Maid from Heaven – Part 12

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 11 ). Now let’s continue

We had two more beers sitting like this fondling each other. Then she pulled me to my bedroom where we had two rounds of sex before falling asleep. Next morning Uma woke me up stroking my morning wood.

Like earlier days we enjoyed one round of intense sex. Uma was participating more than before and was wild in bed. I was surprised at this new side of hers but did not dare to talk to her about it.

I was curious what Mary was going to say or do now that Rizwan’s episode was in the open. Mary walked in normally and winked and smiled at Uma. Uma too smiled back, today Uma escorted Mary to my room and left.

Mary asked me “what happened to her”? I said “I have no idea, maybe something happened between you both yesterday”? She said “nothing happened”.

I was too horny to be discussing Uma now, so I asked “darling are we lying naked in each other’s arms to discuss Uma now”? Mary smiled naughtily and kissed me, we had our usual two bouts of sex, the second one under the shower.

Then while getting dressed I asked “so did you take the pregnancy test”? Mary said “yes, I am doing it every week before going to bed but nothing positive has come. I am going mad worrying about it because the doctor had said I was normal and problem was with my husband”.

I asked “how is it that having sex with Rizwan also did not make you pregnant”? Mary stared at me in disbelief and understood that I now know everything, she said “I was desperate to get pregnant so I tried with him also but I don’t know why I did not get pregnant”.

She hesitatingly asked “do you know about Rizwan and Uma”? I said “yes”. Mary asked “do you know everything going on between them”? I said “yes I know. He only told Uma about you not visiting him anymore since we met”.

Mary was shocked and out of words. After a while she asked “do you know what Uma does with Rizwan when she meets him every day”? I said “yes I know. Uma tells me everything”.

Mary had a puzzled look on her face, she asked “are you fine with it”? I said “yes I am fine with it. After all Uma also the right to enjoy her life the way she wants to. And she still takes very good care of my needs, so why should I have a problem”.

We came to the hall where Uma had arranged coffee and breakfast for us. We quietly had it while Uma waited and served us. Mary left soon, today was a busy day for me because I had a few business meetings to attend so I got ready and left.

I had told Uma to use this time and organise her house and also prepare a grocery list of what is needed in both houses. I was going to be back in the evening so I told her to not wait for me for lunch.

She gave me a kiss and also opened the gates for me to leave still wearing the baby doll nighty but with inners this time. I was very surprised Uma was not longer shy to step out in the open in such clothes where most women wouldn’t.

I left in my car while she closed the gate and went inside. Many people passing by stopped to get a good look at her body but it did not matter a vee bit to her. The day passed normally for me.

Uma called me at lunch time saying “I have prepared a list of things we need, some are urgent. What should I do”? Now I still had meetings to finish and I was not with her, so I asked “how urgent is it”?

Uma said “I need a few things for dinner tonight”. I said “we can order from outside”. She cut me saying “I hate outside food. I want to prepare tasty hygienic food for you at home”.

I said “ok, let me think what I can do about it and call you back”. I called my regular store guy and told him my problem, he said he would send someone to my house to take the list from Uma and then deliver everything.

I felt relieved, I called Uma, I said “someone will come home shortly, you give him the list and explain whatever you want, they will deliver soon after”. Uma said “ok, but how do I talk to strangers”?

I got annoyed by her response because I had to go to my next meeting and I was driving, I yelled loudly “if you can handle Rizwan and the two delivery guys then why do you have a problem”?

She said “ok” in a very sad voice and disconnected the call. I realised this was the first time I had yelled at her forgetting about her background. I pulled over and called her back a few times but Uma did not answer my call.

I felt very bad and wanted to go to her right away to apologise but I could not miss these very important meetings. So I decided to deal with it when I got home in the evening.

I reached home by 7pm, Uma opened the door greeting me very cheerfully. She pulled me inside and we locked in a passionate kiss and hug till we were breathless.

I guessed she was horny probably because I had been missing the entire day. I saw she was only wearing a different baby doll nighty without anything inside. She took me straight to my bedroom and removed all my clothes and hers.

Uma got on top kissing my lips and continued down till my thighs and back. She stopped at my nipples and sucked hard on them giving me crazy pleasure. Then she went down to my cock giving me a thrilling blowjob.

then she got on top riding me and offered her boobs for me to fondle and suck at the same time. All this was too much for me and after nearly 10minutes I came inside her.

Now she got off and sucked my cock clean and pulled me to the bathroom. We got under the shower, she said “let me freshen you up Krishna” giving me a nice bath.

I asked “what happened to you today darling, I have never seen you so horny like this before”. Uma kissed my lips and said “today was a very long day darling, I will tell you later”.

I excitedly asked “you mean you got some action today while I was gone”? I was already erect when I said this, she guided my cock in her pussy fucking me standing, she said “yes dear, with two of them”.

I got even more excited, I lifted her with her arms around my neck and her legs around my torso humping her hard. I asked “you mean the two delivery guys”? She said “no, not both of them, only Aslam”.

I knew this was expected to happen someday and with my excitement growing I started pounding her harder. I asked “then who is the second man”? She blushed and said “Rizwan, who else”.

Even in this standing position she was gyrating her bottom in sync with my humping. Curious about how Uma would have enjoyed sex with Rizwan brought me to the edge and I again came inside her.

I lowered her now and she got on her knees sucking my clock clean once more. We finished out bath and came out, I was going to wear my clothes when she said “why do we need clothes Krishna, lets remain like this only”.

Seeing the time, I asked “don’t you want to go to the pub tonight”? Uma excitedly said “yes, yes, I want to go”, to pull her leg, I asked “what if my friends again try something with you”?

She said “on second thoughts, I will try to enjoy it and if possible make them feel good too”. My eyes popped out of my sockets listening to this. I asked “what do you mean you will make them feel good”?

Uma teasingly said “you always get a crazy thrill and hard on when I enjoy sex with someone else right? So I thought about it and your friends did not seem like a bad option. In fact, I seriously feel I should give Sachin also another chance”.

My head was spinning listening to all this because now Uma was ready to enjoy sex with my friends and that too in my presence. I asked “are you mentally prepared to do all this”?

She kissed me and said “I am ready to do anything that will make you happy, All I want is for you to arrange it for me”. I asked wide-eyed “How”? Uma said “You will figure out when the time comes” and grabbed my hard cock over my jeans.

Surprisingly I was really hard listening to what Uma had in mind for me and I was in a bloody rush to watch it happen asap. She was rubbing my crotch while I said “see darling what your plans have done to me, I don’t think I can wait much longer”.

She turned around and ground her butt on my cock, she teasingly asked “Do you want me to start tonight”? I screamed “yes, darling tonight, tonight”. I could feel my heart beating like a bass drum in my chest due to my excitement.

Uma said “I am ready, shall we start with Sachin”? I asked “You shouted at him last night remember”? She said “ok, we will keep him for the last, now out of Naveen, Zulfi, Chetan, Jiju & Suresh who will you choose”?

I said “well all of them were drooling on you like crazy, maybe you can try Chetan first”. She said “fine by me, he is a nice guy. I like him”. I said “I have a plan, you do exactly as I say and hopefully you will get lucky”.

She said “Instead of going to the pub can you invite him home tonight saying you want to discuss something, just make up something based on your professions. Doing here in the house will be easier and safer”.

This surely sounded quite sensible to me and it would also not raise any suspicion so I called him. He didn’t have any plans to go to the pub tonight but asked if Uma will also be there, I said yes. He quickly agreed.

I turned to Uma and said “Chetan will come at 9pm, what do you want to wear”? she said “you wait right here” and went to her house and came back 30mins later.

My jaw dropped looking at her walking thru the door, she was looking as hot as a playboy model. I was speechless gasping for air, my throat dried up, feeling dizzy all at the same time.

She wore a bright pink mini skirt with a maroon semi-transparent top with red inners, black stockings and heels. She had her top three buttons open showing her full cleavage of her big boobs clad in a push up bra.

She had also worn the red lipstick and nail polish accentuating her hotness. She asked “Krishna do you think this is fine”? With difficulty I managed to say “you are looking very hot and irresistible Uma, if we went to the pub tonight then all hell would break loose with the men there”.

Uma blushed and buried her face in my chest. I placed her hand on the bulge in my jeans and asked “what do you want to do about this”? She asked “do you think you will be able to finish before Chetan comes”?

She did make sense and time was tight so I said “fine we will do after he comes”. She looked at me surprised, she asked “what naughty ideas do you have in mind”?

To be continued….

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