The New Girl-8

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

I was little tired because of all the sex and many orgasms within just 4 hours and half the day was still left. I remembered Prakash had asked to meet him in the afternoon. I took a quick power nap and classes resumed.

This was biology class which was one of the most boring and that too in the afternoon. Most students fall asleep in this class. The teacher was Babu sir and he was average looking man in his 40’s. He was a very demanding person when it came to lab sessions.

My relationship with him was very good because I am always 2nd or 3rd in my scores. Till now whenever I went to him to clear my doubts he used to be very excited helping me. Today I knew being a man what really excited him.

I decided to try my new found charms on him and see what happens while without having much expectations. I purposely made sure my dupatta was low enough to give some eye candy. During the class exercise he came on rounds and stopped next to me.

When I looked up at him he was staring right down my kurta. I showed him my work and he came even closer with our bodies touching and leaned forward checking on my work. I could feel his hands around my back resting on my boobs.

He leaned further talking to me about the changes to make while his hands cupped my boobs squeezing them softly. I quickly spread my dupatta for cover. He continued squeezing my boobs while and I enjoyed it and signalled him to come and sit where Vikas sat.

He just nodded smilingly and carried on checking the rest of the students. He came back a few minutes later after adding some more exercises to be done today and sat next to me. His hand was on my inner thigh while he was leaning towards me pretending to check my work from over my shoulder.

I decided to get more naughty to see how far he will go and took his hand and placed it on my boob. I whispered to him that I whatever he did felt very good. I spread my dupatta covering my chest again and he started pressing my boob and his other hand was pressing my butt.

After a few minutes of boob massage he removed his hand and placed it on my thigh moving towards my crotch. I knew where he was going and I spread my kurta covering his hand completely. He got encouraged and quickly touched my pussy from over my clothes rubbing it lightly.

I placed my hand over his pressing harder against my pussy and he continued doing the same. We looked around and everyone was busy with the classwork. I took his other hand which was feeling my butt and placed it again on my boob and pressed.

He was super excited now and continued pressing my left boob while rubbing hard on my pussy making me extremely aroused. Not wanting to get noticed by anyone he went on regular rounds of the class inspecting other students work and came back and sat next to me resuming his activities.

I loosened my salwar and slipped his hand inside my panties directly touching my wet pussy. He licked his fingers after that. Now he had got the green signal and turning to the last page in my book he wrote biology lab in 30mins.

I saw the time and in 20 mins this class would be over followed by history class which I was ready to bunk in exchange for more sex. I whispered yes to him and to make him feel good I placed my right hand on his erection and felt it gently.

Soon the class got over and between now and the closing bell I had two hours where I kept aside 1hr for Prakash and Khan after I finish with Babu. I got out and quickly rushed to the lab building which is behind our main campus totally isolated by big trees.

Babu was sitting at his desk and the moment I entered he ran to me hugging me tightly feeling my body. He closed the door locking it and took me to the last row. This area was totally hidden from all windows so we had full privacy.

He hugged me and I reciprocated and he said he has been dreaming of this day since the first time he saw me. I told him I have also been fantasizing about him for a long time. He tried kissing me and he was very bad at it but I let him.

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