My Second Love Mala – Part 2

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read My Second Love Mala – Part 1 before starting this.

Next day I went to college and met my friends and they asked me which treat I given to Mala. I said some ice cream shop name and bill also paid by her and also said that she accepted my proposal and given back those thousand rupees to them. Immediately they said it’s time to celebrate and took that money and we all went to canteen and enjoyed with that money. After spending time with my friends I went to class and searched for Mala in which class she is sitting and went to that class and sit along with her. After sometime we went to another class in which both of our friends are not available and used to talk to each other all the day. She asked me

Mala: I saw you were with your friends before sometime. Did you said anything to them about me.
Me: Yes I said we went to a ice cream shop and given treat to you and after that we both went to home. That’s it right?
She laughed for a while and said yes.
Me: Don’t worry I won’t tell about your originality to any
By pinching her on the waist. We used pinch, squeeze and kiss each other whenever we found no one is there around. Daily I used to go to her house and fuck her and her driver used to stop me daily at my home. All this is happening like this and after few weeks final exams schedule has been released and staff said no need to attend the classes and there would be no attendance taken. Still there is one month for exams and staff said to no need of coming to college. Due to final year exams we are having only two subjects that too very easy. We felt disappointed that we can’t meet hereafter and didn’t understand what to do. We are on the way to the Mala house in her car and then Mala said

Mala: Why are you so disappointed we should not go to college. But can meet in some other place right.
By holding my chin like trying to pamper me.
Me: Where we can meet? Daily in your home or what? Daily you will send your car and pickup me and drop me?
In little bit angry and disappointing tone. She took me close to her and I am able to see her erected nipples and forgeted about that and started to bite her nipples over her dress. She said
Mala: Now you became normal. Eat my boobs how long you want and fuck me.
I am smooching her boobs and she is moaning and we already tied dupatta to the front seats and removed the rear view mirror and kept music in the car and increased the sound. We both are kissing and enjoying in the car. We both went to her home and fucked each other and enjoyed and I am completely forgotten about tomorrow and about to leave to my home and at that time Mala asked

Mala: What we will do for tomorrow?
Suddenly I remembered that we can’t meet from tomorrow and felt disappointed and looked at her like not understanding what to do and sit beside her and looking at her. She came closer to me and given a liplock to me and said
Mala: Get ready tomorrow morning at your home.
Me: What you will send your driver and ask me pick up and drop me daily?
She didn’t replied and asked me to leave from there and I started to my home.

Next day morning I am the regular point where her car driver will drop me and waiting for her car. After sometime her car came. To my surprise she is already there in the car and opened the door and asked me to get inside. I felt happy by seeing her inside the car went inside. She said to driver to move. She told a place to driver and asked him to drive the car there. Driver said that place is little bit far away from here. It will take sometime to go there. She said to drive him as slow as possible and took a thick cloth which she already brought and tied it to the front seat and we are not able to see completely what is there in front. She said to driver to increase the A/C and music volume more and looking at me with full of sex hunger. I am not understanding what she is doing and confused and asked a doubt that

Me: Are we going to get fuck in the car?
Mala: Not we are going to fuck each other in the running car.
Me: No, if someone catch us on the way it will be a problem
Mala: No one will catch us. Come on.

I am keepon hesitating and saying no. She pushed me on to the seat and made me to lay down on the seat. She came on to me and started to give liplock to me and squeezing my boby and squeezing my dick. After sometime my dick started to erect and I started to respond back to her kiss and holding her head and dragging her more closer to me. She completely lying on me and our legs are touching to door in the other end. Already doors are locked so problem however we push the door. We are keeping and squeezing each other body and I am squeezing her continuously and she is moaning and kissing me and squeezing my dick. My dick got fully erected and she started to rub it over my shorts. After sometime she kept her hand inside my short and started rubbing my dick directly. I laid her down on the seat and I laid on top of her and started to squeeze her boobs and waist. I am kissing and licking her neck and cleavage. She is dragging me more closer to her and hugging me very tight and pressing my head to her cleavage and asking me to do it more and moaning and enjoying. I am placing my dick on her pussy and rubbing it over the dress. I removed her t-shirt and she is on her bra. I am squeezing and smooching her boobs. After sometime I removed my t-shirt. I removed her bra and her bare boobs came out and her nipples are erected and I am licking and biting them. She is moaning and enjoying. After sometime she kept hand inside my short and rubbing my erected dick and doing hand job to it. She dragged it down with one force and removed it and made me completely naked. I am squeezing her waist and kissing and licking on her navel button and smooching and biting on her waist and navel button. She is enjoying it. After sometime I kept my hand inside her short and squeezing and rubbing her pussy. She is moaning umm, umm…………….. After sometime I removed her short and panty and made her completely naked. I am doing fingering to her and she is continuously moaning Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah…………… by looking at me. After sometime she dragged the backside seats more back and pushed the front side seats more front to make more space. We got more space than which we had before pushing the seats. We leaned the seats as much as they can and locked them. She laid on the seat and asking me to come to her. She kept her both legs closer. I kept my hand on her pussy. Due to closing her legs her pussy is tight. I rubbed her pussy for sometime and she is moaning slowly. I started to do fingering to her pussy and she is moaning more and made her legs more closer and her pussy became very tight and I am doing fingering very fast and she is moaning loudly and she is shouting Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah………………. and I hold her boobs with other hand and squeezing them and started to give liplock to her. After sometime I stopped kissing and still doing fingering her pussy very hard and she moaning very loudly Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah…………………. and suddenly she released orgasm and all the orgasm felt in my fingers and on car door and on the seat. She asked me keep my dick in her mouth. I went nearby to her and kept my dick in her mouth and seeing her wet pussy filled with full of her orgasm and wanted to lick her pussy and went to lick her pussy. We went into 69 position and now she is on my top of me and I am lying on the seat. She started to do blowjob to me and she placed her pussy on my mouth and I am licking and biting her pussy. After sometime she released another orgasm on my face and I made her to lay down on the seat and took her both legs on to my shoulders and kept my legs one leg on top of her and another leg down and inserted my dick inside her pussy. She moaned and I started to give strokes. My dick didn’t went inside completely due to not having proper comfort and she is asking me to fuck her hard she is not feeling satisfied. I tried to insert it more but due to not having comfort my dick is not going completely inside her pussy. In the same time car went into a pothole on the road and a sudden jerk happened in the car and my dick went completely inside her pussy. She moaned and asked driver what happened. He said that car went into a pothole. She asked him to drive in more potholes. But there no too many potholes only a few are visible that too for very long distance and they are also very small and won’t be having any impact on the car. She got disappointed and not understanding what to do and stood up and looking around outside and she found a empty space nearby to the road which is completely uneven and she asked driver to go to that empty space and drive there till we asks you to stop. It is a SUV car which is having more ground clearance and it can easily drive on the uneven places without any problem. Driver started to went towards that empty space and Mala came closer to me and hugged me and kissed me and we both are hugging each other. My dick is already in her pussy. We went nearby to that empty space and in the starting itself we went into a big pothole and my dick went completely inside her pussy and she moaned loudly Ahhhh………….. and I started to give strokes. Driver reduced the speed and going very slowly. Immediately she said to him to drive as fast as he can on all the potholes. He increased the speed and he is driving at 30-40 kmph in all the potholes and the car is jumping up and down and my dick is going deep inside her pussy each time and she is moaning and enjoying. Driver is wearing seat belt so there is no much impact on him. We both are holding each other very tight. I am holding her boobs very tight and she is holding my ass and dragging me more closer to her to insert my dick deeper inside her pussy. I am fucking her hard and she is moaning loudly and we are falling on each other and squeezing us each other and biting us each other and enjoying. After fucking her for 40 minutes I released sperm inside her pussy.

She asked driver to drive back on the highway and he started to drive back onto the highway. We both are feeling bodies pains due to jumping up and down in the potholes and even car is also not going properly due to driving it continuously for long time in the potholes. In the same time driver said that car is not going properly we need to give some break or else it will get into trouble and he said even he is not able to concentrate on the road properly due to continuously jumping and driving in the potholes and he also want to take rest for sometime. Even we both are also feeling body pains and need to get down from the car and relax for sometime. She asked driver to stop at any restaurant and after going few distance we found a restaurant and he stopped there. We wear our dress and get down. Even driver get down and greeted us and telling us to go inside by keeping his hands in front and giving too much respect to us. I had never seen him before giving that much respect to us and got a doubt and watched clearly at him. Actually his dick is erected and he is trying to hide it from us and keeping his hands at the pant and acting like he is giving respect to us and hiding his erected dick from us. I noticed his erected dick and looked at him. He is looking at us without giving any expression and telling us to go inside. Mala didn’t noticed him and she is walking towards the restaurant. I too went behind her and we both went inside. The next minute we both went inside the restaurant he started to ran towards the crop fields beside the restaurant and went into the bushes and came back after 10 minutes very relaxed.

We have ordered the food and food had been came and we are playing jokes and laughing at each other and eating it. We completed our lunch and came out. She said to driver to eat and come and he went to eat come after sometime. Within the time we both are roaming around in the empty space outside of the restaurant and playing with each other and enjoying. In between I asked her many times where we are going. She is not saying and diverting the topic everytime and after sometime I stopped asking her about that and continued to speak with her randomly about something and playing jokes and laughing at each other and enjoying. After he coming back after eating we started again.

After getting into car and started Mala and me sitting very close to each other and after sometime we both are hugging and kissing and after continuosly hugging and kissing each other sometime we felt horny again and started to squeeze each other and I started to smooch her neck and cleavage and she is also feeling horny and tried to remove my t-shirt. I stopped her without removing and continued to smooching and licking and squeezing and kissing and hugging her over the dress all the way to the destination. She is moaning and enjoying. After sometime we reached the destination and we both get down. Driver also get down and again he is giving respect as he given before at restaurant. I noticed that his dick is erected again. This time even Mala as well noticed that and looked at him and said him to leave the car here and go back to the home and given money to him. Also told him to tell to her mom and dad to don’t come this side till she comes back to home. He took the money and started to home. I asked Mala

Me: If he goes to home who will take us back.
She came to me and hugged me and said
Mala: Don’t worry I knows how to drive the car.

I too hugged her and we both started towards the place she brought us. It is a farm house. It is there in the total area of 30 acres and the house is constructed in the middle of the land. The house is fully covered with Coconut trees and Manago trees and many other types of trees around the house. We both went inside the house we started roaming all the places in the house and she is showing me everything in the house. The house is constructed in one acre of land. At the last we went to the back side of the house and I saw a swimming pool in the house and got excited and ran towards it. She too came back behind me by running. I went nearby to it and standing there and watching it with full of excitement. She came near to me and looked at me and asked me did I want to swim. I nodded my head and said yes. She immediately went and brought swim suit and given to me and told me to wear it. We started to change our dress on front of each other. I removed my dress and wear the swim suit. It is little bit tight for me but I can manage. She removed her dress and wear the swim suit. She is damn hot in that siut. Her boobs are attracting to come and eat them and her waist and ass are looking very nice. By looking her like that itself my dick started to erect. It is clearly visible in that swim suit that my dick is getting erected. I went nearby to the pool and standing there and looking into the water with full excitement. I saw Mala is coming towards me by running and want to push me into the water. She came nearer to me and I immediately hugged her before she pushed me and we both jumped into the water at once. We hitted into the water with full force and water sprinkled away. We both went deep into the water. Her body is feeling very soft to me in that swim suit and immediately my dick got fully erected and she is feeling that and hold my dick and squeezing and rubbing it. We both came up in the water and she asked me whether I knows the swimming. I said I knows but not that much. I can’t swim for longtime inside the water. I can just swim on top of the water. Immediately she dragged me down into the water and started to give liplock to me. We both are kissing each other and hugging each other. After sometime I can’t take breathing and swim up. She also came up and told that even she can’t stay long time in water. Even no one can stay long time in the water. You are having less capacity to stay that’s it. But you can stay in water. Come on lets us together increase our capacity to stay in water and again she dragged me into the water and again started to kissing me and hugging me. I also started to feel horny and wanted to want it more and started to squeeze her. After sometime we both came out and we both are looking at each other and I started to kiss her and dragged her inside. We both are hugging and squeezing each other. After sometime I removed her bra of swim suit and squeezing and smooching her bare boobs inside the water. She started to rub my dick over the swim suit and inserted her hand inside my short and rubbing my dick. We both came up and looking at each other and squeezing each other and again we both went inside. I removed her panty and made her completely naked. She removed my short and made me completely naked. I am squeezing her boobs and fingering her pussy. I came up by holding and squeezing her boobs and by fingering her pussy and lifted her up and came out with her by lifting her up on my hands and squeezing her boobs and fingering her pussy. After coming up I slowly lifted her down to my mouth and kept her navel on mouth and smooching and kissing on her navel button and she is laughing and moaning and enjoying with my act.

We both came up and started to kissing and hugging each other and holding each other tight and squeezing each other and started to swim from one end to another end by hugging each other inside the water. That is very nice. After sometime we both got tired and went to the climbing out bar and sitting on it but we didn’t went outside.

We both are holding it and sitting and standing on that bar and getting relaxed. I am seeing her ass and boobs with erected nipples are looking very nice in that water and pressed her to that bar and started to squeeze her boobs and ass hard and hugging her tight and kissing her. She is also responding very well and started to rub my dick and started to do hand job in that water. I am kissing and squeezing her boobs, waist and ass and she is doing handjob to me and we are enjoying. I kept my fingers on her pussy and squeeze it and started to rub it. I started to insert my fingers into her pussy and started to do fingering. She is moaning and moving her body up and down each time I do fingering to her pussy and she is moaning. She is also rubbing my dick simultaneously while I am fingering her pussy and giving the same movement of I am fingering to her pussy and looking at me and we both are enjoying by looking at each other. After sometime I asked her I want to lick her pussy. She immediately hold the climbing bar tight and left her body into water and made her body to float up. She is looking very nice in that. Her pussy came on to the exact height of I am standing in the water and her boobs with erected nipples are floating above the water. I went in between her legs and started to lick her pussy by squeezing her boobs with erected nipples poking out in the water. After sometime she asked me that she want to do blowjob to my dick and asked me to do the same as she did. I too hold the bar and floating on the water and she came nearby to me and started to do blowjob.

After sometime she went to the bar and sitting on it inside the water and I want to fuck her and went near by to her and hugged her and dragged her out of that bar and made her to sit on edge of the bar and pointing my dick to her pussy and trying to insert it inside her pussy. She understood that I am going to fuck her and hugged me and wrapped her legs around me in the water and moved closer to me and I inserted my dick into her pussy with one force and she moaned. I made her to sit on edge of the bar and started to give strokes to her and she is moaning and water is moving up and down with full force when I am fucking her each stroke and I fucked her 20 mins and released sperm inside her pussy. After that we went to the room and did bathing and it is getting dark outside and I asked her

Me: When we are going to leave?
Mala: After a month just before to our final exams.
I got shocked and said
Me: What?
Mala: Do you think just for one day enjoyment we travelled this much distance and came here?
Me: Where are now?
Mala: We are more than 120 kms away from our home.
Me: What? We are going to home after one month just before to our final exams and that too we are staying 120 kms away from home.
Mala: Yes we are going to have sex all the month when ever we want and enjoy all the time here.
Me: No I want to go to home. I thought it is just for one day trip and didn’t told to my mom as well. Even I didn’t brought my clothes as well.
She pushed me on to the bed and laid on me and said
Mala: Going? Where you will go? You can’t even move out of this house gate. If you want to tell to your mom just call her and tell. If you are thinking about clothes there no need of them here.

I called my mom and said that I came to a trip with my friends and will come to home after a month. After sometime her servants prepared food for us and we ate it and went to room and slept. We stayed all the month till our exams there and all the time naked in the house. We never came out of the house and enjoyed inside all the days and just before to the exams we went to the home and took hall tickets and wrote the final exams.

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