Christmas Love – A shy teacher falls for her new assistant

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I love my job, I want to be absolutely clear about that. But sometimes being a teacher for second grade is beyond frustrating and there have been moments where I thought I would quit right then and there. I must have been too vocal about my struggles because after a few months into the school year, my bosses hired a paraeducator to assist in my classroom.

For those who are unfamiliar with the teacher world, a paraeducator (para for short) is a fancy title for teacher assistant. There’s a lot more to it than simply handing out papers when the teacher doesn’t want to, but I’m not going to get into the depths of it all. The most important thing is that when Caleb arrived, everything changed.

Having just returned from the way-too-short Thanksgiving break, the weather was starting to turn so it was a brisk November morning when the Principal walked into my room. I had just finished passing out the morning work papers the students would be working on when they arrived and was just about to sit down and finally drink my coffee.

“Good morning Angela,” The Principal greeted. Normally when the students weren’t around, all the adults used first names.

“Good morning,” I responded kindly, flashing a smile as I grabbed my Starbucks cup. I was about to speak when I saw the man behind my boss.

I don’t want to say meeting Caleb for the first time left me speechless. It did, but not for the reasons you would think. It was moreso because I was just not sure what to say and I always freeze up when confused.

Standing behind and slightly off to the side of the principal was a rather handsome man. I couldn’t lie even if I wanted to, the man was damn good looking. Shaved head, a well maintained beard full of dark hair, light coffee colored skin and brown eyes that seemed to just stare straight into my soul. He wasn’t big or exceptionally muscular, but it was clear he took care of himself, physically.

“This is Caleb Parker, new para we hired.” The principal stated, stepping aside to let the other man walk into the room. “I sent you an email that he’d be with you…” I guess my face had a confused look because the principal’s tone shifted into worry. I quickly averted my eyes from Caleb and formed a smile.

“No. Yes!” I fumbled over my word as I let my brain process what I was trying to say. “I did see the email, I just forgot about it in the moment.” I said before sipping from my cup. The principal chuckled at that.

“Good thing Winter break is coming up then, give you some time to recharge that noggin’.” The principal was corny, but it made me laugh regardless and I nodded my head in agreement. “Alright, well, Caleb here is yours to do with. Any questions just come find me.” The principal gave Caleb a pat on the shoulder and stepped out of the room.

“Go easy on me, Miss Reyes.” Caleb remarked.

“Oh it’s not me that you have to worry about,” I responded. We both laughed and I looked over the man in front of me once more before taking another sip of my drink.

Right then and there I knew I was in trouble. He had a nice laugh, infectious even, and he already knew my name. Probably because he saw my name plate above my door, but that just meant he paid attention to details. That was a good sign that he was going to be a good assistant. But that wasn’t the issue I was having. As I looked over at Caleb, I was suddenly feeling self-conscious.

I’m not going to say I’m this bombshell of a teacher, the kind that plagues every male’s fantasies. But I took pride in how I looked, I took care of myself and worked out every morning, wore outfits that looked professional but were still cute, and maintained a decent figure. I had had plenty of dates in my 32 years of life, even almost got married one time before. I had curly light brown hair that flowed to my shoulders, brown eyes, and olive skin.

All in all, I considered myself attractive without being conceited about it. Unfortunately, I remained spectacularly single. Meaning I couldn’t keep a guy no matter how hard I try. See, I have the absolute worst anxiety when it comes to men. I don’t know where it stems from, or why, but despite everything I do that is supposed to help it, the works out and confidence boosting outfits, my anxiety just never leaves. I’ve had plenty of suitors, single dads and co-workers mostly, but I always made it a point to not date within my bubble of of work because I didn’t want them to see me as the mental wreck that I am. Which made my initial attraction to Caleb even more worrisome.

“So where do you need me?” Caleb asked, his voice snapping me out of my thoughts. I pointed towards the smaller office desk on the back side of the classroom and finished my coffee. Much to my relief, the school bell rang, signaling the start of school and signaling my brain to get back into work mode.

The first day went a lot better than I expected. Caleb was extremely outgoing and social, making him almost instantly liked by the class. It was nice, to say the least, that I had someone to help redirect the kids. It meant I could focus more on the actual lesson and less on making sure the kids were behaving.

By the end of the week, Caleb had a secret class handshake with all of the kids, and I had somehow managed to stay professional. There was no denying I had an attraction to him, he was handsome and personable. But even though we talked often during the downtime, we managed to maintain a good level of professionalism.

Still, we took the time to know each other on a surface level. We were to be partners after all. By the end of that first week, I had learned that Caleb was a single father of a ten year old daughter, he was ex-Air Force, and he had just moved into our little town less than a year ago. In turn, he learned that I had a boat load of cousins in town, that I had never been more than 100 miles outside of town, and that I loved to cook.

The more I learned about him, the more he infected my thoughts when we weren’t together, and the more I became nervous to see him. The more I became nervous, the more I thought about him. It was a vicious, frustrating cycle that simply left me wanting more.

By the end of the second week we had exchanged numbers to communicate day plans easier. Week three, we were eating our lunches in the room together and swapping turns on buying coffees. Despite our good working relationship, we kept it as professional as possible. To the point where he never called me by first name, ever.

“How many times do I have to tell you to call me Angela?” I asked during one of our lunch breaks.

“Oh you’ll just have to keep telling me.” He responded. I don’t know why, but something about the way he said that sent chills down my spine. I bit my lip as I watched him eat his lunch and my eyes looked over his thick lips. Immediately my mind went to the gutter, and I began to wonder just how his lips would feel on me. I shifted in my seat behind my desk, feeling a heat rise from in between my thighs.

Come on girl, keep it together.

I cleared my throat and patted my chest like I had something stuck.

“Just forgot to chew,” I announced quickly after seeing Caleb look at me with worry.

“Yeah eating food is hard,” He remarked, his tone oozing with that smart-ass charm of his. I rolled my eyes and looked away to hide my smile.

As if on cue, my phone buzzed with an email alert and I quickly picked it up to see an invite to the annual Christmas party this weekend.

“Oh hey look at that, work party.” Caleb called out with the glee of a little kid. I looked over at him and saw him on his phone as well.

“You excited about work parties, Mister Caleb?” I asked teasingly.

“Only when they offer free alcohol, which they are.” Caleb pumped a fist into the air like he had just won a game.

“Oh you’re such a dork,”

“Damn right, Miss Reyes. Are you going?”

I shrugged in response. I usually never went to the work parties, mainly because I had no desire to see my co-workers drunk and acting like degenerates. Though I had no room to judge at the moment, as my head was still squarely in the gutter over my own assistant.

“Well I’ll just put you down as my plus one then.” Caleb stated.

“No!” I exclaimed louder than I anticipated. But Caleb ignored me and typed away on his phone with a grin full of mischief. “Caleb I really don’t…”

“Too late boss lady. You. Are. Going.” Caleb interrupted me and I narrowed my eyes as I attempted to give him the best death stare that I could. Caleb continued to grin and ignored my stare as he put his phone away and finished his lunch.

The rest of the day was relatively uneventful. However, I found myself silently angry at Caleb for signing me up for the party. It was childish, I knew that it was. But even still, he ignored me and signed me up for something I didn’t want to do. I couldn’t help but hold onto that childish anger for the rest of the day and didn’t talk to Caleb.

He must have gotten the hint because after about an hour after lunch, he stopped trying to talk to me and just went about his day. When the final bell rang and we let the kids go, I was more embarrased at being upset than actually upset. So embarrased that I continued to refuse to talk to Caleb. Even when he said goodbye, I simply nodded and hid my face, afraid I would say something foolish.

As soon as I was in my car, I let out a deep breath before glancing out the window. I don’t know what I was looking for, or who, but I continued to look around the parking as the other teachers and staff made their way out. Perhaps I was looking for Caleb, one last ditch effort of my subconscious mind to see if I could tell him sorry for being upset over something so trivial. Of course he was nowhere to be found, and I was soon sitting alone in the parking lot. With a heavy sigh and a shake of my head, I started my Prius and drove away with only one thought in my head.

You’re a fucking idiot, Angela.

The rest of my night was spent at home going through my usual routine. Making dinner while watching cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies in equally cheesy Christmas pajamas. For a time, my mind was not focused on my embarassment, but as the movie ended with the always predictable kiss of true love and happily ever after, I once again couldn’t help but start thinking about Caleb. I found myself constantly opening up my phone and checking to see if he had messaged me.

I don’t know why I was expecting him to text me. I hadn’t exactly given him a reason to talk to me after the silent treatment he received all afternoon. I felt like a little schoolgirl, waiting by the phone for my crush to call me. After about the fifth time checking my messages within the hour, I finally gathered up my courage and sent Caleb a text.

Hey, you got a minute?

I hit send and waited, flipping my phone over and over in my hand while I waited impatiently. A few minutes passed before my phone chimed with a notification. A little too quickly than I’d have liked, I opened my phone and saw I had a message… from Michelle.

Hey girl, saw your name on party list!

I rolled my eyes and quickly tapped a response in. Michelle was the last person I wanted to talk to right now, but now that I had opened the message, I couldn’t just leave her on read.

Yeah, I decided to give it a shot this time.

After sending the message, I switched to Caleb’s chat, only to see the status of the message was still on delivered. Which meant he hadn’t even read it yet. My phone chimed and Michelle popped up once again, stopping my mind from its inevitable jump to a random, worst-case scenario conclusion.

Oh? So that cute para of yours didn’t convince you after all?

Technically no, he just signed me up.

Haha! So he listened to me after all!

I glared at my phone, my death stare so strong that I believed Michelle could have felt it through her screen. Even though this was something Michelle would do, I still couldn’t believe that she had put him up to it. But more than that, I couldn’t believe Caleb was even talking to her. It was my unhealthy anxiety flaring up again, even though my rational side knew it was nothing.

Caleb was a social guy, one who easily makes friends with everyone he talks to. Hell, by the end of his first week he had become best friends with the PE teacher. I couldn’t think of any sane reason why Caleb was talking to Michelle.

Did you talk to him today?

I sent the message and set my phone down on the couch beside me. Fortunately, Michelle’s reply came quick, stopping me from running more fictional scenarios in my head.

Yep. He said he thinks he made you mad.

My response was quick.

I mean he did but it was silly and more embarrassing really. But now I know I should be upset with you and not him for signing me up.

Haha, girl. Idk how to tell you this but you need to stop being shy. Idk how a public school teacher can be so shy, but that man likes you and you’re gonna end up losing out on him.

I let out a gasp as I read her text. She had a point but it didn’t feel any better for her to call me out. I also couldn’t help but smile as my mind jumped to the right conclusion. So Caleb was interested in me? And he had asked my best friend for advice? There was something oddly cute about it all, that someone who clearly wasn’t shy would go and look for help about approaching me. With a smile, I typed out my last response to Michelle and made up my mind on what to do next.


With that, I switched over to Caleb’s message and saw that he was in the middle of typing a response.

Hey, yeah I’m free, wassup?

Immediately, I hit call and pressed the phone to my ear. I don’t know what it was, but seeing Michelle say he liked me made me want to hear his voice. The phone only rang once before his voice came through on the other end.

“Hi Miss Reyes.” He answered.

“Ugh, for the last time, call me Angela!” I groaned dramatically. I heard him laugh on the other end and stood up onto my feet.

“Will Miss Angela work?” He asked. “You’re still my boss, it’s strange without the Miss.”

“Well as your boss, I’m ordering you to drop the Miss and call me Angela.” I heard him let out an exaggerated sigh and chuckled. I wasn’t sure where I had acquired this newfound confidence, but I was enjoying the feeling.

“I can try.” He stated. I walked through the hallway and entered my bedroom.

“I just wanted to apologize for the silent treatment earlier. It wasn’t intentional, I was just focused.” Hopefully that was enough, because I definitely did not want to explain why I was upset.

“Please, I’m not worried, but thanks.” Caleb responded.

“Good,” I flopped down on my bed and stared up at the ceiling. “So what are you up to? I’m not interrupting a talk with my best friend am I?” Caleb laughed on the other end at my sarcasm and I smiled.

“No actually, I just got back from taking my daughter out to get ice cream.” I immediately sat up on my bed.

“Oh, I’ll let you go. Didn’t realize you were busy. I don’t want to interrupt.” I spoke quickly, a little too quickly and ended up stumbling over my words. Michelle was right. How was it that I could be a teacher, but also be so bad at talking to a guy?

“What? You’re not interrupting anything. Lana is doing her homework right now so we’ve got time.” I smiled at the sound of his voice as he reassured me and I laid back down on my bed.

After reading what Michelle had said, I finally decided to take the initiative.

“Um, I just want to say thanks for signing me up.” I started. “I know Michelle told you to do it, but I needed it.” Caleb chuckled on the other end.

“So you really did talk to her, huh?” I nodded in response to his question, not realizing he obviously couldn’t see me.

“Mhmm.” I commented after a few more seconds of awkward silence. “I did and she told me everything.”

“Oh jeeze.” I could hear the embarrasment in Caleb’s voice. “I knew I shouldn’t have done anything.”

“Oh no, it’s…” I paused and sighed as I thought about how to say the words out loud. Finally, after a moment of internal debating with myself, I opted to just be blunt. We weren’t high schoolers who were awkward in everything we did anymore, it was time to just say how we felt.

“I do like you, Miss Reyes, but you’re technically my boss so I was never going to act on it.”

“Maybe you should,” I said it so quickly that I didn’t even have time to consider the innuendo. “I like you too, I mean. And we’re adults so…”

“So long as it doesn’t interfere with work?” Caleb interjected.


There was a pause and the silence felt deafening. I realized that my heart was pumping fast, and my stomach was abuzz with butterflies. I hadn’t felt like this in years, not since my first, almost-husband. It was strange and somewhat foreign to me, but I liked it.

“So what’s the plan?” Caleb asked.

“I can think of a few things,” I said, once again not catching the innuendo right away. Caleb laughed and I closed my eyes out of embarrasment.

“How about we start with…” He was cut off by the sound of his daughter calling for him. Her sweet voice almost made my heart skip a beat it was so adorable. “Hang on!” He called out before lowering his voice. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Miss Reyes.”

“Mhm, and call me Angela.”

“I’ll work on it… Angela.”

There was a click as he hung up the phone and I set my phone on the bed next to me. I stared up at the ceiling in disbelief, shocked that I had actually told him. My whole body was burning with an electric energy and I felt good!

I picked up my phone and immediately texted Michelle what I had done. Her response was immediate, as if she had been waiting for me.

Get it girl! Followed by the eggplant emoji which even I knew what it stood for.

I rolled my eyes and set the phone down. But that one text from Michelle had already sent my brain into fantasy-land. The first things that popped up into my head were Caleb’s lips. He had thick lips that I just wanted to kiss over and over. I wanted to feel them all over me. The second thing that popped into my head was his touch. I wanted to feel his hands explore my body, find my sweet spots and instantly turn me on.

My body was moving on its own now, my autopilot steering my hands down my body. I was no prude, liked sex as much as the average woman, and was used to self-satisfaction, but this felt different. Maybe it was because I had an actual fantasy that I could fulfill for once, or maybe it was because I wasn’t doing it out of boredom or to help me sleep. I was genuinely turned on, and all it took was the thought of Caleb.

I slipped my fingers into my christmas pajama pants and, because I never wear underwear to bed, immediately realized how wet I had become. With my eyes closed, I pictured Caleb clear as day and imagined him touching me in the way I so craved.

I stroked my sex in circles, slowly, envisioning Caleb’s hands on my body. God, I wanted to feel him. Wanted to take in his scent, wanted to hear his own voice in my ear. With each thought of him, I continued to rub myself, slowly picking up speed as my hips moved involuntarily. Inevitably, my mind turned to naughtier thoughts and I pictured his head between my legs, his lips kissing my sex while he ate me out.

I moaned as I felt a spark shoot through my hips. I began to rub faster and pushed two of my fingers into me. In the dead silence of the room, I could hear how wet I was as I slid my fingers in to my knuckles. I was getting close, and my brain switched the fantasy from Caleb eating me out, to Caleb sliding his cock into me.

With my free hand, I pushed my pants down until they were around my ankles and spread my legs as if Caleb was actually on top of me. My fingers moved faster, sliding in and out with ease. In my mind, I only felt Caleb. Only felt him as he entered the deepest parts of me.

“Fuck!” I hissed out loud. A tidal wave of pleasure worked its way through me. It started from my hips and moved down to my toes, causing me to curl them. At the same time, it moved up to my stomach, tightening it, before hitting my chest and causing me to breathe hard. I held my fingers still inside me, grinding my hips as my orgasm continued to rock through me.

And in my head, Caleb was cumming with me. His cock spurting its load all over my stomach.

After a few minutes, I slowly returned to reality and woefully pulled my fingers out. Unfortunately, the fantasy had to end, but I lay there in my bed with the biggest smile in the world. I knew, without a doubt in my mind, that the fantasy would soon come true.


The next few days were spent getting to know each other on a more personal level. All the while, I was trying to not act on any of my naughtier impulses. I learned his daughter’s name was Hailey, and that her mother was truly no longer in the picture. Even though he wouldn’t tell me why, I tried to not let my brain immediately jump to conclusions. I wanted to take him as he is, and not let my imagination ruin a good thing.

He told me more about his time in the military. He was Security Forces and dealt with a lot of criminal-related stuff. It was a tough job in my head, though he spoke as if it was a simple 9 to 5. In the cheesiest way it could have happened, we shared our first kiss after that.

“Well, thank you for your service.” I said as we sat in the empty room, eating our lunch together at one of the tables. Without even hesitating, I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. Thankfully, he didn’t recoil or make a noise. He simply returned the kiss.

Before we knew it, we were letting passion take over and were kissing each other deeply. He was good, damn good at kissing and each soft smack of our lips only made me want more of him. I felt my core grow hot as lust was beginning to win the battle over self-control. My hands ran up his arms and I felt him wrap an arm around my waist to pull me closer. I moaned into his mouth and allowed him to move me as he wished.

It felt like I had been teleported. One minute I was sitting firmly in my seat, the next I was straddling his lap with my hands on his face. As we continued to make out, our tongues interlocked and I briefly worried that someone would poke their head through the classroom door. That worry was fleeting, and my thoughts were quickly redirected to the pressure I felt against my crotch.

I let instinct take over and I slowly began grinding my hips into him. I could feel his erection through his pants and it only made me realize how long it had been since I was with a man. His hands held onto my waist and the sound of our kisses were all we heard.

Until the bell broke our trance.

Imnediately we parted and I watched him turn around to hide his erection. An embarrassed smile spread across my face and I felt myself blushing as I picked up our food containers.

“Sorry, Angela. I got carried away.” He stated as we heard the footsteps of returning kids.

“Saved by the bell,” I remarked with a wink. He snorted and just like that, everything was back to normal.

The rest of the day was spent sneaking glances and smiles at each other like we were in som forbidden romance. I can’t lie, it made it all the more enticing knowing that we had almost been caught. I never really did much sexual exploration in my last relationship. My ex was pretty vanilla and I had grown up vanilla myself. But something about Caleb just brought in a load of dirty thoughts I didn’t even believe my mind was capable of producing. The entire rest of the day was more a test of self-control than anything. I wanted to just jump on him every time I looked at him, without a single thought about where I was at.

Fortunately, I made it through the day without any incidents. Once the final bell rang and we sent the students off to go home, I heard Caleb clap his hands together one time and spun around to see him wearing a wide grin.

“Lana is spending the night with her grandma, so I’m free tonight.” He said. He grabbed his jacket off the back of his chair and moved towards me.

“So what does that mean?” I asked as I looked over the man.

“That means that I am free for the party tonight. So text me your address and I’ll pick you up at 7.” In one smooth motion, he lifted up my head by my chin with two fingers and winked at me.

“O…ok. You don’t think we should go separately?” I shouldn’t have asked that question, but at the same time I didn’t want to be seen as the teacher who dates her assistant either. My emotional and my logical sides were debating.

“Uh… why?” Caleb asked with a confused look on his face.

“I just don’t think it would be a good idea to show up together.” My logical side won the debate, but seeing the look on Caleb’s face instantly drop to one of confusion and stoicismc, I wondered if it was the right thing to do.

“No problem,” He said quickly as he put on his jacket. His voice was suddenly low, monotone, and I instantly knew he was upset.

“Hey it’s not what you think,” I tried to explain my reasoning to him. But he cut me off almost immediately.

“Hey I get it. It would be unprofessional. I’ll just see you there.” He left the room quickly, leaving me standing in the empty classroom with my mouth wide open. Just like that, I fucked it up. My legs felt like bricks, and my feet felt like they were glued to the floor. He was gone before I could even say sorry. Of course I wanted to be with him, I truly couldn’t understand why I thought it was a good idea to go separately.

I finally managed to move out of my classroom and get to the parking lot. As expected, Caleb was gone already, leaving me alone with my thoughts. Right then and there I knew what I was going, I was going to show him just how much I wanted him.

For the first time, my usual routine at home was upended. Instead of making dinner and watching cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies, I got ready for a Christmas work party. I had finished showering and was in the middle of getting my hair done when my phone chimed with a text from Michelle.

It’s snowing! Followed by a red angry emoji face. I gasped and ran to the window, holding onto my towel still wrapped around my body. Looking outside, I groaned at the heavy snow falling down from the sky. I liked snow, but I really wanted this night to go more smoothly than my end of day with Caleb. I felt like an idiot saying we shouldn’t go together, and the sad part is that I couldn’t even explain why I had even said it at all.

After curling my hair, I put on a matching festive red bra and panty set, and completed my makeup. I opted to wear something cute despite the snow still falling down, and chose a knee length black denim skirt, black stockings underneath and grey boots. For my top I chose a white long sleeved blouse and topped it off with a long puffy winter coat that only served to hide the outfit I thought was super cute.

Almost immediately after I finished, I took a quick selfie and sent it to Michelle. My phone chimed with a text from her informing she approved and asking if I wanted a ride because of the snow. I replied with an enthusiatic yes and went to clean up while I waited.

About a half hour later, I was sitting in the passenger seat of Michelle’s car, looking out the window as the snow continued to fall.

“So you want to talk about how you’re going to apologize for being an idiot?” Michelle asked as she drove slowly. The roads were still fine due to the snow still being fresh, but Michelle drove an older sedan not really suited for winter driving.

“No because then you’re going to act weird.” I answered her. Michelle snorted and shook her head.

“Oh honey, I’m going to act weird anyway.” I laughed at Michelle’s response and continued to look out the window. Christmas music was playing, “The Mistletoe Jam” by Luthor Vandross and I couldn’t help but tap my feet along to the music. It was fitting music for what I had in mind to make it up to Caleb.

The Christmas party was at a bowling alley rented out by the school for the night. When we arrived, I scanned the full parking lot for Caleb’s Jeep Grand Cherokee and spotted it parked near the entrance of the building. I smiled and held back a fist pump at the sight of his vehicle. Thanking Michelle as she parked, I stepped out of the vehicle and made sure to bundle my coat together around my chest.

The two of us walked in and were immediately greeted by warm air, the smell of fried food and popcorn, and the sounds of bowling matches already in play. There was a table covered in coats from the other staff members of the school and those closest to the door greeted Michelle and I with waves and smiles. We returned the greetings with waved and smiles of our own and set our coats down on the table beside the entrance.

“I’m getting a beer, you want one?” Michelle asked. I nodded and scanned the bowling alley for Caleb. My breath caught once I spotted him. He was in the middle of a bowling game with his best friend, Austin the PE teacher, and Austin’s wife. Caleb and Austin were currently cheering loudly with a beer in their hands, and Caleb looked fine as always. He wore a white long sleeved three-button thermal shirt, two of the buttons were undone, revealing the chain of a necklace he wore. He finished his look with a black ripped jeans, and white Nike Air Forces. After admiring his look, I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and moved towards my man.

“Ok ok, I got another trick shot for you fools.” Caleb exclaimed cheerfully as he set his beer down and moved to grab his bowling ball.

“Oh hey Angela,” Austin greeted as I approached their lane. This clearly caught Caleb off guard as he paused with his fingers in the holes of the ball and looked back at me. I smiled at Austin and waved at his wifr without breaking my stride. In a rare display of confidence, I placed my hands on Caleb’s cheek and interrupted him by planting a hard kiss on his lips. A kiss for all to see that I wanted him, and that he was mine.

His lips tasted like the beer he was drinking and I felt him pull me in close with his free hand as he kissed me back.

“Hey alright,” I heard Austin say behind me. I wasn’t sure exactly how many saw me and Caleb currently locking lips, and I didn’t care. It was more to show that I wasn’t worried about looking “professional” or trying to keep our relationship a secret.

After stepping back, I placed my hand on his chest and smiled.

“Sorry,” I whispered in reference to our last conversation.

“I think we’re good,” Caleb responded with a smile. “I uh… I gotta finish this shot real quick.” I giggled and stepped back to let him pick up his bowling ball and sat down at the table for their lane they had chosen. Michelle arrived with two beers in her hands and handed one to me as I sat down. Immediately, I took a sip and smiled as Michelle shot me a thumbs up.

The party ended up being more of a blast than I originally thought. It didn’t take long for the alcohol to loosen people up, and soon the sound of people cheering after every strike would take over. Christmas music played over the loud speakers, and as we all bowled, we danced along to the songs.

Caleb and I stole kisses from each other whenever possible and continued to drink, courtesy of pushy Michelle. Pretty soon, the principal himself joined our lane, claiming we were the life of the party. He was drunk, and having a damn good time. His arrival made the male to female ratio of our lane even and we ended up playing multiple games of boys vs girls.

By the time our second game got started, we were all too drunk to care about our scores, thanks to Caleb and Michelle deciding to buy us fishbowls, which were literal gallon fishbowls filled with a mix of alcohol and some other blue fruit drink. It was good, amazing actually, and the juice hid the taste of the alcohol, making it easy to go back for more.

As we drank more, Caleb and I became more touchy. What started as hand holding turner to soft caresses and then to full on ass squeezings. This man turned me on more than I thought possible and it was hard to not drag Caleb into a backroom and take him right then and there.

Fortunately, the party began to die down and the sober designated drivers all began to take their drunk partners out to the parking lot. Luckily, Caleb and I were both smart enough to start drinking water in order to sober up. Even if it was just a little bit, by the time it was time to leave, we were able to convince our more intoxicated friends that we were good to go.

Caleb offered me a ride, an offer I quickly accepted. After informing Michelle, she gave me a knowing wink and a thumbs up. Caleb and I interlocked fingers after grabbing our coats and moved outside.

“Got damn!” He exclaimed loudly as the cold air and snow hit us. This caused me to uncontrollably laugh and I held onto his arm tight. As we moved towards his car I realized something. I was drunk.

“Shit,” I manged to say, not realizing my word was slurred. For some odd reason, this caused Caleb to laugh.

“Shit is right,” He said, his words slurred. “You are drunk.” He teased. I gasped dramatically and climbed into the back passenger seat of his car without even realizing it.

“I am not… why are you so far away from me?” I then realized that he had climbed into the driver’s seat and turned on the car. Warm air blasted through the vents and soulful Christmas music played through his speakers.

“Because your drunk ass sat in the backseat.” Caleb responded. I took a moment to look around at the spacious back seats of his vehicle and then burst into another fit of laughter.

“I am drunk.” I admitted.

“So am I.” Caleb responded as he looked back at me from his seat. I laid down sideways on the backseat and held out my hand.

“Babe, it’s not safe to drive, come back here and cuddle me.” I called out in a pleading tone. Caleb didn’t say anything, instead he began to climb into the backseat rather clumsily which caused us both to burst into laughter once more.

While his backseat was spacious, it wasn’t exactly a bed and my legs still hung off the side of the seat to avoid being pressed against the door. Caleb rolled on top of me as he reached the back and we stared at each other, the only light in the car was the blue glow coming from his dashboard touch screen.

It basked the both of us in a nice light, and I smiled up at him.

“Kiss me or lose me.” I said, quoting one of the many Christmas movies I had seen this month. Caleb snorted in response.

“Did you get that from a movie?” He asked. I nodded slowly and Caleb moved in for the kiss. This time, the kiss was filled with all the passion and heat we had built up during the party. He lay on top of me, his chest pressing against mine as our tongues intertwined and tasted each other. I moaned into his mouth and lifted one leg up over his waist.

“You’re so sexy,” He whispered after breaking the kiss, much to my dismay. I smiled up at him and touched his cheek. I wanted him to take me right here in the back of his car. It was not a place I normally would choose, but he was so sexy to me and I was simply too horny and drunk to even care.

“Sit up,” I whispered. He listened to me and sat up on his butt, putting his back against the locked door. I sat up and smirked as seductively as I could at him. The first thing I did was kick off my boots before repositioning so I was on my knees on the seats. Caleb sat with his one leg outstretched across the whole row, and one leg hanging off the seats, allowing me perfect access.

I slid in between his legs and kissed him once again, moaning as he kissed me back and pulled my body in even closer to him. As the sound of our lips smacking together rang out with each sloppy drunk kiss we shared, I touched his chest and felt his heart beating fast. Mine was beating just as fast, and I knew right then that he wanted me just as much as I wanted him.

With all of my reservations now completely gone, I slipped my fingers under his shirt and lifted it up, exposing his abs and chest. We broke our kiss only to get his shirt off completely, then I immediately dove back in.

Our kisses were filled with a hunger like never before, they were harder, wetter, and more passionate. Our tongues battled for domination and my body melted into him. With every kiss, I felt my desire for Caleb grow, and felt a heat rise within my core.

After an eternity of kissing, he finally made his next move and began lifting up my shirt. I let him, raising my arms to pull my shirt off over my head. Once my shirt was tossed onto the floor of the car, I sat on my knees and began unhooking my bra. The whole time, we never lost eye contact and he ran his fingers up and down my sides. Shivers ran up and down my body and I avoided laughing as his light touch tickled my ribs. Instead, I continued to share hungry looks with him and focused on freeing my breasts.

As soon as my bra was off, I flung it over the back of our seat and Caleb pounced on my small breasts. He squeezed and sucked on my nipples and it only served to make me moan. He didn’t say any words, didn’t need to, his passionate assault on my chest spoke volumes. It was my turn to have my back against the door. Caleb lay with his body in between my spread out legs, his mouth hungrily devouring my hard nipples, and I couldn’t help but let out soft gasps and moans. I felt my own sex quiver from his touch and ran my hands down his smooth head and back. This man was making me feel like a queen and I didn’t want it to end. But there was something else I needed from Caleb, something more.

I lifted his head from my chest and kissed him hard on his soft lips. My nipples were drenched in his saliva and he pinched them softly, causing me to gasp. I gently pushed him back so that he was sitting upright in the middle of the row and smirked at him as I pinned his back against the seat with one of my stocking covered feet. We stared at each other for a moment and I stuck out my big toe.

Slowly, I traced my foot down his chest, over his abs, and pressed my heel into his erection. The entire time, we maintained eye contact. I rubbed his cock with my feet over his pants and even with all the layers I could tell he was straining. But so was I, ever since I felt it when we kissed at the school, I wanted his dick inside me. I winked at him, and he took that as the signal it was intended to be.

He began unhooking his belt and I moved my legs to begin undoing my own clothes. He pulled his pants down to his ankles and stepped out of them, revealing the large tent he was sporting in his briefs. I pulled down my skirt and stockings at the same time, revealing my red panties and the damp spot in them. We both looked at each other and stripped ourselves completely. His cock sprang free, long and circumsized, and the mushroom head slapped against his belly button. I felt my pussy gush with excitement and I licked my lips.

I leaned in and we continued our same hungry kissing. Our naked bodies pressed into each other as I straddled his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and I felt him squeeze my ass with his hands. We paused for a moment and looked at each other once again.

“Are you sure?” He asked in a whisper. I simply nodded, too aroused to even speak. With my approval out of the way, Caleb took control and gently lifted me up. I reached down and grabbed hold of his cock to line it up with my entrance. He slid me down on him, and I let out a gasp as he entered me. His cock slid past my wet folds with ease, and I wrapped my arms around his neck once again.

“Oh fuck.” I whimpered out. I couldn’t help it. His cock was long, and filled me up entirely, like it was made to be a perfect match for my body. Once I was down to the base, I sat there and kissed him again. It had been a long time since I had a man inside of me, and Caleb was packing more than my last man. Even now, I could feel his head pressing against my cervix, it felt strange, an erotic mix of pain and pleasure that I never knew I would like until now.

After a few moments, I slowly began moving my hips, gliding my sex up and down his pole. We both let out moans of pleasure, and hearing him vocalize his pleasure only spurred me on. I loved that he was vocal, and my body expressed that love by gushing even more. His cock was soaked already and I hadn’t even climaxed yet.

My own moans turned into a mixture of gasps and whimpers as I rode him. Every up-down motion pushed his cock into my core and my body quivered with pain and pleasure at the same time. He felt so damn good with every stroke it was driving me to go harder.

We kissed each other hard and he held onto my hips as I rode him. I picked up the pace, with my clit pressing into his stomach, and pretty soon the sound of skin slapping together was louder than the Christmas song currently playing on the radio.

“Oh god, Caleb.” I exclaimed uncontrollably. The man felt better than any fantasy I could have ever dreamed of, and my body responded in ways I had no control of. I heard him grunt and felt him squeeze my ass cheeks hard. I don’t know what he was trying to tell me, but it only made me lose more control.

I was bouncing on his cock before long, feeling his tip jam into my cervix and letting out loud moans and squeals of bliss. I lifted my head up and he quickly pressed his lips into my neck. I felt his tongue run up and down the side of my neck, it felt good but it was nothing compared to how he was making my insides feel. My toes curled and my pussy tightened. My orgasm was approaching and it was going to be a good one.

“Baby I’m…” He called out.

“Me too!” I interrupted, knowing he was close to the edge as well. I kissed him hard on the lips and looked him in the eyes as I bounced on his magnificent pole. “Cum with me, inside me.” I managed to squeal out.

“Are you…?” I shook my head to answer his question before he could even finish. I wasn’t on birth control, and my brain knew the risks we were taking, but my body was acting on its own accord.

“It’s… ok…” I managed to say in between moans. He remained silent, focused on the pleasure we were both feeling.

Our orgasms hit at the same time. Another piece of evidence that made me feel like we were made for each other. I speared myself on his cock one last time and let out a loud squeal as I came. My juices flowed out freely, gushing all over his cock and forming a puddle at the base. Caleb let out long groans and held me tight as his cock twitched inside me, shooting out rope after rope of his seed.

I felt his cum coat my walls, and begin dripping down, and simply moaned in response. We kissed each other deep, our bodies still connected. I didn’t want to move, only wanted to feel him inside me forever and hold onto him for the rest of my life. At this very moment, I knew one thing was for sure. I was in love.

We remained in our position, kissing each other softly while the music played from his radio. Even now, I took note of the song that was playing, “Christmas Love” by Victory. The song would be forever immortalized in my mind, the soundtrack to the moment I fell in love with this man. The assistant that helped me get through the semester without any more issues from the students.

As we continued making out, he softened his grip on me and rubbed his hands along my back. I felt his cock soften inside me and pouted internally. The selfish side of me wanted more, and I slowly began moving my hips to coax another erection out of him.

Then we saw bright lights flashing through our foggy windows and I gasped. I froze up, knowing what it was. An officer coming to check up on us. I started to panic as I remembered we were still parked in front of the bowling alley. Sex in public was illegal, for obvious reasons, and now here I was, ass naked on top of my man with his cock still buried inside of me. There was no way of talking ourselves out of it. We were caught, and were on the verge of losing our jobs.

But the lights kept moving. They moved past our car and down the street, and the sound of a truck followed along with it.

“Just a snow plow.” Caleb whispered, as if he was able to sense my sudden trepidation. I looked at him and let out a relieved sigh as the snow plow disappeared down the road. We both burst into a fit of laughter and pressed our heads together.

“We should get going.” I said with a heavy sigh. Caleb nodded and we shared yet another kiss.

“My house is pretty close.” He stated. I smiled and nuzzled my nose against his nose and responded.


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