Daily routine of a indian telugu slave wife – part 2

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Part 1 preview : My husband understands my sexual needs and tries to put me in control.

After my mother in law taunted me about not satisfying his son I got really pissed at myself because it was a insult on me.

People die for my body and the guy who gets it everyday is not satisfied is a big insult to me and I instantly decided I would go to any extend to keep my husband satisfied and stress free.

As my mother in law insisted I wore a satin nighty and nothing else. The satin cloth was sticking to my body and my nipples were visible and was popping out. My mother in noticed my nipples and gave me a duppata as my father in law was also there in the house, and instantly my husband noticed that and gave me a very disgusting look, I realised this was a big blunder.

I went to the bedroom slowly in fear .. as soon as I entered I could see him playing with his dick on the bed ..

I went close to the bed he instaly gestured me to stay away from the bed.. he said lanje mullaki nilcho.. kathal dengaku uke na deggara.

I had to anyhow turn him on .. so I went close to him trying to touch him .. he instantly said lanjarikam bane nerchukunnav bazar lanje!

He lighted a ciggerate and started smoking and I couldn’t tolerate the smell in the bed room. He came close to me suddenly .. I was kind of happy .. he pushed my hair off my shoulder .. turned my chin away from him .. slowly pulled down the satin nighty off my shoulder and was blowing air on my bare shoulder and suddenly he stubb the cigg on my shoulder and I almost started to scream in pain and fear.. he caught my hair with a grip and said..

Inkosari lanjarikam cheysav anuko .. ni guddalo pedtha ardam ayinda?

I started crying .. sobbing for the pain .. he spat in my mouth and said .. again with a tighter grip of my hair .. ardam ayindha lanja munda ?

I instantly said ha andi.. he went back to the bed and video called some girl and she was moaning on the call .. he was laughing and giggling ..

But he never touched my boobs or my pussy .. I was in pain and depressed that my mother in law thinks I’m useless and he is satifying himself and was laughing talking to other women.

I was confused on how and what to do to gain my husband’s love and attemtion. I started getting more desperate..

The next morning .. I started sucking his cock .. like a good little slave he wants me to be ..
I gave him a really good blowjob making sounds and spitting on it .. shaking it .. licking it .. rubbing it on my face ..
He woke up and just pushed me away .. and pulled up his lungi and walked away to the hall and started reading the news paper like this never happened.

I went out to give him tea .. he said go and stand in the sun for 15 mins with my hands in the air.. like he said I ran outside the gate and stood there ..

People looked at me like I was mad it made me feel very humiliated with my neighbours and school kids walking by laughing .. punishment punishment they were laughing.. I din bother.. the vegetable man who always shouts infront of our house .. today calmly walked away without a sound.

I had tears.. but I could do anything for my husband.. after 15 mins I came back in.. he said manchiga undena lanjarikam bayata ?
I said em andi..

He screamed back..po poi dengu pakintodni .. isthadu neeku modda cheekaniki ..

I said naku meede kavali ..

He said neeku aarahata leydu .. unna vallake istha.. and evvala Ramya ki arahata undhi .. valla intiki velli dengi ostha ..

I felt broken .. even more badly .. I needed to do something ASAP

I instantly went and changed to the most sexiest saree possible .. I put kumkum like he always loved .. I also wore anklets ..

I started sweeping the house .. and went into the room he was there .. and started sweeping making my clevage visible ..

I know he noticed it a couple of times..
I also knew he wanted to touch it very badly ..

I could see his crotch and it was bulging ..

That was all that I wanted .. and I could take the game from here ..

I moved even more closer to him and he could smell my perfume .. and I behaved like I by mistake touched his shoulder .. and he could see my waist more clearly now ..

I did not wait for long and went to another room .. and he followed me .. I was happy ..

But he did not do what I wanted .. he just came removed my pallu and clicked a few pictures of my boobs only and said this should do and left ..

He did not say anything else ..

Later when I finish my work he showed me his phone and said he would help me find customers and I was a lanje .. and I could get satisfied by othrrs but he wouldn’t fuck me because I don’t deserve it.

Readers kindly help me, give me ideas to seduce my husband.
And make him go mad in me only.

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