Sex With Other Hot Colleague

Hello, this is Manish and today, I am narrating you my experience with Tanisha. I happened to meet her at my office. I worked closely with the team in which she is working in my office and she was the go-between.

At 31 and basically from Bangalore, Tanisha always had a smiling face and a body that is slightly chubby. She always used to wear a scarf but the rest of the clothing were tight-fit and revealing at key zones. I complimented her for the colours she wore the first day I met at her office. She blushed with a nice smile within that scarf.

As the project progressed, while discussing things over coffee, I asked her whom does she take for shopping? She said she goes alone and sometimes, she takes her 9-year-old son. “What about your hubby? Doesn’t he like shopping?”, I asked.
“Once or twice in a year when he comes to India”, she replied.
“Oh, that must be hard for a wife”, I said.
“Yes, that too when handsome men hang around”, she said which took me by surprise. But I said, “Oh, handsome men would like to join if invited!”
“Invited for?”, she raised her chin and eyebrows.
“Shopping or whatever”, I said. And now our conversation was getting out of business.
“So, you can do whatever?”, she had a smile on her face.
“Yeah”, I winked.
“Really? Do you like me?”, she wanted to hear a yes even though she knew the answer already.
I took a deep breath and leaned a bit forward in the chair and said, “You know the art of dressing so much that you tempt a man to put his hands on those..”, I said in a low voice.
“What are your plans for tomorrow?”, she asked me.
“The slot is free for you. Up to you to fix it”, I said.
“Naughty”, she hit my shoulders. I sensed that she had already started to get playful. And then we left the place.
At around 9:30, I got a message from Tanisha saying, hi. I replied.
She asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was just watching news alone and asked her what she was up to. She sent me a selfie in her night dress, with her hair open. She looked slutty.
“You look irresistible, I think you are giving my hand some real work”, I replied.
“You are really hard for me?”
“Yeah, really.”
Tanisha immediately sent me a location and asked, “Can you drive up to here for me then?”
“Seriously? What about your son?”
“I just put him to sleep.”
“Don’t message me again”, I said.
“Why!!!!!?”, she panicked a bit.
“I will be driving.”
“Wow. Really? I just missed a heartbeat seeing that last message”, she said with an angry smiley.
“I will compensate for it by making your heart pump more blood.”

I didn’t even bother to change my clothes. I drove in my t-shirt and track pants with the direction on maps. It took only 20 minutes as there wasn’t any traffic jams at that hour and yes, I accelerated a bit.
The map guided me to an apartment. While I was thinking to park my car outside the complex, the watchman came to me and asked if I was a guest of Tanisha’s door number (she had informed the watchman before). Then he guided me into the parking area.
As I entered the lift, I could already feel that my cock was getting out of its slumber. And when I got out of the lift and looked out for the door number, I heard a door open on the other side. I turned to that side to see Tanisha waving with her head out and then she stepped out signalling me to get inside quickly.

The Muslim beauty was wearing a cream colour nightgown and a push up bra which was showing her womanhood. She closed the door as soon as we entered. I quickly grabbed her by the waist and started to sniff her neck. The scent made it irresistible and I licked from her neck to her earlobes.

Tanisha started to lose her control as well and she bent towards me putting all her weight onto my body. I turned her face towards me while still poking her ass with my dick and kissed on her lips. At the same time, my hands started to work on her sexy boobs. Not one of the softest I had ever felt but it felt firm. I put my hands over her cups and there I was able to feel her hard nipples. It was protruding and an easy target for my hands.

Within a couple of minutes, the hot Muslim married girl started to loose the energy in her legs and looked helpless with lust oozing out of her eyes. Tanisha blushed when I looked into her eyes and hugged me tightly holding me for a support and putting all her weight. I held her buttocks and tried to lift her, she immediately cooperated by jumping onto my waist, locking her legs.
We kissed like two horny teens and then she jumped out as if she suddenly recalled something and asked me, “Sorry. You wanted something to drink? What could I serve you”.
I said, “Nectar”.

She didn’t get what I meant and it was obvious from her expression. I grabbed her by neck and smooched her lips.
“Mmmmmmmm.. mmmmm… mmmm”, I heard a slight moan from her.
Then she pushed me into the sofa and without bothering for permission, she pulled the tag of my track pants and put her hand in! For a moment, she felt it inside holding my dick in full palm and smiled at me. “Let me see what’s hidden down there”, she pulled my manhood out for free. Caressing it, she gave it a deep look.

But, suddenly, she excused herself and ran towards the room to check her son through the door and then she locked it from outside. In the same speed, she ran back and straight away put her mouth to my cock! Her mouth had all the skills required.
Tanisha first put my cock deep up to her throat and then started to move her tongue vigorously. Then she took it out and started to play with my foreskin. She pulled it up, sucked it and repeated as if like a 4 year old kid in joy when she gets her desired toy and at the same time, excited and confused on what to do.

I pulled out her gown. She had a beautiful lingerie but I wasn’t in a mood to enjoy the garments.I wanted to see the naked angel.
I unhooked her push up bra and there it was – her 36C size boobs in beautiful shape with pink nipples. There were a few stretch marks on her belly which added to the hotness. I slowly caressed her boobs. She sat on my lap to feed the nipple into my mouth. I slowly encircled my lips over that nipple and she let out a sigh “aaahhh” while bending her head backwards.

But soon she grabbed my head and forced me to suck her boobs once for all. While sucking, she started making slight movements with her hips, feeling my dick in her ass crack. When I looked up, Tanisha was staring at me with lusty eyes again. I held her head and gave a deep kiss to her pink lips. We kissed for a 10 long minutes while my hands hands were busy kneading her sexy boobs.

Then Tanisha stood up and started running her hand from my head, then towards my neck and then downwards to my chest, abdomen and finally, she grabbed my dick. Feeling it in her hand, she gave me a slutty look and winked at me. She took it out and started to lick it from the top to the bottom. Tanisha skillfully did it for many times before finally giving a deep throat.
After some time, I lifted her up. Then, sitting on the sofa, I held her upside down so that I could lick her pussy while she sucked me. But I couldn’t do this more because she was unable to control and her legs started to get close automatically. I then put her on her knees and stood there placing my dick in her mouth. She sucked me well until I shot my cum. She was hungry for it. While still gulping my cum, she said panting, “Wow.. thank you.. thank you.. my taste buds needed that.. mmmm..”
She then opened the fridge and served me ice cream. While I was eating it, she started to put each spoon of ice cream on my cock and the licked it from there. It made my manhood to get into position quite soon. I then fell over her on the sofa. She she said that she want to be fucked like a bitch.
I turned her around into doggy position and entered her dripping wet pussy. With my each stroke, I heard deep moans from her. I then increased the pace so much so that the sofa started to move out of its place. Finally, it found itself safe onto a corner when I took a break after 20 minutes.
When I took my cock out, Tanisha turned and looked at my cock and said, What the fuck, you have not yet cum?!”
“Why? You wanted me to? Can’t you take more?”, I asked.
“Oh man, tell me if you meet any woman who doesn’t”, she turned around and spread her legs wide and said, “Ramm it baby, my pussy is all for you.. Please..”
After digging her in missionary, I stood up and held her over my waist and pounded her. She screamed in such a voice that I was pretty sure that her neighbours must have heard it.

And then I finally erupted the jet streams inside her pussy while making her lie down on the sofa. She gave me a deep smooch, thanking me. We then moved to the shower together and with her tongue, I got another hard on which had to be relieved by banging this hot beauty against the wall under the shower.
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