My First Love Navya – Part 3

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read My First Love Navya – Part 2 before starting this.

Next day I went to institution early as previous day. After sometime Navya came.

Me: Hi Navya.
Navya didn’t respond to me even by seeing at me.
Me: Why are you not talking to me?
Navya: Won’t you remember what you did yesterday?
Me: What I did? I proposed you. I expressed my feelings on you.
Navya: Does any will propose that suddenly? I got shocked and frightened you know.
Me: Yeah I know that you got frightened by seeing at you yesterday. So I didn’t even tried to speak with you. Actually this is first time I proposed to a girl. So I didn’t understand or planned what to do and how to express. How are you feeling today? It seems you are good.
Navya: Yeah today I am feeling much better. I am not getting frightened of you.
Me: Thank You very much. I thought you won’t speak to me today as well. What about my proposal?

She given an angry expression look to me and went away towards class. I used to try to speak with her daily and to make her to accept my love. Daily I used to imagine her on my bed with me. That is not the feel of lust or horny. That feeling is different. Even though I am feeling for Navya my dick used to get erected very hard for sex. I used to fuck either of my mom, Anuradha Aunty, Sweety and Lavanya sister randomly whenever I want. They always accepted me to fuck them and they also used to enjoying to get fuck by me. After few days Sweety find another boyfriend and she used to get fuck by him. I am keep on trying to get acceptance for my Love proposal from Navya. Finally one day she accepted my Love. I felt soo happy.

We used to meet daily in the college and used to speak on phone. She is having a landline phone in her home. I used to call to her phone. It is going like that and one day one couple got caught by the institution staff for doing romance in the college. Two girls from our course helped the staff to find them. They are Shilpa and Shylu. After few days they caught another couple for doing romance in the college. Even this time as well Shilpa and Shylu helped them to find them as well. Even though doing romance is their personal thing for doing that in the college premises they suspended them. Due to this two incidents Shilpa and Shylu become well noted names in the college and all people and couples started to frightened of Shilpa and Shylu.

Me and Navya used to meet behind a lab after the lab practical sessions got completed. One day it is around 5 in the evening. We met behind lab as usually. We sat there and speaking to each other. I took Navya ID Card and looking into it. The photo in the ID Card is doesn’t seems like her. It is an old photo. So it is not matching with her now. I started to tease her for that and make fun of her. She got anger and tried to pull her ID Card from me. When she is trying to take it from me her body is touching to me randomly in different places. I got horny due to her soft body touching my body. My dick got erected. Finally I kept ID Card on my thighs and she is trying to drag it. I am holding it tight at my thighs. Her hand touched to my erected dick. She suddenly looked at my face. I am also looking at her face. I loosen the ID Card from my hand and slowly moving towards her face. She suddenly took her ID Card and tried to move away from me. When she is going away I hold her hand. She is standing in front of me with her hand holding by my hand and I am sitting in the same place. She looked me and asked

Navya: Leave me I need to go.
Me: No
By seeing deep into her eyes
Navya: Leave me it is paining.
I am not saying anything and looking into her eyes. She repeatedly saying to leave her hand it is paining. I slowly removed her hand little bit and holding her fingers and waited whether she will go or not. She stood there without saying anything after leaving her hand and looking at me. I dragged her at once towards me. She came and fell on my lap between my legs. I made her to sit on my thighs. She is looking into my eyes and I am looking into her eyes. Suddenly we liplocked each other. We liplocked for 5 mins. I placed my fingers on her lips and playing with her lips. After sometime we started to liplock each again in deep inside each other mouth and we are licking each other’s tongues. I am touching her boobs and pressing her waist. We kissed for 10 mins suddenly Navya stopped kissing and looked at me and asked

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