My First Love Navya – Part 5

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read My First Love Navya – Part 4 before starting this.

I went to home and had some breakfast and went to my room and slept. I didn’t went to institution for next two days. After two days went to college and my friends asked why I didn’t came to college from last one week. I said I am having fever from last one week. So I didn’t came to college. Navya said she went to her village with their mom and dad. So no one got doubt on us.

We used to meet as regularly we do in the institution. After a week we got an announcement that farewell for final year students is going to happen. Our seniors asked us help for decorating the auditorium. Some of us accepted to help them. On the before day of farewell there was some festival celebrations happening in the auditorium. On that day few girls came in saree to the college. To my surprise Navya also came in saree.

Me: You are looking so beautiful. You don’t know how to wear saree right. How did you wear?
Navya: I learnt it for you. Am I looking good?
Me: You are looking so beautiful in saree. If no one is around I would have lifted you up and kissed you all over the body.
Navya: Hey shh.. stay calm someone may listen.
Me: Anyhow today night we need to stay here to decorate auditorium for tomorrow farewell. I will find some chance to kiss you.

She given a smile in shy and went away from me. Shilpa and Shylu are listening to us. But we didn’t notice them. All the day went normal and in the evening some of our seniors guided how to decorate the auditorium and said they will come tomorrow morning and asked us to complete it by that time. 4 seniors 2 from girls and 2 from boys stayed along with us. We are around 20 people including both girls and boys. Shilpa and Shylu are also there. We completed auditorium stage decoration by around 10 O’clock in the night. No one wanted to go home at that time even security didn’t allowed us to start to home at that time. So all of us decided to stay in the institution. We planned to stay under the trees in the lawn.

One of my senior given auditorium keys to me and asked to lock the auditorium by keeping all the decoration materials inside the auditorium. I asked Navya to help me to bring the decoration materials to the auditorium. She started to adjust all the things into two bags and I went to auditorium with some materials and waiting for her in the auditorium. After sometime she came to auditorium by holding two bags of decoration materials in her hands. She came inside auditorium and stood there by holding bags in her hand. I went nearby to her and started to kiss on the lips. She is not responding and stood like that. I am kissing on her cheeks and on her waist and shoulders and on the all the places. I didn’t understand why she is not responding and stood up and hold her face and went nearer to her and slowly asked her

Me: What happened to you? Why are you not responding? Are you not interested to kiss me now?
Navya: I saw Shilpa following me while coming to auditorium.
I lifted my head up and saw. Shilpa is standing and watching us just a few steps away from us. I didn’t understand what to do and went nearby to her and holded her tight without shouting and took her into the auditorium dressing room. I asked Navya to hold her and I turned off the lights and went and closed the auditorium door from inside and went back to the dressing room. The dressing room is covered from all sides and having only one main entrance and one bathroom. We turned on the light in the room. Navya released her mouth. She started to shout help and calling the people. Immediately Navya slapped her hard on the face. The room is completely closed and no one can listen. Navya repeatedly slapped her on the face. Shilpa face became red. I have seen another version of Navya at that time. Navya made Shilpa to lay on the floor and hold her tight and asked me to tear her pussy and fuck her. I got shocked. I asked Are you sure. She shouted at me to fuck her in anger. Shilpa is shouting no, no, no, no, no.

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