When Friends Meet Benefits

Ruhi and I had been pals since we started college. The fact that we both tended to overshare our feelings led to us being best friends. We talked about everything with ease and never passed judgment on one another. Between us, there was no line of hesitation at all.

I was slender and tall with average personality traits; therefore, no one ever dated me, whereas she was a total package. One could lose themselves for hours gazing at her curves, which were more exquisite than any landscape. She, sadly, never did meet someone who would value her. We were both, I suppose, a little unlucky in love.

The college was about to end soon .Unfortunately, I was still a virgin. Ruhi never dated anyone for long but had her exhausting make-out sessions with guys in the past. This made her far more experienced than anything I could achieve before the college ends. I was downhearted on completing my graduation from the college as a virgin. This fact was eating me from inside-out. At the time when everyone was excited about being graduated, I had my face covered with sheets of sorrow. Ruhi cared about me. She noticed me feeling sad. Ruhi tried her best to uplift my mood but failed every attempt. She was unaware of the demons of disappointment growing inside me. She asked me million times about what made me sad. On other hand, I dodged every question that was shot at me. But somehow, I knew it won’t take her long to make me submit. She was hard to resist. Besides that, she also knew that, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. It was me who has to share everything. So one day when her questions had no end I gave up. I gathered my courage and told her everything.

She was a decent listener but even she couldn’t control her laugh at my stupidity. She laughed her ass out on my futile reason of wandering sad in the campus. This made me felt humiliating. She noticed my awkwardness. Somehow, she controlled her loud laughs behind her soft smile. She knew I felt bad. She told me, she had no intention to make me upset. She said she cared about me a lot and wants to see me happy. She explained me, “Everything in life, happens at the time when they are about to”. I didn’t care a word she said. All I felt was drowning in disappointment. She tried hard to change my mind. Unfortunately, my desperation made all her hard work end in vain.

The days passed away. I walked the campus with the same sad poker face. Ruhi felt concerned about my behavior. She was worried that I will get lost in this depression. So one day, she invited me to her house for lunch. She said I was too concerned about physical relations and was not focusing on my life. I have grown up into a zombie. I am not doing well with life and needs a distraction. I felt this pointless but I agreed for the lunch. This made her filled with rejoice. That day she jumped like a baby kangaroo. It felt ridiculous but cute. Her happiness and care for me; made me feel better. As a result of her cute little kangaroo dance; I proposed her, the plan to watch a movie after lunch. She took no chance and agreed.

The plan was set. The next day, I went to her house. Unfortunately, her parents had to pay a visit to some close relatives. So she was alone in the house. It didn’t bother me. Our friendship has a long history. We often enjoyed partying at her house alone in the past.
We both comfortably sat down at the dining table. The food was already prepared. We had lunch and went to watch the movie on the couch. We were both enjoying the movie. I felt relaxed and normal after a long time. She also felt comfortable seeing me enjoy it. Suddenly, a kissing scene appeared on the screen. The couples were kissing passionately. I felt my remorse return. The whole idea of watching the movie was to feel distracted. Instead, I felt miserable. This time I started crying, and Ruhi couldn’t even get a moment to analyze the situation.

She felt bad for me. She couldn’t see me crying. So, she proposed an idea out of pity. I stopped sobbing and started listening. She told me she never imagined me being in despair. She could do anything to pull me out. She told me she had not dated anyone in so long and had missed making out. So, only if I agree. She can do a favor for both of us. She would teach me kissing as a good friend. This would help her feel better in either way. One watching me happy and the other satisfying her make-out needs.

It was quite an awkward moment. I could not digest anything. Everything just froze. The look on her face told her she too regretted her words. The damage was done. There was no going back for her. I was the one who had to decide. My heart did not want to agree. But the mind had its own course. Lust and desperation clouded my mind. I was not concerned about right or wrong. All I wanted was for this thirst to end. Considering my luck, I was ready to settle for a kiss, as I knew demanding anything more from the universe was way out of my league. So, I told her I wanted this to happen.
Soon, we headed towards her bedroom. It was clean and tidy. The bed sheet smelled of flowers. The room was enclosed with vibrant-colored walls. She had a study desk in her room. The room was well organized and maintained.

We sat on her bed, facing each other. She was nervous but was good at hiding it. I was having chills with hesitation. We both stared at each other for minutes. No one was ready to make a move. For a moment, I felt her regretting her decision. Soon, my hands and legs were trembling. In a hesitating voice, she asked, Are you ready? My tongue froze. My mind went blank. I gulped my Adam’s apple and closed my eyes in stress. Now, it was her who had to sail the boat.

Soon, her soft, moist lips collided with mine. The sense of electricity running through my veins gave me a tight shiver. I never felt my lips and throat so dry. The quintessence of lust pounded my heart loudly. My blood grew warmer and warmer. It was just a peck, but it felt like an eternity. My senses left their course. The only thing I knew was to not let go of what I was feeling at the moment. I want to go high on lust. I wanted to feel and sustain this hunger. I was terrified with the thought of losing control, but she, I guess, just saw the sparkling bubbles of pleasure on my face. I want to kiss her so badly. I also knew nothing could happen against her will. Her consent to my lust was the only boat to cross this sea.
I stole a look at her face. She was already looking at me. In this room, full of only racing heartbeats, I asked, “Ruhi, only if you agree, can I kiss you again?”. She hesitated to answer it. Her face seemed confused. She couldn’t weigh my question on a balancing scale of right or wrong. She grew nervous. Her eyes told me she wanted it to happen, but deep inside, she did not want to ruin our friendship. I told her I did not want to force anything on her. I wanted her to be comfortable. Soon, she made her decision. She chuckled and nervously said, Okay, let’s do it one more time.

It took her seconds to answer her dilemma. She sealed the answer with her soft lips over mine. This time, I decided to be bold. I decided not to settle for a peck. I wanted a smooch. So, as she locked her lips over mine, I never released them. I embraced them as gently as I could. Her top lip was enclosed between my two lips. Her lip gloss tasted like berries. She wanted to stop but decided to go with the flow. Our lips cuddled for minutes. Gradually, we separated. Our faces were still close enough to feel the essence of heightened breaths. Gently, our noses massaged each other. We stole glances at each other. We were getting high on lust. Our attraction was strong. Our chemistry was amazing. Suddenly, one of us broke the silence. She asked me, Why does it not feel wrong? Why can’t I deny the fact that I want to kiss you more? Why does my mind say to leave, but I can’t?

I did not utter a word for a while. I did not have any answers. Then I said to her, I don’t know what is correct or incorrect. I think our bodies craved this for a long time. This is just pure lust that is driving us crazy. She started sobbing. I never saw her weeping. It broke my heart. Wiping her tears off her face, I said, Shush! Are you mad? We didn’t do anything wrong. This is natural. She said, I want to carry on, but I also do not want to lose our friendship. I saw fear residing inside her eyes. It made me feel sad. We stopped everything for a moment. She sat by my side, leaning her head on my shoulder. We were holding hands. I told her I would never let you go. You were my friend, and our friendship is immortal. We will be friends forever. She tightened her grip around my head. Then suddenly, she turned her face toward me and spoke. Let’s do it. Let our bodies make this decision. Let us not stop. Do not listen to what our hearts say. Let our bodies run to their destiny, and fate will decide our future. I am ready for this to happen. Are you?

I nodded. I, too, craved this. Soon, she came closer to me.
I could feel her getting closer to my body, my hand embracing her face like a trophy, and she was lost in this moment beyond space and time. She was increasing her pace; our lips were just touching at one time, and the very next moment we were eating each other out of hunger. I never knew she felt the same hunger as me. Our bodies were losing control, our breaths were trembling, and we were asking for bail like a prisoner locked behind the bars of lust. Our tongues grew dry every time they collided, asking to quench this thirst.
We pushed each other, panting. Our lungs yelled to breathe. We looked at each other, grasping breaths. Our eyes locked, and we kissed again. We kissed till our hearts ached out of breath. It felt like forever. There was no stopping now. Her body grew closer and closer. She pushed me over the bed. She was over me. We were kissing vigorously. Soon, I slid my hands in her hair through the back of her neck and tossed her below me. She moaned at the change. I was not satisfied. Her lips alone could not relieve my senses.

So, I withdrew my attention from her lips to her neck, with both my hands crawling inside her top in search of treasure left unexplored. Her breaths grew sexy and long. I believe she loved what I was doing to her body. I was dominating her thoughts, her breaths, and her body, but she was not ready to submit. Her grip behind my hair tightened, and she pulled me by my hair and kissed me hard.

I pulled her bra off her boobs while we were wrestling for control, and my hands were on the next thing I felt. I had control over her perfect-sized boobs. Her stiffened nipples were pulsating with intensely aroused blood. I was giving her an intense massage. I was powerless against my body’s desires.

My penis started growing with her arching body. My penis ached to rip off my pants. It wanted to steal a look at the person responsible for waking it from a sleep that seemed to last forever. I removed her top and unhooked her bra. She too tried to remove mine, but in the claws of uncontrollable desire, instead she ripped it off. For the moment, we both paused. I was surprised by her move. She felt guilt about her rough, passionate behavior. The look on her face made me laugh.

Soon, seeing me brimming with laughter, she couldn’t control herself and joined me. I fell sideways laughing, and she turned tomato-red. As I was lost in making fun of her, she pinched me hard on my triceps, making me yell, “OUCH!”. She was getting wild. She jumped over me, locking my hands from my wrist and sarcastically smiling, saying, I am going to turn your laughs into pleasure moans soon. Her statement and her boobs hanging over my face incarnated my hunger. Not wasting a moment, I emerged with my face between her boobs and licked her with every atom of energy in my body. She released her grip on my hands and pressed her boobs against my face. I sucked her nipples. I played with her boobs, and all she could do was moan with pleasure.

It was her moment to seek vengeance. She spread my hands away from my body. We shared a kiss. She taunted me. She teased me. I begged her for a kiss repeatedly. She was getting playful. She loved it and played with her tongue like a snake across my neck. I was like a piece of cake to her. She licked me. She ate me. She pinched my nipples hard. She sucked them hard until I moaned. She regularly rewarded my nipples with delicate love bites after sucking them.

She knew I couldn’t wait longer to unleash my cock. She also knew how to make a virgin crave more of a womanly touch. She played every trick possible. She pleased me in every way. At last, she did what I desired. She unbuttoned my pants and removed them. Then she slid my underwear down my legs. My dick was standing straight like an Eiffel Tower, prepared to impress any vagina. She hesitated at first, but took my cock in her hands. She started jerking it and moved above to kiss me. I was shivering with pleasure. I had lost control. She was in charge now. All I could do was follow her directions.

I never expected a blowjob from anyone, so I never insisted on one. She herself was a bit less confident in doing so. Out of respect and consent, I never forced this decision. Also, I felt her hands enough to blow me off. Every muscle in my body started tightening, and it almost felt like giving up. But I do not want to end it here. I rolled her backwards, making her legs stand in the air, and slid her denim shorts and panty all together.

Honestly speaking, it felt easy in my mind, but the shorts fitted her well. At last, she had to unbutton her shorts to let this happen. She was laughing at my stupid move, but all I could focus on was the shaved baby pink pussy between her legs, calling out my name too loudly. It was hard to resist.

I followed the call; I kissed her feet, licked her toes, and slid my tongue towards her right thigh. Then, I focused on the left one. I kissed her tights passionately. I even planted some hickeys on them. Soon her laugh turned into a moaning smile, and then the hard pleasure moans came into play. I loved both her thighs and kissed her near her clitoral area. I was prepared to taste the dessert. I always wished to give someone oral I always wanted to taste sensitivity around pussy and hear moans that encouraged me to explore the deep secrets of the cave.

Her breaking breaths and stronger moans gave me directions, and for the first time in my lifetime, I landed my tongue on a pussy. Initially, the taste felt uncomfortable, but soon I could taste Ruhi’s hesitation and fear, harmony of pleasure, endless desire, breathtaking hunger, and sacred lust flowing through every vein of her vagina. Soon, she starts tightening her legs, and my face starts squeezing between her thighs and pussy but I was determined to lick, suck, and eat her pussy hard. She soon reached cloud nine. Her body left senses. Her soul grew cold as she died for a moment, and the next moment she lived a thousand rainbows in the rain of pleasure.

I do not want to waste any seconds because I was so horny watching her orgasm. I jerked my dick and kissed her. I started tapping my dick against her moist pussy entrance. I grabbed a condom packet from the bedside, tore it, and wore the condom. I wanted to slide in but had second thoughts. I was scared. I was about to lose my virginity to my best friend. This thought made me nervous and excited at the same time. Meanwhile, Ruhi saw my hesitation and took the matter into her own hands. She grabbed my cock and placed it in position. She couldn’t wait any longer to feel it. I was following her directions, and slowly, with care, I slid my dick inside her vagina.

It was a strange experience. I felt a lot of pressure. Her vagina was wrapping tight around my penis. I can see her being nervous. I continued sliding, slowing. She started arching her body and whispering moans. It was hot in there, as her pussycat was on fire. I pulled my cock back and pushed it again. Gradually, I was producing a rhythm, and her moans made it a whole band. Finally, I pulled back my cock and pushed it deep.

This time, I used a bit more force. She screamed, Fuck! I finally made it in. I gradually increased my pace. My hunger made my balls slam her pussy harder each time. We both went high on pleasure. She was continuously moaning and urging me to fuck her deep. She played with her boobs. I increased my pace to the maximum. I was kissing her in pleasure, and she mumbled, Fuck me! Fuck me! I felt energy in her every moan and scream. She started pushing her hips against my dick. It was allowing me to grind her pussy harder. She was literally fucking me. I started moaning, “Ahh, Ahh, Ah”. We sang a cappella of moans. Her screams went high. The room filled with voices of “aaah”,” I want it more”, “make it deep”, aaaaAH, “CUM FOR ME CUM FOR Meeeeeee!!!”, “Aaaaah”, “do not stop”, “aaah hmm mmmm aah mmm”, “yess”.

I was too busy grinding her pussy. I never knew when we switched from missionary to cowgirl. Now she was handling the whole concert of fucking. She pounded up and down. Her body was dancing over mine. She was pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples. She made my body a fucking trampoline. I never imagined everything to be so passionate. We felt wildness rushing through our bodies. The room was filled with echoes of moans. There was no stopping us. She was screaming hard. I was screaming hard. We were both torturing each other with pleasure.

I could feel my cock grow harder. I felt my veins would burst with pleasure. Meanwhile, her pussy gets tighter with every stroke. In the meantime, I felt her pussy embracing my cock with its warm, velvety, wet claws. I was ready to climax. My mind went numb. All I could hear with my ears were her loud cries of yes, yes, yes! She stooped. We were kissing strenuously. Her marshmallows were rubbing against my chest. She was getting spanked by my balls. Our pulses quickened. Teeth tightened. I was ready to quit. I was unable to hang on. She was becoming crazy. Her body began to give me shocks, and soon my legs began to shake. She had had enough. She was having a gasp. She climaxed. I shouted shortly, “I am cumming! Don’t stop!” and sprayed my cum inside the condom. She could feel my warm cum. I could sense her vaginal fluids flowing. The thin condom was the only thing that separated us.

We were kissing lightly and trembling with delight. She came up to my neck. She gave it a kiss and licked it. She soon bit me like a vampire with her harsh love. It was a beautiful moment. She turned to face me as I rolled my cock outside her pussy and rolled her sideways. We both relaxed and laughed heartily. It made us both pleased. We cuddled naked for the entire afternoon. I’d finally gotten what I wanted. I had the most amazing day ever.

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