Needs of my Cousin – 1

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Hi, guys this is my first story writing about what happen and how I enjoying still now….
This about me and my cousin, she is be my uncle daughter (mama ponu) little bit distant relative, we both are same age. We be meet at childhood day around 7 year old we be good friend after that I didn’t see for almost 8 years I could hear about her through my other cousin. After 8 years I see her in one of my cousin sister (big mom daughter) marriage.

I really forget her face I didn’t remember her I have be busy in marriage arrangements but whenever I’m in home she be around me, at day before marriage night around 12 I came home and speaking with my cousin’s I that time she also there in gang, I have be thinking about her and ask marriage girl “who is she” all my cousin’s start to laugh at me, her mother came and say that she is her daughter and she got anger and left from there. I got call from my cousin to bring some things to marriage hall 4km away, I gone there and come back, she and another cousin sitting outside in steps I came to them and say another cousin to go after that I ask her sorry but she in anger and start to beat me really hard and saying (let’s call her jas and myself X)

Jas; i came to marriage to see u only but you didn’t recognize me
X; I’m sry it’s be long time I didn’t see u
Jas; I find u when u enter in to house with ur family
X; sry dear pls forgive me, so how u doing
Jas; yeah good, it’s long time
X; yes really long time

Her mother came to see her find we too be taking and she said that don’t be late to sleep and leave as there itself we gone to terraces and speak for long time at 3.30am we gone to sleep she go room and I sleep outside with my cousin bothers
At morning throughout marriage we both together she be in half saree everyone comment on us. Our parent didn’t mind it after two days we got separated to our home before that we made a promise we will meet every year by any cost
After that we meet every year holiday

Really story beings

We both in college she do medicine and I’m doing professional degree we be in 3rd year on holiday leave same as we meet we playing hole days, on one day everything change between us when go to see her in morning her parent gone out only her grandmother in home I go to her room to see her while I enter in to her room she be checking her new dress I see her in shorts and in bra, her boob was so good in round shape its be 34DD I close the door and went to my grandma home

After few hours she came home to see me but me gone to playground to play with my friend at that night she came and I can’t see her she came sit beside me

X; I’m sry
Jas; I too need to be sry, I forget to lock the door
X; I can’t really see u I’m really angry on myself
Jas; its ok we will see tomorrow
X; ok

But I didn’t sleep I have be hard down I just jerk two time and sleep
After that everything change between us she start to show me and celverage and show me her hip by short dress after one week I gone to her we both be along in home I say

X; u need to be stop doing this
Jas; what I did
X; stop being showing ur cleverage to me
Jas; oh,
X; what
Jas; I got u
X; what u means
Jas; I really like you
X; no way
Jas; I intensely show my self to u
X; why it’s not be good
Jas; I can only trust u in this world
X; on what, but I can’t do this you’re my friend
Jas; you’re my only friend to and I’m in love with you but I really don’t know its love or lust
X; no I can’t do it
Jas; pls be with me
X; you have only lust with me
Jas; be with me

I just gone out of her home I went to another relative home little distance I gone there for two day I didn’t pick her call. On second day I got call from her dad that …….

See you guys in second part, your comment are welcome in [email protected]

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