The Great Sen Family : 12

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As Parveen was returning from Sen’s House, she expected to find her mother-in-law already asleep who had come here from Dhenkanal ( Odisa ) just two months ago. Actually being widow very recently, she felt herself lonely and wished to stay the rest of her life with her son Prankrisno and daughter-in-law ( DIL) Parveen.

Anyway, as Parveen noticed, all the lights of their small house were off….. she felt it odd. At first she thought about the possibility of a thief….. creeping in their house and thereby stealing something. She prepared herself mentally… and taking a small torch from her handbag, she proceeded further silently.

Even a quick check proved that both her assumption was wrong….. i.e. neither there was a trespasser nor her mother-in-law ( MIL ) was in the house. She then thought her MIL was either asleep in her bedroom or waiting in the living room for her return. But here also she was failed not noticing her MIL in the living room or in her own bedroom. That’s when she thought her MIL might have been outside…. but with whom and where…. and at 10:00 pm!

However that didn’t bother her at all, because she knew how her MIL now and then got restless….. reminiscing her golden times with her deceased husband. Being a widow for the past two years and a true devotee of “God Jagannath”, Probhaboti Mohanta often missed to continue her daily chores and got up early in the morning.

Anyway, after getting up from bed in the morning, first she went out for a long morning-walk around the neighborhood to keep her body in good shape. Coming back after an hour, she bathed quickly and complete her normal ‘Morning-Puja’.

However she followed that same routine at the end of day too….. i.e had a steady walk for not less than thirty minutes and later returning home, she strictly followed her ‘Evening Puja’. All these naturally helped her to keep her physique in good shape and at the same time, it improved greatly to get rid off from the sufferings of insomnia.

Parveen knew her mother-in-law got lonely every now and then, so she didn’t mind the periods of insomnia which she felt often. And at that moment she was actually relieved. Glad for the chance to steal a few minutes alone with her newly married husband.

However very recently, her MIL decided to resume her old profession to pass her leisure and help her family financially. Even she thought it might help her to get rid off the insomnia she often felt….. and luck also favored her.

Yes, she was selected as a ‘Spl Service Provider’ by Sandhyatara Hotel…. and it was possible due to Parveen’s initiation. Because Tarun, the owner of this famous hotel, had a close relationship with Munmun and, Parveen pleaded her Didimoni to get the job for her MIL.
_____ _____ ______ ______ ______ _____ ______

For the next three days, Parveen’s husband wouldn’t be home because he had to go to Darjeeling with Munmun Didimoni as a driver for her outdoor shooting. And her Manish Dadababu didn’t miss to utilise his wife’s absence and she too eagerly waited for that.

Anyway, coming back from Sen’s house, at first she hastily scampered upstairs to fresh herself. She wanted to wash all the traces of her Dadababu’s cum from her face….. that was lingering still then. Refreshed and clean…… but still tingling from the hot encounter with her Dadababu, she slipped into a skimpy nightie, then headed downstairs to eat something.

Parveen was really starved. She ate four pieces of sliced bread with a glass of cold milk, and that helped her a little. She felt her freshly-fucked pussy continued to itch at the vivid memory of her Dadababu’s sophisticated prick in her pussy. She couldn’t seem to think about anything else.

However for the first time in her life, she was really beginning to understand about her mother-in-law’s restlessness. At last, being tired and dreaming about another hot session with her Dadababu for next time, she started back up to her room.

Thinking about about her MIL again where she might be, she started climbing the stairs for bed. That’s when the front door burst open and two laughing voices filled the house…. freezing her on the steps. One of the voices was her MIL’s, but the other belonged to a male.

“Rahamat, you’re just awful! If I went around telling jokes like that, I’d be run out of town!”

Startled and curious, Parveen knelt on the stairs. From where she stooped, she could clearly see into the living room. Her mother-in-law appeared……. laughing and stumbling slightly, on the steadying arm of a bulky, muscular man.

It was obvious that they’d had a few drinks, and that surprised her even more. Although she was with her mother-in-law just two months, she never saw her to drink and always freaked out others who consumed those. But, at this moment, she looked as if she were practically swimming in alcohol.

She was holding onto the man’s waist for support as they headed toward the couch. Her light cotton Saree was carelessly askew, and her long, glossy deep-black hair tangled in loose curls about her shoulders. The luxurious shampooed hairs were splaying carelessly….. after being exposed to this cool summer breeze. Parveen couldn’t digest…… normally a neat, immaculate woman like Probhaboti….. never allowed herself to look the way she did now.

Anyway, at last, they reached the couch as Probhaboti flopped down onto her back….. placing a hand on her stomach. She wiped tears of laughter away with the other as the bulky man slumped at her feet with a heavy sigh.

To her amazement, Parveen now could recognize the man…… he was Rahamat Sheikh from across the street. He was a nice quiet father of only son Rahim Sheikh who was always friendly and polite whenever Parveen saw him.

She was quite aware about the fact that as a well-known cameraman of Tollygunge film-industry, he helped her Munmun Didimoni to acquire a major role in the film “Ekanto Apon”. But he had one major loophole…. he is an alcoholic person. Today also, he’d been drinking as well, and his broad, attractive face was flushed as he gazed down at Probhaboti, who lay on the couch gasping for breath.

“Honestly, I’ve never laughed so hard in my life! If I hadn’t run into you tonight, I never would’ve suspected what a dirty man you really are, Rahamatbhai!”

Rahamat grinned, his twinkling eyes taking in the way Probhaboti’s Saree-Saya rode too high. Even her slightly parted thighs was giving him an unobstructed view of her smooth hairless shapely legs.

“Now you can’t blame me for that, can you? After all, if you hadn’t suggested these raw alcohol, I wouldn’t have ended up telling jokes like that!” Rahamat replied as his grin widened. “And I wouldn’t have discovered that you wear…. a red color laced panties, either. And yes…. red is my favorite color!”

“Why, Rahamatbhai!” Probhaboti giggled….. pretending a gasp of shock…. but she didn’t try to pull her Saree-Saya down. Instead, her expression turned impish and sly. “You’re just saying that because I happen to be wearing red. Besides, any man who’d get a woman drunk, he tried to peek up her dress. But I think you are probably interested in other things too besides my pantie-color, anyway!”

They both broke into fresh drunken laughter at that….. not feeling slightest embarrassment. But neither of them knew that Parveen was watching with great interest and curiosity.

Apparently it hadn’t occurred to Probhaboti that her DIL might be home at this time, or else she’d lost track of time altogether. Actually after the hot session with him in that evening, she had taken a long walk today to cool off her sudden reviving excitement.

As her new job was going to start from the next week, she decided to buy a new Saree for her grand debut and on her way, she met him, who was returning from the hotel Sandhyatara. The hot interview session had happened so unexpectedly that day during their first meeting, she couldn’t fathom still jow. And later his offer of love with a flower boutique and invitation to enjoy a new brand of whiskey totally changed herself.
____ _____ ______ _____ _____ _____ _____ ___

She couldn’t dejected his sly offer….. and one thing had led to another. Now she lay sprawled on the living room couch with her tipsy lover-manager….. peering up her parted thighs. It didn’t even occur to her to wonder what her daughter-in-law was up to.

“Are you absolutely sure this is your favorite color?” Probhaboti went on teasingly….. feeling her cunt melt with dewy heat under his gaze. “You’re not just saying that in the hopes of getting a better look, are you?”

Rahamat laughed, not taking his gaze from the veiled valley of her open thighs where that tantalizing glimpse of silky red hovered. “Would I lie about such a thing like that? Of course, it might help if I got to see exactly what shade of red you have on. That could make quite a difference, if you really want to know the truth.”

He leered, obviously expecting her to laugh off his playful dare.

But Probhaboti wasn’t in the mood for laughing anymore. Her pussy was juicing in floods…. making her glow with horny arousal. It was one of the nicest evenings she’d had in a long time…. since her husband’s tragic death. Now her inhibitions had been softened due to her previous blowjob session with him….. even today she had totally forgotten to comply her “Evening-Puja”.

“Oh, I want the truth…. all right?” He pleaded.

“I guess the only way to get it is like this.” with a grin she reached down to grab her Saree-Saya….. pulling it up further. His jaw dropped….. his chuckle choking off as she jerked the Saree-Saya together up to a bunched heap around her waist.

“Is this the right shade, Rahamatbhai?” She asked…. looking at his eyes with a sly grin.

“Uhhhhhhhh…” Rahamat uttered somehow. His voice came out with a heavy gasp, and his dark eyes were wide…. staring down at the slutty Odisan widow’s exposed panties.

They were the bikini type….. small, lacy and sheer. Their translucent fabric clearly showed off the bulge of her dark, thick cunt bush, and the crotch dwindled down to a tight crease that perfectly outlined her puffed cuntlips.

By this time, Probhaboti’s pussy was steamy with wetness….. plastering the material to her even tighter. He stared at that stain….. growing and spreading over her crotch until it was a transparent film that showed off her cunt clearly.

“Yeah,” He said…. swallowing hard as his cock speared up in his trousers. “Yeah, that’s just my favorite shade, all right. Hi Allah, is it ever!”

The lust in his voice was only too plain, and she answered it with a husky little giggle of her own. “Are you sure? I mean, positively sure? After all, I have only three colors to choose from. I could always change out of these, if you don’t like them.”

To make her offer even more clear, she slipped her hands down….and hooked it with her thumb and forefinger under the elastic waistband. She raised it slightly, as if preparing to jerk the panties off on the spot.

Rahamat’s throat went dry. Despite the drinks they’d had both, he hadn’t expected their sexy little game to go this far. And it was apparent that the widow maid wasn’t just playing. Her panties were sopping, and the challenge in her sharp eyes was as plain as day.

Suddenly, the throb in his cock spiraled to a hammering ache….. tenting his trousers to seam splitting stiffness. She was one of the most attractive women he’d ever met…. whose, medium size tits spilled down the cleavage of her low-cut blouse….. mashing them together as she lay in her daring pose.

His eyes drifted along her body…. back down across her flat stomach to her little but deep navel…… and lastly to the full flare of her hips. Finally his drunken gaze set once more on what had to be one of the lushsiest pussies in town. The temptation was too good to pass up.

“I think you may be right,” He managed to croak with a tight grin. “They may not be quite what I’m after, now that you mention it. How… how about handing them here, so I can get a closer look?”

“I thought you might say that. And now that I’ve got you wondering, it wouldn’t be friendly to refuse, would it?” She said with a growing smile as she began to ease the panties down…. inching them off with purposeful slowness.

Hiding on the stairs, Parveen gasped. She saw her mother-in-law’s hips arch up….. saw the panties ease down over them to let her first dark pussy curls spring free. And being hypnotized, Rahamat groaned…. as more and more cunt fur appeared in his lustful glazed eyes…… rich, glossy and almost coal-black.

It was the thickest mound of hair Parveen had ever seen on a cunt. For an instant, she almost forgot that it was her mother-in-law’s pussy she was seeing. She could see the panties were peeling away….. pulling stickily from her MIL’s crotch. Abruptly, her 48yrs old Odisan MIL’s entire pussy came into view…… pink and moist….. flared like a hungry, open mouth to display her oozing snatch.

Although neither of them realized it, both Rahamat and Parveen held their breaths as Probhaboti deftly wiggled the panties off completely. She dangled there in one uplifted hand….. while her legs spread to show off everything.

“Are these what you were after, Rahamatbhai?” Probhaboti giggled while Rahamat didn’t seem to hear.

His attention was totally focused on her sopping pussy. It’s pouting lips parted in a way that let him see right up into the fur-lined depths of her swollen cunt. She had a cunt every bit as gorgeous as he’d ever imagined…. so pink against it’s black fringe that it almost seemed to glow red-hot. It throbbed under his stare…. drooling juices and emanating a fragrant aroma…. just a hint sweeter than that of any other woman he’d ever enjoyed.

“Rahamatbhai, you aren’t listening.” Probhaboti objected with a mockery smile.

She made her voice light, despite the fact that her cunt was now gushing juices incredibly. Feeling that, in a swift motion, first she pushed away the ‘Anchal’ from her heaving bosom and next moment, reaching up behind her, she captured one of the hooks of her blouse.

“Well, if that’s the way you’re going to be,…. maybe this’ll catch your attention.” With that she rose from the couch and quickly peeled her Saree from her curvaceous body…… the Saya followed the same treatment.

While the words were coming out, she never missed unhooking her blouse….. removing it slowly from her full tits and round arms….. then completely off. As she was without a bra, now she was absolutely nude. Her big tits were trembling with her growing excitement….. straining up her fatter, stiffer nipples on them.

She then sat back on the couch once again…. almost laughing out loud at Rahamat’s expression. “Is it still my panties you want, lover? Or could I interest you in something else?”

“Allah!” the only word ripped from him in an explosion of breath and then, “Oh Meherban!” Uttering those, he slipped off the couch. Then sinking to his knees, he pushed her thighs wide apart and shoved his face between them. “Ahhhh…. ommmmmm….. what a juicy snatch!”

Now not being surprised at all, Parveen watched the hot live sex-show of her Odisan MIL in awe. She saw Rahamat’s mouth dive into her MIL’s luxuriant fur muff….. saw his fat tongue lash out and lap up the long slit of her glistening pussy. Her MIL gasped and flopped her legs open….. then clutching handfuls of his hair, she pressed his mouth on her cunt and urged him on.

It all happened so fast that Parveen didn’t realize she herself was squirming….. her young cunt was itching and tingling uncontrollably. The spectacle of her MIL stretched out nude on the couch with Rahamat’s tongue slapping wetly over her pussy held Parveen spellbound. It was only when her inner thighs began to tickle with streaming juices that she realized she was highly turned on as well.

On the other hand, oblivious to their spectator, Probhaboti and Rahamat lurched in frantic unison. Their inhibitions were stripped and they started groaning in the tangle of sensation as he buried his tongue up in the widow’s frothing cunt.

Probhaboti soared up to take it as she moaned, “Oh, my God, Rahamatbhai, that’s wonderful! It’s been so long. Eat me baby! Eat me up! Tha… oh, God, yesss, that’s good! Give it to me, lover, give it to me!”

Her hips bucked up as he probed into the juiciest cunt he’d ever tasted. Gallons of Odisan-cunt-cream seemed to pour over his jabbing tongue. With a muffled groan, he dived into her pussy for more.

“Mmmfffmmmmmm….,” He gurgled.

The widow mother let out a wail of sheer delight as her cuntlips were pushed apart for his gouging tongue. It slurped in and out of her cunt-hole with hungry, prick-like stabs…. wiggling deep for more steamy juices. It had been years since she’d had a good eating out, and now she was getting it from an expert.

And Rahamat knew just how to rub his meaty rough tongue over her hooded clit with each jab….. working both clit and cunthole at once. He reamed her cunt-hole out….. lapping every sensitive fold of her inflamed lips in a way that made her crying out in ecstasy.

“Do it, lover! Eat me good. Oh, baby, that’s it! Faster, faster!” She groaned with spasming up and sobbing. It accelerated Rahamat’s groaning as he dug into her cunt more frantically than ever.

And Parveen, hardly aware of what she was doing….. slipping a hand down to her own seething little cunt. The sight of Rahamat’s big tongue sliding in and out of her widow MIL’s cunt had it’s effect tremendously. Her own pussy was aglow at the realization that only a short time ago she’d been eaten out like that by her Manish Dadababu, just the way her MIL was getting it now from Rahamat!

The first tentative touch of her fingertips along the creased outer lips of her cunt was enough to force out a little gasp. Almost before she knew it, Parveen was kneading her aching pussy…… dipping a finger up into the velvety sheath of her hole.

“Rahamat, Rah… ahhhhhnnn!” Probhaboti shrieked suddenly…… flailing like a hooked fish. Her attractive face twisted in a look of pure ecstasy as spasms started ripping through her like a series of firecracker bursts.

Rahamat made greedy gulping noises. His head bobbed between her clenched thighs, as his fat tongue wormed into her cunt-hole with new intensity.

Parveen could realize that her MIL was cumming, and that fact made her own pussy drool even harder. The finger lodged between her cuntlips began to ease in and out with frenzied motion… shoving it even deeper.

“Uhhh… ohhh, oh, babyyy.” Delirious in that first thrill of completion, Probhaboti purred out a husky giggle. “Sweet, sweet baby. I can’t stand it anymore. Give me your circumcised muslim cock, before I die! Please, oh, God after the things you’ve done to my cunt, I’ve got to have it! Hurry! Fuck me!”

“Allah!” Rahamat bellowed.

Probhaboti’s hands were already fumbling at his crotch. Rahamat too helped her to her urgent pleas by unhooking his pants and then opening it’s fly. Her searching fingers instantly slipped into his briefs, then drew out his prick.

She was already aware of his large bloated cock…… it’s veined thickness pulsed in her right hand as she shoved his pants further down to his knees with other hand. Then she lay back on the couch….. pulling him against her in the same motion. Hi cock speared home as it’s enormous head thrust between her soaked cuntlips…… it jammed deep into her cunt.

As she hadn’t a cock in her pussy after her husband’s death for two years, her pussy was tight as a girl of virgin… and Rahamat could feel that too as he made another violent thrust. Instantly, she clutched his bare ass and bounced up for more as his fuckshaft slithered deep into her aching cunt.

Parveen watched as Rahamat’s monster cock started pounding into her MIL’s cunt. She noticed her MIL’s full mouth opened in a cry of sheer rapture as her cunt was filled with his hard, pulsing cock for the first time in last two years.

“Naaaa… aaahhh!” the widow-mother shrieked…. writhing and twisting as if screwing herself onto his fat circumcised prick with the intention of never letting go.

A fresh gush of hot cunt-juice poured over her hand, and Parveen began to plunge her sticky finger in and out with eager hunger. The sight of Rahamat’s veined muslim prick sheathed in her Odisan MIL’s cunt had it’s effect. She could almost pretend his cock was tearing between her own pussy-lips instead of her finger…… probing deep into the heated core of her pussy until it filled her completely.

“Oh Allah,” Rahamat grunted, bucking atop the attractive widow, who sobbed and lurched beneath him. “You’ve got the juiciest pussy I’ve ever had my cock in! Allah, it’s hot! But I can cool it off for you, baby. Oh, yeah, I can cool you off real nice.”

His huge cock began to pump in and out of Probhaboti’s seething cunt with renewed passion, and she went wild.

“Fuck me hard…. tear my cunt!” She wailed….. bucking on the couch with a sheer ferocity that rammed her soaked cunt onto his meaty prick. “Oh, my God, baby, give it to me! Give me your cock! I’ve got to have it all!” Her wails rose to a shrill scream as Rahamat suddenly increased the velocity his pumping.

Howeve during his pumping, he often glided his circumcised cock out of her slick Odisan cunt-hole to the very rim of his knobbed cock head. And next moment he slammed back….. sinking it to the balls with a massive howling thrust. The roughness of his hard fucking made the Odisan widow flopping under his strong frame. Her tapered legs were fluttering around him like wings, as her fingernails scratched into his ass to urge him on.

“Yesssssss……!” She cried….. clamping her cunt muscles over his plunging black pole and squeezing it in her cunt. “Fuck me! Oh, God, it’s been so long! Oh Rahamatbhai….. It’s so much bigger than my deceased husband. Ohhhhhh….. Stuff it in me faster, fasterrrrrr…….!”

Their bodies thrashed on the squeaking couch as Rahamat panted for breath. He was now hammering his cock in and out of her sucking cunt madly, as the Odisan widow lurched up to take his cock even deeper in her hungry cunt.

With a small whimper, Parveen wavered on the stairs…… shoving her wet finger furiously into her creaming cunt and grinding the heel of her hand hard against her clit. She could sense that Rahamat’s enormous cock was about to melt right into her MIL’s sucking cunt. His fuckshaft was all slick and glistening as it glided between her MIL’s fattened cuntlips and pushed to it’s base inside her.

Suddenly, Probhaboti let out a shriek, and her body arched with an intensity that lifted them both off from the couch. “I’m cummingggggg… ! Cum in me baby, give me your jizz….. make me pregnant with your muslim seed…. Fuck me, damn you! Fuck! Fuck!”

She continued to scream….. lurching up high from the couch as if a bomb had suddenly exploded under her. And he grunted too…… his cock slammed up in her clenched pussy as she rippled and soared beneath him. That was all it took to unleash the load of cum that boiled up in his large hairy balls. Writhing atop her, he plunged his aching prickmeat home with a massive thrust and let it rip.

“Guuuhhhhhhh……..!” She sobbed as a thick blast of hot lava tore into her cunt….. flooding it with steamy pleasure. Orgasm after orgasm wrenched through her….. spiraling higher and higher as she let out a scream of pure, blissful release.

Staring with glazed eyes at the scene below her, Parveen panted for breath. Her hips undulated furiously, and her cunt smacked wetly against her hand. She noticed splatters of jism started seeping from her MIL’s fuck hole with the ferocity of Rahamat’s pumping prick. Both adults writhed and twisted, their groins mingling and bodies thrashing in the throes of climax.

Suddenly, Parveen spasmed in the hunching frenzy of her own orgasm, and her finger slammed into her pussy as far as it would go.

“Ooooohhh,” She moaned softly.

She wrenched onto her hand…. cumming almost as hard as she had on Manish Dadababu’s face earlier. Tidal waves of delight washed through her….. drenching her cunt in foamy satisfaction. She swayed dizzily on the stair steps….. climaxing in delicious burst as her MIL and Rahamat writhed in their own haze of completion.

For a moment which seemed to last forever, all three of them hovered like that….. drifting at the peak of explosion.

Then, in a slow undulating motion, Probhaboti sank back onto the couch in a sated heap and exclaimed, “Oh, God, that was the best in my life! It’s so….. soooooo…… fucking good!”

Breathing hoarsely, Rahamat slumped atop her as the last droplets of jism were greedily milked from his prick by her hot, drenched cunt that held it captive.

“Oh, yeah, it was that, all right. And more. Allah Meherban, I haven’t had it like that since my wife’s death…… hell, I don’t think I’ve ever had it like that!” Rahamat said as they laughed together, their voices husky.

Giving out a small satisfied gasp, Parveen pulled her sopping finger out from her sore cunt….. licking it clean. Her legs felt weak and limp, just as they had when she’d left her employer’s house that evening. Then smothering down her dress, she gave them a last secretive glance.

She noticed her MIL lay on the couch…. panting still as her tits mashed against Rahamat’s hairy chest. Her hands were clenched his ass as she moaned: “Good baby, it’s so good….. I love you.”

They were still lying like that….. embracing in each other’s arms, when a dazed and sleepy Parveen crept softly up to her bedroom.

To be continued…..

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