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“Who is a husband? Is it he who marries a woman, lives with her under one roof, and fails to satiate her? Or is it he who fulfils her deepest darkest desires whenever he takes her to bed?” Neha asked Bharti, puffing a cigarette. The question made Bharti uncomfortable yet made her zone out.

Neha and Bharti were next-door neighbours and have been friends ever since Bharti moved to her new flat. They bonded like sisters, although they were the exact polar opposite of each other.

Neha was outgoing, bold, and always dressed to reveal her sexuality. On the other hand, Bharti was reserved, shy, and always dressed to impress her husband.

Bharti led a homely lifestyle, rarely leaving home. Clubbing, coming home late drunk, and smoking openly in public were considered sins by Bharti. Neha did it all without any sense of guilt or remorse. Neha led a wild lifestyle.

Neha’s husband stayed in the Middle East, leaving his beautiful wife to look after herself all alone. Bharti took care of Neha like her own sister, much to her husband’s dismay. According to Bharti’s husband, Arvind, Neha was a slut, and he ordered her not to mingle countless times.

The only order that fell on deaf ears to her otherwise obedient nature. Bharti considered Neha more than her sister. A friend, a confidante, and a shadow of her inner wild self lurking deep inside her heart. Neha and Bharti shared more than secrets, even a spare key to their respective home.

On a cold December night, Bharti heard Neha’s car pull over in the wee hours. The sound of opening and closing of her flat door assured Bharti of Neha’s safe homecoming. She retired to the bed beside her husband.

The next morning after Arvind left for work, Bharti entered Neha’s flat with the spare key to check on her. Bharti’s body froze immediately as loud moans echoed from the bedroom.

She wanted to turn back, but an inexplicable curiosity gripped her heart. She locked the door discreetly and tiptoed towards the bedroom.

The slightly open bedroom door, a naked Neha, and an unknown man kissing her while fondling her breasts made her gasp. She caught her mouth to prevent any noise from escaping as she stood there motionless, watching Neha’s infidelity.

Neha let a man, other than her husband, touch her naked body making Bharti’s head spin in horror. A part of her wanted to shout and make a scene, but another part gripped her and made her rooted to her spot.

The man caressed Neha’s 34D breasts with his bare hands while his lips sucked on her juicy pink lips. They licked each other’s lips and explored each other’s mouths, pushing their tongue deep inside.

Neha’s beautiful face sported an unusual glow, while the wedding ring on her ring finger indicated her marriage to Salim. Her closed eyes and slutty moans indicated she loved every touch of the stranger.

He continued exploring her dusky skin with his lips and tongue while she moaned in lust and ecstasy. He sucked her dark brown areola, which should have belonged to her husband and her future children. His hands rubbed her clit while she panted and moaned in pleasure.

Bharti felt her heart pounding, her body sweating while her hands and feet turned cold. Her mind and body clashed. She wanted to run away, but her feet wouldn’t move.

Her hands wanted to shut the door, but her eyes stopped blinking. His hands kneaded Neha’s breasts while his fingers explored her cleanly shaved married pussy, making Bharti’s knees go weak.

“How could she?” thought Bharti, yet her heart knew the answer. Neha had disclosed on numerous occasions about her sexless marriage life. As Bharti saw Neha’s heavenly body reacting violently at every touch, she knew how Neha was feeling.

Bharti’s body felt what Neha was experiencing. She knew what it was like being trapped in a dull marriage. Only her duty towards her husband made her subdue her urges. Looking at Neha’s sensuous expressions, Bharti’s body trembled.

She marvelled at Neha’s twitching and twisting figure while the man, who was not her husband, explored her. His tongue licked and tasted a fruit ripened to its peak sexual state. Her alluring curves, thick thighs, peachy ass, flat belly, and rounded breasts were all reminiscences of her sexuality.

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