When Friends Meet Benefits

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Ruhi and I had been pals since we started college. The fact that we both tended to overshare our feelings led to us being best friends. We talked about everything with ease and never passed judgment on one another. Between us, there was no line of hesitation at all.

I was slender and tall with average personality traits; therefore, no one ever dated me, whereas she was a total package. One could lose themselves for hours gazing at her curves, which were more exquisite than any landscape. She, sadly, never did meet someone who would value her. We were both, I suppose, a little unlucky in love.

The college was about to end soon .Unfortunately, I was still a virgin. Ruhi never dated anyone for long but had her exhausting make-out sessions with guys in the past. This made her far more experienced than anything I could achieve before the college ends. I was downhearted on completing my graduation from the college as a virgin. This fact was eating me from inside-out. At the time when everyone was excited about being graduated, I had my face covered with sheets of sorrow. Ruhi cared about me. She noticed me feeling sad. Ruhi tried her best to uplift my mood but failed every attempt. She was unaware of the demons of disappointment growing inside me. She asked me million times about what made me sad. On other hand, I dodged every question that was shot at me. But somehow, I knew it won’t take her long to make me submit. She was hard to resist. Besides that, she also knew that, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. It was me who has to share everything. So one day when her questions had no end I gave up. I gathered my courage and told her everything.

She was a decent listener but even she couldn’t control her laugh at my stupidity. She laughed her ass out on my futile reason of wandering sad in the campus. This made me felt humiliating. She noticed my awkwardness. Somehow, she controlled her loud laughs behind her soft smile. She knew I felt bad. She told me, she had no intention to make me upset. She said she cared about me a lot and wants to see me happy. She explained me, “Everything in life, happens at the time when they are about to”. I didn’t care a word she said. All I felt was drowning in disappointment. She tried hard to change my mind. Unfortunately, my desperation made all her hard work end in vain.

The days passed away. I walked the campus with the same sad poker face. Ruhi felt concerned about my behavior. She was worried that I will get lost in this depression. So one day, she invited me to her house for lunch. She said I was too concerned about physical relations and was not focusing on my life. I have grown up into a zombie. I am not doing well with life and needs a distraction. I felt this pointless but I agreed for the lunch. This made her filled with rejoice. That day she jumped like a baby kangaroo. It felt ridiculous but cute. Her happiness and care for me; made me feel better. As a result of her cute little kangaroo dance; I proposed her, the plan to watch a movie after lunch. She took no chance and agreed.

The plan was set. The next day, I went to her house. Unfortunately, her parents had to pay a visit to some close relatives. So she was alone in the house. It didn’t bother me. Our friendship has a long history. We often enjoyed partying at her house alone in the past.
We both comfortably sat down at the dining table. The food was already prepared. We had lunch and went to watch the movie on the couch. We were both enjoying the movie. I felt relaxed and normal after a long time. She also felt comfortable seeing me enjoy it. Suddenly, a kissing scene appeared on the screen. The couples were kissing passionately. I felt my remorse return. The whole idea of watching the movie was to feel distracted. Instead, I felt miserable. This time I started crying, and Ruhi couldn’t even get a moment to analyze the situation.

She felt bad for me. She couldn’t see me crying. So, she proposed an idea out of pity. I stopped sobbing and started listening. She told me she never imagined me being in despair. She could do anything to pull me out. She told me she had not dated anyone in so long and had missed making out. So, only if I agree. She can do a favor for both of us. She would teach me kissing as a good friend. This would help her feel better in either way. One watching me happy and the other satisfying her make-out needs.

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