Mom and sister in marriage

Hi I am punit 24 years old working under Punjab govt from chandigarh. I come from punjabi family. Our family have 4 people me, my elder sister, dad and mom. Mom and Sister looks like twins. They have face cut. They both have blue eyes. Pink lips.

My mom’s figure is 40-26-38. She loves to wear modern outfit. She wears jeans, top, western dresses. She wears babydoll dresses at night. My sister is really gorgeous. She has figure of 36-26-36. She do the gym workout. It was our relatives marriage. Dad, mom and sister went there. I was to come after few days due to some work issues.I got there after 4 days.

When I went there it was sangeet ceremony. My sister was wearing a light bluish green blouse and rajasthani gown. She had tied her hair. She had applied light brown colour lipstick. My mom was wearing red transparent saree with black colour low neck sleeveless blouse. They were looking gorgeous. When I went there my sister smiled seeing me. She came running and hugged me. She invited me to dance, but I said I am tired. But she insisted. I was wearing blue tshirt and black jeans. We danced for sometime.

My sister doesn’t care much about world. She is very innocent. She invited mom also.At the end of dance. They both kissed me. All the ladies clapped. I went to my room. I was to sleep with my sister in which 4 people were also needed to adjust. We were given a small room. We had dinner. My sister changed to small hot pants and tshirt. My sister took me side and said. There is a guy who is taking advantage of me at night. I got angry. I told her tell me I will kill him. She said she already told mom she changed my room but last he is coming to sleep with me. I told her. You sleep on corner. I will sleep with you. We went to sleep. We were getting very little space. That guy was crushing me. I told my sister to sleep on me otherwise we will not get sleep. She slept on me. At night I woke up and saw she was crushing me. I hugged her tightly kissed on her forehead. Then I thought to pee. I thought if I leave her alone.

The guy may get chance to haras her. I woke her up. She said what happened. I asked her let’s go outside. I am not getting sleep. She said ok. She understood when I signalled her about man. She holded my hands. We went to roof and started chatting. After sometime we heard some noise in back of tank.

When we went there we were shocked. It was our mom nude riding on my cousins penis fathers brothers son. We hide behind wall. My sister took her phone and started recording. My mother had applied red lipstick which came all over my cousins mouth. She was riding her. We use to thought of her as religious lady. But she was bitch. Mother was saying your uncle doesn’t have any more energy left. I am sex starved. Fuck me till my last breath. She was abusing him. After some time she came in doggy position. He started ramming her pussy. She was moaning loudly. He was silent. She was moaning aah ooh yes baby comon yes aah fuck me make me pregnant. He was pounding her hard. He was ramming her. She was looking fucking hot. I told my sister I want to fuck her right now. She said don’t worry she will be our slave. He ejaculated inside her after sometime. He abused her mother fucker you ejaculated so soon. Go from here I will find someone else. he took his clothes and went there. After he went we went toward mom. She looked at us shocked.

My sister said so this is what you are doing. She said I have the video. I am going to show to father. She got scared. She said no he will leave me. My reputation will degrade. I asked why mom she said your father fuck me once in 3-4 month. Where do I go. My sis told her you dont need to go anywhere. Brother and I are here. He will satisfy us. My mother got angry at her. Even I was shocked hearing such words. My mom told her what are you saying he is my son. My sister calmed her down. She said in this way reputation will not go down. And everything will be within home. It is happening now a days. She told some of her friends fuck their mom. And she showed some real money son sex stories. Mom agredd. I told mom get dressed.

It’s already morning. Anyone may come. Mom wear her nighty. I told both of them you two please wear that red blouse and gown. Which you guys brought. Mom asked why. You two look like twin sisters. I smooched my mom while she was going. My sister took promise from mom she will not fuck anyone else. Mom said I will not fuck anyone except your dad and your brother. She went down. My sister started kissing me. We smooched for 10 minutes. she said it’s already morning. Let’s go down. I said lets tease that man. She showed me angry eyes. I asked her does he know I am your brother. I said lets tease him. Let him think I am your boyfriedn. She understood. We went down. I asked her. To sleep on me. She came and slept on me. I turned her towards that man. I removed blanket climbed on her. We started smooching. That guy was watching us. We smooched for 10 minutes. I told her baby I can’t wait for our marriage. It’s still 2 months. I saw look in that guys eyes. He became sad. I then smooched her. I took out my dick. Lowered her pants. I applied split on her cunt and my penis. I positioned my dick above her cunt. She I applies pressure. It went inside 3 inches. Since I was kissing her. She was not able to scream. I then applied another push. It went another 3 inch. After last push. Rest left 1 inch was fully inserted. I rested for sometime. I then started giving her push. I was fucking her with good pace. I was fucking her and kissing her. I ejaculated inside her after 10 minutes. I didn’t wanted to last longer. Then I did my pyjamas good. She wwared her pants.

When I looked at that man he was doing drama of sleeping. We then slept hugging. Our aunt wake me up at 8:00. She said everyone is ready to go to temple. I got ready. When I went down. Mom was wearing red gown with backless red blouse. A transparent dupatta she wa s wearing. Her hair were brown and open. She had applied heavy makeup. She had applied red lipstick. I was getting horny. She smiled seeing me. My sister poked me. She said hey baby. She was also wearing red gown but different design. She was also wearing red blouse. And she was wearing red dupatta. It was decided everyone will go with bus. It was just me left. My mother told me I will come with you. My sister said no I will go with him. I told my sister you go now. Let mom come. In return you will come. Mom sat beside me. I told mom to sit on both sides. I races my Mike with 80/kmph.It was 2 hour journey from bus. I raced my bike with full speed. I stopped my bike after I hour. I told her I need to pee. She also said I also need to pee. Thwre was a hut. I parked my bike behind that hut. It was abandoned hut. I asked mom to to pee . She went beside hut. We were peeing together. She had pink pussy. I asked Joe is your pussy still pink. She said she had not been fucked many times. My sister called me. She said there is some problem in bus. It will take them another one hour. I told her then I will have the time to spend some time with mom. I told mom everything. I asked her let’s have sex. she said she had not bought her makeup kit. Everyone will get suspicious. I said nikita. My sister told me to have her makeup kit. She said you guys were planning. I told her we already did it last night in the room. She was shocked. She told me when everyone was ther. I told her we did it quitely. Meanwhile mom started opening her blouse. She opened her skirt. I was shocked to see she was not wearing panty. We started kissing. Our lipstick was tasty. It was strawberry flavour. We kissed for 10 minutes. I then started sucking her tits. she was moaning aah ooh yes baby aah. Aah please hard. Yes no yes aaj ooh es. I then giving her tongue fucking. I fucked from my tongue for next 10 min. She cummed in my mouth. I then told her to give me blowjob. She sucked my cock for another 10 min. I tried to think of something else. I then told her to come in doggy position. I inserted my dick inside her. I was fucking her hard and fast. I increased my speed. I was fucking at full pace. I cummed after sometime inside her. She said thaks. She said she is enjoying a lot. Ibasked her how many guys have fucked you till now. She said 12.she said 9 of them were before marriage.

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