Navi’s 1st experience with Sandhya akka

Hi Reader, Love you all. I am Navi from Hyderabad. This is my first post here with my first experience hope everyone enjoy it. Welcome your comments and feedbacks. I don’t want to waste your time let start the story.

This incident happened in my schooling in 2010. My uncle visited my home I wished him and welcomed in. After few talks with him I took is mobile and went to my room and start playing games. At that time I am very active in playing all games in ground as well in mobile. So I started playing some mobile games in my uncles mobile. After sometime everyone left shopping except my sister and me left in home.
I am alone in a room and after sometime I started exploring my uncles mobile. There it goes I found a videos folders and started watching videos one after the other. After couple of videos I opened a video and I closed my eyes suddenly after watching it for a couple of secs. And then I kept mobile a side and went out of my room and drank a glass of water and checked what my sister is doing. She is sleeping so I closed her door and went to my room and thinking about what I show in mobile and closed my eyes.

I show my Uncle in the video and her wife where kissing each other on lips. So my mind got blank for a sec. Now I am curious to check what else in that video and opened it again. After they sucked and lick there mouths they started removing there cloths. My heart beat increasing, both became nude in no time. It’s the first time I saw a woman full nude. She is a bit lean but had big boobs. She is hot enough to make a man dick hard. I didn’t understood what happened in the video but I got very interested in watching girls nude.

So I started using every opportunity from then to see neighbors and my relatives nude. We stay in independent houses. Next to our house all my dad’s 5 brothers houses where there. They leave tougher with there wife’s and children in very big house. Surrounding we have neighbors. So I use to climb my building roof and observe there separate washrooms. I found few where not closing doors and doing bath. Some where without cloths running into there houses. This way I am enjoying my fun and one day I got caught by my neighbor Sandhya akka. She is 6 year elder to me. She is very beautiful, milky white with super 34-28-34 structure.

When I show her nude first time my dick got some sensations. And she caught me after some days of watching her nude when she is going in nude and coming out nude from the bath room. Once she saw me our eyes got contacted when she is coming out from her bath. She when to her room after that to get dressed. I run away from home to friend house, that today I am going to get banged from everyone. At night I came back to my house but my parents didn’t said anything to me. So I felt but happy and slept that night.

Next day morning Sandhya came to my house and talking with my mom something. I immediately came to sense and ran towards hall. They are talking causally. After seeing me Sandhya gave a cunning smile to me and talking to my mom. She asked my mom that today she need some help with me in her project work. So my mom said to me to help her. I said okay and asked what time akka. She said today evening 5 pm. I said okay and went out. But I am tensed because I thought she will give nice scolding’s to me and was afraid that she will tell to her parents.

But I have to face it no chance because if I don’t go she may tell to my parents. So at evening 5:30 pm I went to her house and called Akka. She came out and invited in and ask me to sit on chair. I just checked around and asked where is aunty and uncle and her brother. She said they went to their relatives marriage. She gave me a glass of milk to drink. I drank silently because I am tensed because of that bathroom scene. After that she said to help her clean the house, I did as she said. Then she said to wait in the house and went to take her bath. I didn’t understand what to do and went near window and saw towards bathroom. She is taking bath. And this time I don’t want to get caught so I made my mind and came back and sat in the chair and waiting. Here we go I hear the door opened sound and there she is. She is only rounded with a towel around her private body. I can see her water droplets on her ties and her cleavage. She look dam hot. She walked to her room and started changing to cloths. She came out with t-shirt and skirt. I am not able to take out my eyes from her.

Somehow I came to my sense and asked her shell we start. She asked we what? I said your project work. She started laughing I didn’t understand why she is laughing. She came close to me and kept her hand on my head and rubbing my hair and said that she is alone for next 3 days in house. Just to play with u we said like that I had project work. I also laughed and said that okay I am happy to give to company. She said I know why. How you know I said. She came next to me and took to her bed room and made to sit on her bed and said I saw you watching me nude while taking bath. I caught you many times but yesterday we both saw each other. So you are spying my body. I started pleading her not to say anyone. But she is smiling cunning and sat next to me on bad and asked me to stand. I did what she said. She asked me what she will get if I won’t say. Then I immediately said as u wish. Oh then you are going to do today what I am going to say. I said again I will do what ever you say but please don’t tell to anyone.

Then she order me to remove my cloths because I show her nude so she want to see me as well. I removed all my cloths one after the other and covered my dick with my hands. Due to fear my dick became very limp and she came to me and walked around me and spanked my Butt very hard. Then she came front to me to show my dick. I removed my hands and stood straight. Then she hold my dick and made me walk all her house. At that time my dick started growing it became around 5 Inc’s. She was surprised and took me to her bed room and closed the door and asked me do you want to see me also. I said yes in no time. She order me to remove her cloths and made her nude. She wore only a t-shirt and skirt. Without blinking my eyes I started watching her. I am totally out of my mind and remember what had happened in the video which I saw few months earlier. Then she came to me and hugged me tightly and kissing me everywhere on my face. She came at lost to my lips and started kissing me like to tomorrow. I am enjoying it a lot. She placed her hand on my dick and massaging it and rubbing it on her hairy pussy. With other hand she guided my hands to her boobs and made me pressing it with my both hands.

So my mouths playing each other and my hand playing with her soft boobs and she is playing with my dick. It went on for another 10 mints. Then she pushed me on her bed and kissing all over my body and she sucked my nappies and when down to dick and placed her lips on my dick. I am in 7th heaven and mooned out haaaaaaa. She started sucking my dick and kept my entire dick in her mouth and taking it out and spitting on it. I am new to this but enjoying it like anything. After 10 mints she tried guiding it in to her pussy but it didn’t went in. So she came down on bed and asked me to sit on her above and made me to spit on her pussy and she said to keep my dick in her pussy. I said why but she ordered me to do what she said. My dick is paining a bit but I tried doing it hard my starting pink part went in and I tried with more power then she started crying and mooning ummmmmm. Then I saw near her pussy blood is coming out I am shocked and immediately removed my dick and thinking what did I do.

She convinced me nothing happen it’s common for girls for first time. And asked me to get some coconut oil from her draw. I brought and gave to her. she applied it to my dick and kept to her fingers and applied to her pussy inside and out. Now she said to keep it again. In one go I pushed it strong she shouted Ammaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Then I took little back and pushed it more hard it went more inside but blood is flowing more. She is crying and saying do slowly in and out. I did it for a while and pressing her boobs. After some time with out my sense I humping her fast with my dick. She stopped crying and enjoying and mooning bit loud so I started kissing on her lips and humping her in and out. Now my full dick is going inside of her and making tap tap sounds. She is mooning ummm haaaa…abba amma…fast fast and she is moving her hips up words. In few mints I am feeling something different with my dick. I said same to Akka then her facial expressions also changed. She is biting her lips and mooning. Fast fast abbaaa ammaaaa haaaaa mmmm…..suddnly she tighter her pussy my dick is stuck in there then immediately some liquid is passing around my dick and my dick also immediately released all the cum in her.

Both our bodies where full of sweat and I fell on her and didn’t move for sometime still my dick is inside her. I kissed her on lips and pressing her breast. She is taking heavy breath and my dick came out. Don’t know when we both fell sleep. In the morning my sister came and calling us from outside. Then akka waked up and dressed up with t-shirt/skirt and opened the door. I am still sleeping naked in her room under bed sheet. My sister came in and saw me sleeping. She said to akka to wake me up and left to my house. I woke up and she kissed me and make me dressed up and said get ready for night again. So after that 2 night we enjoyed to the fullest and once she drank my cum also, she made me to licked her pussy and made to drink her sweet juices.

That’s not the end of it still more too experiences to say. Hope you guys loved it. Wait for next experience I had, will share with you all shortly. Feel free to do comments and feedback on [email protected].

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