My Wife My Life-4

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

I got dressed again without panties and decided that for me the night was still young and I was going to fully enjoy it. I stepped out of my room locking it and went to the reception. John was still at the reception and the time was 9.15pm.

I asked him why he had not gone home. John said his colleague had called in sick so he was continuing the shift till tomorrow morning. I remembered he had seen me naked when Ramesh was fucking me.

I thought why not try him out. I asked if I could sit with him and he got up offering me his seat. He said for a hot woman like you I can do anything, you just ask. I said please sit down John and do you mind if I sit here with you?

He said madam I am honoured to have such a hot lady like you sit with me, tell me where is Mr. Ramesh. I said oh before I forget can you tell me if any medical store will be open at this time?

He asked why madam, has sir fallen sick, do you need paracetamol or anything else? I laughed and said everything is ok. Actually I am out of condoms and need to urgently buy some before Ramesh wakes up again.

John unable to make sense out of what I said, asked why will he wake up now? I said you have no idea, he wakes up in the night to have sex, then goes to sleep again and a few hours later it repeats.

When he wakes up in the morning he will do it again a few times. So I need at least 5-7 condoms now. John was staring at me like he had been struck by lightning, he asked how are you able to handle so much?

Didn’t you get married recently? I said I got married exactly 1 week back and now I have gotten used to it, it is no big deal. He called David on his cell, he said madam David will take you to a store right now.

Hearing David’s name made my pussy wet again, I went out and David was entering with his car. I sat in the front passenger seat and told him to take me to a medical store. David placed his hand on my thigh asking why are you alone madam?

I said you will find out soon. We reached the store, I said David I need two big boxes of condoms, can you please get them for me as I forgot to carry money? David was speechless but went and got two boxes of ribbed condoms.

He gave them to me slipping his hand under my skirt rubbing my wet naked pussy saying madam these give maximum pleasure to the woman. I kept the boxes and kissed him on his lips.

I asked is there a place where we can have full privacy? He said yes very excitedly, I said let’s go there quickly. He took me behind the hotel to the corner of the parking lot which was deserted and covered with trees.

We got into the back seat of his car, he left the engine and AC running. I said my husband is not going to bother us now. He held my waist pulling me tightly to him. He said madam you are so hot that I have jacked off twice.

I said you give me that precious juice. His hand around my waist was pressing my butt while his other hand was squeezing my boobs. I opened his trouser and he pulled it down with his underwear.

He had a dark cock about 8” long and normal girth. I climbed on his lap with my legs on either sides of his, stroking his cock with my hands. He said madam, I stopped and said call me Rekha. He said Rekha I want you to suck my cock.

I had never heard or done it before. I said I don’t know what you are talking about so please teach me? He said take my cock in your mouth and suck it like a lollypop. I got off his lap bringing my face to his cock.

I considered this dirty but remembered how Ramesh also licked my pussy and ass making me cum. So I opened my mouth taking his cock inside. I took a few inches of his length in my mouth and licked all over and around it.

David was beginning to moan softly. That was my signal that I was doing it right. I was licking his entire length while trying to take it deeper little by little. David held my head pushing it hard on his cock choking me on it.

I hit my hands fanatically and he released his grip letting me breathe. I looked at him saying David I am doing this for the first time so don’t force me. Give me time and I will learn to take it in fully.

David said sorry Rekha I got carried away because you are giving me a blowjob. I said its ok, treat me gently and I promise you many more chances. He unzipped my frock and I helped him remove it.

I removed my bra keeping both aside. He made me lie down on the seat, since he had a big car we had lots of space. He got on top sucking my nipples for a long time. He was very gentle and I loved that about him.

He went down to my navel playing with his tongue driving me crazy stopping at my pussy. He ran his fingers over my shaved pussy saying this is the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. He put his mouth to my pussy licking it nicely.

He was really good with his mouth and I was enjoying it. He was even better than Ramesh in his oral skills. After a while he got on top and I felt his cock at my pussy. I told him to use a condom, he wore one getting back on top.

I guided his cock in my pussy and he pushed little by little till he was fully inside. He started fucking me with slow strokes constantly sucking my boobs and kissing me. He went on for a long time nonstop.

I saw the watch in the car, we had been fucking for nearly forty minutes. Soon I felt him giving hard strokes cumming inside me. He lay on me and we stayed like that hugging and kissing for some time. He put on his clothes.

He said Rekha with you I enjoyed the best sex ever. I said thank you David, you are the first man other than my husband to fuck me and I too really enjoyed it. I cannot wait to enjoy with you again.

I got dressed inside the car and told David to drop me at the reception. He asked me why, I said so that John does not get unnecessary ideas. David pulled up at the reception and I got down.

I went inside to John showing the two condom boxes in my hand telling him I finally found it. He asked why I took so long, I said no one had big boxes in stock and David was a big help. I told him I wanted a beer and curd rice.

He said it will be delivered to your room madam. I kissed him on his cheek and went to my room. Soon Vicky knocked on the door and I let him in. He kept the tray on the table and came towards me pushing the door shut.

He pushed me to the wall hugging me pulling up my frock. I said leave me alone Vicky. He asked why are you so angry? I said you don’t deserve me. He said I am very sorry, I got carried away seeing your hot body.

I did not budge. He had unzipped his pant and was grinding his cock against my naked pussy while trying to kiss me. I avoided his kissing but his hands were squeezing my butt and his cock was rubbing my pussy making me wet again.

He was forcing himself on me which I did not like, but at the same time his actions on my body were arousing me. My resistance was fading and he managed to hold my face and kiss me. I did not open my mouth but he kept trying.

My frock was around my neck now and he had removed my bra. He was gently squeezing my boobs with my nipples between his fingers arousing me further. Despite my dislikes for him, he had great stamina and I was hungry for sex now.

Now his cock was seconds away from entering my pussy whether I let him or not. So I decided to give him another chance. I opened my mouth letting his tongue in. Vicky loosened his grip on me seeing me cooperate.

He unzipped my frock and removed it making me fully naked. He lifted me and slowly lowered me on the bed. He removed all his clothes getting on top squeezing my boobs and sucking my nipples. I was happy to see his softer side.

He opened my legs and began eating my pussy. He said madam you are really very tasty. I want to eat you every day. He ate my pussy for a long time bringing my orgasm to the edge. I patted him to stop.

He got a condom and mounted me missionary style. I held his cock and guided it to my pussy telling him please be gentle. He slowly pushed only his cock tip inside me and asked if I was ok. I nodded yes and he pushed a little more.

He kept pushing little at a time making sure I was ok. He started fucking me slowly at first but soon went full speed like before. After close to twenty minutes of fucking, he flipped me over on my chest.

I guessed he wanted my ass. He licked my butt hole pushing his tongue as deep as he could. He fingered my ass while lubricating it with his tongue. He mounted me joining my legs tightly and pushed his cock slowly in my butt.

Again he inserted little by little making sure I was ok. This time his cock entered fully without hurting. He resumed fucking me slowly first and soon went full speed. He went nonstop lasting longer this time.

Vicky had great stamina to fuck like this, more than twenty minutes later he came in my butt. He remained lying on me kissing my ears, neck and all over my back. We got up from the bed and he sat on the couch.

He threw the condom in the dustbin next to his previous one. He carried me and seated me across his lap asking madam I hope you are not angry with me now? I said as long as you are gentle and don’t call me a bitch I am fine.

He asked when can I come back again? I said I am here for 3 weeks and we will get many chances to do it again. He got dressed kissing me once more and left closing the door. I locked the door after he left and had my beer and curd rice.

I felt a lot better with food in my tummy. I saw the time and it was nearing 11.15pm. I changed into the exact same brown chiffon top, a black skirt with black bra and thong panty. I looked at myself in the mirror and felt good.

I went to John at the reception and asked him till what time the bar is open. He said till 4am at least. I told him I was going back to the party. He said he will send Vicky in case I needed any help.

I reached the bar and saw it was flooded with people. On the dance floor there was no place to even stand. I went and stood next to Charles who was busy managing the crowd. He said Madam, I said call me Rekha.

He said Rekha what brings you here at this time? Where is Mr. Ramesh? I looked at him and asked why I cannot come here by myself? My husband is sleeping but I wanted to enjoy this party since it is the first in my life.

He asked me if I wanted a beer, I said yes. He personally got me a beer and stood by my side. On the dance floor some English song was playing with loud music and I was sipping my beer watching the crowd dancing.

Charles asked me would you like to dance? I said I don’t know how to dance. He said Rekha you just need to move your body to the music that is all. Come with me and I will show you how to do it.

I refused saying I am feeling very shy in front of so many people. He held my hand and took me behind the stage where there was no one. He said now it is only the two of us so nothing to feel shy about.

I said ok and put my glass on the table. He came up behind me holding my waist and told me to shake my body to the music anyway I like. I told him I could not do it. He was determined to make me dance.

He really pushed me to dance holding my waist, my hands, sometimes even my butt. During this my back was against his chest and I felt his cock in my butt many times. He held my butt harder making me dance, I was getting aroused.

We were dancing with our bodies stuck to each other for some time. After a while I told him I am here for three weeks and will join him every day so he can teach me. We went back to the dance floor.

I was standing in a corner sipping my beer lost in thoughts. Charles came behind me sticking his body to mine with his arm around my waist moving with the beats while slowly humping my butt. I felt his hard cock was pushing deeper in my butt.

This was arousing me even more. I was a little high by now and turned my face to look at him. He was smiling looking at me while he continued humping. This was too much for me and I held his face kissing him on his lips.

With this gesture he got bolder and under the cover of moving our bodies to the music he started humping my butt even harder. I pulled his face near mine and asked him if there was a more private place we could go to.

He understood and went around giving instructions and soon came back to me. He took me behind the dance floor where we had been earlier and went further inside a store room. He locked the door and came to me.

We kissed and hugged for a while. He felt my entire body with his hands. There was only a desk in the room and he made me sit on it. We continued kissing while his hands were squeezing my boobs over my clothes.

I unbuttoned by top and bra raising it to my neck giving him full access. He sucked on my boobs like it was the end of the world. I rubbed his crotch feeling his hard cock. I opened his belt and trousers revealing a beautiful 7” cock.

I started stroking it with my hands. Charles raised my skirt to my waist and smiled seeing no panties. He put his mouth to my pussy, as soon as his tongue touched my pussy, my orgasm hit me. Charles ate my pussy for a while.

I pulled him up kissing him and said Charles fuck me now. He was positioning his cock at my pussy, I asked him to use a condom. He said he did not have as this was unexpected. I was too horny now to care and said fuck me fast.

He pushed his cock in my pussy fully entering smoothly due to my wetness. I told him fuck me harder. Charles was fucking me with hard and slow strokes and I was enjoying it. After about ten minutes I asked him are you going to cum?

He said not yet, I lay on my back spreading my legs saying Charles I please fuck my ass. He inserted his cock slowly in my ass and resumed fucking. Nearly fifteen minutes later he came in my butt after giving me many orgasms.

He cleaned both my holes with his kerchief and put it in his pocket. He said this was his memoir because it had my juices which he will relish for his life. He thanked me for the wonderful fuck, I told him all my beers are on you till I am here.

In return I will let you fuck me whenever possible. He agreed saying this was the sexiest deal I ever signed. We got dressed coming back to the dance floor. I finished My beer and Charles offered me another one.

I told him to send a pitcher with two glasses to my room. He asked me for whom. I said my husband will wake up soon and will fuck me again so.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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