The New Girl-1

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The New Girl – Part 1

Hi friends, my name is Preeti and I am a woman with a very sexy figure (38D-30-34) and 5-10” height and of mixed race basically my paternal family from Haryana and my maternal from kottayam. I have been a very big fan of this website because it gives me a lot of pleasure to read all the stuff posted here especially because I found many experiences here similar to mine.

Being a single woman I also have my share of physical needs. Yes, you read that right that I am a single woman and never married by my own choice. While I have had hundreds of boyfriends and lovers in the past and even now, I just was not interested to get permanently hooked in marriage to anyone because I wanted a variety of men in my bed to enjoy with.

I have two sons aged 18 & 20 and will talk about them later. I also know that the only thing that matters to most men is sex more than anything else. I was 18yrs old then when this life changing episode happened and I turned into a sex machine. My Dad, mom and me stayed in a one-bedroom house coming from a lower middle class family.

My parents used to sleep on the double bed and I on a mattress on the floor beside them till I was 16 when I got caught by mom watching them have sex after which I was moved out to sleep on the divan in the living room, however I still continued to watch them peeping every night.

Till I was there sleeping in the bedroom I used to see my parents having sex every night in various positions making funny noises when their bodies hit each other and also equally funny sounds (which I later understood were moans) seemingly deriving ultimate pleasures because of whatever they were doing which at that time I did not understand.

I also had seen mom masturbate enough times with a carrot or other similar veggies every time dad was out on tour. While I did not understand what she was doing I surely knew that it was something very enjoyable and it remained the biggest mystery question in my head. Because of this curiosity I was desperate to find out more about it so I could also experience those pleasures.

Let me come to the main episode which dates back when I was in high school. My body grew rapidly showing transformation to a full grown woman from when I was in high school. The only thing that started late was my periods at the age of 19. I was growing pretty big breasts but not so big butt and my breasts were bigger than all of my lady teachers.

I was very active in sports due to my height and build and was in most of the school teams playing with the seniors and was very popular having won so many tournaments. I enjoyed the company of boys mostly elder to me because I considered myself no different from them. We were at that time based in a very small town where my father was a manager in a private company and my mother a bank employee.

When I played games my breasts used to bounce because of their size and that caused me a lot of embarrassment because none of the other girls including older ones had breasts anywhere close to my size. My biggest embarrassment was, while playing games like kho-kho or kabaddi because boys would mostly grab me by my boobs as it was the easiest thing to grab because of their size.

However, when anyone touched my boobs it triggered strange feelings in my body and that is the only part that I loved. I strongly felt my big boobs was retarding my sports career. I went to my mother and complained about my breasts bouncing all the time and even more when playing games.

She thought about it and got me to strip my top and looking at my chest said I should start wearing a bra below my slip to support my breasts. She gave me one of her own (size 32C which I read on the label attached to it) to try. She taught me how to wear it and while the bra supported my breasts much more firmly in place it also made them project much more forward.

Well this was the best option I had at that time and so I eagerly accepted it. Now I felt much better and more confident while I played games because my breasts didn’t bounce as much as before. At the same time, it became even more easier for the boys to grab my breasts due to the projection made by the bra. In fact, from the day I started wearing the bra I felt a lot more eyes on me from men of all ages.

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