Kate’s prom date revisited

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Kate had not seen Neil since they her senior year of high school. Her prom date senior year, they went their separate ways for college and Neil missed each other at the high school reunions they each attended. Neil friended Kate on Facebook earlier in the year and they had traded a few messages. Neil now lived in Dallas and Kate found herself headed there to see a friend.

She got in on a Thursday evening and would not see her friend until the following day, so she mentioned to Neil she was going to be in town and free on Thursday for dinner. It happened that Neil’s wife was out of town visiting family, so he happily agreed to meet Kate for dinner.

After she landed, Kate grabbed and Uber to her hotel—the Westin downtown. Her mind wandered, thinking back on their prom night. Neil was a nice guy, everyone’s friend and when Kate and her boyfriend had broken up a couple weeks ahead of the prom, Neil happily stepped in to take her. They had a fun night, dancing and laughing and when they left the prom, Kate asked Neil if he wanted to go down to the point, the place where kids from their high school went to “park”, Neil seemed surprised. “Do you want to?” Kate asked. “Um, sure,” Neil responded, sounding nervous.

Although Kate had been a good student and an athlete, she had a bit of a reputation. Several guys claimed to have benefitted from her oral skills and other guys had claimed that she “likes to fuck.” Much of it was true. Although Kate had been with her boyfriend for over a year, she did start early, giving blowjobs to a few boys in her neighborhood and on a couple of dates, and having sex with two older boys before she met her most recent boyfriend. She was very active with her boyfriend. His mother worked so she spent many afternoons at his house “studying.” Even though he had cheated on her and was pretty much a dick overall, she missed the sex.

Neil found a spot at the end of the road, away from several other cars that already had made it there. He felt Kate’s hand on his leg. She looked at him and smiled. He smiled nervously back. Kate was not bashful and her hand slid up his leg towards his crotch, the side of her hand brushing against his balls. Neil felt himself getting excited. Kate leaned forward and kissed him. Slipping her tongue into his mouth, her hand now feeling around for his cock through his pants. She could tell it was large and felt it getting hard as she touched him. This excited her.

As they kissed she fumbled with the buckle on his belt until she was able to unbuckle it and then find the top button of his Neil’s pants, which were now sticking out prominently. She unzipped him and, in the moonlight, could see his large erection straining against grey boxer briefs. A small wet spot of pre-cum already had formed on them. Kate unbuttoned Neil’s shirt, exposing his chest and stomach and traced her hand down him to his waistband.

She pulled the elastic downward, revealing the biggest dick she had ever seen in person. It was long, thick and veiny with a big mushroom head, fully engorged, almost throbbing. Neil looked nervous as Kate took it in her hand. He moaned approvingly as she began to stroke it. She smiled at him as she lowered her head toward his big prick. She playfully circled the head with her tongue, licking the pool of pre-cum out of the opening, then letting the whole head slide into her warm mouth.

Neil was pretty inexperienced, having just done some petting on a few dates and had one girl jerk him off. The feel of Kate’s mouth around his cock was unlike anything he experienced before. Kate began bobbing up and down on half the length of Neil’s long, thick rod, stroking it from the base with her other hand. She obviously knew what she was doing, he thought, remembering some of the stories he had heard. Up and down she rhythmically sucked him. It felt incredible and he felt the build up of his load coming on. He watched as she expertly pumped his shaft in rhythm with her lips sliding up and down. Occasionally she was taking more of his length in her mouth. He felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. She didn’t gag, but she didn’t take him deeper.

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