Shiela – the slutty wife

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Sheila – the slutty lover

The monsoon is about to set in Mumbai and the tall apartment buildings are already seeing the shadows of the dark clouds. The morning seemed to be starting at its usual brisk pace in the Maximum City and Sheila could not feel happier to look out through the large French window of her 19th floor apartment, still being mesmerised with the passionate sex with Avi, her favourite partner and thinking how weird and kinky it got last night. She again felt a tingling between her legs and looked at the bed where it all happened all through out the evening.

Sheila is a married 38 year old lady – independent and urban minded working woman staying with her elusive but rich businessman husband who has been a good father to a nine year old daughter who studies in a residential boarding school at Panchgani near Mumbai. Sheila has never felt any gap in her married life in terms of any materialistic pleasures and her husband has been a “provider” who never disappointed and the comfort and luxury never failed to delight Sheila all through out her 10 years of marriage.

However, Sheila always felt from her adolescent days that she is high on sexual desires and always wanted to explore herself sexually which somehow never could happen with her husband who took life and business more seriously and looked at marriage and sex as more of a process for child birth rather than orgasmic pleasures and happiness for soul.

Sheila tried initially to talk it out but soon realised that her man did not look at sex as a pleasure process in life and finally a year ago or so Sheila decided to live life on her own terms. Although she always had many small kick up encounters with men even after marriage but it all went upto fondling and kissing on a couple of instances. Sheila always loved to tease men and her flirty side sometimes kicked the naughty side of her but she was always responsible and aware of what she is upto.

However, a year ago, she finally had her first man beyond her husband and that is Avi – a co-architect who is working with her in the same project for her firm as an independent and freelance architect. The click happened instantly and passion ran very high and rest is history. Abhi made Sheila the horny bitch she is today – exploring every curve and bend of her lucious and sex starved body.

However, even for Avi it was difficult to spare as much time and sex as Sheila wanted due to her freelance projects and travelling. Sheila also knew that Avi is a very open minded person and has an urban view on women sexuality, however she never could master the courage to discuss this openly that while she is actually emotionally connected with Avi, she would also like to pick her men for additional fun and pleasure. Although many times, while love making, Avi hinted at another man being watching them or even asked Sheila regarding other men in their ecosystem, still there was not enough comfort for Sheila to actually make it open to Avi that she also is open to and did fuck other men for physical pleasure. Just fuck and animal instinct – more the passion and heat in those partners, more better and hence Sheila has not been too much choosy on age, caste, religion, community or social status of her selected men apart from Avi.

However, Sheila needed to be careful and also knew this can’t be handled alone by her. She needed a trusted and confidante person who she knew will never spill the beans and will help her to ensure her fuck partners get organised time wise on the fuck fest days as decided by her. When she thought of that there was no better name which came to her mind other than Chotu, the Man Friday for Shiela who came to her house as a help at the tender age of 15 from a remote village near Ratnagiri in Karnataka – Maharashtra border. Chotu is now a grown up man of
23 and stays with them in the same apartment in a servants room. He is a Muslim person and has a tremendous presence already at this age and provides Shiela also a great mental support specially when the partners are strangers.

Chotu has been absolutely a devoted person to Shiela and his world has no other person except her. She has trained him in communication and etiquette and made him very presentable. He is smart enough to actually step into the role like a personal assistant to her. Chotu has never acted and Shiela knows will never act against her instructions and he is one person Sheila can always trust. Although Sheila is fully aware that Chotu is not that innocent and lusts after her a lot and even Shiela has accidentally once seen him masterbating murmuring her name, but Sheila was never interested to fuck him as Chotu was too crucial in her scheme of things and a master – Servant relationship was much needed to ensure Sheila gets what she needs in terms of getting helped in her rendezvous and fuck fests. So, Chotu actually handled the meetings (as she likes to call it that way) and ensured proper appointments are given with time lines to the men after discussing with her.

In this period, not a single occasion the team work between Sheila and Chotu failed on any such appointments and everything was like upto the clock and she had fun of her life while she got at times 3-4 dicks in one afternoon extending to late evenings. Even Chotu had his fun as he always had a raging hard on while he kept ogling Sheila more on these days. Sheila never minded it and rather encouraged him for hard shags behind her by her extensive slutty behaviour with him. Shiela will often ensure also that Chotu remains sexually frustrated and shag in her name. She somehow found this thought very exciting that she is able to control a beast like Chotu.

Shiela was feeling the soft wind of the morning as she moved out in the balcony. Her mind was racing back on the day when she had her first fuck. It was a summer afternoon last year and Avi was away to Sikkim on his assignment. Sheila was super horny that day since morning to the extent that she fought with herself not to break her own rule and get fucked by Chotu. Somehow, her good sense told her if she did that she would lose the control she had on Chotu and she decided not to give in to her lust. But as the luck may have it, the silence was broken with her latest android smart phone ringing out loud asking for her attention. She glanced and saw the call was from Prakash who is one of her clients for one of the interior design works which she was doing for Prakash’s new apartment in Chandivali. She received the call and as they say rest was history! Her mind started racing skipping the details of how and what led to what but in next one hour Prakash was actually at her door ringing the door bell.
She was already ready as per the discussion that Prakash wanted to meet her to discuss and finalise a last minute change. Since she was not at her office, she invited him at her place which he happily accepted. The door bell was answered by Chotu with an amusing eyes as Chotu saw Sheila in her sexy best with a black sleeve less blouse with thin straps and a black soft silk saree draped immaculately showing all her curves in the right places.

The afternoon rolled over while design and work related talks soon started a little lighter which got more fun filled with a few glasses of white wine. Somehow Sheila started to feel the wetness again as she kept looking at Prakash – a married corporate star originally from some parts of Kerala and now settled in Mumbai. A typical tall, dark and really handsome guy with an athletic and fit body structure towards the lean side. Prakash himself was unable to keep his eyes off her as they discussed but something told Sheila that he would never cross the line until he was fed with the flesh! Sheila also wanted to see how kinky Prakash was and thought of a plan just like that and called out for Chotu to come and clean the table and take away the glasses and bring a fresh set. When Chotu came to the table, Sheila made her move. In the pretext of helping Chotu to take away the stuff, Sheila gave an ample view of her boobs and she knew Chotu would get lusty and ogle as he always did, however Sheila wanted to see how did that effect Prakash who could clearly see what’s happening specially with Chotu having a hard on there itself. Shiela was very pleased when he saw Prakash having a little sign of hardness himself below the belt. She felt elated that she had given the right injection now to a man who would soon behave like a hungry wolf for her. As Chotu left the room, Sheila did not show any urgency to cover herself but rather started to show herself a little tipsy and even lifted her one leg exposing her clean white succulent legs upto thigh while her saree just gave way. She looked at Prakash who was already salivating and made a very slutty gesture and lifted her other leg and giving him a full view of her already glistening shaven pussy. Prakash needed no more invitation.

Since this was the first time, Prakash remained to Sheila as a very special memory specially when he unzipped and took out his manhood. She still vividly remembers that cock was really one of the best she fucked till now. It was perfect size for her and thick, dark in colour but the red mushroom head was so alluring and perfect. Prakash had a very brute like smell in that groin area which turned Shiela on like anything and she sucked him like a professional slut. Prakash even complimented her later many times for the slut in her. That afternoon was so pleasurable it opened the slut in her forever. Prakash was a man possessed and although he lacked variation but he compensated that with brute fucking. They fucked the whole afternoon and early evening while Sheila got drilled in both her cunt and ass for 3 long sessions coming out finally completely cum drenched. They parted ways after a final fuck at the shower where she rode Prakash while he sat under the running shower. The thick cum on her body was washed in the shower water while she kept seeing the slimy cum blobs draining towards the outlet while she kept riding Prakash one last time for the evening and this time she took all the hot streams of semen within her womb.

A doorbell broke her imagination as the car washing guy came to take the key. Chotu was at the door doing the needful, but the bell startled Sheila and she just broke into a laughter. She decided to freshen up and have her favourite coffee by the dining table.

Looking at the steaming coffee and feeling the aroma in the air and inside her taste buds, she just had a mischievous smile as her mind started to imagine the actions from yesterday. May be the smile was there more for the realisation that her life will never be the same again and she felt a surge of more love and new passion for her favourite man, Avi.

Yesterday was one such horny fuck day for Sheila and as always she planned the timing immaculately with Chotu. First meeting was with Sagar Sharma, a software engineer nearly 10 years younger to Shiela who was introduced in a party at a friend’s place in South Mumbai. Initially Sheila found Sagar a bit sneaky type but ignored thinking it’s the “young age” thing, but later when Sagar connected with her on chats she immediate realised the subdued passion inside the man. The most sexy part for Sheila were his eyes (true to his name) and his hairy torso. Sagar became a sort of an opener on any such given day due to the kink and at times perversion he demonstrated – it was never a dull fuck with Sagar, be it sex toys, collars, spanking or blindfold. Yesterday was again another mind blowing session which finally ended with something which Sheila never ever anticipated. Thought of that made Sheila lick her pouty lips.

Sheila actually planned the meeting over lunch and knowing that time is precious, she pre-ordered a full Pizza with a lots of cheese which she just loves! Sagar came right on time and the passion did not allow any pleasantries. Sheila’s night gown was just the meek barrier between two bodies which was lifted away to open all her glory in no time by Sagar. Before Sheila could realise she found herself pinned against the dining table while the young throbbing cock was already pounding her glory hole from behind, each thrust making Sheila go shearing over the glossy glass top. Sweat smeared all over her, she just loved this sensation of being literally brutalised while being fucked with raw energy. Before meeting Sagar, Shiela never fantasied about young men as she never found them interesting matching her wave lengths, however with Sagar and his maturity and controlled but raw passion, the age gap never came in her mind. However, what blew her mind out was what happened next!

She again started smiling while remembering while feeling totally blushed and wet. As Sagar kept pounding her the door bell rang and the pizza arrived which she instinctively realised. She knew that Chotu will receive the same and prepare it to be served after her “meeting” gets over. However, as the thud of the door closing was heard indicating the pizza man left, Sagar just stopped fucking and asked her to get the pizza box. Sheila was amused as she tried to explain that it will be eaten after they are done, however Sagar just indicated with a determined look to get it in. She left the reasoning as she knew something was cooking in Sagar,s mind and wrapped herself scantily with her night gown which was revealing more than hiding her, and went out to fetch the box from Chotu.

Chotu got startled as he was not expecting Sheila to be out of her “meeting”; but was delighted to get the eye candy while she promptly took the box from him and gave a very lusty look saying without saying anything to Chotu for his favourite shag. Sheila however was keen to get back as she was still feeling the burning sensation of Sagar,s mauling all over her body.

She entered and saw Sagar still waiting in the same place with still a raging hard on to start his next rampage. She went to him while opening the box and enquired with the wink of her eyes to know what would be next. Sagar just pulled her and lifted her over to lay her on the table top in missionary position and came in between her spread eagle stance to ram his hard wood deep inside her. The open Pizza box was witnessing a hammering which kept it vibrating on the table top dangerously closer to the edge. While fucking her to glory, Sagar said something which first made her eyes go wide. He reclaimed her pussy with more vigour while saying : “I want to cum on your pizza and want you to eat the cream pied pizza. Make me cum, my bitch”. She did not know what to say but she just knew she was going to do what would be the most kinky and weird sexual act she had ever done. She started to grind her waist in a gyrating motion to milk Sagar,s already pulsating cock into a raging cum shower. Sagar was ready and withdrew at the right moment and just moved quickly and thrusted his cock very near to the smoking pizza and started to throw strings of thick, white, sticky cum making a heap of a cum topping on one of the pizza slices which was clear to Sheila is going to be her first cum soaked pizza bite. As Sagar finished the last thick string was still hanging out which Sheila always loved to suck dry. Sheila went close but Sagar stepped back indicating his hands towards the pizza. She knew what to do and she made it in a super slutty manner by taking the cum pizza on one hand while still holding the semi erect cock of Sagar to feel the last dying heat. She kept looking at Sagar,s dreamy eyes and with a sexy smile on her face she started to eat the pizza savouring the unique salty cream topping over and above her favourite cheese topping. She liked the twitch which she felt on her other hand while she kept eating the pizza with Sagar,s cum licking seductively the residual cum mixed with cheese and sauce from her lips. The thought brought so much sensation back to her that she was surprised to find her fingers feeling her pussy lips over her panty and it felt soaked with flowing juices making her feel more horny by seconds.

As she finished with Sagar, Sheila made sure she gets back to her full energy with a warm shower for the upcoming next meeting with Mohsin, a middle aged very horny businessman dealing in textile and garments, having three wives and another couple of girl friends. Mohsin is just a dream fucker for a woman and he is very lusty. The biggest turn on for Sheila is his sweet personality with his massive circumcised Muslim cock. The girth of the penis is above average and the protruding veins when erect makes the penis looks incredibly erotic specially when it can keep fucking for hours due to the fantastic foreplay skill and stamina of Mohsin. The kinky part for Sheila is the fact that Mohsin is a very introverted person while he turns into completely a brute in bed. It’s like as if he has split personality and that kind of attracts Sheila no end to get fucked by Mohsin as many as times as opportunity comes! Mohsin literally treats her like a slut and she enjoys being that way with every fuck she gets from him!

Sheila finished her shower and put up a light make up on. She was already looking flushed from earlier sessions and the anticipation of another interesting meeting with Mohsin made Sheila glow in lust! She knew that she was looking slutty in her red chiffon saree and sleeveless deep cut blouse. She also knew that Mohsin gets his biggest turn on by seeing and fucking Sheila in saree like this. So she was ready and waiting for her tiger like a willing bait while passing her time on social media mindlessly scrolling into her smart phone!

Mohsin texted Sheila that he was running late and apologised. Sheila was relaxed and in no hurry anyway as she texted back saying she could wait, without knowing how this delay would turn out to be a life changing evening for her.

Sheila was feeling in her mind the excitement of remembering each moment of this climax and Avi’s face and words were flooding her already horny mind. She was ecstatic and thankful that she could actually relish the moments so very much! Her lips just parted and she just murmured – Avi, I love you!

The breakfast was served by Chotu and Sheila made her way to the dining table. Sat on exactly the same spot where Sagar pinned and fucked her, although every sign of that has been wiped clean by Chotu before even the sweat of her body got dried on the table top, Sheila always had this type of kinky ness to relish the sexy moments after it was long over. Sheila suddenly felt a loving jolt of emotion for Chotu and felt really safe inside to have him beside her. While looking at the table top, and chewing on the corn flakes soaked in milk, Sheila however was actually remembering Mohsin and the rest of the evening yesterday.

Mohsin came delayed but came with that trade mark soothing smile on his well maintained bearded face. He looked very handsome in his white shirt and dark grey formal trouser. Sheila knew that every time Mohsin came to meet there will be always that customary gift box in his hand. Sheila initially felt odd, resisted but later realised Mohsin has a different value system and this is good will gesture by which he keeps his women in good mood. He knew well that women love surprises and he never failed in that. Although the box will look 3xactly the same, inside there will be always something which will make Shiela happily surprised! Yesterday was no different when the Mohsin opened the box and handed over to her. It was a set of a very raunchy set of lingerie with a G string panty in fluorescent colour which would even glow in the dark. The box also had an exotic smelling Muslim attar (perfume) and a bar of a chocolate. Sheila felt so happy she should not help but giving a loving hug to Mohsin. He looked proud and happy as well. Sheila knew why the gift was brought but she was hesitant if Mohsin now wants her to change over to the lingerie from his favourite red attire. Mohsin resolved it very quickly saying he would love to make love while Shiela is all decked up in the saree. She knew it very well anyway that Mohsin becomes more horny and she was right.

Sheila made his drink by herself and made sure the whiskey is made perfectly. Sheila herself induced into a few pegs of gin and tonic. Both were feeling each other while they were talking a few unconnected topics catching up on a few things from both of their busy lives. Sheila was feeling hornier by the minute and she knew even her tiger is getting awake and horny as hell. Mohsin was already indicating the rush of blood in him with every squeeze and Stoke on Sheila,s alluring and exposed back.

Sheila made sure the lip lock lasted as long as Mohsin could hold his breath and she was feeling the rapidly growing tension inside his trouser. She was also dying to unleash her favourite sight to see his cock in full glory. Sheila unzipped Mohsin and within a flash he was standing all naked with his gorgeous boner saluting just few inches away from her thirsty lips. Sheila could not resist further and gulped the shining red mushroom head into her mouth and started to suck like a perfect slut. Mohsin was mincing no words not to feel her like a true slut and kept encouraging her to make him harder. Sheila knew at the peak of his excitement Mohsin always used to use dirty words in mother tongue and such words from his mouth like rand, chinal, bhosrike, Lund ki bhooki etc. etc. made her go over the edge in feeling her own extreme passion. She knew he liked to treat her like a slut however it’s not what Mohsin meant by heart and that feeling always gave her the feeling of being treated as a lust fruit rather than a feeling of being degraded!

Mohsin is a stallion. His facial expressions have been always very vivid with foul mouthing and his stamina to fuck till Shiela is satisfied to near numbness (what she calls as being in the lust zone) is one thing no man ever could give her. The shear physical attributes of his fucking keeps her engrossed even days after being fucked. That’s why she always preferred to finish her fuck fest with Mohsin. While, her love fest is always with Avi whereby she never had any men in mind and entire time and space she devoted to Avi as she loved him a lot.

Mohsin’s rampage was taking a toll on her as she could feel another electrifying orgasmic sensation building up. She could see the red bulb of Mohsin’s circumcised cock popping out fully and then vanishing back into her vaginal canal. The thumping sound along with the hissing sound from Mohsin with intermittent abuse was kicking her into a frenzy. She herself felt she is a cheap whore and that feeling was actually a kick to her! She decided to take charge and be on top of that gorgeous cock and fuck the last drop of life out of it. She started riding him facing the door while Mohsin now went silent with a very very animated facial expression of being engulfed in pleasure. Sheila herself was going over the edge and desperately wanted his hot stream hitting her deepest core of the womb while she would allow her own orgasm to hit her.

She knew it could be anytime and she wanted to see Mohsin’s final expression of lust, so she opened her eyes!

But what met her eyes made her skip a few heart beats. She saw the door ajar and Avi standing with a very calm face glowing with a mischievous smile! Sheila also did not miss the fact that Avi was actually recording on his iPhone. The initial fright turned into amusement as Sheila realised Avi must have been watching for a while and it also hit her that Avi was the only person who had a spare key to the house except Chotu and herself and at that time Chotu must have been out to the mosque for prayer!

Shiela saw Avi silently indicating to carry on while he just indicated that he did not want to be discovered by the man under her! Sheila understood the signals and decided instantly to give a great show. The shame and guilt were replaced with a strong animalistic urge and an over the top kinky feeling of being watched by her man while she was fucking another cock. She looked down at Mohsin who somewhat seemed to be lost in the zone and was just inaudibly murmuring which sounded to Shiela as if he was asking her to make him cum. Sheila arched her back in a very lusty way making her head fall back further and made her waist gyrate with feverish pace while all her vaginal muscles started to milk the robust cock of Mohsin with full force.

Mohsin grunted out loud his favourite word “RANDI” and shot out streams after streams of thick hot semen, every splash making Sheila feel her electric orgasm inside, making her go feverish and moaning louder. All this in absolute view of Avi who was looking like a lusty pirate eyeing at a treasure box.

Mohsin was about to wake up from his trance state but Sheila sweetly asked him to stay calm and got up from his cock which was still hard and dripping with cum. She said to Mohsin if he would not like his rand to suck him clean. Mohsin was overjoyed while Sheila did not waste another moment to take the shaft in her mouth and started sucking it with real whorish proficiency. From side of her eyes she saw Avi still filming from another angle where even Avi was getting a side view and she knew that Avi could actually go out of the room when she would finish.

Mohsin, as he was already delayed, quickly left leaving Sheila actually cum and sweat drenched with her panty which she wore back glowing in deem evening light making her look more lusty than ever, sill somewhat wrapped up in disheveled red saree with bear top.

As the main door closed, Avi appeared from the side room looking hungry like a wolf. Sheila wanted to say something but Avi just closed her mouth indicating what he wanted to do – to ravage her cum soaked pussy!

Sheila was amused to find the new found lust and passion in Avi who literally skinned out the red saree from her and she did not waste longer to get him free of his clothes. Sheila was surprised to look at the raging hard on. Although Sheila had to confess that Mohsin’s cock was a dream for a cunt, Avi was not far behind specially with his unique banana curve which always gave Sheila sensations in spots where no other cock could ever reach. Avi’s cock went in like a knife through butter as Shiela was still dripping inside out with Mohsin’s seed. Avi was also extremely good with molesting Sheila’s milk pots. He kept on mauling the tits to its perfect grape like erect state and the sensation ran through the ears to toe.

Sheila sensed with the dramatic turn of events that she would now be having a man who would be loving her more and Sheila felt the carnal need to make Avi’s fuck more exciting by urging in his ears how much had he been enjoying to fuck Sheila’s cum filled well fucked pussy like a cuckold lover. Avi was ecstatic finding this new kinky side of Sheila and his piston was drilling Sheila’s pussy like a well oiled machine. With every thrust Sheila became more wild and her each crevices in her lustful body got the pleasure of a new kind making a Niagara Falls inside her pussy. She was surprised to find that she was again climaxing. She was ecstatic when Avi finally shot his cum all over her boobs and face making her feel she was getting a cum bath.

She still felt the shiver going down through her body once again. She remembered the cuddling with Avi and how he narrated his knowledge of Sheila’s escapades behind him already through Chotu. Sheila felt a rage for a moment to know her firm trust on Chotu was already compromised. However she could not thank Chotu for helping her get to this situation of Avi already knowing it and as it turned out at the end, it was a fuck fest from here on which she would never have to hide, while Avi will still remain her man of love and for life. She felt she had a blessed life and got up with a glowing mood to conquer the world.

Life is wonderful when it’s uncomplicated – Sheila thought to herself!


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