I’m a Randi Wife

“Who is a husband? Is it he who marries a woman, lives with her under one roof, and fails to satiate her? Or is it he who fulfils her deepest darkest desires whenever he takes her to bed?” Neha asked Bharti, puffing a cigarette. The question made Bharti uncomfortable yet made her zone out.

Neha and Bharti were next-door neighbours and have been friends ever since Bharti moved to her new flat. They bonded like sisters, although they were the exact polar opposite of each other.

Neha was outgoing, bold, and always dressed to reveal her sexuality. On the other hand, Bharti was reserved, shy, and always dressed to impress her husband.

Bharti led a homely lifestyle, rarely leaving home. Clubbing, coming home late drunk, and smoking openly in public were considered sins by Bharti. Neha did it all without any sense of guilt or remorse. Neha led a wild lifestyle.

Neha’s husband stayed in the Middle East, leaving his beautiful wife to look after herself all alone. Bharti took care of Neha like her own sister, much to her husband’s dismay. According to Bharti’s husband, Arvind, Neha was a slut, and he ordered her not to mingle countless times.

The only order that fell on deaf ears to her otherwise obedient nature. Bharti considered Neha more than her sister. A friend, a confidante, and a shadow of her inner wild self lurking deep inside her heart. Neha and Bharti shared more than secrets, even a spare key to their respective home.

On a cold December night, Bharti heard Neha’s car pull over in the wee hours. The sound of opening and closing of her flat door assured Bharti of Neha’s safe homecoming. She retired to the bed beside her husband.

The next morning after Arvind left for work, Bharti entered Neha’s flat with the spare key to check on her. Bharti’s body froze immediately as loud moans echoed from the bedroom.

She wanted to turn back, but an inexplicable curiosity gripped her heart. She locked the door discreetly and tiptoed towards the bedroom.

The slightly open bedroom door, a naked Neha, and an unknown man kissing her while fondling her breasts made her gasp. She caught her mouth to prevent any noise from escaping as she stood there motionless, watching Neha’s infidelity.

Neha let a man, other than her husband, touch her naked body making Bharti’s head spin in horror. A part of her wanted to shout and make a scene, but another part gripped her and made her rooted to her spot.

The man caressed Neha’s 34D breasts with his bare hands while his lips sucked on her juicy pink lips. They licked each other’s lips and explored each other’s mouths, pushing their tongue deep inside.

Neha’s beautiful face sported an unusual glow, while the wedding ring on her ring finger indicated her marriage to Salim. Her closed eyes and slutty moans indicated she loved every touch of the stranger.

He continued exploring her dusky skin with his lips and tongue while she moaned in lust and ecstasy. He sucked her dark brown areola, which should have belonged to her husband and her future children. His hands rubbed her clit while she panted and moaned in pleasure.

Bharti felt her heart pounding, her body sweating while her hands and feet turned cold. Her mind and body clashed. She wanted to run away, but her feet wouldn’t move.

Her hands wanted to shut the door, but her eyes stopped blinking. His hands kneaded Neha’s breasts while his fingers explored her cleanly shaved married pussy, making Bharti’s knees go weak.

“How could she?” thought Bharti, yet her heart knew the answer. Neha had disclosed on numerous occasions about her sexless marriage life. As Bharti saw Neha’s heavenly body reacting violently at every touch, she knew how Neha was feeling.

Bharti’s body felt what Neha was experiencing. She knew what it was like being trapped in a dull marriage. Only her duty towards her husband made her subdue her urges. Looking at Neha’s sensuous expressions, Bharti’s body trembled.

She marvelled at Neha’s twitching and twisting figure while the man, who was not her husband, explored her. His tongue licked and tasted a fruit ripened to its peak sexual state. Her alluring curves, thick thighs, peachy ass, flat belly, and rounded breasts were all reminiscences of her sexuality.

Neha let him finger her married pussy, stretching them with his fingers. The fingers slid in and out swiftly, making her pussy pulsate. Bharti, to her horror, found her fingers touching her cunt which was already wet. Her saree was lifted to her waist, along with her petticoat, from behind.

Her panty rested on her knees. She had no clue when her hands moved on their own and felt her wet pussy. Her fingers caressed her cunt from behind while Neha got her cunt drilled by the stranger’s fingers.

As Neha’s hands caught the man’s erect cock, Bharti’s hands clutched the door beading. Neha bent forward to take the cock in her mouth, making Bharti pull her fingers out of her cunt and taste her juices.

Neha sucked the cock like a hungry whore, licking the entire length of the shaft with her tongue. Her tongue rolled around the cock head before her luscious lips parted and wrapped the meat.

Looking at the hide-and-seek playing erect cock between Neha’s lips, Bharti sucked her fingers like a slut. Her tongue pulled her fingers deep inside her salivating mouth, rubbing them against the roof of her mouth.

Neha continued sucking the cock while Bharti continued sucking her fingers. It felt Neha’s sexual aura had latched onto Bharti’s soul, making her horny at the same time.

The cock slowly came alive, pushing itself inside Neha’s mouth with strong thrusts. Bharti’s mouth salivated uncontrollably, looking at Neha getting fucked orally, making her drool. Bharti’s saliva escaped and dripped on her heaving 36DD bosom, releasing steam upon touching her boiling-hot skin.

Bharti’s sweat dripped down her throat, drenching her blouse and bra. She let go of the door beading and freed her massive melons, unable to bear the heat anymore. Her pussy itched and burned, too, making her push her fingers deep inside to ease the itch.

She mauled her breasts and fingered her cunt when suddenly her eyes met Neha’s gaze. Neha was sucking the meat like a whore, but her eyes were locked onto Bharti from across the bed. She had noticed Bharti and did nothing but keep enjoying her prey while locking her eyes with her soul sister.

They looked at each other and felt their souls connected. Both unsatisfied housewives felt each other’s lust growing within themselves. Neha made the stranger go down on her, spreading her legs apart.

As his tongue touched her vaginal outer lining, she moaned and conveyed her pleasure to Bharti with her eyes. Bharti felt tremors in her body as her fingers caressed her clit. His tongue moved like a slithering eel, sending a jolt of current across Neha’s body.

Neha panted and moaned as her toes clenched in excitement. She was completely visible to Bharti. Her rounded breasts were heaving. Her legs spread apart while a head worked on her pussy. Bharti inserted her fingers deep inside her pussy, feeling her vaginal walls gripping her fingers.

Bharti had never felt such immense pleasure before. Her husband used to fuck her and dump his load inside. No foreplay, no arousal. But looking at Neha enjoying the pinnacle of sensual oral foreplay made her push her fingers deeper.

Unknown to Bharti, she hit her g-spot as her body went into tremendous tremors. Her pupils dilated, and her heartbeats raced while her body felt an inexplicable sensation unknown to her before.

Neha felt convulsions in her groins as did Bharti. Both housewives came at the same time, feet apart from each other. Neha screamed while Bharti grabbed her mouth with her free hand. Neha squirted her juices on the man’s face while Bharti squirted her cum on her hand.

Bharti had hit the first orgasm of her life. An experience that was kept aloof from her. Her body felt weak, but her mind wasn’t satisfied. A sudden gush of dopamine released by her brain immediately affected her. She wanted more.

As Bharti slowly regained her stamina, she saw Neha’s body completely hidden behind the man’s body. He had positioned himself to enter someone else’s property.

His strong back and manly butt were visible to Bharti, with Neha’s meaty thighs sticking out from either side. His butt dropped forward, making Neha’s moans echo again. His hips oscillated to and fro at full speed while Neha’s moans got louder and louder.

Bharti’s hands touched her cunt once again. He pushed Neha towards the bed rest, resting his knees on the bed. Neha hugged him, revealing her dishevelled face to Bharti while her hands dug deep inside his back.

The wedding ring felt like an ornament to Bharti, just like her own sindoor and mangalsutra. A reminder they were mere properties in the male-dominated society and had to surrender to someone else’s will and pleasure. But Neha had taken the first bold step towards sexual freedom.

He hammered her pussy mercilessly, making Bharti marvel at his sexual stamina. He owned not one but two women with his sexual prowess. Bharti dug her fingers deep, trying to find the spot again, watching his ass squeeze while his cock ripped Neha apart.

Neha’s eyes were shut as she kept moaning and getting fucked by another man. His cock explored the depths of her cunt making Bharti push her fingers deeper.

Neha moaned in ecstasy and lust while his cock kept stretching her cock deprived pussy. As his cock went deeper and deeper, Bharti’s fingers slid deeper and deeper. Neha moaned, “Yes! Yes! That’s the spot. Don’t stop. Ahhh! Don’t stop.”

Bharti, too found her spot. Both housewives felt their orgasms again while Neha felt his cock throb. All three climaxed at the same time. Neha moaned, and her partner grunted while Bharti held her mouth.

As his cock shot spurts of cum inside Neha’s married cunt, Bharti left hurriedly, somehow covering her breasts with the loose end of her saree and hoping to find the corridor clear.

She closed Neha’s door and fumbled her keys twice before opening her door and closing it behind once in. She was still shaking and went straight toward the washroom. She removed her clothes and stood naked for some time.

Her mind was still processing what she had seen. She looked at herself in the life-size mirror and admired her curves. Her sleeping sexuality had awoken.

Her 36DD breasts, slender waist sloping perfectly towards her wide hips, fair skin, round ass, slim arms, and beautiful face all appealed to her. She spread her legs to look at the cum dripping from her cunt. She sported a thick bush, unlike Neha and decided it was time for an upgrade.

She shaved her pussy clean, played with her breasts, and then decided to finger again. But she was unable to get the same arousal. She tried again and again, but the spark was missing.

While she was trying to get her arousal, she watched the washroom door open in the reflection of the mirror. Neha’s silhouetted figure approached her from behind. She paused and waited with bated breath for Neha to help her soul sister.
Neha walked towards Bharti, stark naked. Their bodies touched, Neha’s breasts crushed against Bharti’s back while her crotch touched her ass. Bharti’s body trembled immediately, and her pussy began pulsating.

Neha’s dusky skin contrasted perfectly with Bharti’s fair skin as their bodies wrapped around each other. Neha pressed Bharti’s breasts with her slender hands while Bharti explored Neha’s meaty thighs with her soft hands.

Their souls intermingled as their auras hugged. Neha’s warm breath felt like a dragon breathing fire on Bharti’s neck. Neha licked her neck, sending a shiver down Bharti’s spine.

Bharti felt uneasy, and her body covered itself in goosebumps immediately while her ass perspired profusely. She felt the tiny pubic hairs of Neha satisfying as she continuously rubbed her ass against Neha’s crotch.

The fresh cum of the stranger was still dripping from Neha’s unfaithful pussy and touched Bharti’s ass and thighs. She became horny and swayed her ass vigorously, spreading the cum all over Neha’s thighs.

Neha caressed Bharti’s breasts and continued kissing her bare neck and shoulders like a true lover. Her hands kneaded the soft natural breasts like dough while Bharti arched her back to allow full access to Neha.

She moved her hand behind Neha’s thighs and caught the peachy ass cheeks. Her hands moved on their own, caressing the ass while getting her breasts caressed. As Neha slowly moved her hands toward the crotch, Bharti’s body shook violently.

She heaved, panted, and gripped Neha’s ass cheeks with all her might. A hand exploring her body sensuously was new for her body and mind. Neha being a sex-deprived woman herself, knew what her soul sister needed.

Her slender hands worked wonders on Bharti’s panting, moist belly as she slowly touched the clit. Bharti let out a squeal followed by a loud moan as someone other than her felt her pussy. Her body violently reacted like sodium on water, and her pussy exploded, releasing her juices like tsunami waves.

“You are so horny, bitch,” whispered Neha in her ears while she panted and squirted her cum like an open tap. Neha pushed her fingers inside the squirting pussy and fingered her vigorously, spreading Bharti’s cum all over the washroom floor.

“Ah! Mmmmmm, Ahhhh,” Bharti screamed and panted as her body was no longer reacting to her will. Her nails dug deep into Neha’s ass while her pussy continued getting fingered and squirting juices. Before that day, Bharti had never known the extent of her sexual urges.

“Do you like it?” asked Neha. Bharti nodded. “Say it loud, bitch,” Neha commanded, making Bharti scream immediately, “Yes, Neha. I love it.”

“Tell me more. What do you desire?” Neha continued while still playing with Bharti’s pussy. The squirting had stopped.

“I want to get fucked like you. I want a man to explore my body and rip my pussy apart,” responded Bharti. Neha stopped her foreplay, making Bharti look at her reflection.

Neha’s head peeked over her shoulder. Her huge breasts panted and heaved uncontrollably as drops of sweat fell between her cleavage. Neha’s hand rested over her pussy as cum dripped out of her pussy and down her legs, causing a mess.

Her breasts sported Neha’s handprints from the mauling they had received. Her mangalsutra rested on her moist skin. Neha smiled over her shoulder as both soul sisters looked into each other’s eyes through the mirror.

Neha moved out of the washroom holding Bharti’s hand. Her peachy ass swayed in front of Bharti, making her follow like a slave. Neha entered Bharti’s bedroom and climbed on the bed, taking Bharti with her. She laid down on Arvind’s side and pulled Bharti towards herself.

Bharti dropped over Neha’s body, mesmerized. Their breasts crushed against each other while their legs wrapped around their waists. Their juicy luscious lips touched, further elevating their heartbeats.

Neha’s mouth still tasted of the stranger’s cock, which made Bharti kiss her aggressively. Neha’s hands moved across Bharti’s back, feeling her soft, moist skin. Their bodies released juices, making them come closer to each other every passing second.

Bharti felt hornier kissing Neha than she ever felt kissing Arvind. Neha’s lips felt like it was making love to her, unlike Arvind’s. She sucked the juicy lower lip of Neha and felt like kissing them forever. Neha’s hands slowly moved toward Bharti’s rounded ass.

Their bodies experienced shivering and heat now and then, making them horny further. Neha broke the kiss and whispered, “Eat me.”

Bharti had no experience eating a pussy before, but she went down on Neha. Neha spread her legs and held them apart as Bharti slowly positioned her face near the pussy.

Neha had small, symmetrically shaped labia, which gave her pussy a tight feel and look. Unlike Bharti’s, which had big labia and looked puffier and bigger in look and feel.

She sniffed Neha’s pussy, and her strong smell mixed with the stranger’s cum emitted out. Slowly she felt the pussy with her tongue, and both felt immediate shockwaves in their bodies.

Neha’s pussy felt lively, and Bharti licked along the perimeter of the vulva as Neha panted and heaved. Her pussy pulsated. Bharti liked the taste, much to her surprise, as she continued licking the pussy like a bitch.

She slowly pushed her tongue inside. The vaginal opening was wet, allowing easier entrance to her tongue. She felt the warmth of Neha’s pussy on her slithering tongue.

Neha twitched and became restless, giving Bharti the confidence to continue pushing her tongue inside. The inner walls of the pussy felt slippery and pulsating on her tongue. She got mixed taste and smell of Neha’s juices and the man’s cum.

She slowly parted the pussy and held them apart with both her thumb. She slithered her tongue inside, making Neha go into a frenzy of moans.

“Push it in! Deeper! Deeper!” moaned Neha as Bharti introduced her fingers into the act. She pushed two fingers beneath her rattling tongue and stretched Neha’s pussy.

Neha massaged her breasts and panted aggressively, which made Bharti continue torturing the pussy. Bharti was deeply engrossed in eating a pussy, much to her surprise.

The constant fingering and the dangerously moving tongue made Neha scream, pant, and twitch aggressively. Bharti fingered like a piston while her tongue lapped like a fluttering butterfly. Neha reached her orgasm and, unable to control it, further shot out her cum into Bharti’s beautiful face.

Bharti thanked Neha for the wonderful experience, knowing it won’t be her last. She had watched lesbian porn before, but the real-life experience was completely different.

Bharti instantly felt satisfied and licked the cum off Neha’s pulsating pussy like a true whore. “That was great, Shalu! I love you,” expressed Neha while panting and gasping for air.

Bharti climbed on top of her and dropped herself over her. They caressed each other’s hair while their lips locked. Neha licked the cum drenched lips and chin of Bharti and slowly travelled towards her melons.

Bharti caressed Neha’s head, enjoying the wet tongue moving along her moist skin. They both sat upright on the bed, resting their asses on it. Bharti felt tremendous pleasure from the intense oral foreplay.

They were both drenched in sweat when Neha finally grabbed the melons. She sucked and caressed them like a wild lioness, biting the nipples and making Bharti scream in pleasure. Bharti was screaming and moaning for the first time in her bedroom.

Neha’s hands mauled the breasts, reducing them to mere stress balls. Bharti’s breasts hurt, but she felt an inexplicable pleasure, making her pull Neha’s hair.

Neha travelled further down and paused near the shaking navel. Her tongue played with the navel sending Bharti into a frantic state. Bharti arched her back and fell on the bed as Neha continued her tongue exploration. Bharti’s insatiable itch was back, making her beg Neha to give her pleasure.

“I will do anything, Neha. Please, for Krishna’s sake, give me the pleasure. Don’t make me wait,” pleaded Bharti. “Anything?” questioned Neha. “Yes, anything,” Bharti shot back.

Neha looked at Bharti like a trophy she had won and finally took the play towards the pussy. She was experienced and worked her way around Bharti’s pussy, moving her slender fingertips over Bharti’s pussy. Her pussy breathed fire and wanted to be pleasured.

Soon Neha licked her shaved crotch and pressed her meaty thighs. “Ahh,” a soft moan escaped through Bharti’s juicy lips. Slowly Neha’s tongue moved towards her pussy, licking her vaginal perimeter and stopping near her urethra.

Bharti twitched and twisted uncontrollably. Neha moved her tongue in circles around the urethra and clitoris, making Bharti moan and pant uncontrollably. Her tongue moved like a rattlesnake’s tail over the urethra, making Bharti roll her eyes and drop her head on the bed.

Bharti had never been played like that before. Neha sucked her clit, licked her pussy, and tasted her juices, making her lose control. Bharti’s constant moans had dried up her throat, making her cough.

But Neha continued her play. She rubbed her fingers along the vaginal walls in a V-shape while still rattling the urethra with her tongue. The pleasure Bharti had never known or felt before gripped her, slowly transforming her into a sex maniac.

Bharti’s moans hit the roof while her nipples stood erect. Her mangalsutra lay over her heaving bosom like a mere ornament.

Her body shivered, yet she sweated profusely. Bharti didn’t know how to react or explain the state of her body and mind. She was getting to experience true carnal love.

Neha continued playing with the pussy. She used her fingers to squeeze the puffy pussy and played with the juicy clit. She pulled the extra vaginal skin with her teeth and rubbed the clit with her thumb.

Bharti closed her thighs, squeezing Neha’s head in excitement while Neha slapped her pussy hard to make her spread her legs apart. Neha kissed her groins and bit her inner thighs, making Bharti squeal like a bitch.

Neha finally pushed her fingers inside, parting the vaginal lining along the way. The tongue followed suit, pushing and slithering inside like a snake.

Bharti caught the bedsheet with all her might, but her body still wouldn’t stop shivering. Time seemed to have stopped for her as she was completely lost inside the beautiful maze of lust.

Her mind reacted differently than ever before, releasing dopamine in abundance. She felt alive and happy as her pussy continued getting attention and love from Neha.

Neha rattled Bharti using her fingers and tongue, making Bharti her slave in the process. Bharti’s desperation was evident from her loud moans and leaking pussy.

Soon she hit her g-spot, and Bharti’s pussy felt the same unusual pleasure making it pulsate and squeeze itself. It was slowly gearing up one more time for an explosion. Neha felt the pulse and increased the invasion. Two fingers quickly multiplied to four as the pussy was stretched to the max.

Not an ounce of energy was left inside Bharti, yet she continued moaning. Suddenly the fingers disappeared, and Bharti felt a unique rub over her pussy and felt Neha holding one of her thighs.

She opened her eyes feebly to see Neha rubbing her pussy over Bharti’s. Neha held one leg of Bharti and scissored herself in between, allowing their vaginas to meet.

Bharti felt weird, but soon both felt their soft vaginal skin rubbing against each other. Their urethras touched while their wet vaginas rubbed continuously, creating friction like never before.

They moaned in unison, moving their hips and rubbing their cunts deeper into each other. Both their breasts shook and juggled. Bharti’s mangalsutra bounced on her body.

Bharti felt her orgasm building again without penetration and felt surprised. The horny wives kept rubbing their sex-deprived vaginas until Bharti felt a strange tingling sensation inside her pussy.

Her pussy walls gaped and pulsated before exploding into a gushing cum. She squirted her juices all over Neha’s pussy.

Bharti dropped on the bed, panting lifelessly while her juices drenched Neha’s crotch along with hers and dripped down on the bed, wetting it. Both kept panting, which felt like an eternity, as they found it difficult to move.

Neha freed herself from Bharti’s legs and bent forward to kiss her. Bharti was parched but had no energy left inside her to move. Neha noticed and climbed from the bed to get the water bottle.

But before giving the bottle to Bharti, she bent forward and kissed her. Then she held her mouth open and spat inside. Bharti was shocked, but Neha ordered, “Swallow it.” Bharti gulped Neha’s spit like a slut. Neha patted her cheeks and said, “Good slut.” She passed the bottle of water and went out.

Bharti’s thirst was quenched by the spit, making her curse Neha smilingly. She quenched her thirst and observed the mess around. The bed had a big patch of wetness from her squirt, but she had no intention of cleaning it then.

Neha returned with her nightgown and took out the pack of cigarettes. Lighting one, she threw the gown on the floor and settled on the bed with her partner in crime.

They discussed and shared their views on marriage, life, and sex when Neha asked Bharti, “Who is a husband? Is it he who marries a woman, lives with her under one roof, and yet fails to satiate her? Or is it he who fulfils her deepest darkest desires whenever he takes her to bed?.”

Bharti went into a pensive mood and thought about Neha’s coitus with the stranger. It felt right to her. “Neha’s husband left his wife to look after herself alone in a different country. Why did he marry her if he had to stay away from her?” Bharti thought to herself.

But her husband was staying with her, which made her reconsider sleeping with another man. But sleeping with a woman was fine. She thought. They had lunch together naked and retired to bed, fondling each other.

Before Arvind arrived, Bharti made Neha leave after kissing her and promising she would visit her at night. She dried the wet mattress with the hair dryer. The house was back to normal, but was she?

After dinner, the entire day’s events played inside her mind like a recorder. Bharti could neither forget the stranger’s thrusts nor Neha’s moans while the stranger fucked her like lovers. Nor her making love with Neha.

Arvind was in his usual sorry silent mode, making her thoughts slowly creep inside her. To make matters worse, she received a message from Neha. A picture of a naked Neha seated between four naked men, with the caption “Waiting for you darling.” Her heartbeats raced.

To keep her sinful thoughts at bay, she approached her husband for sex. And like always, he pumped her without any foreplay and climaxed in a few seconds, leaving her unsatisfied.

She lay on the bed while her husband snored away peacefully beside her. She received another text. Neha was squatted between the men, her happy face peeking between four erect cocks. The caption read, “Missing you, dear.”

Bharti looked at her husband and his limp cock before getting out of bed. She walked towards the main door naked, opened the door, and walked out. She was not bothered if anyone saw her. She wanted to be satisfied.

The corridor was empty as she slowly approached Neha’s flat. Her heart raced as she slowly turned the key. She took a deep breath and went inside the flat, seizing control of her life.

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