Holiday Fuck With Mom And Anuradha Aunty

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read Holiday Fuck With Mom and Lavanya Sister before starting this.

Next day I woke up and did my regular things and had breakfast and watching TV. My mom came and asked

Mom: Are you going to institution today.
Me: I am not going today. I will go tomorrow.
Mom: Ok, I am going to Anuradha Aunty house. She asked me to help her to prepare some food items. If you feel bored here come there we will have some fun.
Me: Ok mom

After sometime I felt bored and went to Anuradha Aunty house. By the time I went mom and aunty are sitting in the hall and mixing the flour for food items. I went and sat with them on the sofa.

Me: What aunty you are preparing sweets? What is the special?
Aunty: I want to send some sweets to my relatives. So I am preparing them. Some sweets have already prepared and only few things are remaining. Mostly I will complete them by today.

She went inside the kitchen and brought some Jalebi and given to me. I ate them. They are very good. Juice is coming out from it when I am biting it. It is soo tasty. I complemented her about the taste. She felt soo happy. I took some juice and applied on my mom cheek. My mom said to stay silent to me. I applied some more juice on my mom another cheek. She saw angry to me and said to stay calm. Aunty looked at us and given a smile. I took one more Jalebi and asked

Me: Mom will you eat?
Mom: No I have already ate.
Me: Mom I want to kiss you with this sweet.
Mom: Stay calm we came to help Anuradha Aunty. Not to do romance.
Me: Aunty will you feel anything bad if we kiss each other.
Aunty: No problem for me but don’t spoil the food. That is only I am expecting from you.
Me: Mom aunty also accepted. Why can’t you accept. Please kiss me with this sweet.

Mom called me closer and started to give kiss with the sweet. I am holding mom head and mom is holding my head. While we are kissing some part of Jalebi broken and feel inside her blouse and even some saliva mixed with Jalebi juice is flowing from her mouth to her cleavage. My head is filled with flour in my mom hand. Aunty immediately took the flour away from us and she started to mix the flour. Aunty is starring at us and mixing the flour. We stopped kissing and mom said

Mom: We have kissed with the sweet right. Now stay calm.
Me: No, my sweet feel inside your blouse I want it.
I went near to lick her cleavage and open her blouse. She pushed me away. All the flour in her hand applied on my face. Aunty looked at us and laughed. I moved saree on top of mom aside and started to lick her cleavage. She is feeling me and hold my head to her cleavage and I licked all the juices on her cleavage. I slowly tried to unhook her blouse. She didn’t accept and pushed me away. I took another Jalebi and placed on her cleavage and crushed it and applied all over her cleavage. I went to lick her cleavage again and this time she hold my head tight to her cleavage and I licked all her cleavage and pressing her boobs. She is feeling high and enjoying it and turned her face around and biting her lips. Aunty looked at us and biting her lips. After sometime she completed mixing the flour and came and sat beside me and took a Jalebi and said

Aunty: I want to eat Jalebi. Did anyone want to eat Jalebi with me.

I looked at her. She is holding Jalebi in her mouth and waiting for me to kiss her. I went nearby to her and started to kiss her. For her as well some amount of Jalebi fell inside her blouse and saliva mixed with juices is flowing from her mouth to boobs. I immediately took one more Jalebi and applied it on all her cleavage. I continued to lick all over her cleavage and she is enjoying the licking on her cleavage. She is also pressing my head to her cleavage and enjoying the licking. I licked all her cleavage. Now both my mom and aunty are sitting beside by their saree removed on the top and showing their cleavage to me. They both are looking at me with sex hunger. I squeezed their both boobs at once and tried to take their boobs to my mouth at once over the blouse. They both started to remove their blouse at once. They both are not wearing anything inside. I can see their both bare boobs. They are having same size of boobs. Jalebi pieces felt in their blouse during kissing them are came out. I took those pieces and ate them. I took each Jalebi in my each hand applied each on their boobs. They both took their boobs on to my face and rubbing them on my face. I am licking and smooching their boobs. Their boobs are soo sweet. They are kissing each other. They kissed for sometime and Aunty went inside the kitchen and brought one bowl full of Gulab Jamoon Syrup.

She looked at me and looked at her boobs. I understood what she is expecting. I took some syrup in my hand and applied on her boobs and squeezing them. I took some more and applied on mom boobs. I applied the syrup on their cleavage and on all their boobs and navel and waist and squeeze them. Their upper part of the body is completely filled with the Gulab Jamoon Syrup. I am licking my mom boobs. They are very sweet. I am licking her nipples. I started to bite her boobs. They are soo tasty. I am biting her boobs tight. I am taking her boobs as much as possible into my mouth and biting them.

Mom: Stop biting them. They are paining.
I didn’t listen to her and biting more tight. My mom trying to take my face away from her boobs. I am holding her boobs tight without leaving them. Aunty came to me and trying to drag me away. They are unable to drag me. I am biting my mom boobs very tight. Then aunty came to me and hugged me from backside and said
Aunty: If you bite only your mom boobs then who will bite my boobs.
I immediately stopped biting mom boobs and turned back. Mom went away from me with pain. Bite marks are clearly visible on mom boobs. I started to lick aunty boobs and squeezing them. I went to her nipples and licking them and started to bite her boobs. I took her boobs as much as possible into my mouth and biting them. She already prepared to bare the pain. I am biting her boobs very tight. She is bearing the pain and started to moan. I bite for sometime and moved to another. She is enjoying it and continued to moan. I bite her for sometime. My mom continuously seeing at us and after sometime she came to us and moved aunty aside and took my head and placed on her another boob and asked to lick it. I understood she also want to enjoy the pain and I started to lick her boob and went to the nipples and started to bite her boobs very tight. Now she is also enjoying the pain and started to moan. I am biting them very tight and she is pressing my head to her boobs. I bite her boobs for sometime and moved away. I sat on sofa and watching them.

They both are standing in front of me without wearing their blouse and wearing only their petticoat and my bite marks clearly visible on thier boobs and they are enjoying my bite marks. They both are laughing by seeing each other and squeezing their boobs each other and examining the bite marks on their boobs. They both looked at me and came nearer to me. I am sitting in the sofa and they both are standing in front of me. I hold their waist and dragged them more closer to me and started to smooch their navel. They both are laughing and enjoying it. My mom saw the time and said

Mom: It is being late. If we didn’t start to prepare food items now it will be late.

Within the time I saw a bowl full of Badam, Kaju and Peanuts and asked

Me: Why there are some many Badam, Kaju and Peanuts in that bowl.
Aunty: I will make them into pieces and add into the sweet we are making now. I have mixed them perfectly sufficient for the sweet. It will be soo tasty.
Me: Do we have some more Badm, Kaju and Peanuts in the home.
Aunty: No I have mixed all available in the home.
Me: I will go to shop and bring more
Aunty: Why? If you want some take from these.
Me: If I take from them they won’t be sufficient for the sweet. You can’t get the exact taste that you are expecting. I will bring some more from shop.

She is trying to stop me. I didn’t listen to her and went to wash my face and went to shop. I took some more Badam, Kaju and Peanuts and asked the shopkeeper to write in the account and came back to home. I knocked the door and my mom opened the door and closed it again. By the time I came they made the Badam, Kaju and Peanuts into pieces and kept in the bowl. They didn’t wear anything and doing their food items semi naked on their petticoat.

Aunty: You came? You didn’t listened to me even I asked you to stop. I won’t give my sweet to you.
Me: Aunty your are looking so hot like this. Your sweet is nothing in front of your taste.

I immediately thrown the nuts aside and removed my t-shirt and thrown it away and hugged the aunty from back by sitting on the floor and bite her on the cheek.

Aunty: You naughty boy. Ok tell me why did you brought those extra nuts.
Me: You will understand soon.
Aunty: Tell me now
Me: I can’t tell you clearly. I will show you.

I called my mom to come and sit on sofa and took her both boobs into my hands and started to squeeze them and smooch them and lick them. I went to her nipples and smooching and licking her nipples. My mom is moaning umm, umm, umm, umm, umm………… and after sometime nipples became terrifically hard.

I took one Badam and dipped it in the Gulab Jamoon Syrup and placed it on the nipple. It is sticky. So it didn’t move aside and stood like that on my mom hard nipples. They both got shocked and opened their mouth and starring at me. I am holding my mom boobs and looking at them and slowly lifted my mom boobs to my mouth and placed the nipples in between my teeth and bite the Badam along with nipple and ate the Badam. My mom moaned loudly Aah………… Aunty moaned umm………. By looking. I took another Badam and placed on mom another nipple and bite it. Mom moaned again. Aunty is unable to control her and stood up and came near to me and started to rub her boobs on my face. I started to lick and smooch and squeeze them. I took her nipples into my mouth and lick and smooch them. Her nipples got became terrifically hard after sometime. She immediately took one Badam and dipped it in Syrup and kept on her nipple. I bite it. She is feeling high and moaned loudly. My mom pushed her away and kept Badam on her nipple. They are coming one after another to get bite with me on their nipples. I started to loosen their petticoat each time they came near to me. After sometime petticoat of both of them became completely loose. Petticoat feel down from their body when they stand. They are not wearing any panty inside. They both are completely naked in front of me. Liquids are oozing from their pussy. I tried to keep my hand on my mom pussy. She immediately stopped and said to aunty

Mom: Let’s go to kitchen and start the food items preparation.

Aunty is starring at me by squeezing her boobs. Even mom also squeeze her boobs and looking at me and slowly took the items and went into kitchen. I am feeling horny I want to fuck them. I immediately removed my shorts and became completely naked. My dick is rock hard and wanted to fuck them. I am showing my dick to aunty and making her to fell more horny. She got completely high into horny and tried to come towards me. Mom stopped her and said

Mom: We can have sex with him later. If we didn’t make the food items now the items will be spoiled.

Aunty realised and went to the stove and started the cooking. I took Gulab Jamoon Syrup along with the Badam, Kaju and Peanuts packets and went into kitchen. Aunty is infront of stove and mom is standing beside her. I went nearby to the mom and tried to rub her pussy. She pushed me away and said

Mom: Stay calm for sometime. After cooking we can have sex.

I went nearby to aunty and placed my hand on her pussy. She stayed calm. Mom took me away from her pussy and said

Mom: Won’t you understand if I tell once. Stay away. We can have sex later.
Me: Mom I am feeling very high to have sex.
Mom: We need to prepare the food items now. Otherwise the raw items made for preparation will be spoil wait for sometime.
Me: I am unable to control my self mom.
Mom: Ok then touch us where ever you want except at the pussy.

I felt happy and went nearby to them and stood in between them and placed my hands on their ass and squeeze their ass cheeks. They both looked at me. I asked Aunty for more Gulab Jamoon Syrup. She felt shy and took another bowl full of Syrup from a tin. I took all Badam, Kaju and Peanuts and mixed them and kept into the mixer grinder and rotated the mixer grinder once. I poured the Gulab Jamoon Syrup into the other bowl which is having only some amount which she brought into the hall previously. I filled both the bowls with Syrup equally. I mixed the crushed Badam, Kaju and Peanuts into the both bowls filled with Gulab Jamoon Syrup. I mixed them well and left them to dip the nuts into the Syrup and came to mom and aunty. I placed my hands on aunty waist and slowly moved it up and squeeze her boobs. She is feeling high and want to kiss me. She asked mom to look into the cooking and turned around. We both stepped few steps back and I touched the wall behind and stood there. She placed her hand on my waist and started to squeeze my waist and slowly lifted her feet up and took her lips to my lips and started to give liplock. I too placed my hands on her waist and squeezing her hard and dragged her more closer and kissing her hard. We are holding each others faces and kissing each other deep. We kissed for sometime and she went back to cook.

My mom came towards me. I dragged her towards me and she fell on me. I hold her boobs and dragged her more closer to me. She slowly placed her hand on my face and hold my head and dragged towards her lips and started to give liplock. I am squeezing her boobs and squeezing her ass. She is also placing her hands on my back and squeezing my ass and kissing me. I squeezed both her waist at once and expanded it and went to her navel and started licking her navel. She is moaning umm, umm……. Aunty turned back and looked at us. She is squeezing her boobs herself. My mom is also going out of control. I stood up and kissing on her neck. Suddenly aunty came to me and hugged me and kissing on my neck and on my body. She is shaking her body and dragging me towards her to have sex. My mom understood she is completely out of control. My mom started to drag her back from me by holding her waist and stomach. Even though I am going towards her and trying to lick her boobs. My mom took her and pressed her to the wall and stood like that without giving chance to me to lick her boobs. I went and hold mom from behind and squeezing aunty boobs and rubbing my dick to mom ass. Mom is also going out of control. Suddenly mom turned back towards me and shouted at me to stay away. I stepped back and stood there like that. She released aunty. Aunty ran towards me and hugged me and kissing me. Mom came and took her away and hold her head tight and hugged her. She starving to have sex with me. She is calling me to come towards her and fuck her. Immediately mom turned her around and looking me in anger. Mom controlled her by rubbing on her back for sometime and she became normal and mom told to me to stay away from their sight till they complete cooking. She pointed me towards a corner in the kitchen and said to sit there. She is avoiding aunty to look at me and talking something randomly with her to make her normal. I am sitting in the corner and watching them. They are completely naked. Their boobs are moving while they are moving and turing around in the kitchen. They are playing some random jokes on them selves. It is sweating inside the room for all of us. Sweat is coming from top to bottom. They are laughing and their boobs are moving when they turned around and while laughing and sweat is coming from on their top to bottom. That view is really making me more horny. I watched them for sometime and saw some hot food items nearby and took them and started to eat. I looking at them eating. I am slowly eating and enjoying their view. Unknowingly I spent 2 hours like that. They completed their cooking.

My mom looked at me. I downed my head like I am not intended to watch her. Aunty also saw me. They slowly started to walk towards me. They both came and sat beside me. My dick got shrink and semi erected now. They both started to please me. I didn’t respond.

Aunty: If you sit like this who will fuck me. See my pussy also oozing liquids to get fuck with you.

She turned around and showing her pussy to me. I slowly lifted my face up and by seeing my mom again I downed my head. Aunty turned around and came near to me and asked mom to turn around and said

Aunty: See your mom pussy also oozing liquids to get fuck with you.

I didn’t respond. My mom turned around and looking at me. They both looked at each other and suddenly they hold me and dragged to the middle of kitchen and started to tickle my body. I am laughing and unable to control the tickles. I too started to tickle them and they both fell on me. I hold both of them in my hands and they are placing their boobs exactly on my face. I am licking them and smooching them.

Mom: Sorry my son. Aunty is going out of control. Even I too going out of control. I didn’t understand what to do. So I shouted on you.

I bite aunty boobs hard in thought of mom boobs. Aunty shouted Ahhhh……….. Mom tried to move away from me to escape from biting. I hold her tight and bite her boobs hard. Mom also shouted Ahhhh……. I made them to lay down on the floor and I went on them and started to lick and smooch their boobs. They both laughed by seeing each other faces and enjoying the licking and smooching on their boobs. They boobs are in mixture of sweet and salty taste due to Gulab Jamoon Syrup I applied on their body and sweat came on them in the kitchen. I went in search of mixture I made with Gulab Jamoon Syrup and crushed Badam, Kaju and Peanuts. I found it and brought it to them and sat beside them. They also sat in front of me. I took that mixture in my both hands from both bowls and applying on their boobs. They also took it and applying on my body. I am applying on their navel and waist. They are applying on my shoulders and arms. I applied on their faces and played with their lips. Suddenly they both bite my fingers. I shouted in pain. They both laughed at once.

I moved the bowls aside and went on to them and started to lick and smooch their them. They are very sweet now. Even the nuts also well dipped and they are giving the sweet taste. They are also kissing on my shoulders and rubbing their hands on my body. I smooched boobs and navel and their boobs in each hand and looking at them. They both are looking at me and suddenly laid me on the floor and they came on to me and started to lick my body. They played sometime with my nipples and licked on my chest and they started to lick all over my body. I hold their both waist tight and stood up and they both are looking at me with full of lust and came closer to me. Their boobs are touching to my body shoulders and they are holding me tight and coming more closer. Now their boobs are touching to my chest. I hold their hair tight and asked them to lay on the floor in opposite directions. They didn’t asked a word and laid on the floor. Now my mom boobs are touching to aunty navel and aunty boobs are touching to mom navel. They hugged each other and I can see their waist clearly from top. I took bowls for the mixture. It is almost completed. I took the existing and placed it on their waists. I bend down and moved their both waists more closer. I started to lick and smooch their waist and started to bite them. I started to bite them very hard. They are moaning Umm, Aah, Umm, Aah……………. They are unable to control themselves and started to lick their pussies by keeping their heads in between each other thighs. They are holding each other heads with their thighs very tight. I stopped biting and asked them to wakeup and let’s go to hall. They didn’t listened to me and continued to lick their pussies. I understood they are in deep lust and said them if they didn’t stand now and move to hall the liquids coming from your pussies will spread on the food items you prepared and they will get spolied. Immediately they separated from each other and moved to hall. Again they went to the same position on the floor and started to lick their pussies. I leaned on them cross and squeezing their boobs and ass cheeks and licking and smooching their bodies. After some time I pressed their both heads deep inside their pussies and telling them to lick hard. They increased their speed and they both raised their hands at a time and hold my head and made me lay on them. I again started to squeeze their boobs and ass and lick and smooch them. After sometime they both suddenly released orgasm at a time. Their both faces filled with their orgasm. I laughed at them by seeing it. They both came near to me and applied all the orgasm on my face and started to lick it. They both are holding my dick and doing hand job. I inserted my fingers in their pussies and started to fingering them. They are moaning very hard kissing me randomly one after another. They are moaning Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah…………….. At a time and shaking their ass and rubbing my dick in a rhythm. They released another orgasm on the floor.

Aunty went into the kitchen and carefully took two Khaja sweets from the tin and brought them. She given one to mom and she took another. I asked for me. Aunty said wait we will give to you. They both looked at each other and laughed and inserted them in their pussies. I got shocked and starred at them. They are mastrubating themselves with Khaja sweet. They both are looking at me with full concentration and mastrubating by standing. They are doing it very fast. I am getting more horny by seeing them. They looked at each other and given an expression like kissing. That is so good. They both came and stand in front of sofa and placed their one leg on sofa hand rest and standing on one leg and continued to mastrubate with Khaju sweet. They are looking very hot. They both are looking at me and they both signalled me at once to come nearby to them. I ran nearby to them and dragged them to me at once and started licking their boobs. They both are rolling their hands on my body and went to my dick and started to do handjob. I slowly closed my eyes and enjoying their handjob and opened my mouth. They both immediately took the Khaju sweet from their pussies and kept in my mouth. They are pushing both of them at once. It is not going inside. They came near to me and started to eat them from my mouth. We ate them all. They both bent in front of me in doggy position and asked to lick their pussies. I didn’t understand whom to choose first to lick the pussy. I went to the aunty first. I am licking her pussy and it is so sweet. Later I moved to my mom pussy. I am licking my mom pussy and it is also sweet. Now they asked me to fuck them. I went to my mom pussy. I inserted my dick in her pussy and it went deep inside. I am holding my mom boobs and fucking her. Aunty is kissing my mom. I hold my mom waist and fucking her hard. Aunty is licking and squeezing mom boobs. After sometime I went to aunty pussy. Mom is licking aunty boobs and squeezing her waist. I am holding aunty hair and fucking her and slapping on her ass. After sometime my mom asked to fuck her as well same like that. I went to mom pussy and hold her hair more tight than aunty hair and slapping her hard on her ass. Aunty is kissing and squeezing mom boobs and licking her boobs, navel and waist. Again I went to the aunty pussy. I started to give hard strokes to her. She is moaning and shouting Fuck, Fuck…………. Mom also started to shout along with her Fuck, Fuck……………. I fucked them for 30 mins and said I am going to cum. They both stand on knees and kept their hands in front of my dick and placed their mouths near to the palms and dick. I released sperm. It all fell on their palms and they licked it and started to kiss me randomly. We kissed for sometime and cleaned all the hall and kitchen and went to bathroom and did bathing and came out nakedly. We wear dress and came back to our home. While coming aunty given some sweets and food items to us.

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