Lustful Neighbour Sister

Hi All. I am KKD. Read Sexy Arrogant Bitch before starting this.

During having sexual relationship with Pallavi Aunty I have noticed that another neighbour Anuradha Aunty and her daughter Swetha are having disputes with others neighbours around by saying that they are peeping into their house and looking her daughter naked. I got shocked for the kind of dispute they are having with other neighbours.

Actually I knows Anuradha Aunty from my childhood. They are having very good respect in my locality. They are always polite and friendly with all neighbours. They are having only one daughter Swetha. They call her as sweety. She had her puberty three years back. She is in her mid teenage. Even though she is in teenage her boobs are big. Her structure is 34-27-36. Aunty structure is 36-32-36. Being polite and having good respect in the locality they started to have disputes with other neighbours by saying they are peeping into their house for seeing her daughter naked. One day unexpectedly they came to dispute with my mom by saying that my dad and me are peeping into their house to see her daughter naked. I got shocked again. There is zero possibility. We are having trees all around between their house and our house. My mom rebelled back and had dispute with them. During Anuradha Aunty husband came and calm down them and took back his wife and daughter to home. I stayed calm and just want to know whether people really peeping into their house. Everytime this is happening aunty and her daughter will come for a dispute and uncle will come calm down them and take back them to home. My mom came and asked

Mom: Are you peeping at her.
Me: No
Mom: Tell me the truth.
Me: Mom, why I will lie to you. There is nothing to hide between us sexually. If I am peeping at her I would have told you.
Mom: I know that you are not peeping at her. But due to their confidence I got a doubt. They are wantedly blaming all the neighbour around. They gone mad or what?
Me: Yeah mom I am also thinking same. I want to know the truth. Here after I am going to peep into their house.
Mom: Becareful. Don’t mess up with anything and get into trouble.
Me: Ok Mom.

I have cutted some of the branches of the tree to have clear view in to their house. I started to watch them from terrace. One day night almost at 8 their daughter came in towel into hall and showing her boobs and pussy by opening the towel to her dad. He immediately turned around his face. Her mom is also supporting her. They both are trying to seduce uncle to fuck his daughter. He is not accepting for that and aunty also removed her dress and they both are trying to make him horny to fuck them by him. Finally he accepted and fucked both of them. I got shocked with the thing what I saw.

I said everything to mom. I also told I am going to fuck them and record a video of that and control them as I did for Pallavi Aunty. Mom accepted and asked me for the plan. I will go to their home tomorrow and stay in their home with a reason that you and dad went to relatives house and I am not having keys. I will come back in the night. You don’t come out of the home till I come back to home. Mom said ok and also said if saw anything problematic then definitely she will interfere. I said ok.

Next day morning I went out of the home and came back after dad went to office with some viagra tablets and standing at their compound wall. Mom signalled me to execute the plan. I locked the gate from the outside and thrown the keys inside home and my mom took them and locked the door. I am just wandering at their compound wall like in a situation not understanding what to do. After sometime Anuradha came out of home and noticed me.

Aunty: What are you doing here?
Me: Nothing, my mom and dad went outside on some work. In hurry they took keys along with them. I called them through mobile but they said they will come back evening or night. I am not understanding what to do.
Aunty: Oh that’s it right. Stay in our house till they come in the evening or night.
I kept an expression like hesitating to go into their house.
Aunty: Why are you hesitating? This is not new for you staying in our house. Many times in your childhood when your mom and dad went outside like this you stayed in our house. Sometimes even for days. Don’t you remember?
Me: Yeah, but….
Aunty: Are you hesitating due to the dispute happened few days back?
Me: No nothing like that.
Aunty: Then come inside.
She hold my hand and took me inside.
Aunty: Actually on that day due to a misunderstanding we disputed with you. All the mess up was created due to my daughter. Later we regretted for that. I want to speak with your mom and apologies her.
Me: Due to your daughter. What happened to her.

Aunty given an expression like Is it safe to tell to him? by looking at me. Finally she trusted me and decided to tell and took me inside and we sat on sofa. She looked around for sweety. She called me to come close to her. I moved little bit towards her. She told come close and pulled me to her and started to tell in my ears When she pulled me towards her my body is nearby to her body and we both touching each other. Her thighs are so soft and spongy. My shoulders are touching to her boobs she is not at all noticing all these and telling about her daughter to me in my ears without knowing to her daughter.

From few months onwards we have noticed some changes in her behaviour. I heard moaning from her room many times in the night. I understood she is mastrubating daily. Even my husband heard that and asked me to warn her without doing these. I warned her and for two days we didn’t heard noises and after two days we started hearing them again. We thought she will realise later and we didn’t paid much attention to her. Usually she will wear the dress while coming out of the bathroom. One day she came out of the bathroom with towel wrapped around boobs and opened her towel in front of me and showing her naked body to me. I tried to slap her. She left her towel on the floor and hold my head and given a liplock to me. I pushed her back and started to scold her. Her dad came and watched us. Suddenly she stood up and went towards her dad and hold him tight with completely naked body and said like come on dad I am waiting for you. He pushed her away and asked to wear dress and scolded her and went away from there. He got irritated with her behaviour and feared I she goes to college definitely she will bring lot of disputes to home. So he stopped her from going to college. Later she started to blame the neighbours that they are peeping at her naked body. In starting we didn’t believe her and not paid much attention what she is saying. Later we noticed that she is getting depressed. I started to have disputes with the neighbours even though I know that they are not peeping at her. After having disputes with neighbours and come back to home we noticed that she is feeling very happy and relaxed. So, I used to have disputes with neighbours just for my daughter. I am feeling very bad for the things I did. I am doing all of them only for my daughter.

I got shocked with all the things she told to me. Within the time her daughter came
Sweety: Mom, you said you are going to market for groceries.
Aunty: Yeah, when I am going to start I saw Karthik. His mom and dad went outside. Mistakenly they took the keys. He came here. He will stay here till they come back.
Sweety: Mom, you know that everyone around the home peeping at me. If you bring people to home like it won’t be comfortable for me.
Aunty: Are you seeing him for the first time? Many times he stayed in our house when you are kid. Many times you both slept on the same bed. Many times you both fight for the toys. All those time how you are felt comfortable?
Sweety: Do what ever you want don’t disturb and irritate me.
She inside her room
Aunty: Karthik, you came to know about my daughter behaviour right. Please don’t respond back to her if she speaks anything irritating. I am going to get some groceries.
Me: Ok Aunty.

I am recording all the discussion happening in the mobile. Aunty went to the market for groceries. Now me and sweety are there at home. She is inside her room. I am sitting on sofa in hall. I heard some moaning sounds from her room. I understood she started her mastrubation in the room. I went nearby to her room to hear it clearly. Mistakenly hitted door with hand. Suddenly she opened the door. She is wearing a kurta without dupatta. Her cleavage is clearly visible. She asked me in angry tone.

Sweety: Why did you knock the door? What did you want?
Me: I want some water.
Sweety: Water is in kitchen in next room. Don’t come nearby to my room. If you come again I will push you out of the house.
Me: Ok

I went and drank water and again went back to sofa. I started to watch TV. I am hearing a lot of moaning from her room. I am getting horny due to her moaning. I increased TV volume. She opened her room door by keeping her head outside and said reduce the sound and closed door forcefully big sound. I didn’t reduce the sound and started to increase it more. She came out of the room. She is wearing only her kurta top. She is not wearing pant and dupatta. She came very angry towards me by saying I am asking to reduce sound you are increasing sound and tried to drag remote from my hand. We both fought for remote for sometime. Finally we laid on sofa she is under me trying to catch the remote and I am on her by keeping on hand on her boobs and another hand away from her with remote. She is not wearing any thing inside kurta. I pulled her kurta till ass with legs and I can feel her bare ass. I bite her on the cheek and said

Me: I will reduce the sound but you need to get fucked by me.
She pushed me away from her and stood in front of me by exposing her structure and came towards by saying
Sweety: Don’t want to reduce the sound. I am waiting you to fuck me. Fuck me how long you want.

I throwed remote aside and hold her boobs with both hands and squeezing them hard over the dress. She moved her head a side and biting her lips and moaning. Then I hold her tight with hug and given a liplock to her. I removed her kurta. She is completed naked now. Sweety started to remove my dress one after another when she is completely naked. She removed everything and took my dick into her mouth and started to give blowjob. After sometime she took me into her room to fuck her. I noticed few tooth brushes tied with rubber in her bed. The handle of the brushes is wet. I looked at her. She said she used to mastrubate with by tieing them with a rubber. I got shocked with the thing what she said. I asked

Me: Is it won’t pain?
Sweety: For the first time when I kept it blood came out of my pussy. After that I didn’t kept for two days. Later on blood didn’t came but I used to feel very much pleasure when I keep it inside and mastrubate.
Me: You lost your Virginity to the tooth brush
Sweety: Maybe, when I inserted that I don’t know what is Virginity. I used to mastrubate with it daily for sometime and sleep. Sometimes I will mastrubate for an hour as well. Now a days I am feeling to get fucked with men instead keeping it inside and mastrubating. Recently I tried to fuck my dad. Even my mom helped me to fuck him. I am not satisfied with his fuck.

I given an expression like shocked. She looked at me and said

Sweety: Don’t act like you don’t know anything. I heard everything when my mom telling to you. Actually me and my mom are planning to fuck you. As part our plan we disputed with you that you are peeping at me to see me naked. Today evening we planned to excute next step of our plan. Luckily within the time you came to our house.

This time I really got shocked. I asked

Me: What is your plan if I wouldn’t have came to your house now.
Sweety: We would have come to house and apologies you for the dispute and become close to you and after few days we will start seducing you and finally get fucked by you. But you made everything to happen easily by coming to my house.
Me: Do you love me? Our parents are telling to us from our childhood that we are like brother and sister and we also would be like brother and sister and call us each other in the same way. Why did you planned this much behind me.
Sweety: I won’t love you. I lust you. If you thinking like we are brother and sister definitely we won’t be naked on my bed to fuck me. Even if you think that we are like brother and sister then fuck your lustful sister on her bed brother.
Me: Yeah definitely I will fuck you sister. But you had disputes with many other neighbours before us. Wouldn’t they fucked you?
Sweety: No we didn’t tried on them. We planned to try it on you.
Me: Why?
Sweety: My mom said you are young and you can be seduced easily and you will be having long and strong dick so that you will satisfy me alot. What mom said is true. You are having very long and strong and thick dick. Fuck me. We are wasting a lot time with our discussions.

She dragged me on her and hold my dick with her hand and started to give hand job. My dick is fully erected and ready to fuck her. She turned into doggy style and I started to fuck her. She moaning softly and enjoying the fuck. She released orgasm twice while I am fucking her. We are showing our back to the bedroom door and fucking each other. We can’t see if someone come from outside into the bedroom. When I am fucking her Anuradha Aunty came to home. She saw TV is on with full sound and no one in the hall. She came towards sweety bedroom and noticed us. She shouted at us. We both splitted in different directions and sweety went and stood behind her mom and looking at me. I am standing naked in front of both of them.

Aunty: You fucker. Fucking my daughter my in her bedroom on her bed in my house.

I signalled sweety to close the door and hold her mom tight from back.

Me: Yes I am fucking your daughter in her bedroom on her bed in your house.
Aunty: Sweety what are you doing leave me.
Me: Don’t worry. I am going to give award to best actor Anuradha Aunty.
Aunty: What acting? I am not understanding what you are saying?
Sweety: Don’t act mom I have revealed everything to him.

I went nearby to her by slowly jerking my dick and made her to sit on her knees and she nodding her head like telling me no in fear. I hold her head tight with my hands and asked sweety to open her mouth. She hold her jaw tight and her mouth opened. I inserted my dick deeper inside her mouth. Her eyes became red and water started to come from her eyes. I started to fuck in her mouth. I fucked her for 5 mins and released my cum in her mouth. When I took my dick out she is coughing and fell down on the floor. Sweety came to my dick and licking my dick for cum. We both lifted Aunty up and took her to the bed and made her to sit. After sometime she became normal and said that

Aunty: I want you to fuck my daughter. Not me.
Me: You deserves to get my dear actor.
Aunty: I didn’t acted I have to told you when I took you inside home.
Me: Yes you told me about daughter but you didn’t said about the plan you planned behind me to fuck your daughter by me.
Aunty: If I would have told you that I can’t excute the plan right.
Me: Yeah but you acted like you don’t know anything when you caught us.
Aunty: Yes, but…..
Me: Don’t you deserve to get fuck for that.
Sweety: Yeah mom, you deserves to get fuck with him for not telling him the complete truth.
Aunty: All these came due to you. Why did you revealed everything to him.
Sweety: Why did you revealed about me to him.
Me: Don’t worry ladies. I will fuck both of you.
Aunty: No don’t fuck me.
Sweety: Yeah, fuck us hard my dear fucker brother.
Me: Sure, my dear lustful sister.
Aunty: No,no,no don’t fuck me.
Sweety: You deserves it mom.

Sweety hold her tight from behind. I started to remove saree. Aunty is continuously screaming no. I pushed both of them on to the bed. I went on to the aunty and given liplock to her by holding her waist tight and aunty is not able to move. In bottom sweety is holding her tight and on top I am holding her and giving tight liplock. I kissed her for 10 mins. I started to remove her blouse. She is wearing bra inside. We made her to laid down on the bed. Sweety went inside her petticoat and rubbing and licking her pussy. She is moaning loudly. I am smooching her cleavage and kissing all over body. I removed her bra and started to squeeze and bite her boobs.She is moaning softly and saying no. I am kissing and biting all over her navel part. Sweety came out of the petticoat and started to kiss her mom and enjoy her mom boobs. I removed her petticoat and removed panty. Her pussy and I started to lick her pussy deeper inside.

Aunty is moaning very slowly and saying no. I inserted my fingers inside her pussy and doing to and fro. She is moaning Aah,Aah,………..,Aah. I inserted my dick inside her pussy. Her pussy is soo tight than her daughter pussy. She is moaning and enjoying the fuck and sweety kept her face at her mom pussy and drinking all the fluids coming from her pussy. I am holding aunty boobs and fucking her. I am pressing them very hard and looking at her. Aunty is looking at me and moaning without saying anything I fucked her 30 mins and took my dick out. Sweety took my dick and given blowjob and took my cum in her mouth. Aunty given me a liplock and said you fucked me very well.

Aunty prepared food and after eating in the afternoon we had another session of fucking. I am completely tired by the evening by fucking them. To execute my plan perfectly I need to fuck them one more round in front of their dad. I took viagra tablets and convinced to get fucked in front of their dad. He also joined with us and fucked his wife and daughter. He also accepted to send his daughter to college. We contacted a college and they provided tc for previous semester and she joined along with me in the same institution. But she took another course. I introduced her as my sister to all my friends. Within few days she had a boyfriend and used to get fucked by him. We also used to have sex at home whenever we feel horny.

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