The Great Sen Family : 12

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As Parveen was returning from Sen’s House, she expected to find her mother-in-law already asleep who had come here from Dhenkanal ( Odisa ) just two months ago. Actually being widow very recently, she felt herself lonely and wished to stay the rest of her life with her son Prankrisno and daughter-in-law ( DIL) Parveen.

Anyway, as Parveen noticed, all the lights of their small house were off….. she felt it odd. At first she thought about the possibility of a thief….. creeping in their house and thereby stealing something. She prepared herself mentally… and taking a small torch from her handbag, she proceeded further silently.

Even a quick check proved that both her assumption was wrong….. i.e. neither there was a trespasser nor her mother-in-law ( MIL ) was in the house. She then thought her MIL was either asleep in her bedroom or waiting in the living room for her return. But here also she was failed not noticing her MIL in the living room or in her own bedroom. That’s when she thought her MIL might have been outside…. but with whom and where…. and at 10:00 pm!

However that didn’t bother her at all, because she knew how her MIL now and then got restless….. reminiscing her golden times with her deceased husband. Being a widow for the past two years and a true devotee of “God Jagannath”, Probhaboti Mohanta often missed to continue her daily chores and got up early in the morning.

Anyway, after getting up from bed in the morning, first she went out for a long morning-walk around the neighborhood to keep her body in good shape. Coming back after an hour, she bathed quickly and complete her normal ‘Morning-Puja’.

However she followed that same routine at the end of day too….. i.e had a steady walk for not less than thirty minutes and later returning home, she strictly followed her ‘Evening Puja’. All these naturally helped her to keep her physique in good shape and at the same time, it improved greatly to get rid off from the sufferings of insomnia.

Parveen knew her mother-in-law got lonely every now and then, so she didn’t mind the periods of insomnia which she felt often. And at that moment she was actually relieved. Glad for the chance to steal a few minutes alone with her newly married husband.

However very recently, her MIL decided to resume her old profession to pass her leisure and help her family financially. Even she thought it might help her to get rid off the insomnia she often felt….. and luck also favored her.

Yes, she was selected as a ‘Spl Service Provider’ by Sandhyatara Hotel…. and it was possible due to Parveen’s initiation. Because Tarun, the owner of this famous hotel, had a close relationship with Munmun and, Parveen pleaded her Didimoni to get the job for her MIL.
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For the next three days, Parveen’s husband wouldn’t be home because he had to go to Darjeeling with Munmun Didimoni as a driver for her outdoor shooting. And her Manish Dadababu didn’t miss to utilise his wife’s absence and she too eagerly waited for that.

Anyway, coming back from Sen’s house, at first she hastily scampered upstairs to fresh herself. She wanted to wash all the traces of her Dadababu’s cum from her face….. that was lingering still then. Refreshed and clean…… but still tingling from the hot encounter with her Dadababu, she slipped into a skimpy nightie, then headed downstairs to eat something.

Parveen was really starved. She ate four pieces of sliced bread with a glass of cold milk, and that helped her a little. She felt her freshly-fucked pussy continued to itch at the vivid memory of her Dadababu’s sophisticated prick in her pussy. She couldn’t seem to think about anything else.

However for the first time in her life, she was really beginning to understand about her mother-in-law’s restlessness. At last, being tired and dreaming about another hot session with her Dadababu for next time, she started back up to her room.

Thinking about about her MIL again where she might be, she started climbing the stairs for bed. That’s when the front door burst open and two laughing voices filled the house…. freezing her on the steps. One of the voices was her MIL’s, but the other belonged to a male.

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