Narendra Modi makes Maryam Nawaz his bitch

Pmln had decided for maryam nawaz to stand as their candidate for the Pakistan elections. Their main competitors were PTI who had big support from the public but due to vote rigging pmln was able to win.

Maryam nawaz and sharif family were happy with the result but the poverty problem in the country was only going to increase. A few months later a huge flood causes devastation in whole Of Pakistan and the poor country it is can’t provide aid.

Maryam turned to USA but they refused as Pakistan hadn’t returned the previous loan. This was the case when they asked all countries even China refused. She had no other way to go than India. She talked to Modi in the phone and agreed to give India kashmir if they gave a huge aid. Modi tells her to visit India for discussion.

She arrives in Delhi with a huge welcome by modi’s staff and she is due to stay in the taj mahal hotel( made up name). She is given five star service there for free and she thinks that Modi will definitely agree to her proposal.

After a while the hotel staff gives her a gift from modi. She opens it and finds a dress with jeans with a letter from modi asking her to wear it in the meeting. She finds it unethical because she wears shalwaar kameez but she has no choice and wears it. In the evening she arrives in the meeting at the Pm house with her guards. In the meeting room there is Modi.

General Manoj pande, rajnath Singh and Amit Shah. She goes for a handshake but modi pulls her in for a tight hug and moves his hand around her ass. She feels uncomfortable but she hasn’t got a choice. They sit and have a chat for a while. Maryam says “Modi jii aapko pata hain Pakistan ke kya haalat hain. Hamien paiso ki sakht zaroorat hain”.

Modi says that he understands the situation and is willing to help Pakistan. Maryam is delighted but before modi tells her the terms for the deal. Before that modi looks at her and says how a sexy woman like you got involved in politics. Maryam hesitates a little but can’t say anything. A hot woman like you should be like a queen living with the king and having all the pleasures. Not working whole day and ruining her youthfulness. Maryam stands up and says” please this is going too far. Just because I am here for help doesn’t mean you take advantage of me” Everyone in the room laughs. Even her guards who had been paid by modi.

Amit Shah says that darling without our help your stinking country will die a painful health so sit here and listen to our terms. She eats her pride and sits down. First term is that India gets whole of kashmir to which she agrees. The second term shocks maryam which was India can call any Pakistani woman to their place to have sex. She agrees with it because he doesn’t care much about the public. The final term was the real deal. Maryam nawaz will herself always be available to the Indian government for whatever they wanted to do with her. She slaps Modi in the face and goes to leave. The guards standing there stop her.

Modi furiously comes and grabs her arm and says “randi tu hamari ungli pe nachege”. She cries and submits herself to the 4 horny man in the room. Modi tells her that he’s doing this for his pride of fucking the rival country’s prime minister and how much that will be humiliating for your country. General manoj pande says “aaj to Teri choot pe surgical strike karien ge”. Modi grabs her and throws her on the floor. The rest of the 3 people let him have his fun with the prime minister. He squeezes her breastsw and asks the size. She stutters and replies 38B.

Modi:”hmmmm aisay randi ko to chodna chaiye kyu tum politics me time waste kar rahi hoo. Aao mere qutub minar pe betho haha” he tears her clothes and u dresses her completely. She was completely shaven besides her pussy. He admires her sexy body and gets down to action. First they start making out in the sofa. Maryam for the first minutes is still resisting but modi thinks he can get this bitch wet in a few minutes. He realises that she hadn’t had sex in 20 years and pulls down her 8 inch dick to say Royal randis deserve big dicks. He gets her down to sick his dick. She seemed to have forgotten how to do a proper blowjob but modi jii guided her and she was giving him heaven. She was making slurping noices and started to enjoy herself. Can’t blame her after being a virgin for 20 years.

Modi ji becomes rough and starts mouthfucking her, he forced her to deepthroaght his big dick and she wasn’t able to.

She says “Modi ji apka bara Lund main nahi choos sakti” modi says no problem we have given you so much tension here. Let’s do the bedroom and I will give you a queen pounding. They all go to the room. The three men sitting there and jerking off to the scene and calling maryam a Pakistani randi and red zone prostitute. Modi ji fingers her pussy and she let’s out a huge moan due to there being no finger besides hers inside there. Modi picks rhythm and gives the slut huge pressure. She starts calling him daddy modi please rub my wet pussy. You deserve my tight pussy make me your whore. After two mins he gets down and licks her all up.

She has her orgasm then. “Haan randi kesa laga”. She says “bohot maza aya Abu”.

All the three man ejaculated on her tits and she licked it all. Modi got hold of her legs and said you are yet to take my seed bitch. She says please abu meri choot maro mujhe aapke muth peene hain. He then told her that he plans to cum inside her and impregnate her to increase his pride of raw fucking the Pakistan prime minister and making her your child’s mother.

Maryam’s too horny to refuse and says OK but you also have to take my ass virginity as no man has entered there. Modi says deal randi now bend over like a kutiya. She obeys his orders and pulls out her pussy. She spits in her hand and she’s about to rub her pussy for lube. Modi stops her and enters her tight untouched pussy. She screams and holds the bedsheets.he says koi baat nhi randi tumhe aadat parjae ge. He takes no time to fuck her faster. She moans fuck me more abu. He slaps her ass and demands her to say jai shree ram. She obeys and moans jai shree ram mujhe modi ji ki bare land say bachao.

He starts pulling her hairs and slapping her hot and sweaty face. She asks him to spit on her as she’s his worthless bitch. He spits on her face and proceeds to fuck. She swallowed his spit and twerks her ass for modi. Then they switch position for missionary, Modi is on top of her and starts to dominate her in this position aswell. He starts kissing and sucking her lips while fucking. Maryam’s turned shameless and letting him insert his tounge in her mouth. Modi once again spits in her mouth to assert his dominance over this randi.

Maryam moans “Modi ji meri choot or Pakistan main har randi ki choot India ki hain”. He says they are no match for her royal pussy.

After 20 minutes of raw dog fucking. Modi warns maryam of him coming and he does very hard to make sure she gets pregnant. Maryam licks off the cum with her fingers and sucks of the remaining cum. She then says we’ll who will take my asshole. That was the deal. Modi laughs and says to the 3 men. ” chalo tum log charh jao iski grand main” They come over and start rubbing their hands over her white skinned body. They say that they will play more rough than modi ji and she should be ready.

Next part coming in part two

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