Karen and the bachelor party

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Well you guys and girls thanks for the awesome comments you leave. I almost forgot about this story till my husband reminded me of it. I helped my best friend Lynn sometimes as she sells My Cherie lingerie and toys at home parties and I model some of the outfits for her.

Friends have told me I have a great figure, not a runway model or anything like that. I keep I good shape and have a great pair of boobs. I probably done 6 or 7 parties with Lynn and she gives me a cut on what she sells. Sometimes I get to keep a discontinued item which hubby likes.

This one night a few years ago Lynn asked me to help with this big couples party which I’ve never done before. Most of the time just women at these things. Some of the outfits are very revealing. I’m not shy by any means and Lynn knows this. Of course I’ll help you might be fun. I told my hubby what I’ll be doing Friday night and he had no problem with it. I did my regular thing bathed makeup and hair. I just wore blouse and jeans and heels as I change into lots of items there.

Lynn picked me up at 7:00 and drove to the house. It was a beautiful place in the hills and some fancy cars in the driveway. Lynn and I looked at each other knowing these people had money and it might be a good night. We entered the house and the hostess was Barbara and she took us the livingroom. There was 7 couples there. Lynn introduced us and she past out catalogs of the products.

I just sat and had a stiff gin and tonic waiting for Lynn to Finish her thing. She would let me know what to model. Also if we had the item and someone wanted to see it I would put it on. We started out with some cute babydoll styles, they really just showed my cleavage and legs. I would walk around the room and stood in front of each couple. They all had order sheets in front of them with colors available. Then I put on 2 longer gowns 1 in white 1 in red color. The white one you could see my tits through the material and when I modeled it in front of the men I really had their attention. Barbara’s husband really didn’t take his eyes of me for long. The expensive gowns seemed to be even more revealing, if the light hits right you could see right through them.

Barbara’s husband Jack asked to see one of them. Lynn got it out and I went to change into it. I couldn’t wear panties as they didn’t match the outfit. I came out and the group really liked it. Lynn said it came in 3 colors and she only had the red one. Of course the guys loved seeing my tit and ass through it. Later after a few more drinks I did bra and panties and stockings in different lines. Lynn and I must if been there over 21/2 hrs. My last outfit was modeled and I went to change into street clothes. I was totally naked when the bedroom door opened it was Jack thanking me for the evening. I just grabbed a sheet to cover up. He was blushing and apologized for not knocking, right I’m sure I thought to myself all he wanted was to check me out. I sat and waited for Lynn to wrap things up with the party. One guy brought me a drink and asked what he thought his wife would like. I said the types sell the best and these are bedroom favorites. I couldn’t believe he checked 4 of them off and said thanks.

They all thanked us for a great show and we left. In the car Lynn couldn’t help herself she gave me a big hug and kiss. She had never sold so much at one of these parties. The next day Lynn came over and gave me $200 bucks as my cut of the profits. Lynn said it might get higher as Barbara has ordered yet. Some of the outfits were $150.00 each. Later in the week Lynn phoned and said she owed me another $100 . That’s awesome I told her. She said she’ll drop by the next day and wanted to talk to me .

Lynn came over to pay me and said Barbara’s husband Jack wondered if I would like to dance at his son’s batchelor party his friend was putting on. I would be with a professional stripper and he thought I might do it. I asked Lynn what she thought and she said all I have to do it show some tits and ass for some strangers. I show almost as much modeling with her. The party paid $500 plus all the tips I get from the guys. I said how much time do I have to answer, Lynn said a week to let her know. Well my husband came home and I told him of the offer I got. He was shocked at first but asked me if I could dance half naked in front of strangers. I said I’ve done simular with guys I picked up just not a room full. I said it might be fun and the money is good for our holidays. He said okay do it should he escort me I said no it would be fine I think. I phoned Lynn and agreed to do it next Saturday night.

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