My Wife My Life-1

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Hi Friends, I am posting this series on behalf of my fan who reached out to me to help him compose and edit on his behalf. This story is about Ramesh who is a loving husband 27yrs old and Rekha who is a 21yrs old housewife. Read on in his own words from here.

My name is Ramesh and I am from a tier-4 city in south India. My tool is average length and girth and is good enough to satisfy a woman completely in bed. I am saying this because before marriage I enjoyed sex with my neighbour aunty for 7 long years.

Initially we were just friends and then we got closer because her husband did not have time for her. This made her lonelier and naturally brought us closer to the point of intimacy. She became my sex guru who took my virginity and taught me how to make any woman happy in bed.

I come from a small village in south India and whenever I went home for holidays I took her along. I convinced her husband that it was just to give her a break since she is always at home here. Surprisingly he said if I was going to be with her at all times then she could go.

Once back in my home town I introduced her as my boss and said I brought her along so she could see the real village life. Everyone bought it and a separate room was prepared for her making sure to treat her as a special guest.

Since the room given to her was my own room I had to sleep outside. Once everyone was sleeping, I sneaked in to her room and had crazy sex sessions. Anyway back to the present, I got married to my wife 2yrs ago and she was a virgin till our first night.

Rekha was a very innocent, homely and loving wife. We stayed in the village for a few days till all the rituals were completed. To describe her she is a typical south Indian woman 5-9 height and a petite figure of 34C-28-30.

From my village I took her to goa for a three-week long honeymoon. Being from a village background she had never even seen women wear western clothes. So seeing women dressed in various western clothes including bikinis was a shocking discovery for her.

She looked up to me as her guru to guide and teach her everything since I was the city boy. Till now the only clothes she wore was sarees and salwar kameez. I wanted to use these three weeks to help Rekha evolve from a simple village girl to a modern city girl.

After we settled in our hotel room early afternoon I asked her if we could have sex and she shyly said yes. I hugged her standing kissing all over her face, ears and neck and just that got her aroused making her moan.

During the kissing I removed her saree dropping it to the floor and was squeezing her boobs. Her hands were in my hair pressing my face harder against her boobs while I was kissing and licking her cleavage. I unhooked her blouse removing it completely and next came off her petticoat.

She was now in her bra panty only. I wanted her to equally participate and lose all her shyness, so I told her to remove my clothes. Rekha blushed and refused. I knew she was aroused now and in the last few days I figured she really enjoyed sex.

So I said if she does not remove my clothes then we cannot have sex. I kept pushing her and with trembling hands Rekha removed all my clothes leaving my undies. I naughtily asked her how she was expecting me to fuck her with my undies on.

She kneeled down and lowered my undies to my feet looking the other way. Today was the first time she was undressing me. All these days I had been removing all the clothes and the sex we had was just vanilla in missionary position only.

The only foreplay I was did was kissing and sucking her boobs. Rekha did not allow me to do anything more because she would be in a hurry inserting my cock in her pussy. Clearly she was in a hurry to get fucked.

Today I had decided that I would have it my way till then end and see what happens. I stepped out of my undies and she stood up staring at the ground. I made her lie on the bed and got on top of her. I kissed her body from head to toe and removed her bra and panties also.

I squeezed and sucked her boobs to my heart’s content while she continued moaning. This time also she was trying to guide my cock in her pussy and I stopped her. I continued kissing down to her waist and navel and her moans got louder. I spread her legs bringing my mouth to her hairy pussy.

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