Mommy fucked by Mistake

Mommy Fucked by Mistake

All the characters in this story are above 19. This story is a part of a big one. I divided this into parts. Please try to read the whole story. Hope you guys will enjoy it.

It was a Saturday evening when I woke up with a jolting sound. I opened my eyes to find my parents again starting their Fight. It is a routine thing for us. I found my brother and sister beside me, laughing at them.

They were twins and twenty years old. I know nothing will happen through this Fight because I have been seeing this Fight since childhood. I am 23 years old, with a semi-dark complexion and a muscular body.

My name is Sangeeth. My brother and sister’s names are Keshav and Keshava. My father’s name is Mohan. And my mother’s name is Pranathi.
Our home is a 3BHK apartment. My mother and father would sleep in one master bedroom, and my brother and sister had a separate room each. Our hall has a very big space.

I do not have a room because I have got a software job. So, according to my company norms, I should relocate to any location they have given me. So when I was home, I used to sleep in the hall and use my brother’s bathroom.

Pranathi: I told you before itself. In our room, no lights were working properly. I told you to call the electrician. Nothing is proper in this home.
Mohan: What should I do? It is not my mistake. I called the electrician thrice. And it is not the only reason you are arguing with me.
Pranathi: Do not utter a word, Mohan. Children are in the home.
Mohan: I am not the one who started it, Pranathi. You started it.
Pranathi: Ok then. It is my mistake. Now you keep Quiet.

I used to laugh at my dad because everyone knew it was our mom’s mistake. But my father used to be silent always. He remains silent. Even my mom knows it is her mistake. But this time, it was a big fight. My dad was very angry about it.
If my father is angry, he won’t talk to the person he fought till he gets cool. Sometime it may take a week. The best part about my father is he, and I look similar, like brothers. Our body sizes and our clothes sizes were the same. No one could differentiate between us if my dad and I stood side by side.

They both stopped fighting because my father angrily stormed out of the home. It was night, and we all were having our dinner. I can see the tension on my mom’s face. She was worried a lot about my father. But this is common to them.
He will come late in the night. He won’t speak to my mom for two to three days. Everything after that is normal. We all had our dinner and went to sleep. My mom felt a little guilty about it and went to the room.
I used to smoke after having my dinner daily. So I went out and smoked till my heart desired. And I came home before anyone saw me. I forgot to use a mouth freshener after smoking. Now anyone can find out if they stood close to me and talked.

My father came home at midnight. He was full and did not want to eat anything. He told me to sleep in his room as he was very angry at my mom. I did not know what to do and went to sleep. My father was exhausted and slept immediately. I turned off all the lights and went to my parent’s room.

In my parent’s room, I found out that no lights were working at all. So I went and slept on the bed. And after ten minutes, my mom put her hand on me and told.

Pranathi: I am sorry, Mohan. (she thought of me as her husband). I did not do that intentionally.
I did not speak because she could find out about my smoking. So I stood silent. Then in that dim light, she stood up and sat on her knees and told
Pranathi: I know what makes my hubby feel good. I hope you did not have your dinner yet.
Pranathi: And guess what? Me too. You eat my pussy, and I will suck your bloody dick.

Then she removed her Pallu. I can not see my mom’s boobs properly as there is no light. She then immediately grabbed my hands and put them on her Breast. I did not know what to do.
Pranathi: You like my boobs, Mohan. Now squeeze them as hard as your heart desires. Pinch my nipples and Fuck me hard.

Holding my mom’s boobs and listening to her cuss words gave me an instant hard-on. For a moment, I thought it was taboo and a sin. But that feeling died very soon. Now I do not want to miss the situation. Now I want to fuck my mom at any cost.
Pranathi: Now, also, you do not want to speak?

I remained silent while I squeezed her boobs. She was giving very soft moans as I squeezed her boobs. I put my right hand on her waist and pinched it hard. And I went near her mouth and closed her mouth with the same hand while I squeezed her boobs with my left hand. She held my hand and told

Pranathi: Ok. I understand. You do not want to speak. Neither me. Tonight we enjoy ourselves.
I took the AC remote And decreased the temperature to the least.
Pranathi: Baby, You are already making me feel wet. You can not see my face, though.
Pranathi: Tear my clothes off, baby, as you always do.

Then I tore her blouse apart. As soon as I tore the blouse, her boobs came into my hands. Oh my god. I never thought the boobs were so fluffy and touchy. It was like holding pure cotton in my hands. I made a V shape with my hands and scissors around her nipples. It gave both of us a different sensation.

We both undressed in no time on the bed. As soon as it was done, she came on top of me. My dick stood between her thighs and mine. She put her hands on my bare chest and made art on it. I took my mom’s boobs and caressed a little bit, and started sucking her nipples. While sucking, I bit her nipples.

Pranathi: Oh my god, baby. When did you become a nipple sucker?

I stood silent because I would miss the best night of my life if I talked. That day I found that boobs have the restorative power that makes sex enjoyable. I sucked my mom’s nipples for a minute. And she held my head tight and kissed my lips. As soon as she did that, she stopped kissing and told

Pranathi: (angrily) Baby, when did you start smoking?
I did not mind and kissed her cheeks, then her forehead and neck, and again returned to the lips.
Pranathi: I know you smoked because of me. But it is disgusting, babe.
I kept kissing her lips hard. I took her upper lip and yanked it. I was wild on her.
Pranathi: Ok. It is ok. Please do not repeat it, babe.
Then she started kissing me more passionately. She hugged me tightly, holding my head and kissed me vigorously.
Pranathi: Today, I am feeling weak (“ha,” she moaned) when you hold me. What did you do out, babe?
Pranathi: I can feel your dick throbbing against my thighs. Fuck me, babe. Please fuck me.

She was in a riding position, and guided my cock into her pussy. In one stroke, I rammed my dick hard into my mom’s pussy for which she shouted, “Aaahhhh.”

Pranathi: It has more girth than ever, babe. Did you take any viagra?

I did not mind her and kept fucking her wet pussy while pounding her breasts very hard. I can sense the tightness in her pussy. Her walls Push my dick from either side. I spank her ass cheeks, “Chap.”

Pranathi: Oh baby, what happened to your dick. I can feel it very big today. (she moaned ) Please do not stop.
Pranathi: Harder.

I went near her and hugged her tightly while she rode me very hard. Her Soft boobs touched my Solid chest.
Pranathi: Pull my hair, babe.

I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back. And then I started kissing her more passionately. It feels very good when I fuck my mom. All thanks to the bloody electrician.

Pranathi: I want you to cum deep inside me.
Pranathi: you are tearing my pussy apart. It feels so good.
Pranathi: if and only this happens daily. I will fight you daily.
She started digging holes with her nails on my back. I kissed her ear and made a bite mark on it.
Pranathi: I love your cock. Deeper.
Pranathi: You are hitting my G spot, babe.

Then I started fucking her faster. I kept one of my fingers in her ass and started fingering. Her ass is so tight than her pussy. Even only I had one more chance. I would fuck that ass and tear it, also. Then I kept the same finger in her mouth. She happily sucked it clean.
Pranathi: Oh, that is it, baby. You are going to make me cum.
And I thrust her legs so hard that even my balls want to enter her pussy.
Pranathi: Mmmmmmm, I love it, babe.
Pranathi: I am going to squirt.

Her tits jiggled vigorously while I fuck her wet pussy.
Pranathi: You are going to make me orgasm.

With that, she came. But I am not done yet. She took my penis out and spat on it. I can not see her facial expressions.
Pranathi: I can not wait to taste you.

She gave me a handjob for 30 seconds.

Pranathi: I love giving you oral. I want every last drop.
Then she put my cock in her mouth. It is one of the best feelings I have ever had. I never know mom’s mouth fit my cock exactly.
Pranathi: it is a strange babe. Today I felt your cock increase a lot. And you did not come till now.
Pranathi (while throbbing my dick with her hand): Today, again, I am getting so wet just blowing you.

I grabbed her hair and pushed my cock deep inside her mouth. She was gagging, and I was enjoying it. I was face fucking her for three minutes and cum in her mouth. She took every drop. She stood up while eating my cum and told me.
Pranathi: It was the best sex I have ever had.
She kissed me and went to sleep. For a minute, I did not believe that I had fucked my mom. It felt so good. I kissed her and went to my brother’s room to sleep.

In the morning, we all have breakfast as a family. My mom bought the breakfast and served it to us. But I was looking at her body only. Those big melons in my hands and the tightness of her pussy gave me an Instant hard-on.
While eating, my mom was trying to make a romance with my father, who was not at all interested. Then she spoke loudly.
Pranathi(to all): I am sorry, Mohan. I told you yesterday night only, right?
Mohan (to my mom): When?
Pranathi: In the room. Before we slept.
Mohan: But I did not sleep in our room. It was Sangeeth who slept in our room last night.

Then my mom saw me angrily and understood everything. I felt a little ashamed.

The Next Morning

We all are having our breakfast at the dining table. When my dad told my mom that I slept in their room last night, my mom frowned a lot at me. She was looking at me angrily while having her breakfast. We were looking into the eyes of each other. But, one can say I see with lust towards her.

My motive is very simple. Before doing a thing, I think a lot. But, after, I do not give a damm thing about it. I know she won’t tell me to leave home. But if she does, I can now leave on my own. So I am looking at her confidently.

It was a Sunday morning, and my dad insisted we go to the movie. He asked me to come, but I told him I was not interested. My brother and sister are up for the movie. He asked my mother.

Mohan (to Pranathi ): Pranathi! Will you come?

Pranathi (looking at me): I want to settle some things. You guys go.

After ten minutes, they started their way to the theatre. It was 10 am, and 11 o’clock was the show. To reach the theatre, they started early and went. Now my mom and I alone are there at home. I was busy with my work on the laptop.

My mom came beside me and sat on the sofa. It had been 15 minutes. We were not talking to each other. I broke the silence first

Me (looking at my laptop): Will you speak anything or stare at me like that?

Pranathi: Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for what you did last night?

Me: I feel very bad about it, mom. But, at that moment, I could not control myself. And you were so horny.

Pranathi: So what idiot? Why didn’t you open up in the first place?

Me: Yesterday night, I smoked and came to sleep. I got scared. What happens if you find out about this habit?

Me: And the time I was going to open. You put my hands on your breasts and cussed vulgarly. By doing so, I had a hard-on. I could not find any other situation and made use of it.

Pranathi (very angrily): So you smoke regularly?

Me: Yes, I do. Everyone does this in the software world. Are you angry at me because of smoking or last night’s issue?

She started crying and told.

Pranathi (while wailing): This not the way how we nurtured you?

Pranathi: (while wailing loudly) You did it purposely because you know I can not tell this to anyone.

I went to console her. I put my hands on her shoulder and gently cared.

Me: Mom, please do not cry. I didn’t think so much. I went with my senses.

She did not stop her crying. Her eyes and face became red. Those tear drops fell on her breast over her saree. Making a thick black line on her face due to the eyeliner. I looked at it. But I only remember the last night’s incident.

I thought about how I squeezed those big boobs with my bare hands last night. I was staring at her breast only. My both eyes fixed on them. I saw my mom, who was now very angry at me. But, did not utter a word. She stopped crying and looked at me.

I held her pallu and left it on the ground showing her big boobs. She stood idle while I took off her pallu. At that moment, I had a rock-solid hard-on and told.

Me: Mom, I am sorry for what I have done. And… And… what… What I am going to do to you now!

By saying so, I went near her face and licked those tears on her cheeks. She did not utter a single word. I did not understand what was going on. I kept my hands on my mom’s blouse, holding her boobs and squeezing them very hard till my heart desired.

Me: Your boobs are so fluffy and touchy, mom.

She still stood dumb. I am in no mood to control myself. And I hugged her very tightly. I kissed her on the neck and made a red bite mark. I went near her left ear and sucked it. I put my hands in her hair and kissed her on the forehead. Her hair was tied in a ponytail.

Me: Say something, mom.

I saw her again, and she still stood dumb, looking at the ground without even blinking her eyes.

Me: Speak up, you dumb bitch.

I grabbed her by the breast and yanked her upon myself. Her soft 44D boobs touched my chest firmly. I put my hands on her ass cheeks through the saree and petticoat. I squeezed her ass cheeks roughly.

With all the lust in my head, I cannot think properly. I took some deep breadth and told

Me: I am sorry, mom. My eyes were closed with lust looking at your Beauty. Sorry, I am leaving. I need a smoke very urgently.

I turned myself and started going out. Suddenly I sensed someone holding my hand behind my back. I looked to see who it was. It was non-other than my beautiful mom.

Pranathi: Please continue…

“What the fuck!” I thought to myself and asked.

Me: What?

Pranathi: I am enjoying it but not expressing my feelings.

Me: Are you serious?

Pranathi: Are you deaf?

Me: Mom, are you sure?

Pranathi: Call me by my name. You need to know something before that.

Me: I am not interested in knowing anything. I want fuck you hard while the lights are on. I missed your orgasm yesterday.

Pranathi: But first, listen to what I will tell you.

Me: Ok, go on.

Pranathi: Your dad is bisexual.

Me: What the Fuck?

Pranathi: And both your brother and sister are also bisexual.

Shock after shock. I am not able to believe it.

Me: But how did you know about this?

Pranathi: You have no mind. Who’s going to tell me this? Your father told me this. Both your brother and Father fuck each other daily if you are not home. Even your sister joins them. And the worst thing is, they do it in front of me.

Me: What the hell are you telling me, Pranathi? You are not joking, right?

Pranathi: Why would I joke this thing to you? Everyone in this home is bisexual except you and me. At this moment I am very happy about it.

My mind hit a blank wall. I took a cigarette and lit it. My mom took one and did the same. We both were smoking, thinking about what To do. I saw her and asked.

Me: So, what should we do now?

Pranathi: Do you know why I am more dominant towards your father?

Me:(exhaled the smoke) No, I don’t.

Pranathi: Because he is not dominant in the bed. But I want to be submissive towards him, at least while we have sex. And he gives me a priority in everything. He does not want to enjoy it with me. He only enjoys with your brother and sister.

Pranathi: I have several things on my bucket list that I would like to do in bed. But it is not possible with your father. Now you can fulfill my dreams. (she put her cigarette in the hash tray) I will do anything you want me to do. Anything!

Me: Take off your clothes.

She did not ask why. She did exactly what I told her. Now I see my mom naked. And I ordered her to take off my clothes too. She did, and we both are now naked. I want to play rough on her.

Me: Kneel!

Pranathi: What?

Me: Kneel, you bloody!

She knelt and looked at me hungrily. I slapped her on the face, ‘Chap.’ She did not restrain. Instead, she smiled. One more slap, ‘Chap.” She started smiling more.

Me: Tell me about your Bucket list.

Pranathi: I barely need BDSM sex since my marriage. And do whatever you want to me. I like masochism a lot.

Pranathi: Be my master, and I will be your slave. I want you to give me pain and take pleasure through it.

Me: From now on. You will get what you want.
Pranathi still knelt, looking hungrily at me. She is thoughtfully enjoying my slaps. She was right. She likes masochism a lot. While slapping Pranathi, I realized that I am more interested in sadism. Maybe that is why women are always under men. They would rather be fucked than fuck.

‘Chap,’ one more slap. Her face became red due to the slaps, but her smile increased. This ended very soon when my father, brother, and sister entered the home. They rang the doorbell. I ordered my mom to dress up fast. She did and went to open the door.

They returned home with some Chinese food. They bought me noodles. I hate those noodles a lot because a single noodle has a meter’s length. The noodles taste good but cannot be held by chopsticks. We sat at the dining table at 3 pm and started having lunch.

My mom sat exactly opposite me, which was good for me. I signaled her to lose her blouse a bit cause I am interested in looking at my mom’s big boobs all the time. She hesitatingly said no, moving her head without uttering a single word. I seriously looked at her. She immediately opened the top button of her blouse.

I am barely looking at her cleavage only. I signaled her to open one more button. She looked at everyone and opened one more button. Now I can look at her cleavage. But I want to see her complete boobs free of that blouse. I signaled her to open one more.

She looked at my dad, sister, and brother, and after 2 minutes, she did. Now part of her boobs came out of either side. Looking at those big boobs, I stopped having my lunch looking at the magnificent visual. She has only 5 buttons on her blouse.

If she removes one more, automatically, the fifth comes out. Who cares except her husband? I ordered her to open one more button. Now she got very tense and started sweating more. My mom and I sat at the edge of the table. My dad sat beside me, and my brother and sister sat beside my mother.

I pressed her leg with mine under the table and signaled her with my mouth looking only at her, “Open, bitch.”

After five minutes of thinking and ruining her right leg, she finally put her hand on the fourth button. She looked at me. I was very desperate to know what would happen next.

I told her again slowly, “Open.”

She tensed a lot and, one final time, looked at everyone and opened. Oh my god, I just saw her big boobs stretching their way out of her blouse and opening the last button. She immediately covered her breast and ran into her room. My manhood already rose to its fullest.

Thank god no one saw her. But while going, my brother and father asked her.

Mohan: Pranathi! What happened?

Bhargav: Mom! What happened?

She did not listen to them and headed directly to her room while holding her big boobs. I was very horny and laughing at that moment. My father turned towards me and asked

Mohan: What is there to laugh at?

Me: I think it is the food, dad. I find it strange. I have some office work. I will have my lunch in Keshav’s room.

Keshav: Ok, bro! Anyway, Keshavi and I are going shopping. Carry on.

I took the plate full of noodles and went to the room. I am in a state of laughter and horny at the same time. After 20 minutes, someone knocked on the door. I went and opened it. My mom stood there, and I let her in.

As soon as she came in, I closed the door and asked

Me: Anyone home?

She stood on her toes, aimed her beautiful big boobs straight toward my chest, and hit firmly. As soon as the boobs touched my chest, I tightly held her by the waist and kissed her roughly. She broke the kiss and told.

Pranathi: Your brother and sister went shopping. And your father went out somewhere.

Me: Ok. Very well.

Pranathi: What do you think about it? Will they again go out to have a threesome?

Me: How would I know? You should know it.

Pranathi: Even I do not know what they are up to. I am starving.

Me: I have some noodles with me. Come and eat.

We both went and sat on two chairs opposite each other.

Me: Pranathi! Why do you think these noodles are so big in length? Do you even like them?

Pranathi: (while chuckling) Just like yours! So I love it.

She started eating, and I got a new idea. I told her to stop eating and gave her my eye mask. I told her to put on the mask and wait for my instruction. She put on the mask enthusiastically and waited for my command.

Me: Mom, sorry, Pranathi! Now I will put one end of the noodle in my mouth and the other in your mouth. We are going to suck till the end and kiss each other roughly.

Pranathi: But why do you want to close my eyes for that?

Me: Shut up and obey your master’s order, bitch!

Pranathi: Ok. Master. But as soon as you get closer to me, I will bite your lips.

Me: Ok, do whatever you want. I’ll instruct you when I come near your mouth.

With that, I put one end in her mouth, and she started sucking it roughly. She came closer to me

Me: Just it, you are nearing. And I am waiting for you.

With that, she smiled and came more passionately to bite my lips. We were about to collide, and I told her

Me: Yes, that is it. You came near me.

With that, she opened her mouth in a big o and bit me. She opened her eye mask and was surprised to see what had happened. What I did was I took the other end and wrapped it around my dick. Now she came close and bit my cock.

I held her by the hair and yanked my dick straight into her throat. She gasped vigorously because the noodles stood between my dick. I pushed it deeper into her throat. She wanted to be free from me but could not escape my grip.

I rammed her throat in and out, roughly holding her ponytail hair in my hands.

Me: Suck it, you bloody bitch! You were born to suck my dick!

I put my hands in her hair, and with one smooth motion, I held her ponytail and made it loose. Now her hair held loose, which every man wanted while having a blowjob from a woman.

Me: (‘Thu’ I spat on her) Always leave your hair loose bitch.

I held her ears from either side, holding them tightly and pushing my cock deep into her mouth. She moaned, “Aaaaahhhh,” while I fucked her throat.

With a high jerk in my balls, I came into her throat. I pulled my cock out. And she spat the noodles, along with my semen, on the floor.

Me: Eat it!

She saw me and bent down, lowering her back slowly. She touched her tongue to the ground and ate everything.

Pranathi: Well, that was unexpected!

She stood up and went near the mirror to adjust her dress. As soon as she turned after getting readied beautifully, she was stunned to see me.

Pranathi: What the fuck is this?

While I bathed in my brother’s bathroom last night, I saw a bunch of big ropes on the ceiling. I took them while my mom adjusted her saree. I went near her and kissed her on the lips.

Withholding her lower lip with my right hand, I guided her toward the bed and threw her on the bed. I took the rope and tied her up. I tied her hands off her back and tied her legs tight.

Pranathi: What the fuck is this man?

Me: Are you up for BDSM sex, bitch?

Pranathi: Yes, very much. Is it a part of it? If so, please torture me, give me the pain I want, and have your pleasure through it.

Me: I will, bitch.

I turned back, took my belt off my pants, and hit the ground hard. It sounded ‘thup.’

Me (turning towards my mom): Only the best can do it. Are you the one?

She looked at the belt and me. She was tensed and happy at the same time.

Pranathi: I am ready for it.

Me: Then we will start the session.

To be continued.

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