana gave the black bra to Rekha asking her to wear it, Rekha put it on with some struggle. Ana showed her an easier way to wear it.

She showed Rekha that right now her boobs were not completely supported in the bra. She showed her how to adjust the straps till the fit was nice and firm. Once done she asked me how it was looking. I said very nice.

She gave Rekha the red bra and asked her to wear it. Rekha wore it and adjusted it properly. Ana complimented Rekha for doing it correctly. She asked Rekha which one did she find more comfortable and she said the red one.

Ana took the black bra telling Rekha to continue wearing the red one. She told her to wear the rest of her clothes and to meet her at the counter. I locked the door while she got dressed. Rekha thanked me and we smooched feeling each other’s bodies.

Rekha said can you fuck me right now; I need your thing inside me. I was surprised to see her asking for sex and that too in a public place. I told her we had a lot more shopping to do and we will fuck once we get back to the hotel room.

And my ‘thing’ is called a cock and your ‘thing’ is called a pussy. So you need to say I need your cock in my pussy right now. We went to Ana at the counter where she had a few bra panty sets laid out for us.

Rekha picked a thong panty and looked at me, I said yes it will look very nice on you. Rekha whispered in my ears I am very shy to wear it because it shows everything. I said don’t worry, who besides me is going to see it anyway.

Rekha blushed again. Ana showed us another lacy panty which was also as sleek as the thong panties but provided an inch more coverage. Rekha looked at me asking can I take both? I said if you like it then take it.

Ana asked Rekha what colours did she prefer, she looked at me, I said go ahead and chose what you like. Rekha picked the entire range of colours. I liked it, Ana sent our selection to the billing counter and took us to the dress section.

She asked Rekha what would she prefer to wear, Rekha looked at me with questioning eyes. I asked Ana to show us some skirts & tops. She asked how short do you want the skirts to be. I said I don’t know looking at Rekha.

She asked Rekha have you worn skirts before, Rekha shyly replied no. Ana showed us some above ankle length pleated skirts and gave a blue one to Rekha to try. I took Rekha to the same trial room along with Ana.

This time with zero hesitation Rekha removed her clothes putting them on the hook. Ana unzipped the skirt and helped Rekha wear it. She zipped it low waist below the navel, Rekha’s old panty was showing outside the skirt.

Ana looked at me, I told her to bring the new panties and I will manage. She left and I locked the door asking Rekha to remove her skirt and panty. She removed everything wearing only her new bra. Ana came with both panties and a maroon chiffon top.

She gave the panty to Rekha who took it and stared at me. I took the thong panty and kneeled in front of Rekha. Rekha put both her hands on my shoulder for support and put one leg in the panty at a time. I pulled it up till it covered just her crotch.

Ana was right, a lot of Rekha’s pussy hair was sticking outside the panty. I looked at Ana and told her I understood the problem. I removed the panty and helped Rekha wear the 2nd panty. This was slightly better.

The lace covered the pussy lips and butt hole a little more. I saw, Rekha’s bush was still showing from the sides so either way shaving her pussy was mandatory. I took the skirt and helped Rekha wear it placing it exactly where Ana had placed it.

Now the panty was not visible outside the skirt. Ana gave the top to Rekha to wear. Rekha buttoned the top till the first button, Ana opened top two spreading the top telling her this is the way to wear it.

Rekha turned to me saying how can I wear this top with the buttons open and also it is so transparent. Ana pipped in saying madam this is looking very pretty on you and you will get used to it. This is the fashion these days.

I added by saying darling you are looking very beautiful in this dress, Rekha smooched and hugged me in front of Ana. I was surprised at Rekha’s quick evolution from a super conservative woman earlier today to her bold new avatar now.

Ana said I am leaving you both here, lock the door and you have 30mins, just be quiet and don’t make any noise. She left and I locked the door turning to Rekha smooching again. After the kiss I asked her if she wanted a fuck right now.

Rekha said yes, I am dying for you to fuck me now. I cannot wait till we reach the hotel. She quickly removed all her clothes and unzipped and pulled down my trousers. She stroked my cock making it hard.

She placed one leg on the bench and guided my cock in her pussy hugging me for support. This was too much for me making me horny like crazy. I was fucking her full speed while she kept her lips locked with mine to suppress her moans.

We fucked for nearly ten minutes and both orgasmed together. Rekha smooched me once more before getting off and took her old panty to clean her pussy and my cock. We got dressed and this time she wore everything herself.

I asked her, are you shy to go out wearing these new clothes, she said not anymore. I said you kissed me in front of Ana did you not feel shy, she said no. I said Ana left us here to fuck and now when we go back will you be able to face her?

Rekha said yes what is there to feel shy about. I was flabbergasted by her boldness and very happy to see the change. We went out and met Ana at the counter, she asked now that one dress was selected what else do you want to buy.

Rekha said please show us some more tops and skirts. Ana showed her a wide variety and Rekha picked up many with varying necklines across many colours. Ana asked her if she was interested in shorter skirts, Rekha said yes please show us.

Ana brought some knee length skirts and Rekha asked if she could try one. My head was spinning seeing Rekha taking charge and the best part was she was heading in the direction I wanted her to.

Rekha took my hand and went back to the same trial room locking the door. She removed the skirt she was wearing and put on the shorter skirt and asked me how is this? I said this is looking very nice and sexy.

Rekha asked me if I would mind if she wore such clothes in public and not just inside the house. I said I would be very happy and don’t mind at all. While we were talking Ana knocked on the door and Rekha opened it.

She gave her two more skirts telling her to try these also. Rekha held the first one which was still a pleated skirt on top of her current skirt and this one was mid-thigh length. She looked at me and said don’t you think this one is very short?

I said it is but do you like it? Rekha removed her current skirt and put on this mini skirt turning to me asking how is this looking? I said very nice, you will need to be careful when bending because you panties will show from behind.

She removed it saying I am not yet ready for this and did not even try the last one because that was a micro mini barely covering the butt. She wore her first skirt correcting her clothes and we went to meet Ana.

Rekha said I liked the mid-thigh skirt and wanted to see more colours. Ana showed us a wide variety of colours and Rekha chose a few matching her tops. Rekha asked Ana, can I change into one of these we selected?

Ana said yes but we would not be able to take back the one you are wearing now. Rekha said I want to keep it and not return it. Rekha took me to the trial room and changed into this shorter lemon yellow skirt.

She bent forward touching her feet and said take a look from behind. I saw and said only up to your mind thighs is visible. She asked are you fine with that? I said yes why would you bend over so much anyway. She smiled naughtily at me getting up.

She asked are we done shopping or do you have something more in mind? I said let’s go back to Ana and see what else she has to offer and then decide. We got back to Ana at the counter, she asked do you want to see some frocks same length as this skirt?

It will look very pretty on you. Rekha said yes. Ana showed us a large variety of colours and designs. We were confused because all of them were so beautiful. Ana asked do you want for casual or party or formal occasions.

Rekha looked at me, I said only party. She removed a few leaving us with a smaller collection to choose from. They were all semi-transparent with varying necklines, I asked Rekha to choose. She picked one with a normal neck and Ana joined us.

Rekha stripped down to her underwear and Ana helped her wear the frock. She showed me the back zipper and said this is where you come in to help if she cannot do it herself. I nodded in affirmative. Rekha turned to face me asking how is this looking.

I said very nice and sexy. She turned around bending over touching her feet and asked again. I said absolutely fine. Ana was right there during all this and was smiling. Ana said madam this frock is normal neck and honestly out of today’s fashion.

We also have V necks in medium and deep varieties. Would you like to try them? Rekha looked at me, I said yes we would like to try them. Ana went and came back with three frocks giving one to Rekha to try.

Rekha wore it and came to me to zip it up. She turned facing me asking how do you like this? I saw a little amount of cleavage and said this is very nice. She removed it and wore the second frock Ana gave her.

Again I zipped it up for her, she turned to me and this was deeper V-neck just like the low cut blouses women wear these days. I said this one is even better. Rekha asked are you sure looking at herself in the mirror, I said definitely.

She removed this and tried the third one, even before I could zip this up she removed it saying I am uncomfortable because I feel topless wearing it. I said ok and she put on her clothes and we headed back.

Rekha selected many frocks in bright colours mostly with the deeper neck. Ana asked do you want to try some jeans and T-shirts. Rekha looked at me, I said yes. Ana took us to that counter and asked you want low waist or normal waist.

I said low waist looking at Rekha. Ana gave us one to try and I went to the trial room with Rekha. She removed her skirt and put on the jeans turning to me. I said it is looking stunning highlighting your curvy ass. She said too much of my waist is showing.

I said so what, you have a beautiful waist so show it off. She naughtily smiled removing the jeans and said I want you to fuck me now. I said we cannot do it now because we don’t have anything to clean up.

She thought about it and said ok in a sad tone. I was surprised at how much sex she was asking for now. She put on her clothes and we went back to Ana. Rekha selected two jeans, then Ana took us to the t-shirt section.

There were normal ones and V-neck ones. Rekha told Ana to only show V-neck ones. Ana showed us many and even without trial Rekha selected a few. All of them were cotton and slightly transparent. Rekha said she wanted to go to the bathroom.

Ana took her showing the way, Rekha called me to join her. We reached the bathroom and Rekha went inside. A few seconds later she opened the door calling me inside. I knew for sure she wanted to fuck.

After locking the door, she bent against the wall lowering her panties saying please fuck my pussy with your cock now. I saw the lust in her eyes and dropped my pants bending to lick her pussy. She said right now just fuck me.

I came up behind her rubbing my cock at her pussy and she was already dripping wet. I pushed my cock inside her pussy fucking her full speed. Rekha started moaning and I covered her mouth with my hand so no one hears us.

I lasted longer since we had sex a short while back and about 15mins later I came in her pussy. We cleaned up nicely in the bathroom and got dressed. We went back to Ana who was smiling looking at us.

She said we had two last sections to check if you want. I asked her what. She said nightwear and shoes. We followed Ana to the nightwear counter. Rekha was already admiring the nighties on display when Ana spread a few on the counter.

She said these are honeymoon special collection. Ana said these are all free size and you can select them without need for trial. Rekha selected mostly single pc ones and a few gowns to wear on top to fully cover-up.

Ana asked if we could go the shoe section now? I looked at Rekha and said yes let’s go there. Ana asked Rekha if she had worn heels before. Rekha said no. Ana told the assistant to bring some wedges after checking her size.

He brought a few and after wearing them Rekha called me to hold her hand. I held her hand walking with her while she tried a few. She was comfortable wearing 3” heels. I told her I was fine with that. I saw she was now matching my height.

She chose three pairs of different designs and chose to wear one right away. Finally, we headed to the billing counter heaving a sigh of relief. I was expecting a hefty bill but because it was nearing Christmas time there was a 50% discount on everything.

That made the bill very reasonable which I settled with cash that we got as gifts during the wedding. Ana offered to help us carry the bags along with other assistants because there were 25 of them.

David was waiting outside, he opened the boot and we put everything inside. I gave a nice tip to Ana thanking her for all her assistance and patience. She was happy and said I don’t come across such loving couples often.

I am very happy to help and please come again. She whispered in my ears Sir please take madam to a beauty parlour so they can remove all her body hair, it will make her look more beautiful in the new clothes. I thanked her.

We left from there and I suddenly remembered that last few days we had been having unprotected sex and I did not want a child so soon. I wanted to enjoy with Rekha for some time before planning a child.

I told David to stop at a medical store on the way back to the hotel. While driving he was staring at Rekha and she was staring back at him. We reached the medical store and I went to get emergency birth control pills and also long term ones.

When I got back in the car and we headed to the hotel I noticed that Rekha’s 3rd button was open showing off ample cleavage. Her legs were slightly apart and her skirt was curled up to her mid thighs.

I suspected something might have transpired between her and David while I was gone. I was calculating that I was gone for ten minutes and what could they have done within that short time.

Did he touch her, did she resist or let him, all sorts of thoughts were running thru my mind. Rekha was sitting normally looking out of the window. I dismissed the thoughts thinking I could be wrong and maybe I was just imagining things.

Maybe she had opened her 3rd button back in the store and I only noticed it now. We reached the hotel and David called Vicky who was the room service boy to help with the baggage. The time was 6pm and the sun was setting.

I asked David for his bill and he said he will collect it at the end of our trip.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post the rest of the parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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