The New Girl -16

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous part here (The New Girl -15 ) so you can enjoy this better…

Khan took me to the bathroom, cleaned and dressed me up. I observed he took keen interest in dressing me every time. I saw the time, it was nearly school closing time, Khan and Govinda rushed back to their jobs. I ate my lunch while the bell went off.

I took an auto(tuk tuk) and went to the doctor’s clinic. He had a few patients but after seeing me, he sent them all quickly. He called me inside locking his door and asked “why did your mother not come today”.

I said “uncle she would need to take half day’s leave to come, since I am grown up now, I decided to handle everything myself from now on”. He said “Preeti I have been missing you ever since you came here last”.

I hugged him saying “uncle I too have spent so many sleepless nights waiting to be with you again”. I removed all my clothes and sat on his examination table. He stood facing me placing his hands on my boobs while I held his face and kissed his lips.

After the long kiss he asked “where did you learn to kiss like that Preeti”? I said “uncle I have been learning by watching adult movies”. He asked “what else did you learn in the last week”?

I unzipped his pants taking out his cock and began stroking it with my hands. He was surprised, I said “doctor uncle, my boobs are longing for your care”. He started squeezing my boobs and sucking my nipples giving me the exact same awesome pleasure I experienced the first time with him.

He went on for a long time till I had an orgasm. He made me lie down and I opened my legs. He touched my hairless pussy and said “Preeti your honey pot is looking very beautiful, when did you shave it”?

I said “uncle I watched many xxx movies with my boyfriend during the last week. I learnt that men love a hairless pussy more, so I made him shave it”. He said “Preeti you seemed to have learnt a lot in one week, since how long do you have this boyfriend”?

I said “uncle he has been my boyfriend since many years but only after I met you, in the last one week he taught me a lot about sex”. Uncle was still fingering my pussy while talking to me and my juices started continuously flowing.

He was often licking my juices off his fingers. He finally put his mouth to my pussy eating it while I was running my hand in his hair pressing his face harder to my pussy.

After eating my pussy for a while and drinking my juices he stood up, now I got on my knees giving him a blowjob. He said “Preeti you are so amazing, I have never experienced such an amazing blowjob from any woman before”.

After sucking him, he made me bend on his examination table like last time. He put on a condom and came behind me tonging my ass and pussy again. I said “uncle, I am begging you, please fuck me now”.

He stood up and pushed his cock slowly in my pussy saying “please call me Sundar my darling Preeti”. I said “fuck my pussy harder Sundar, I have been longing for your cock since many days”.

Sundar increased his pace, he asked “how many have you enjoyed with”? I said “Darling my boyfriend fucks me everyday only in the evening and that is not enough. So I made many friends who take care of me during the day”.

I felt his thrusts getting harder now, I asked “Sundar darling are you close to cumming”? He said “yes Preeti”, I said “Sundar cum in my mouth”. He pulled out in time removing the condom and pushed his cock in my mouth releasing a significant load.

I swallowed everything and sucked him clean. I said “darling your juice is very tasty and quite a mouthful”, he said “Preeti darling this is because of your amazing pussy that I came so much, thank you”.

I pulled him close and we smooched again, I asked “Sundar can you please fuck me once more”. He said “no darling, I am very tired. Sundar was sitting in his chair while I was sitting in his lap holding his cock between my legs.

He asked “Did you have sex before coming here today”? I said “yes darling, 3 times”. He could not believe it, he said “how is that even possible, I see you are still in your school clothes”.

I said “you see I have many men in my school who take care of my needs during school time”. He said “you seem to be from Venus because I have never come across a woman who can handle so much sex”.

I continued stroking his cock while we spoke and could feel him getting hard again. I got up and gave him a blowjob and he enjoyed it. I climbed across his lap pushing his cock in my ass riding him.

Sundar also held my butt giving strokes from below saying “god has made you for only sex Preeti, you have the most beautiful body I have ever come across”. After some time, I got up and again bent over on his table.

This time he pushed his cock in my ass and resumed fucking. As this was his second time he lasted longer giving me another orgasm before cumming in my ass. Then he sat down in his chair sweating and panting hard.

I got off his table with his cum trickling down my thighs, he quickly got up and cleaned me with tissues. I got dressed and asked “What about your fees for today Sundar Darling”?

Sundar kissed me on my lips saying “Preeti you need to tell me your fees for giving me such a great time, so how much do I need to pay you”? I kissed him and said “Sundar darling for you no fees ever because you introduced me to this wonderful world of sex”.

He opened his drawer and counted 5k, he gave it to me saying “keep this. Please see if you can come more often because I want to enjoy more with you”.

He gave me his direct number and said “please call me before coming so I don’t make you wait”. I said ok and left picking my bag. I took an auto and went to mom’s regular tailor.

This auto driver was a young guy in his early 20’s and constantly kept staring at me thru his mirror. I could feel his eyes on my chest but I ignored. We reached and while getting down he asked “madam will you need an auto again”?

I said “yes”. He said “fine madam, I will wait”. I was about to take out cash to pay him, he said “madam you can pay me at the end of the trip”. I said ok and went inside the tailor’s shop.

I was greeted by Aslam who is the owner and mom’s regular tailor. He asked “baby why have you come alone? Where is your mother? I replied “uncle mummy would need to take leave from office to come with me, so I thought since I am grownup now I should handle things myself”.

He seemed impressed but at the same time I caught him staring at my chest while talking. He said “baby you have come after a very long time and you seem to have grown really big and beautiful”.

I knew what he was referring to, so I said “uncle please call me Preeti”. I put my hands on my boobs and said “see uncle my clothes have become so tight now, please alter them and make them loose, also stitch me some new ones”.

I put all the clothes I had brought along with the new dress materials on his table. I said “All these clothes including my school dress need to be altered”. He took one blouse and me to the back of his shop behind a curtain and put it on a hook.

He said “Preeti please wear this so I can see where the problem is”. In the past I have stripped to my underwear in front of him many times so without hesitation I removed my kurta and put it on the hook.

I took the blouse top and wore it with the top three buttons open and showed him how tight it was. All this while he was openly staring at my boobs with wide eyes despite knowing that I was watching him.

He came close to me and put the third button and the top got stretched. He tried to close the 2nd button and my top got further stretched like it would tear the buttons any moment.

I looked below and saw a very big tent in his pants, I was feeling very happy that something interesting might happen here also. He cupped my boobs over my clothes pressing them hard for a while.

He said “Preeti your boobs have become really big, I will really need to work on your clothes”. Then he left saying “I will come back with my measuring tape and notebook”.

He came soon and kept everything on the shelf. He turned me facing the mirror and came behind me and cupped my boobs again. His hands felt really good on my boobs triggering my arousal.

I felt his erection touching my butt making me very horny for a fuck even though I was not expecting it before. He unbuttoned my top and cupped my boobs over my bra and said “Preeti your boobs are so big and beautiful”.

At the same time the pressure of his cock in my butt increased. He removed my top and put it on the hook, he knelt behind me openly feeling my butt cheeks with his big hands squeezing and massaging them till my ass crack.

I was wishing he did not probe any further between my legs or he would have felt my wetness. He fondled my butt for a long while, he said “Preeti your butt has also become so big and beautiful”.

Saying this he stood up again pushing his cock much deeper in my butt this time. I too opened my legs slightly making it easier for him because his huge cock was feeling really good against my butt.

He asked “can I remove your bra so I can take better measurements”? I nodded yes. He unhooked my bra and put it on the hook. He asked “Preeti I hope you are not uncomfortable because I am undressing you”?

I said “uncle how many times in the past you have done this, do whatever you want because I am also feeling very good”. He cupped my boobs with his large hands squeezing them gently with my nipples between his fingers.

He crouched a little trying to push his cock deeper and I too raised myself on my toes wriggling my butt naturally guiding his cock deeper touching my wet pussy.

He got my signal and started slowly humping me from behind while squeezing my boobs for a long while and a soft moan escaped my lips. He let go of me and untied my salwar.

Then along with my panties he pulled it down to my feet and I stepped out of them standing fully naked facing him. He said “Preeti I have never seen such a hot and sexy figure ever before in my life. You are really gifted”.

I said “thank you uncle, you are the first person to say this. You are making me feel very good with everything you were doing earlier, please do it again uncle”.

He said “Preeti you call me Aslam only”. He came back behind me and openly pushed his cock back between my legs and I too raised myself on my toes helping him progress deeper like earlier.

He resumed humping me harder this time while his one hand was massaging my boobs and the other was fingering my engorged clit. At the same time, he was licking my ears and neck making me swim in sexual ecstasy.

I couldn’t help running my hands in his hair over my shoulders and soon I experienced an intense orgasm. He held me tightly till my orgasm passed, then he turned me around and I smooched him.

He removed his pants revealing a thick 8” circumcised cock, I quickly got on my knees giving him a blowjob. He said “Preeti you are really awesome, till now no woman has been able to give me so much pleasure with her mouth, not even your mother”.

I was shocked to hear mom’s name and now I wanted to get more info. I was suspecting that mom had been enjoying sex with him without dad’s knowledge.

I asked “mummy only sucks your cock”? He said “she sucks my cock for starters, then I make sure to fuck her pussy and bubble butt at least twice otherwise she does not get completely satisfied”.

I continued sucking him while talking, I asked “when does mummy come to you”? He said “she comes every day at 2pm after lunch for 1hr. On Sundays she comes at 5pm for 4hrs. Today also she was here and left only 30mins before you came”.

I thought mom never allowed dad to fuck her a second time and here she was doing it daily with Aslam. She also never let dad fuck her ass and here she was doing it daily.

I got up and smooched Aslam once more and said “Aslam I also want to experience the pleasures of your beautiful cock”. He made me lie on the carpeted floor and mounted me missionary style.

I guided his cock in my pussy, he pushed it in slowly stretching me wide and thanks to so much sex in the last one week I was enjoying it. Aslam started fucking me with powerful strokes rocking my body while squeezing my boobs and sucking my nipples.

I was fucking the same man who had fucked my mother a short while ago and that gave me a crazy thrill and another powerful orgasm. I was so impressed with Aslam that after fucking my mother twice a while back he was fucking me good now.

After 15minutes I asked “Aslam are you close to cumming”? He said “not at all my dear”. I said “can you please give me the pleasure of your beautiful cock in my ass also”?

We got up and I stood bending forward against the wall while he came behind me. I guided his cock in my ass and he resumed fucking me with full force. He cupped my boobs from behind pinching my nipples while fucking me driving me crazy with pleasures.

After another 20minutes he increased his force and I was sure he was going to cum. I said “Aslam I want to drink your juice”, he quickly pulled out and gave his cock in my mouth and came.

He released a huge quantity of cum in my mouth and I swallowed it all. We sat on the floor resting for a while, he said “Preeti you are much better than your mother, I always wanted to cum in her mouth but she never allowed me”.

I said “I am happy that you enjoyed Aslam. Do you want to take my measurements now”? I stood up fully naked while he took my measurements still fondling my boobs. I was waiting to see if his cock would get hard again.

He asked “Preeti if you are not in a hurry then I want to enjoy you once more”. I looked at the time and it was 3.30pm already, I was also thinking about the auto driver who was waiting outside.

I said “Aslam I am already very late today, you take your measurements now, I will surely come back again tomorrow with more time on hand to enjoy with you. Just don’t tell mummy about all this. Ok”?

He said “don’t be stupid, I won’t tell anyone. Don’t worry”. He took me to the bathroom behind and cleaned. We got dressed, I said “I urgently need one school dress and two blouse tops by tomorrow evening, rest you can give me later”.

He showed me a lot of modern deep neck blouse tops from his catalogue and asked me to choose. I said “Aslam whatever you feel will look good on me and I can comfortably wear it in front of my parents, you go ahead and make it”.

He said showing me my school kurta “There is not much cloth left here to make it loose to fit you, I will have to stitch you a new one only, let me know by tomorrow”.

I said “fine, you first tell me how much are you going to charge me for all the clothes”? He said “you have already paid me, you continue to come regularly like this and I will stitch all your clothes for free”.

I thanked him and left picking my bag, I saw the time and I had been here for nearly an hour. I sat in the auto and said “sorry it took very long because the tailor had to take care of many things”.

He smiled looking at me thru the mirror and said “no problem madam, I can wait longer for such a beautiful lady like you”. I knew he was hitting on me but I thanked him anyway for the compliment.

I told him the directions to the supermarket where I had to go next. He kept chit chatting all the way still staring at me. I said “focus on the road before something happens”.

He said “you are so beautiful that I cannot take my eyes off you”, I just smiled without saying anything. I asked about him, he said “my name is Ramu and I am an under graduate”.

I asked “why are you driving an auto then”? He said “I dropped out of college in the final year because my father passed away and this is his auto. My father earned only by driving this auto and paid for my education also”.

I asked “fine but why did you not pursue you studies and complete your graduation”? He said “So after my father, I have taken responsibility of earning and taking care of my mother. It’s been a few years now and I have lost hope of studying”.

I felt sorry for him and kind of liked him because he was taking responsibility at such a young age, he was only 21.

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