The housewife had intercourse when her husband was drunk

Wasim was very upset today because his close friend Imran had become his enemy. Wasim used to work in property and the money that Wasim used to invest in his work belonged to his friend Imran. Once Wasim invested Imran’s money in a plot but the other party turned out to be a fraud and ran away with all the money. Wasim was not at fault but Imran blamed Wasim for his loss. Imran said that his money is with Wasim and he is lying. Imran gave Wasim a week to return his money or else he would report the fraud to the police or he would kill Waheed.
Wasim was very upset. When Wasim told this to his wife Ghazal, she too became upset. What could a poor housewife do? Ghazal was a beautiful married girl of 32 years. Ghazal and Wasim also had two children, but Ghazal kept himself well groomed. The figure of the ghazal was 40 ’32 ٫ 38′. Ghazal could seduce any man with her innocent face and this figure. Ghazal’s big breasts full of milk were the target of every man’s eyes.
Wasim had only one hope.

Ghazal’s cousin Dawood was a rich man. As well as being rich, David was an attractive young man. Wasim knew that Dawood had great respect for Ghazal and considered her a sister. Wasim hoped that maybe Dawood would help him. Wasim hesitantly asked Dawood for money to give to Imran. Dawood understood the intensity of the situation and agreed to pay Wasim.
It was a great pleasure for Ghazal and Wasim. The couple were grateful to Dawood. Wasim invited Dawood to his house for dinner to thank Dawood and Dawood accepted his invitation.

Ghazal had been preparing different dishes for Dawood since morning. Wasim had left the children with thier grandmother so that Ghazal and he could calmly organize the evening party. Ghazal had finished cooking before evening. Ghazal took a bath and put on a new dark pink shalwar kameez. Dawood arrived their home late. So the ghazal immediately offered food. Both men were hungry so the ghazal did not delay.
After eating, Wasim took out a bottle of wine from the fridge.

He wanted to be a good host to Dawood.

Dawood: “No Wasim bhai. I don’t drink alcohol.”
Wasim: “Dawood, drink a little for my happiness.”
Dawood: “Okay Wasim bhai.”
Wasim started pouring alcohol in Dawood’s glass.
Wasim: “I am grateful to you in Dawood. If you had not helped, maybe Imran would have killed me.”
Dawood: “Brother bhai, it was my duty to help you.”
Wasim: “I will return your money very soon. We are both grateful to you.”
Then the ghazal came out of the kitchen and into the lounge. Ghazal picked up the dishes from the table. after that, Ghazal sat next to Dawood۔
Ghazal: “What are you two talking about?”
Dawood: “Thank you ghazal baji for eating such delicious food. I have never eaten such delicious food till today.”
Ghazal smiled and said: “Dawood, I’m glad you like my cooked food.”
Wasim: “Ghazal Dawood is saying that he will give me money in the morning.” Ghazal: “dawood How can I thank you. You have done us a great favor.”
Dawood: “Ghazal baji don’t be embarrassed me. I can’t see you getting upset.”
Ghazal: “No Dawood, if you didn’t help us, this bastard Imran should have killed Wasim. Dawood will drink more.”
Saying this, Ghazal started pouring wine into dawood’s glass. Ghazal wore a slightly deep-necked shirt. If the ghazal is slightly bent, then the big and white breasts of the ghazal are reflected in the shirt. Unknowingly, Dawood’s gaze fell on the two large white domes peeking out of the ghazal shirt. Dawood was shocked to see Ghazal’s breasts. The big boobs of women were Dawood’s weakness. Water started dripping from Dawood’s mouth. Ghazal: “Wasim, can I give you more wine?”
Wasim: “Yeah darling give me more too.”

Dawood had naked the ghazal in his imagination. In Dawood’s mind, Ghazal’s big boobs and her full of flesh ass were moving. Dawood had long been obsessed with the beauty of ghazal. Ghazal was his cousin and was two years older than him. That is why he respected ghazal. But in reality he always wanted to fuck ghazal. Dawood used to spend every night masturbating thinking of ghazal. Today he had the opportunity. He could have spent millions to get the ghazal۔
Dawood was more addicted to ghazal than alcohol.
Wasim: “Where will you get lost?”
Dawood: “No, Wasim Bhai.”
Wasim: “Dawood, you seem to be drunk.”
Dawood: “No, Wasim Bhai, there is no such thing.
Ghazal: “Looks like Dawood is drinking for the first time.”
Dawood: “yes ghazal baji. But nothing has happened to me yet.”
Ghazal: “Dawood, I think you are about to fall. Stop it now.”
Wasim: “Ghazal, your brother has lost control. He is still a child. I said, he can’t compete with me.”

Ghazal started laughing when she heard Wasim’s words. Dawood heard Wasim saying that Wasim considered him weak. Ghazal’s laughter was embarrassing him even more than Wasim’s words. By no means did Dawood want to weaken himself against the ghazal.
Accepting Wasim’s challenge, Dawood said: “Let’s see who falls first, Wasim Bhai.
Now there was competition between the two men. Ghazal brought more wine from the fridge. Both of them started drinking one glass at a time. Ghazal was playing the role of judge against them. Wasim’s condition worsened after drinking two bottles, but Dawood was still conscious. David was drinking for the first time and Moon drank often. dawoods strong body was well defended against alcohol.
After a while, Wasim fell face down on the table. Wasim was intoxicated and he fainted.

Dawood: “I have won, Ghazal baji. Wasim Bhai has fallen unconscious.”
Ghazal became worried and started shaking Wasim. “Wasim, get up. What happened to you?”
Dawood: “Ghazal baji, he will be unconscious. Wasim bhai is enough. But I want to drink more wine. Now who will drink with me.”
Wasim stammered in unconsciousness. “Ghazal hospitality has not diminished. Dawood has done us a great favor. You give him company now. He should not feel alone. Now you drink with him.”
Ghazal spoke in shock. “Do I drink beer?”

How could Ghazal drink beer with other than her husband.? Wasim had once forced Ghazal to drink a sip or two of beer. But how could she drink with her cousin? He remembered Wasim’s words before he fainted. She did not want David’s hospitality to diminish. Nor did she want to offend her benefactor by refusing.
Ghazal: “Okay, I’ll give you company, but I won’t drink too much.”
David It’s okay, Ghazal baji, just drink a little wine to keep company. ” Ghazal knew that Dawood was drinking for the first time and he had already drunk a lot with Wasim. Ghazal hoped that Dawood would not take long.
Ghazal hesitantly began to take a sip of wine. Against the expectation of ghazal, wine was not having much effect on dawood. But Ghazal took a sip and drank some more wine. The ghazal was beginning to fade lightly. The intoxication ended the hesitation of the ghazal. Now she was giving full company to Dawood.

After a while, everything changed. Ghazal was drunk. Dawood and Ghazal were playing with each other like children. Ghazal joined Dawood like a little girl and started teasing Dawood’s beard. Dawood also started touching Ghazal’s body. Dawood started rubbing Ghazal’s arms and thighs. Ghazal would laugh shyly and remove Dawood’s hand.
Suddenly Ghazal stopped laughing and became sad. Her face withered like a flower. When Dawood asked, she began to tell. Wasim’s stupidity will get them into trouble. If David had not helped them, trouble would have befallen them. This was the opportunity David had been waiting for. The wine began to show its work.

Dawood kissed the ghazal’s round and juicy cheeks. Ghazal thought that Dawood was doing all this to console her. dawood was now touching Ghazal’s milky thighs. But now the ghazal was not condemning. Dawood stepped back a little and grabbed both the ghazal’s boobs from behind. Then the ghazal understood what Dawood wanted.

“David, what are you doing? Go back.”
But Waz grabbed Ghazal’s boobs.
dawood “ghazal baji, I have been crazy about you for a long time. These big boobs have driven me crazy. I have promised to give money to Wasim Bhai for you.”
ghazal۔ “Leave me alone. You bastard.”
dawood pressed Ghazal’s boobs hard.
Ghazal moaned. “Oh my gosh”

Dawood came to Ghazal’s ear and spoke. “Ghazal baji is not screaming. Otherwise Wasim bhai will wake up. If he wakes up, I will not be able to help you people.” Listening to Waz’s words, Ghazal realized in what condition she was trapped. What would he think if Wasim woke up to her noise? And if Dawood doesn’t help, how will they return Imran’s money?
Dawood tore ghazal’s new shirt. And pulled down her bra. Now the ghazal was only in shalwar. Ghazal quickly placed both her hands on both her boobs so that she could hide them from Dawood’s eyes. But the big breasts of the ghazal were about to be hidden by these small hands. Dawood forcibly removed Ghazal’s hands from her boobs.

Dawood was squeezing and tearing Ghazal’s boobs hard. Dawood grabbed both ghazal’s nipples and started stroking them. The big nipples of the ghazal were getting hard. Ghazal’s boobs began to produce milk. Ghazal’s daughter was two years old. But there was still a lot of milk in Ghazal’s big boobs. Ghazal used to feed this milk to her daughter or take it out and waste it. Dawood was shocked to see milk coming out of Ghazal’s boobs. he woke up hungry.

Dawood put the ghazal nipple in his mouth and started drinking ghazal milk. Ghazal wanted to remove Dawood’s mouth from her breasts. She would take her hand to David’s mouth, but he did not have the strength to remove it. Ghazal was sobbing and tormenting saying no. Dawood sometimes sucks one breast of ghazal, sometimes another. Finally, Dawood put the nipples of both the breasts of Ghazal in his mouth.

The ghazal spoke pleadingly. “David, please stop. Listen to me.”
David “yes ghazal baji”.
ghazal۔ “Dawood, have mercy on me. Leave me alone.”
Dawood “Ghazal Baji, have mercy on Wasim Bhai. You know what problem Wasim Bhai is in. I can get him out of this problem.”

Ghazal was forced. She did not want Wasim to be harmed. If Waz refuses, Waseem will have to go to jail or Imran harmed Waseem. Ghazal also wanted to free herself from Dawood’s grip without making any noise. She did not want Wasim to see her in that condition.
Dawood had been sucking Ghazal’s breast for the last five minutes. Dawood was amazed that even after sucking so much, milk was constantly coming from Ghazal’s breasts. Ghazal’s breasts were still heavy and full of milk. Dawood put one of his hands in the ghazal shalwar. Ghazal, which had been slow till now, once again tormented and grabbed Dawood’s hand. Ghazal was crying now and trying to stop Dawood. But David was not able to stop, he had been longing for this pussy for many years. Ghazal’s pussy was completely soaked. It was constantly flowing.
Dawood started rubbing Ghazal’s pussy with his finger lovingly. David’s fingers were wet. There was denial on Ghazal’s face. There were tears in his eyes. But vine had intoxicated her. And now dawood’s fingers were warming her. Ghazal understood that Dawood would not give money to Wasim without fuck her.

Dawood’s fingers were working on Ghazal’s pussy. Ghazal’s pussy was leaving a lot of cum.
ghazal۔ “Dawood, don’t do that. Shame on you, I’m your sister. ”
Dawood “Ghazal Baji, you are not my sister, you are a cousin and such a sexy cousin should not be left without tasting her pussy.”
ghazal. ” dawood don’t do that to me. i am no such type of girl.”
dawy “Ghazal Baji, you are right. I should not do this to you. I have never forced a girl. I will not touch you unless you want me to.”

Dawood took his hand out of the ghazal shalwar. But the ghazal was still in Dawood’s grasp. ” Dawood “But remember Ghazal Baji Wasim Bhai’s life is in your hands now.” Saying this, Dawood placed Ghazal’s hand on his cock. Ghazal wanted to free her hand from Dawood’s grip. Ghazal’s hand was on Dawood’s cock but Ghazal was avoiding holding it.
Dawood. “Ghazal Baji, if you say so, I will leave here. Then think what will happen. Imran is a very mean man, he will not leave Wasim bhai. You will not want Wasim bhai to be in lock-up and you and your The children are sad. ”

Ghazal was saddened to hear Dawood’s words. Ghazal started weeping thinking about Wasim going to jail and what was going to happen to her children. Tears began to flow from Ghazal’s big eyes.

Seeing the ghazal lost in thought like this, Dawood asked. Ghazal Baji, what did you think? ” Ghazal didn’t answer and made his grip on Dawood’s cock. This was the consent of the ghazal. Ghazal was ready to sacrifice for her husband. Dawood’s cock was as hard as an iron rod. Dawood’s cock was not being held in Ghazal’s hand. Ghazal had understood that Dawood’s cock was no ordinary cock.
The ghazal was compelling but the intoxication of alcohol was also affecting the ghazal. As soon as he felt the heat of Dawood’s cock, Ghazal’s pussy was getting out of control. Ghazal’s pussy had only encountered Wasim’s penis in his life. Wasim’s penis is a normal medium sized penis. That was enough for an innocent housewife like Ghazal. But Wasim had an affair with another woman and she was none other than Imran’s elder sister Fareeha. Wasim often had intercourse with Fareeha and Ghazal and her pussy longed for Wasim’s love for many weeks. Wasim had not had intercourse with Ghazal for the last two or three months. Ghazal’s pussy feels the warmth and hardness of Dawood’s cock and got wet once again.

Ghazal’s pussy was aching. She wanted to go with David’s cock. But Ghazal’s conscience could not allow it. Ghazal’s eyes fell on her husband who was lying unconscious on the table. Wasim was unfaithful but Ghazal could not be unfaithful to him. Ghazal quickly removed his hand from Dawood’s cock.

ghazal۔ “No, Dawood, I can’t do that. Please have mercy on me. I’m your cousin. Remember childhood, we played in the same house like brother and sister. Take care of some relationships.”
dawood recited the ghazal in a loving tone. “Ghazal Baji, you just want me to leave you. Well, I will not do anything like that to you. But you think to yourself, I am giving so much money to Wasim Bhai. What is my interest in this. What is it for? I have always been crazy about you. I have staked millions of rupees to get you and you are still faithful to this unfaithful man. You know Wasim Bhai and Fareeha have an affair.
ghazal “Yes, Dawood, I know. But I’m not unfaithful. How can I tarnish my character?”
Dawood. “I love you ghazal baji. I will give money to Wasim bhai only for you. Ghazal baji, drunkenness and your beauty has made me lustful. ”

Listening to Dawood’s words, sympathy for Dawood was created in the heart of Ghazal.
ghazal. “Dawood, tell me what I can do. But remember, I will not betray Wasim.” David “It’s okay Ghazal baji. I don’t have sex with you. But my cock is bursting with erection. You just suck it and Ejaculate it.”
ghazal۔ “Well, Dawood i well suck it, but don’t go any further.
Dawood “Okay, I promise in ghazal baji.”
Dawood stood up and Ghazal sat down in front of him. Ghazal could see heavy stuff in Dawood’s underwear. David “Let’s start ghazal baji. Take off my underwear.”

As Ghazal was taking off his underwear, she was realizing that a monster was coming in front of her. When all the underwear came off and Dawood’s horrible cock was in front of the ghazal. Ghazal couldn’t believe it. Ghazal’s eyes opened with surprise. David’s cock was one foot long. If Wasim has four penises, then one such cock will be formed. The veins of blood on David’s cock were making him even more horrible. Frightened, Ghazal grabbed Dawood’s cock with his hand. David’s cock was very hard and hot. Its four inches thick could tear any pussy.
Ghazal asked in fear. “what’s this”

Dawood “Ghazal baji is the real man’s cock. Let’s suck it now.” Ghazal was hesitant but she still put her lips on Dawood’s cock.
Ghazal was moving her tongue on Dawood’s cock. The ghazal would start its tongue from the root of Dawood’s cock and reach to his head. After a while, she started licking the head of David’s cock. Ghazal was licking the cock like ice cream. Ghazal licked Dawood’s cock and looked into Dawood’s eyes, dawood was having a lot of lust. Dawood was also watching the ghazal.
Dawood “Ghazal Baji, you are so beautiful.” Ghazal was ashamed to hear her praise from Dawood’s mouth.
Ghazal once asked Dawood. “Dawood, you will give money to Wasim.”
David “Why not ghazal baji but put my cock in your mouth. Suck it.”

Ghazal opened his mouth wide but Dawood’s cock was not fitting into it. Ghazal placed his mouth on the head of Dawood’s cock. Dawood grabbed Ghazal’s head from behind and gave a jerk. The tip of cock went into Ghazal’s mouth.
Dawood hit another blow and his cock reached Ghazal’s throat. Dawood grabbed the ghazal’s head and began to move his cock back and forth in the ghazal’s mouth. Dawood was fucking Ghazal’s mouth like a pussy. After a while, Dawood didn’t have to move because the ghazal itself was doing it. Ghazal had also started sucking Dawood’s cock.

Ghazal’s hesitation was over. Now she was sucking David’s cock like a porn star. There was a feeling of guilt in Ghazal’s heart that she was cheating on Wasim. But she reassured herself that she was doing it for Wasim.
Ghazal had been sucking Dawood’s cock for the last fifteen minutes. Now Ghazal’s pussy was getting wet. Ghazal placed her finger on her pussy from the top of the shalwar. Dawood understood that now the ghazal was hot. And she’s enjoying it, too. Ghazal was taking all the Dawood’s cock in her mouth. Dawood’s cock was reaching Ghazal’s throat.

Ghazal was running her mouth very fast on Dawood’s cock. The cock and testicles of dawood would be filled with the saliva of ghazal. Ghazal had forgotten that her brother was standing naked in front of her and she was sucking his cock. There was a man in front of the ghazal and she is fulfilling her duty of being a woman. Ghazal had been sucking Dawood’s cock for half an hour. Dawood was moaning now. Suddenly Dawood roared loudly and a fountain of hot and thick cum started falling in Ghazal’s throat.
Dawood’s cum was going straight to the ghazal’s belly. Ghazal drank almost all of Dawood’s cum. It was twelve o’clock at night. The sound of Dawood’s roar reached the streets. Surrounding houses must have heard.

After the ejaculation, Dawood was ashamed of what he had done. He considered ghazal as his sister and has been abusing her. But when Dawood came back to his senses, he was amazed. Ghazal was still clinging to his cock and she was licking Dawood’s cum. Ghazal was wiping cum from Dawood’s cock with her tongue. Ghazal must have liked the taste of Dawood’s cum.

Dawood glanced at Wasim who was drunk. Dawood was jealous of Wasim for having such a lovely and sexy wife but he did not value ghazal.
Dawood’s powerful cock was still standing. And the way the ghazal clung to it. Dawood understood what Ghazal wanted. David’s thinking was changing. The feeling of embarrassment was overwhelmed by the feeling of eroticism. Wasim was still unconscious and he had a sexy and lovely girl like Ghazal. He had been waiting for Ghazal’s pussy for many years.

Ghazal soon realized what she was doing wrong. Ghazal had realized from Dawood’s eyes that Dawood had sensed his sexual feelings. Ghazal left Dawood’s cock and went some distance and sat down. Ghazal’s head was bowed.
ghazzal۔ “Now you go away. I have fulfilled my promise. Now you also fulfill your promise.

David “But my cock is still hard and standing.
Dawood sat close to Ghazal’s back. Dawood. “I want to love you more in ghazal baji. I want to play with this beautiful body.”
Dawood started kissing Ghazal on the back.
Ghazal spoke in shock. “No, that’s it. Wasim came to wake up.”
David “Ghazal baji Wasim Bhai is unconscious. He will not wake up till morning.”
The ghazal was warming up again with Dawood’s kiss. Her pussy was getting wet.
Ghazal spoke softly. “Not in front of Wasim here.”

Hearing this, Dawood put his hand on both the thighs of the ghazal from behind and lifted the ghazal like a doll. While Dawood was doing this, a scream came out of Ghazal’s mouth. Ghazal had sensed Dawood’s intention and she knew what Dawood’s next target would be.
ghazal۔ “Leave me Dawood. Take me down.”
Dawood “How can I leave you. I’ve been waiting for that time. Today I will tell you ghazzal baji what love is and how to fuck a sexy lady like you.”
Dawood picked up the ghazal and started walking towards the room.

Wasim was lying unconscious outside and his wife Ghazal was going to his bedroom with a naked man.
Shortly afterwards, Ghazala’s groans were heard in Ghazal and Wasim’s bedroom. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. Dawood had laid the ghazal on the bed. Ghazal’s shalwar was off. Now the ghazal was all naked and Dawood was holding the thick and juicy thighs of the ghazal in his arms. Dawood was sitting between the her legs and lifted the ghazal’s hips to his mouth. Dawood’s face was hidden in the thick and white thighs of ghazal. Dawood’s lips were on Ghazal’s pussy. Dawood was rubbing his tongue inside and outside Ghazal’s pussy. Wasim had not licked Ghazal’s vagina till today. Ghazal was enjoying licking a man for the first time in her life. This was Dawood’s first experience of licking a girl’s vagina like this.

Dawood liked Ghazal’s vaginal taste and aroma very much. But Ghazal was very ashamed. The ghazal was more enjoyable than the extreme, but the ghazal was forbidding Dawood. Ghazal spoke while controlling himself. “David, please stop, I’m ashamed.”
Ghazal hid her face in her hands in shame but Ghazal’s vagina was about to ejaculate. Suddenly a flood of cum came out of the ghazal’ pussy and started falling on Dawood.

Now the ghazal’s thighs was in Dawood’s hands and ghazal’s legs were on Dawood’s shoulders. Ghazal could see Dawood’s black and ugly cock standing between her white thighs and right in front of her pussy, like a tower.
Dawood. “Ghazal baji, your pussy is completely wet and has left a lot of cum. Now I hope my cock will go into it.”
Ghazal spoke in surprise. “No, Dawood, it won’t go in. Your cock is too big. How will it go in my little pussy?”
Dawood. “Relax ghazal baji. I give you my cock. You can put it inside and see. ”
dawood began rubbing the tip of his cock against Ghazal’s pussy’ lips.

Dawood took Ghazal’s pussy at the target of his cock and placed his cock on the mouth of the pussy. Dawood pushed his cock hard inside the ghazal. The tip of Dawood’s cock went into Ghazal’s pussy with pressure. The ghazal screamed. “Ah I died”. “Dawood, don’t do that. My pussy will burst.” But Dawood was not going to pay attention. How long has he been yearning for ghazal pussy? This time Dawood jerked with full force, the rod of Dawood’s cock went halfway into Ghazal’s pussy. Ghazal was tormented by pain. “Ah ah ah my pussy ruptured.”
But Dawood did not stop, he struck another blow and Dawood’s whole cock got lost in the depths of Ghazal’s pussy. dawood’s cock passed through Ghazal’s vagina, into Ghazal’s uterus. Ghazal had never been in so much pain. ghazal was shaking her head in pain. her narrow pussy had tightened Dawood’s cock.

Dawood: “Ghazal Baji Your pussy is very tight and small”.
Dawood paused for a moment then began to move his cock lightly back and forth. The walls of Ghazal’s vagina clung to Dawood’s cock. Dawood’s cock was stuck in Ghazal’s pussy. Dawood lifted Ghazal’s legs and lay down on top of Ghazal. Dawood was having sex with Ghazal in a missionary style.
ghazal۔ “Dawood, it is painful. Please take if out.”
Until today, only Wasim’s small dick was inserted in Ghazal’s small pussy, but today his pussy was facing Dawood’s king size cock. Ghazal’s vagina was smaller and narrower than normal women so her children were also born from C-section.
Ghazal was lying naked under Dawood. The ghazal seemed very beautiful to Dawood but the most beautiful part of the ghazal’s body was her huge and fat pair of boob. Dawood started pressing the big breasts of ghazal again. With Dawood’s pressure, milk started coming out of Ghazal’s breasts like a syringe. The pain of the ghazal was now beginning to overwhelm. Dawood had increased the speed of fucking. Ghazal’s senses were now filled with pleasure instead of pain. ghazal۔ “Dawood, you tore my pussy. Now fuck me as you wish”.
Fifteen minutes had passed since Dawood had fuck Ghazal in a missionary style. Ghazal’s pussy was ruined and became the size of Dawood’s cock. Dawood was now fucking very fast and the hips of the ghazal were accompanying Dawood’s jerks with a rhythm. Dawood’s testicles were hitting Ghazal’s anus. Ghazal’s bid and soft boobs were bouncing loudly. Ghazal once had a great cum. But the sounds of ah ah ah were constantly coming out of her’s mouth. Ghazal was screaming and moaning with pleasure, not with pain. Suddenly Dawood pulled his cock out of Ghazal’s pussy. Ghazal asked Dawood in surprise. “what happened.” Ghazal knew that Dawood had not yet ejaculated.
Dawood picked up the ghazal from the bed and lay down on his own.

Dawood “ghazal baji. Now it’s your turn. Sit on my cock and shake your hips.” Dawood’s cock stood like a tower. Ghazal wondered how this gigantic cock got into her fairy tail pussy. Ghazal was composed on Dawood in such a way that Dawood’s body was between her two legs. Dawood could see Ghazal’s torn pussy. Ghazal’s pussy was not even recognizable. Such a narrow and small pussy now looked like an open mouth tunnel.

Ghazal grabbed Dawood’s cock by the hand, set it according to her pussy and sat on it.
ghazal۔ “Dawood, you just wanted me to be your mistress. Now you’re happy.”
Dawood. “Ghazal baji you are very innocent. I want to treat you like a queen, not a mistress.”
The ghazal now began to move on Dawood’s cock. Dawood had opened the mouth of Ghazal’s uterus with the strokes of his cock. Now Dawood’s cock was straight in Ghazal’s womb. The ghazal was slowly gaining momentum. The giant boobs of the ghazal and the big and pink nipples on it were in front of Dawood’s eyes. Dawood grabbed both the boobs of the ghazal and started rubbing them. Milk came out of Ghazal’s boobs and started falling on Dawood. Dawood lifted his head and shoulders from the bed and started drinking ghazal milk. Ghazala was the best girl

Dawood had ever had fuck with. Big boobs and small pussy were the perfect combination.
The ghazal was moving on Dawood’s cock for fifteen minutes. The ghazal was tired and he was about to cum again. Ghazal was facing the third cum. As soon as the ejaculation came, the ghazal fell on Dawood.
ghazal۔ “David, just do it. I’m not doing anymore.”

Dawood got up and took Ghazal in his lap and sat down. Ghazal’s breasts were attached to his chest. Both legs were straight at the opposite summit. Holding the waist of the ghazal, he began to lower the ghazal above and below his cock.
David “Ghazala baji you are a wonderful thing. You are more delicious than I thought.”
Dawood had fuck with ghazal for some time. But there was no rhythm and speed in this style. Dawood grabbed Ghazal by the hips and stood on the floor. But he did not let his cock come out of Ghazal’s pussy. Now Dawood was standing up and picking up the ghazal. Ghazal was having sex with Dawood like a helpless doll. Ghazal was just sobbing and moaning loudly. The door to the room was open. Ghazal was afraid that Wasim would wake up when he heard her moans and sobs.
ghazal۔ “David, stop now. Wasim will be awake. Now leave me.”
David “Ghazal baji don’t worry. Wasim bhai will not know anything. He has drunk so much that he will not regain consciousness till morning.”

After saying this, Dawood started sucking the milk of Ghazal’s breasts again.
ghazal۔ “Dawood, do you like my boobs?”
Dawood “I’ve never seen such big and beautiful boobs in my life. You’re so beautiful that I fell in love with you. Do you love me too?”
Ghazal did not respond to Dawood’s words and turned his face away. Dawood understood that Ghazal does not love him but hates him.
Dawood. “Ghazal baji, you should hate me as much as you can, but I love you.”
Saying this, Dawood accelerated the pace of cock movement in Ghazal’s pussy. The ghazal began to bounce with the rhythm of intercourse. Ghazal started moaning and screaming again.
There was a bench in front of the dressing table in the room. Dawood laid the ghazal on the bench. Dawood lifted Ghazal’s both legs and climbed up. Dawood had decided that he would give ghazal so much fuck that ghazal that hatred would turn into love.
Dawood “Get ready, Ghazala Baji”.
ghazal۔ “For what”.
David “For the passionate journey of intercourse.”

Dawood started pounding Ghazal’s pussy very hard with his cock. It was unbearable for the ghazal. She could not have imagined that anyone would have fuck her like that. Ghazal was accustomed to the gentle love of Wasim’s small dick. Ghazal started moaning and sobbing loudly. The sound of ghazal screams was going out of the house into the neighborhood. Ah ah ah oye oy. One could understand by the sounds of “ah ah ah oy oy” that a porn video was playing.

Dawood’s cock was moving so fast in ghazal’s pussy that it looked like an engine pistol was running. Ghazal’s pussy once again released a lot of cum. From which the sound of “Porch Porch” started coming from the Ghazal’s pussy. Dawood’s stomach and thighs were hitting Ghazal’s soft and milky thighs loudly. Which was making a sound like “thap thap thap”. The room resounded with ghazal sighs as well as the sounds of “thap thap thap porch porch.
ghazal۔ “Please David, fuck me slowly. I’m going to die.”
David “Ghazal baji, your vagina is just mine. I will keep it as my own.”
ghazal. “Ah ah ah. oh my mother. I’m dying.”
Dawood. “Ghazal baji. Today I will have fuck your pussy and make it the size of my cock. Then you will have fuck only with me. Your pussy will not be of any use to Wasim Bhai.”

Dawood used to have fuck ghazal like this for a long time. Ghazal had ejaculated four times. Ghazal was feeling that she would faint. Ten minutes later, Dawood brought his cock up and began to hit Ghazal’s pussy hard. In this way, Dawood’s cock hit strongly in Ghazal’s uterus. Ghazal would be tormented when the cock gets stuck in the uterus. David was about to cum.
David “Ghazal Baji, I am about to ejaculate”.
Ghazal۔ “Yes, David, ejaculate now.”
David “Not yet Ghazal Baji.”

Say that Dawood removed his cock from Ghazal’s pussy. If he continued to have intercourse with the ghazal for some time, he would have ejaculated. But now he wanted to have more sex with the ghazal so he took out his cock.
Ghazal would have been in bad condition. The ghazal was out of breath. she began to try to restore his senses. she was still worried that Wasim might not wake up. Suddenly there was a noise outside. Ghazal got scared.
she said to Dawood anxiously. “Looks like Wasim will wake up. I look back.”

Ghazal hurried to the door, the door was open. Wasim was lying unconscious in his place just as Ghazal and Dawood would have left him.
Ghazal was thankful that Wasim was still unconscious. A prayer came from her heart that Wasim would remain unconscious for some time. But in that time Dawood had come after Ghazal. He pushed the her on her shoulders and knocked the ghazal to her knees and turned her into a horse.

Dawood “Ghazal Baji, take care of Wasim Bhai, but I can’t stay away from your pussy.” Dawood put his cock back into Ghazal’s pussy from behind. A loud scream came out of the ghazal’s mouth as the flesh of Dawood was hard and hot in ghazal’s Injured pussy.
Dawood was fucking ghazal in doggy style. Dawood maintained the rhythm of intercourse. Ghazal started sobbing once again. Dawood’s stomach was throbbing with Ghazal’s flashy hips.

Dawood “Ghazal baji, your pussy is very beautiful. It is very soft and tight. I have never had such delicious pussy fuck till today.”
ghazal۔ “dawood fuck me as much as you want, but not here Take me into the room Wasim is lying in front. ”
Today Ghazal’s pussy had countless cock jerks. Ghazal was also at the height of lust but she did not want to have fuck in front of Wasim. Ghazal was on the floor between the doors. She was half inside the room and half in the lounge when David dropped her. Dawood’s cock was repeatedly giving pleasure to the Ghazal’s pussy which is craving for intercourse. Wasim had not fuck her for the past two months and tonight she was about to cum for the fifth time. The shame of the ghazal was gone. She wanted Dawood to fuck her . Ghazal may not have fallen in love with Dawood but her pussy fell in love with Dawood’s cock.

Dawood’s cock was constantly jerking in Ghazal’s pussy. Ghazal left the room due to Dawood’s tremors and went to the lounge where her husband was lying unconscious. Ghazal put his hand over his mouth to control his moans and screams. in front of ghazal, her husband was lying unconscious and in behind of ghazal, her cousin Dawood was pounding her pussy.
Ghazal was about to cum again, she didn’t want to stop. Ghazal was also close to ejaculation. dawood was stroking the cock hard in Ghazal’s pussy. Ghazal’s thick fleshy buttocks were shaking like jelly from the collision of dawood. Due to the rapid movement of Ghazal’s boobs, drops of milk were coming out and falling on the floor.
David gasped. “Ghazal baji I am about to cum.”
ghazal۔ “please cum Dawood, but not inside me.”

Suddenly Ghazal felt a hot and thick mixture dripping into her womb. This was David’s cum. Ghazal didn’t want her to take Dawood’s cum inside her but she was helpless. dawood was holding her hips tightly. He did not have the strength to free his fragile body from Dawood’s strong grip. At the same time, the ghazal also ejaculated. Now there was cum everywhere between Ghazal and Dawood’s legs. Ghazal’s hips and thighs got wet from her cum. There was also ghazal’s cum on Dawood’s testicles and penis hair.

Dawood’s cock was filling Ghazal’s uterus with cum. Dawood’s hot and thick cum was soothing Ghazal’s injured vagina and uterus. Finally, Dawood removed his cock from Ghazal’s torn pussy. Ghazal lay down on the floor. Ghazal’s pussy had become like an open pit and Dawood’s cum was vomiting from it. Cum was coming out of the vagina and falling on the floor.

Dawood was also lying on the floor near Ghazal. Ghazal was trying to control herself. She was accumulating enough energy in her body to get up and lie down on the bed. The two did not realize how close they would get to Wasim during intercourse. Suddenly Wasim shook his head and muttered something. Ghazal felt that Wasim was awake but Wasim was still unconscious and talking in his sleep. The ghazal could be heard clearly. Wasim was calling Fareeha unconsciously. Wasim was having a dream. Ghazal was shocked to hear Wasim’s words.
Wasim was muttering۔ “Fareeha, I enjoy having sex with you. Ghazal is very boring in intercourse.”
Wasim was unconscious but his words fell like lightning on the ghazal.
Dawood “Ghazal baji. You love the person who is betraying you.”
ghazal۔ “No, it can’t be. Wasim is dreaming in a coma.”
David “Ghazal Baji. Although Wasim Bhai is unconscious. But he is speaking the truth. I have seen both of them together many times.”

Wasim muttered in his dream again. “Fareeha, your pussy is more delicious to me than Ghazal’s pussy.”
The words that came out of Wasim’s mouth were unbearable for the ghazal.

Ghazal knew who Wasim was talking about. Fareeha was Imran’s elder sister from whom Wasim had taken money.
Wasim was slowly regaining consciousness. Ghazal got up quickly and went to the room and got dressed. After a while, Wasim regained consciousness. Wasim raised his head from the table. Ghazal and Dawood were sitting to the right and left of the table.
Wasim “Looks like I fell asleep. David, you’re still here.”
ghazal۔ “Wasim, what happened? Are you all right?”
Wasim: “Yes, I’m fine with ghazal. I got some sleep.”
ghazal۔ Wasim, you are sleepy. Go to bed and go to sleep.
” David “Ghazal baji. Nothing happened to him. He is very well. Wasim Bhai drank more. Our drinking competition is not over yet.”
Saying this, Dawood filled Wasim’s glass with wine.

Wasim “Dawood, I will always be grateful to you. If it weren’t for you, that fat Imran would have killed me.”
Dawood “Wasim bhai. What are you talking about. I can do anything for you and ghazal baji.”
Wasim “Ghazal, Dawood is our benefactor. His greatness should not be diminished.”
ghazal۔ “Wasim, don’t worry. Dawood will be happy with my hospitality.

Dawood also made a glass of wine for himself and Ghazal. Then the three of them hit the glass and Wasim spoke. “In the name of our friendship.
Wasim could only drink two more glasses of wine and then fainted. Dawood looked at the ghazal with lustful eyes and said. “Ghazal baji let’s go inside the room.”

Ghazal said looking at Wasim with hatred. “No, Dawood, this is the punishment of this unfaithful man that you have intercourse with me in front of him.”
Saying this, Ghazal began to take off her clothes.

Dawood laid the ghazal on the table and started fucking in front of her unconscious husband. That night Dawood had intercourse with Ghazal several times. When both of them ejaculated, they would love each other very much before having intercourse again. Whenever Dawood took his cock out of Ghazal’s pussy during intercourse, Ghazal sucked his cock like a hungry girl. Dawood also made Ghazal’s pussy red by licking it. Ghazal’s boobs were getting milk again and again and Dawood used to drink it again and again.

That night, Dawood would have performed six to seven sex rounds with ghazal. Ghazal’s pussy was now the size of Dawood’s cock. Ghazal didn’t hurt much anymore. Ghazal was more enthusiastic than Dawood in intercourse. Every time Ghazal was taking Dawood’s cum in her vagina. Ghazal intended to give birth to Dawood’s child. Ghazal had fucked with Dawood in every corner of the house. In the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the dining room, even on the balcony. By morning, Ghazal’s whole body and the whole house was full of Dawood’s cum.

It was morning. The bright sunlight was coming into the room. Dawood was lying naked on the bed with his eyes closed. His cock was loose and lying between his legs. Now it had shrunk to half its size. Ghazal was lying naked with her head on Dawood’s chest. There were marks of Dawood’s teeth on the giant boobs of Ghazal. Ghazal’s round and juicy thigh was on Waz’s legs. Dawood’s thick cum was constantly flowing from Ghazal’s torn pussy. The ghazal had just come down from Dawood’s cock.

Ghazal was staring at Dawood’s cock. Ghazal was thinking that this cruel cock has disfigured her innocent pussy and now how she has become a stranger. Ghazal grabbed Dawood’s loose cock in her hand and started shaking it.
Dawood opened his eyes. He started looking at the ghazal. The ghazal seemed so innocent and lovely to him. Dawood kissed the soft lips of the ghazal. Ghazal also opened her lips for Dawood’s lips.
Dawood “Ghazal Baji, you are very sweet. I have really fallen in love with you.”
ghazal۔ “Dawood, I love you too.”
Dawood “My cock is crazy about your pussy. he has never had such a tight and juicy pussy.”
ghazal۔ “That’s why you tore my vagina apart.”
David “How did your feel about my cock?” ghazal۔ “totally wild and hungry. Destroyer of the pussy. Tear my pussy and make it useless for my husband.”
Dawood “Ghazal, your pussy is now the size of my cock. It is of no use except me.” Ghazal clung to Dawood’s body and said shyly, “so what to do?”
Dawood said turning to the ghazal. “So come with me now.”
Ghazal said laughing. “You’re going to fuck me all the time. You’re not going to let me do anything, you’re not going to let me sleep.”
David spoke seriously. “I’m not kidding.”
Seeing the seriousness of Dawood, she became serious. “dawood, But I’m married.”
Dawood “Ghazal baji. Leave such an unfaithful husband who, despite being such a lovely wife, is still beating his face out.”
ghazal۔ “David, it can’t be. What will people say?”
David “Ghazal baji, don’t care about people. I’ll take you somewhere. Where I ‘ll fuck you day and night.”
Ghazal spoke anxiously. “Dawood, what will happen to my children?”
David “Ghazal baji, children will be taken along. I don’t want to take your children away from you and I don’t want to take my child away from me.”

Saying this, Dawood put his hand on Ghazal’s stomach. Then an egg fell into Ghazal’s womb and many of Dawood’s sperms fell on that egg. This was a sign of multiple pregnancies.

After a while, Ghazal went to take a bath and Dawood also went to the washroom behind the ghazal. Ghazal no longer wanted intercourse. She wanted to be clean and she was afraid that Wasim would wake up or someone would come. But while stopping the ghazal, Dawood once again had fucked the ghazal in the washroom. This time he was not calling her ghazal baji but my ghajo.

When Wasim regained consciousness, he was lying on the dining table. Wasim had a bank check under the glass in front of him and an envelope with it. Wasim quickly picked up the check. It was a blank check in Wasim’s name that Dawood had left there. Wasim wondered to see blank check why Dawood did that. But when he opened the envelope, he understood. In this envelope was his and Ghazal’s divorce papers.

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