Karen turned cuckold

Well this is the first story of Karen’s adventures. Karen has wrote and submitted most of them. She had cheated on me a few times the first 5 yrs we were married. We split up for about 2 months, then started talking to each other again.

One of best friends told me 1 evening after a few drinks slipped and told me Karen had a few one night stands on me. She said she fucked a guy I work with plus a few that she knew. I was angry and shocked I had no idea. Her friend said she setup 1 guy at her house one afternoon because Karen asked her too. Plus a neighbor boy a block away she fucked him I her car. A off duty cop that was working a big casino with others. The cops had a trailer out back of the building. She only just met him through another friend of hers and fucked him a hour later while I was playing blackjack. I guess I almost caught her I was told. Probably others that I haven’t found out about yet. I never thought my wife was that horny, I knew she wasn’t shy at all and has a great body 36c tits.

Well a few days later Karen and I was having a coffee and I asked her if she ever cheated on me. She said of course not why am I asking that. I said I know she has and bought up some names, well she went as white as a ghost. I said Karen you want to talk about it or not.

She started crying and said she had. I said tell me who and how many I want you to tell me the truth. Then she said most of them was when I didn’t pay much attention to her or we had a big fight. I asked her how she could fuck strangers in just a few minutes of knowing them. Karen said she has no trouble being naked in front of guys so it is easy. She told me about most of the guys some names she has forgotten. After a month or so we moved back in together.

Then I started to wonder how Karen acted or suduce the guys. It was driving me crazy so I asked her if she could fuck someone while I watched, she said maybe but not in same room. I said maybe I could be outside and watch through the window, she said maybe and that was all she said. I had to figure out someone who we didn’t know to go along with my plan. I checked dating site and lavalife has a couples ad section so I registered us on it.

I placed an ad for a 19-23 yrs old guy as Karen has a thing for younger guys . I had alot of response and had to pick a few from it. I met a couple of guys and they weren’t into being watched, then I met Martin he was 21 and just got back from a year in Europe. Good looking guy with longer blonde hair and a baby face kinda. I explained what I wanted and didn’t want to rush my wife into it. I wanted her to flirt and tell me when she was interested. So that means maybe meeting at a bar by coincidence or someone I work with. I picked the bar. Karen and I went to our local hang out and sat at the bar, I told Martin to meet us there. Sit beside me like we didn’t know each other and I will start a conversation.

Martin was right on time and sat at the bar 2 stools down from me. Karen went outside for a cigarette and Martin moaned beside me. I said let me do some talking first. Martin was working for a pool table setup man at the moment. Karen and I were talking about getting a pool-table for our rumpus room downstairs.

Karen is very good at pool so it will be great for a conversation. Karen returned and I was talking to Martin I introduced her to him and said he sets up pool-table for this company. That way see got in the conversation also, Karen seemed to like what we talked about that evening plus having drinks helped things. She played a game of pool with Martin at the bar I could tell she liked his company. They finished and came back and sat down I ordered another round and Karen went to the bathroom. Martin said she is one hot momma and he would love to have fun. Good I said did she flirt or anything while you played pool, no she just chatted and played.

We left after 2 hrs and I got the name of the pool-table company he works for. On the drive home I said Martin seems like a nice guy, she agreed and said cute too. I laughed and asked he one of your type of guys. Karen smiled and said maybe, then we talked about buying a pool-table table and Karen said sure I’ve always wanted one.

I few days later we went to were Martin works and checked out tables. Martin was in the showroom when we got there. He showed us different models and asked Karen what she liked. Karen picked a medium priced one and Martin said he was going to give her his discount price. That impressed her I could tell, plus he would have to come over to set everything up for us.

The table was delivered on Wednesday and Martin would setup on Friday. I work till 5 but Karen works at home so Friday was good. Martin called and told Karen he would be at our home around 12 if it works for her, she great. I called her around 11 in the morning and asked if he showed up yet. She said no and was just getting dressed from her shower because she was digging in the garden. I asked her to call me later to let me know how things are going.

Martin was right on time wearing blue jeans and a white tight tee shirt. Karen asked if he was hungry before he started and he said no he had a big breakfast. So Karen took him down to the rumpus room and told him were to place it. I guess there is lots of pieces to a table so it would take a little time. Karen called and said things are going okay she is chatting to him about life while he worked. I got home and joined them they were having a beer at our bar laughing. Karen said you want a beer honey I said sure.

Karen was wearing a light summer dress that was low cut showing her cleavage and perfume on with makeup. Martin says he just letting the cover dry and Karen asked him if he wanted a beer. We talked fir quite awhile and Karen said you have to stay and have pizza with us. He said that would be great. Karen went up to order one so I talked to Martin a little. He said she always gave him a smile while he worked and she smell awesome to him. He said he hasn’t slept with anyone in 8 months. I said I was working on something but would let him know what I come up with. Martin said he was in no rush and probably better that way.

We went up and had wine and pizza and had good conversations. Karen sat beside Martin on the couch most of the time. I was getting excited watching them talk and wishing Karen was naked beside him. But around 9 Martin had to leave and Karen said he had to come back next Saturday for a bbq for getting us a great deal on the table. He paused for a second and said okay but you don’t have to. Martin left and Karen sat down and said he is really sweet guy. I chuckled and said your 12 yrs older than him. She said so that’s only a number. He must not have a girlfriend I said, Karen said he broke up 8 months ago after 2 yrs. I’m glad you in invited him back I like him also. I was excited all week I think we had sex 3 times that week. Saturday came and it was a hot summer day Karen was in a bikini top and cutoffs and barefoot.

Martin showed up in shorts also and a mesh tee shirt showing his muscles. Karen was really tanned and only had a few white spots. The afternoon went great. Karen was the bartender and never let Martin’s glass go empty. After she has a few tequila shots she is a flirt. I didn’t seem to mind so Martin went along with it also.

Martin to start to feel the booze also so he slowed down. It was about 8:30 and Martin said he was going to head out. I said no you’ve had to much stay here for awhile to sober up to have a sleep on the couch. Karen agreed and he said okay your right.

I setup a call from a friend pretending to be work that a compressor was acting up and I would have to check it out. Karen answered the phone and came and told me. I said shit I’m having fun, Karen said it sounded serious, so I’ll go and see. I said I’ll call you after I find out what’s wrong. I told Karen to make sure Martin doesn’t leave here tipsy. do whatever you need to stop him and smiled. What do you mean by that, nothing I said. I left for tand went to the store and got a coffee and parked up the street. I made sure the curtains were open in the livingroom and downstairs bedroom just in case something happens.

I came back 20 minutes later and looked in the side window to the livingroom, Karen was on the chair and Martin was on the couch. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but I watched Karen leave and go to the bathroom I thought. She came back wearing a black nightie and stockings and a pillow. Martin sat up and she sat down and he put his head on her lap. They were just talking and she was touching his hair. I called her from my cell and said I’ll be awhile at work fixing. I asked what she’s doing and she said just talking to Martin on the couch, he’s probably okay to drive but not sure. Okay I said I’ll phone again when I leave here. She sat back down but her nightie was pulled up so his head layed on her legs. She still played with his hair and his hand was touching her nylons. His hand got closer to her side now. He sat up and I guess he was going to leave. Karen leaned over and gave him a kiss and he didn’t stop kissing her back.

His hands were on her ass, Karen stepped back and lifted her nightie off and fell to the floor. Martin started to kiss her erect nipples and squeezed her ass. Karen sat back down on the couch and Martin was holding her tightly and kept kissing her. I could see Karen’s hand was near his crotch area checking him out. They started talking a bit then Karen stood up naked grabbed his hand and led him to the downstairs bedroom. They stood beside the bed and Karen was working on his shorts and pulled them down,lifted his shirt off and started kissing his nipples then down to his very hard cock sticking straight out. She was on her knees licking his balls and then the precum off his head.

Then her mouth was all over his cock, her hands were pulling his ass and she kept sucking. He shook and I guess he filled her mouth with cum. Martin was shaking a bit and they layed down on the bed. Martin was still hard and Karen was kissing him. He rolled on top and his cock found her wet pussy and he started to bring his cock almost out and drove it hard in her. Then he was squeezing her tits and plowing his cock in her. He pulled out and rolled he on her belly, lifted her ass up and stuck his cock back in her. She kept her ass high to take every stroke he made. Karen must of climaxed by now. Her tits were swaying with his strokes what a site I was watching. I had my cock out stroking myself I came fairly quick.

Martin was still fucking her like no tomorrow then he collapsed on her and she fell to the bed. They layed for awhile and started to kiss abit. I could tell Martin wasn’t finished as he was getting hard again, he was a good 8 inch cock. Karen got ontop and placed his cock in her still dripping pussy. She bucked back and forth on him and later without loosing him did a reverse cowgirl. She was almost looking straight at me watching but had her eyes closed. He tits bouncing up and down was a huge turn on my heart was pounding watching her fuck him stupid. I had one of those disposable camera in the car and took a few photos of them. I sure Martin cum for the 3rd time cause Karen layed back down. She kissed for a bit and she left. Martin got dressed and went upstairs. Karen had her housecoat on and she kissed him goodnight.

I got home 10 minutes later and she told me what happened while we had a drink. I said I know I watched you have fun. She said was it good for me as it was for her. I said yes and let’s do it more . She said maybe. Over the next few years I came up with different things for her to try. 3somes. Exhibitionists, striptease, blacks, lot of things. I’m a total cuckold husband and she my cuckold wife.

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