Holiday Fuck With Mom And Lavanya Sister

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read My First Love Navya – Part 5 before starting this.

After coming from Navya house after staying in her house for 5 days and fucked her and planned to not go to institution for next two days. On the first day. I came to home and had some breakfast and went to my room and slept. Around 11 O’clock in the morning my dick is erected very hard and I am unable to control. I don’t know why it happened like that but I want to have immediate sex. I went in search of my mom in the home. I didn’t find her. I looked outside in the lawn and all around the house. I didn’t find her anywhere in the home. While searching I went till our home main gate. I saw Lavanya sister home door is opened in the opposite and decided to fuck her and started to her home. She is sitting on the sofa by showing her back to door. I went nearby to her and hold her waist and started to kiss in her neck.

Immediately she pushed my head towards sofa and pushed me into the sofa and she stood up and tried to slap me and stopped by seeing at me. I got shocked. It is my mom.

Mom: What are you doing here? Why did you came here? You are sleeping in the room right.
Me: Mom my dick became hard suddenly and I want to have sex immediately. I went in search of you in the home but didn’t find you. I came till our house main gate. I saw Lavanya sister home door is opened. I wanted to fuck her and came inside. I thought you as she and hold you from backside and kissed you on the neck.
Mom: Show me your hard on.
I removed my short and shown her my dick. She hold and rubbed it and said
Mom: Yes it is very hard.
Within the time Lavanya sister came and saw us. She got shocked and jumping in excitement and asking to fuck her. My mom signalled her to stay calm. She immediately stopped her excitement. My mom said

Mom: We will help you to come out of your hard on. Before that we need you to help us.
Me: Tell me mom what is the help you need.
Mom: We got some sarees from nearby saree shop and in a confusion to choose which one suits us much better.

I accepted to help them and they took me inside the bedroom. They asked me to stand at wall and asked to watch them. They both removed all the clothes and became completely naked in front of me. My mom is height and Lavanya sister is short. They both are standing nearby to each other completely naked and taking some saree randomly and weared the blouse and weared petticoat to match the saree they are choosing. I got more horny by seeing them naked and got excited and said the very first saree which they weared itself is good.

Mom: Yes this is good. But there are many sarees available. We will check all and choose the best one.

They removed the saree and became completely naked again. They weared another saree. It is also looking good. They removed that as well. Each time they wear each saree they are saying each reason and removing them and wearing another. It is being one hour they are keep on changing the sarees and I am fed up with them and my dick also started to shrink. I got anger and came out of the room and closed the door and went to the main door and closed the main door and become completely naked and rubbed my dick and made it completely hard and waiting outside the bedroom and decided to fuck who ever come first outside of the room.

I stood in front of door by holding my dick in my hand. I waited for more than 10 mins. No one came out. I got anger and opened the door. They both are standing completely naked behind the door and waiting for me to open the door. They both hold me and thrown me on the bed. I got shocked and looking at them. They both kissed on my cheeks and said

Lavanya: We are watching you from the door key hole and waiting for you to open the door.

Mom came on to me and started to kiss.

Lavanya: Let’s go to the hall. There are many sarees here and if they got damaged we need to pay for them.

Mom also thought same and we all came into the hall. We all three went and sat on the sofa. I am sitting in middle and they both are sitting on each side. Mom is on right and Lavanya is on left. They both placed their hands on my dick. Lavanya hand is on bottom and Mom hand is on top. They both came near to me and kissed me on cheeks. I dragged both of them more close to me their boobs are touching to my chest. I am holding them tight and smooching their boobs. I am squeezing their back and their are kissing me all over the body. I started to squeeze their waist and they started to moan. Each time I squeeze their waist they are moaning umm, umm….. Especially Lavanya is moaning very nice. She is very excited to get fuck with me.

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