My First Love Navya – Part 2

Hi All. I am KKD. Read My First Love Navya – Part 1 before starting this.

Next day morning Sweety wokeup before I wakeup and came out of the room and going to her house. Mom stopped her and asked

Mom: Did you sleepwell?
Sweety: Yes Aunty.
Mom: Did you fuck him?
Sweety: No Aunty.

Before mom asks something she ran to her house. Mom understood that she lied to her. After sometime I wakeup and came out of the room. Everything is looking normal around me so I won’t remember what happened last night. Mom asked me

Mom: Did you fuck her?
Me: Who mom?
Mom: Sweety
Me: How would I fuck her? She is in her house I am in my room.
Mom: Ahhhh…. You also started to says lies to your Mom. Yesterday night Sweety slept in your room.
Me: No mom I didn’t fuck her. I fucked Navya…. Yeah just now I remembered. I am saying Navya name in dreams at that time I felt like I am fucking someone. In thought of Navya I fucked Sweety.
Mom: Who is that Navya? Would she that much beautiful?
Before I answer her question she went far away from me towards kitchen and said
Mom: Don’t let Sweety to fuck by you. I have seen her many times trying to fuck by you.
Me: Ok mom.

I went to do my workouts and I started to institution early. I have been waiting for Navya under a tree on the way to the class. After some she came.

Me: Hi Navya.
Navya: Hi Karthik. You are greeting me?
Usually you won’t talk to me right
Me: No nothing like that. We didn’t get a situation to speak.
Navya: Oh then what is the situation making you to speak with me now.
Me: Just casually I am talking with you.
Navya: Oh ok, then let’s talk while going to class

We both started towards class. I started to speak randomly about yesterday events and suddenly I proposed her. She got shocked and turned around with full of excitement and confusion. I want to see her expression and tried to look her face. She again turned around. I tried again to see her face. She ran towards class. I didn’t understand what to do and stood there for sometime. After sometime Sweety came. I explained everything to her. She got shocked and asked

Sweety: What she said?
Me: She said nothing. She ran into the class.
Sweety: Then what are you doing here. Go and try to speak with her.

I went to class. Till the time I entered the class she is looking at me. When I entered class she turned her face around. I have noticed many times she is looking at me and when I try to look at her she is turning her face around. All the classes got completed and we are going to home. She went till the door and looking at me. I tried to speak with her. Immediately she ran outside of the class. I came out of the class and I met sweety after sometime and sweety asked me

Sweety: Did you speak with her?
Me: No she is running away by seeing me.
Sweety: She might have frightened by your sudden proposal. She will get normal soon.
Me: Yeah I am also thinking same.
Sweety: Did you mom asked you anything?
Me: Yeah my mom asked me. Whether we both have sex last night. I got shocked and said no. Later she said you slept with me in my room. After that I remembered that I fucked you in thought of Navya. My mom said me to don’t fuck you.
Sweety: Yeah she already warned me last night. The door is opened. So, she might have heard the sounds I made last night while getting fucked.
Me: That is ok. Why are you coming behind me to get fuck. Are your boyfriend not fucking you.
Sweety: I haven’t told you right. I went till death due to that guy. We used to have sex normally and one day he said one of his friend also will join with us. I accepted and we had threesome and enjoyed a lot. After few days he said another his friends also want to fuck me. I hesitated and didn’t accept. They also said ok. When we are doing sex I went into high horny and at that time they called their another friend. I am full of horny and accepted to have sex with three of them. They fucked me in my pussy, ass and mouth at a time. I have explored new pleasure with them. I started to do foursome with them whenever possible. One day on Saturday morning we planned to have sex. I went to the place where we usually do sex. It is out skirts of town and full of trees around. There is only few people staying in that area. There is a lot of gap between house to house. I started to do sex with three of them. After sometime two of their friends came and joined with them. I didn’t accepted them to have sex with me. They forced me to do sex with them. They tied me to the cot and started to do sex with me. They fucked me how long they want. There are lot of bite marks and nail marks on my body. I have seen hell of sex with them. I am unable to bare and asked them to leave me. They didn’t listened to me. They brought Alcohol and Cigarettes and enjoyed by fucking me on both Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday night they left me and I went to home. My mom asked me where I have been these two days. I explained everything to mom. Mom said me to don’t tell about this to anyone. She even didn’t told to my dad. Next day morning I got fever for two days. It took two weeks to reduce the injures on my body and become normal. Still I am having some bite marks and nail marks on my body.

I got shocked with what she said.

Me: Why did you stayed calm. You should have told to your dad.
Sweety: Yeah, mom said that she told to dad after few days. Initially he got anger but he calm down due to my behaviour.
Me: Yeah, what he said also correct. Initially you should not have accepted to have sex with his friends. They used it as chance and fucked you as they want.
Sweety: I should control my sexual desires. Otherwise someone will definitely fuck me again like this.
Me: Yeah, you should control your sexual desires. What he spread bad about you to all the people.
Sweety: What he will say. He will say that I am bitch, slut and wore. I am ready to fuck with anyone to fullfill my sexual desires. Even I am ready open my pussy and get fuck in front of crowd.
Me: Your are really a slut my lustful sister. You have to find a boyfriend soon.
Sweety: Definitely my fucking brother. Till that time you have to fullfill my sexual desires.
Me: But my mom is not allowing you to get fuck by me.
Sweety: I am having a plan for that. Now after going to home, first I will enter into the house and speak with your mom casually for sometime. Later you come I will try to compromise your mom to have sex between me and you.

I said ok and we boarded the bus and went to home. Sweety went into my house and I am standing outside at window and listening their discussion.

Sweety: Karthik where are you?
Mom: Why did you came here again. Isn’t sufficient what you did yesterday night.
Sweety: Aunty where is Karthik?
Mom: First you get out of the house.
Sweety: Aunty I want to discuss him about Navya.
Mom got excited and want to know about Navya.
Mom: He didn’t came yet. Come and tell me about Navya.
Sweety: If I want to tell you about Navya. I have few conditions.
Mom: What are they?
Sweety: You should not stop me without entering into your home.
Mom: If I would have stopped you will you be able to enter inside home now.
Sweety: You should not avoid me to fuck by your son.
Mom: Stop your conditions and tell me about Navya.
Sweety: I have seen her only once. She is fair enough.

Within the time I entered into the house. Mom looked at nd came towards me and asked

Mom: Did you speak with Navya today.
Sweety: What just speaking, he proposed her.
Mom got shocked.
Mom: Yesterday you saw her and today you proposed to her.
Me: I proposed her unexpectedly. Even I don’t know that I am going to propose.
Mom: What she said?
Me: She got frightened and ran away.
Mom: She will become normal soon. Tell me how beautiful she was.
Me: She is tall and fair.

Within the time sweety removed her kurta and asked
Sweety: Is she beautiful than me?
Mom got anger and looked at her in anger and saw bite marks and nail marks on her body. She got shocked and asked what happened. I explained everything to her. She got shocked and stood like that with out speaking a word in a situation like not understanding what to speak. Sweety went to mom and asked her to accept to have sex between Sweety and me. Mom accepted to have sex between Sweety and me. Sweety felt happy and removed her bra and started to walk towards me by pressing her bare boobs and biting her lips. She is looking very sexy in that expression. I went nearby to the mom and kept my hands in her waist and hold her tight from behind and kept my hands on her navel and asked that I want to fuck her as well. She turned around me and said she is always mine. Also said in ears to don’t fuck Sweety till she gives signal to me.

Mom started to give liplock to me. Sweety tried to enter between us. Mom pushed her away. Sweety hugged me from behind and started to pressing my dick. We kissed for 10 mins and mom went to close the door. Sweety started to kiss me. Mom came and again pushed her away. Mom again started to kiss me and I started to remove mom saree. Sweety removed my shirt from back and I am squeezing mom boobs. Mom is moaning and my dick got fully erected. Sweety removed my pant and entered in between our legs and strated licking my dick. I removed mom blouse and started to smooch her boobs. I inserted my finger in her petticoat and got direct access to her pussy. I started rubbing her pussy and started fingering. She is moaning umm, umm, umm….. Sweety stood up and started kissing me and took my hand and inserted inside her kurta pant. It is difficult to reach her pussy. She is wearing panty. Immediately she removed kurta pant and panty. I am fingering my mom and sweety at a time and they are moaning umm, umm umm, umm, umm…… I suddenly inserted my fingers inside their pussy at once. They both moaned Aah……… At once. I am feeling more horny with that. Mom removed her petticoat and said me in my ears to fuck Sweety now. I made sweety to lay down and kept a pillow under her head and I sat on her boobs. Mom went to her pussy and started licking her pussy deep. I kept my dick in her mouth and started to fuck her. She released orgasm. Mom increased her speed and started to lick more speed and deep. Sweety is very high with that and released another orgasm. Even mom didn’t stop and continued licking her pussy. I started to fuck in her mouth very fast. I fucked her mouth for 10 mins and mom is licking her pussy. She released another orgasm. I pointed my dick to her pussy and mom kept her pussy on Sweety mouth. Sweety started licking mom pussy. I inserted my dick inside Sweety pussy. I am pressing her boobs navel and fucking her and she realeased another orgasm. Mom increased speed on her mouth and I too increased my speed in her pussy. Sweety released another orgasm and I released sperm in Sweety pussy. Mom said to don’t release sperm in her pussy she will become pregnant. Sweety said she had her own ways to avoid pregnancy and she won’t become pregnant.

We all went to bathroom and I fucked my mom in doggy style under shower by keeping Sweety on the floor and mom pressing Sweety boobs and she is moving to and fro while I am fucking her. We all completed bathing and cleaned each other with towel and came outside completely naked and weared our dress. Sweety went to her home.

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