Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son part-4

Hi users this is the continuation of Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son, to understand the story better I insist you to read my previous stories. Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son – Part 3

As narrated in the previous story my mom and our servant were exhausted by the fuck. Ramu kaka left the house and mom was alone, she then went and took her phone & took a halt and was thinking of something. Then she dialled someone, it was my aunt(Bua) Munni. My mom greeted her and asked her about her health & other topics and then she paused for sometime. She asked her if she could come to our house when she is free, mom told her she need to discuss something with her then she hung the phone and went to bathroom. In bathroom she cleaned her pussy and wore the undergarments, I think she wore the undergarments because to avoid any hint or suspicious to dad, then she went into kitchen to prepare for dinner.

I returned home greeted mom and my only focus now was to see her crotch(pussy) through her ripped salwar. I went and laid down on the floor beside dining table and requested mom for some snacks to eat, she asked me to wait after ten minutes she prepared sandwich for me and came near the dining table. As I was laying down near dining table she just went pass above me to put the snack on dining table and beneath her I could see her crotch through her ripped salwar, the glory of my mom’s pussy was visible to me just few inches above my head and I could clearly see her glory hole swelling and still wet pussy by our servant’s fucking. I enjoyed the show of my mom’s swollen pussy and my dick rose to salute her glory hole, I ate the sandwich and went outside thinking of my mom & our servant and what would they do next.

Then suddenly a plan striked my mind, I took my bike and went near our servant’s house. Ramu kaka was sitting outside with his friend bad was discussing something, I went behind them to hear there discussion.

Ramu Kaka: Oh dear (Are yaar) Raju thanks for the medicine, with your help I could fuck my sultry mistress and I was still hard. I could make her cum with my dick and I was still hard.

Raju uncle: Ohh my dear Ramu anything for you, but nothing will happen with thanks what happened about what I asked for. Have you convinced her for the fuck, what is the progress.

Ramu Kaka: Yes my dear friend, I convinced her for you and also I am trying to get her sister in law convinced for the fun. What do you think?

Raju uncle: Oh great Ramu, it will be fun if we get another pussy we both can have fun at a time. But what ever you say your mistress is really too hot & sexy, her body, her boobs her ass aahhh what an item she is.

Ramu Kaka: Wait for her sister in law my dear , she is also too hot & sexy, she is a widow, who have been neglected, whose pussy is neglected for years. Just imagine a pussy which is not been fucked for years, how tight her pussy would be.

Raju Uncle: Ohhh really, her pussy would be real tight and I would fuck her pussy first before your mistress. She would scream when my dick will enter in her tight and wanting pussy. Ask your mistress to arrange soon, so we could have the fun al together.

Ramu kaka: Yes Raju I am already working on it and asked my mistress to convince her at the earliest. Just need same favour from you I need a medicine for her sister in law to make her horny and seduce her so that she will be easily convinced for the fuck just like my mistress.

Raju uncle: Anything for you my dear, just wait I will get the medicine.

Raju uncle then went inside his house which was beside Ramu kaka’s house, the board on Raju uncle house read as ayurvedic medicines, then he came with a packet which he handed over to Ramu kaka.

Ramu Kaka: Thanks dear, I will never forget that it was you who helped me to get my mistress to bed, it was this medicine which made her horny and pleaded me to fuck her.

Raju uncle: Anything for you, just don’t forget our deal.

Ramu Kaka: Yes ofcourse I remember our deal, to complete the dela I am taking this medicine and I will give this to her sister in law to get her on bed. Same as I did with my mistress I will give her the medicine mixed with food and she will become horny and I will seduce her for fuck. Soon her sister in law will also be pleading me for sex.

Then they both greeted and left for there houses. I was stunned by there conversation how our servant gave medicine to my mom to get her horny and have sex with her. And he was planning the same to do will my aunt(bua) too, to seduce her and have sex with her.

I went straight to my friend’s house and asked him for his help, he immediately agreed and we went to the Raju uncle place. I asked my friend to get the medicine for both male and female, so that I can give the female medicine to my mom to make her horny and have sex with her, and also I wanted to try the male medicine for hard and long fuck. I was waiting outside hiding, then my friend went inside & got the medicine. He instructed me the usage as prescribed by Raju uncle.
My friend asked me for whom am I taking the female medicine, to which I told him that I am taking the female medicine for my classmate girl who I want to fuck. He looked at me & gave a wicked smile, then we left from the place.

I dropped my friend took Maaza(Soft drink) on my way and went to my house, after reaching house I looked for my mom and she was in her room resting, I asked my mom if she want to drink maaza and she said yes. I went into kitchen took the glasses and mixed the female medicine in mom’s drink and poured the cool drink, took the glasses in mom’s room & handed over the drink to mom. My mom sipped the drink and I was observing her while she was drinking the maaza, soon mom’s glass was empty and I was still drinking the maaza. I left mom’s room waited in my room, dad and my brother returned and mom was serving food I could not see any change in mom’s expressions she seemed to be normal. Then I thought Raju have given the wrong medicine, it’s not the same which he have given to Ramu Kaka and then I slept

Next day morning I woke up took bath had my breakfast & asked my mom where the cool drink is to which she replied it’s in a fridge. I asked her what are her plans for today, and asked her if the laundary is done, mom told me that today our servant is on leave and the laundary will be done tomorrow. Then I asked mom if she want the drink, first she said no, then I told her to drink as maaza may get spolied and she agreed. I once again mixed the medicine in her cool drink and gave to mom she drank the maaza, and I too mixed the male viagra with juice and drank. I waited to see if any change happens to her expressions soon the medicine started working and she was sweating and taking long breath. I asked her if everything is alright to which she replied yes everything is ok just need some rest. Then I told her I am leaving for college and to lock the gate, as soon as I left she locked the gate and went inside.

I came on my terrace from the side building and started looking for mom she was looking breathless and all sweaty. I thought to myself if I have given her the correct medicine, if it’s not correct then her health may get spoil. Then after few minutes she started rubbing herself and pressed her boobs, she went inside took the phone and called someone. She dialled our servant and asked her where is he, mom asked him to come but don’t know what frustrated her she hanged the phone. She went to kitchen took a carrot from the fridge and she went into bathroom without locking the door she started removing her clothes turned the shower on, the water was running all over her already wer body and she started rubbing herself and she was literally rubbing her pussy furiously and licking the carrot. By watching all this I too was hard and was stroking cock, my cock became so hard and long maybe due to the medicine. I was never this hard and long before, watching my mom rubbing herself made my cock as hard as rock, mom sat on a low lying table in bathroom and she started to insert carrot in her pussy.

Soon mom was fucking herself with the carrot inside her pussy and pressing her boobs her eyes closed dissipate the heat through her body. I thought to myself if this is the right time to have sex with mom and I went down inside my house, I stayed outside the bathroom and was stroking my cock watching my mom under shower fucking herself with a carrot displaying myself to mom who was ignorant of what’s her is doing outside. I kept stroking my cock watching my mom fucking herself, she was deeply drowned in her pleasure of ecstasy not bothering anything. I removed my clothes got naked and slowly went inside the bathroom. I got near my mom and started pressing my mom boobs, she suddenly got into senses and opened her eyes, she was shocked to see me naked and pressing her boobs.

Mom: Wha what are you doing here, why are you naked don’t you have shame coming naked infront of your mom and touching her.

She was trying to cover herself as her clothes were behind me, with one hand on her boobs and other on her pussy. My hand still in her boobs she was trying to remove my hand from her boob but all her try was in vain

Me: Why would I be ashamed, you are the one who is doing wrong, not me. You are the one who is inserting carrots in her pussy, you are the one who is fucking with other men.

Mom: What are you taking, are you insane, how can you speak to your mom in this way.

Me: Oh come on mom I know everything about you and our servant and also about the dog. Don’t fool me I have seen everything.

Then I pressed her boobs again and pushed the carrot in her pussy which was already half way in her pussy. Mom started moaning and was reluctance to my touch, I removed her hand from her pussy and kneeled infront of mom and started fucking her pussy with the carrot. With my other hand I closed the shower.

Mom: Oohhh betaa don’t do it please I am your mom, this is not right. I may have done wrong but you are my son, we can’t do it.

Me: Don’t worry mom just think me as other man who is giving you the pleasure. I will be a plus point for you as no one will doubt us.

Mom: ohhh sonnn please try to understand this is not right, please leave me pleasee….

I removed the carrot from her pussy and started licking the carrot seducing her with the expressions, then I took a bite of carrot and put the carrot in my mom’s mouth. I left the carrot in her mouth and spread her legs to access my mom’s pussy then spread her pussy lips and could see the pink flesh of her vagina. I rubbed her wet vagina with my fingers soon her expressions were changing as I started rubbing her pussy with my fingers then I pushed my finger in her pussy and started fucking my mom’s pussy with my finger.

Mom: Oohhh shhhhh sonnn betaaa you should not do this to me.

Inserting my finger deep in her pussy with every push, I pulled my finger from my mom’s pussy and licked my finger then I inserted two fingers in her pussy and started fingering her slowly and at steady. Mom was started sucking the carrot which was in her mouth to control her moans. I then put my head between my mom’s pussy and licked her pussy while fingering her, she shivered as the current flowed in her body. I started licking her vagina with slow and long licks, she just pulled me inside her pussy and I started eating her pussy furiously. I was furiously fingering & licking her pussy bringing her to the edge of her climax.

Mom: Ohhh yess aahhhhhhm hmmm shhhh ohhh betaa you do it so goodddd. You are licking my pussy so good ahahahahah I have never felt this type of amazing feel before. Where did you learn to lick pussy so good, your dad never did this to me and our servant doesn’t lick so good. So you have been secretly watching your mom getting fucked by other man, other than your dad, you have been watching your mom getting fucked by the servant You have watched me get licked by our servant, you are such pervert watching your mom get fucked and whack your dick

Hearing her words I increased the speed of fingering and licked her pussy vigouresly and pressing her boobs, pulling & pinching her nipple. Mom was pulling my head in her pussy and her hands were in my hairs she started moaning loudly. She was at the verge of orgasm which was being given by her own son, she was enjoying the fingering of her pussy by her son.

Mom: Ohhhhhh yeaahh sonnn just like that you are making me cum, ahhhhhh shhhhhhh you are making your mom cum. Ahhhhhh I am there aaahhhh Ohhhhh haaaaaaaa shhhhhhh.

With intensity of my fingering and licking she could not hold any more and she cummed in my mouth, she was shivering with joy, her legs shaking and I was licking her pussy juices directly out of her pussy. My mom’s pussy juice was oozing out of her pussy and then I slowed down my licking and removed my fingers from her pussy and inserted my fingers in my mom’s mouth, she licked my fingers clean with her tongue.

I stood back and lifted my mom from the table and by her boobs, with one hand I was pressing her boob and with other hand I helped her getting up from the table. Mom and I was standing in bathroom naked & I looked into my mom’s eyes and we started kissing each other. My lips were on my mom’s lips and we were French kissing eachother, my hands playing with her body feeling every inch of her body. I started rotating my hands on her back & started pressing her ass, then I inserted my tongue in mom’s mouth discovering the taste of her mouth. Our tongues were rolling over each other tongues, we continued kissing and while kissing her I was pressing her boobs & ass with each hand.

My hands were filled by mom’s huge boobs & ass and our tongues were engaged in eachother, my mom lowered her hand & started feeling my cock which was already hard. She started stroking my cock for which I responded by pinching her nipples and kissing her more deeply. Then we broke the kiss and my mom was looking into my eyes while stroking my cock.

Me: Why are you looking at me like this mom.

Mom: Just looking how my son have become a man, a grown man who is craving for his own mom.

Mom then gander my cock while stroking it continuously and was feeling my balls with her other hand squeezing my dick trying to get my full attention.

Me: Ohhhhh mom it feels so good, my cock feels so good in your hands. I didn’t knew that you are such lusty women. I have been waiting for this moment since the day I saw you as a women, since the day I have watched you fingering yourself. I always wanted to give you the pleasure you needed, I have been waiting for this day since the day I saw you fucking our servant. I have been jerking of myself and felt jealous of our servant who was fucking you every alternate day.

Mom: So you have been watching your mom finger herself, you have watched your mom fucking our servant and you have been jerking yourself watching me get fucked by our servant.

Me: Yes mom, I jerked myself watching you get fucked by our servant, I even jerked in your bra to mark my territory which you was about to wear. But my territory was occupied by our servant.

Mom: Ohhh so you even jerked in my bra which I was going to wear. So how did it felt to see your mom wearing the same bra in which you jerked.

Me: ohhhh mom it felt like I would burst anytime watching you wear the same bra in which I deposited my sperms.

Mom started giving my cock long strokes and I started sucking her boobs, biting her nipples, trying to extract milk out of her boobs.

Me: I also know about your next plan to involve Munni aunty and Ramu Kaka’s friend into the fun.

Mom: So you know everything about our next plan, it must be just between us.

Me: I know mom I would never say anything to anyone, just give me what I want and you can get what you wanted. By the way what is the progress in your work with munni aunty.

Mom: Ohhhhh son you are such a pervert and why don’t you cum, your cock is astonishing I have been jerking your cock for long now and you have not cummed yet. Everything is going according to the plan and your aunt will be here soon.

Me: Come on mom I am not old like our servant I am young and I can hold for long just as you like long and hard.

My mom then took me out of bathroom and took me towards her bedroom by holding my Cock, her boobs were jiggling while walking towards the bedroom. Soon after getting into my mom’s bedroom we started kissing again, we broke the kiss and I pushed my mom down to her knees. My cock pointing at her face, I held my cock in one hand & tapped the tip of my cock on my mom’s lips. Realising what I wanted she looked me into my eyes & kissed the tip of my cock, she then opened her mouth & started licking the tip of my cock with her tongue making swirls over my cock. Soon she took hold of my cock in her hand with the firm grip over my cock my mom took the tip of my cock in her mouth and started sucking my cock. First the tip, then she took half of my cock in her mouth, after few more strokes she opened her mouth wide and took my whole cock in her mouth giving me my first blowjob. I was getting my first blowjob from my very own mom. At first it was hard for her to suck my whole cock then she adjusted to the length, she too was enjoying her own son’s cock in her mouth. Tasting every bit of my cock and trying to take my cock as deep as possible in her throat

Me: Ahhhh mom you are a bitch, you know how to suck a cock, no wonder why our servant could not last long by your blowjob. Where did you learn to suck a cock so good, you are a natural cock sucker, take it mom take my whole cock in your mouth.

Mom: Hmmmmm sslluurrpp sshhhh chhhpppp, ohhh son you don’t have to teach a baby sucking milk from women and a women sucking mans cock, it’s all natural.

Mom then took hold of my cock and while sucking my cock she started stroking my cock. Making me moan with pleasure, I took hold of her head started & pushing my cock deeper in her mouth giving her deepthroat. I pumped my cock deeper in mom’s mouth making her gag over my cock she was panting for air as soon as I released her head.

Me: Thanks for the blowjob mom now let my cock get the taste of your pussy, let your son explore his mom’s pussy, let me explore the place from where I was born, let my cock explore your pussy.

Mom: Ohhhhh sonnnnn you have made my day anything for you today. You want to explore the place from where you came to this world comeon then don’t delay anymore. I am dying to take my son’s cock in my pussy, comeon fuck your mom, put your long & thick cock in the place where it belongs .

I lifted my mom and pushed her on bed, then I raised her legs parted them sideways creating a way for my cock. Before entering in mom’s pussy I leaned & kissed her on lips my chick was just above the tip of her pussy I could feel the heat of her pussy on my cock, then I continued my licking down on her, rolling tongue down by her neck then between her tits, then sucking my mom’s sensitive nipples making her moan with pleasure, then again started licking her body rolling my tongue through her navel and stopped just before her pussy, then I licked her vagina for the last time before putting my cock inside my mom’s pussy and I stood tall in front of my naked lying mom.

Then I teased my mom with the tip of cock encroach above her pussy lips, I started rubbing my cock on her pussy lips teasing her bit more to intensify the pleasure to her submission. Making her pussy more wet and wanting for her son’s Cock, making her beg to fuck her. Teasing my mom to the very limit of her pleading her own son to fuck her irrationally, unconditionally.

Mom: Youuuhhhhh sonnnnnn please stop teasing me and put your cock in me, I want it in me please. You have already made your mom horny and wet, don’t make me beg you. Just put that chick of yours in me son, show me how much you have wanted to fuck me.

Me: ohhh mom what’s so hurry, first I want your submission to me. So tell me mom what you need from your son, what you want, will you submit to me.

To tease her more I started rubbing her clitoris with my thumb and was also rubbing my cock on her pussy lips and vagina, she was getting wet and was panting heavily and was trying to touch my cock and pull me inside her pussy.

Mom: Ohhh son please, pleaseeeee stop teasing your mom. Ok, I want you son, I want you inside me, I want your cock inside my pussy, I am all yours, my body is yours from now, I will do as you wish. Just put that cock inside me son and fuck your mom, I am dying to take that cock in my pussy. I wanna feel your hard cock inside my pussy, I want to feel the young cock in my pussy.

Me: Ohhh mom, that’s my good milf I have been waiting to put my cock in your pussy and now the time has come. I want you to feel the pleasure that your son can offer, I have been waiting to put my cock inside your pussy, from where I came to this world, I have been waiting to fuck you mom.

Mom: Then what are you waiting for son, put that cock in my pussy son and make me yours. Fuck your mom for which you have been waiting for.

Now I knew mom was all mine and I pushed tip of my cock in her pussy making her groan and then I gave a harder push and half of cock was inside her pussy. She screamed with pleasure and ecstasy, her pussy was still tight for her age. I pulled my cock to the edge and gave a bit harder push making my cock disappear in her pussy. My whole cock was inside my mom’s pussy, looking at my mom’s face expressions, her eyes were closed, mom was buying her lips, I waited for her to adjust to my cock in her pussy. Now my cock was fully inserted in her pussy, with my both hands free I started pressing her huge boobs and pinching her nipples. I pulled and pumped my cock again giving slow strokes at first, then I increased my pace of fucking making my mom moan and scream.

Mom: Ohhhhh yesssss aaahhhhh sonnnnn you are making me cum already. Fuck your mom, fuck me harder son, I have never felt such pleasure in my life. Nor servant or neither your father could please me so much as you are pleasing me now. Fuck me son, fuck your mom harder become the mother fucker you wanted to be.

Me: Ohhh mommmmm your pussy feels so good, you are still tight for your age. How come your pussy is so tight even though you have been fucked many times. Aahhhhh mommmm yesss I am the mother fucker and I will make the you slut you have always meant to be.

Mom: Ohhhh sonn don’t ask me, I have never been filled so much as I am filled now in pussy. Your cock is bigger and larger than any of them I have fucked. Your father’s dick is good but not as big as you are and our servant dick is bit good but not good for long & hard fuck. Ohhhhhh fuck meeeee yesss aahhhh make the slut out of me you mother fuckerrrrrrr aahhhhh, fuck your slut mother harder give your mom what she deserves. I never thought that my son could fill me so much ahhhh ahhhhhh ohhhh yesssss Hmmmmm fuck meeeee yeaaahahh.

Me: Ohh really mom, so you have never been filled so much, so get ready to feel the pleasure you wanted. From now on you will be filled completely, your pussy will never feel the emptiness. I am gonna fill my sperm in your embryo and make babies out of you mom aahhhh yeaahh take it mom, take your son cock in your pussyyyy mommmmm ahhhhh.

Hearing my mom talk so dirty motivated me to fuck her harder. I started ramming my cock in my mom’s pussy harder with every stroke and I started pressing her boobs and leaned on her sucking her nipples. She would just put her hands on my head pulling me to help me suck on her nipples, feeding me with her boobs and nipples. I was fucking my mom hard and soon she was feeling the orgasm build by the fucking she was getting from her son.

Mom: ohhhhhh sonnn I would love to take your sperm in my pussy, I woul love to make babies with my son. I want you to fill my embryo with your sperm and make babies out of me. Ohhh son you are making me cum again I have never felt so good, just fuck me harder son make your mom cum for you.

As I was fucking her hard soon she got to the edge of her orgasm, she folded her legs to me and was pulling me inside of her. Mom closed her eyes and was pressing her own boobs, biting her own lips feeling the pleasure in her pussy. Soon mom came on my cock, she was panting with her own orgasm, I could feel her pussy warmth and juices all over my cock.

Mom: Ohhh son you made me cum twice within an hour and yet you are still hard. How come I have never noticed your astonishing cock, I feel so proud of you son, I was so fool to look for other cock while my son had such a good & big cock, who can fuck his mother and satisfy her.

Me: Oh come on mom I am not done yet, now get up and bend over I wanna do you in doggy style, I want to fuck you like dog. Just like you got fucked by our doggy, you are my pet now and be a nice pet and listen to your master. I demand you to turn and bend over so that I can finish what I have started.

Mom unfolded her legs and pulled herself bending over just like a dog, her huge boobs hanging she lifted her ass in air providing me the right position to fuck her. I pulled my self and put my cock infront of my mom’s mouth, realising what I want mom just opened her mouth and started sucking my cock which is coated with her pussy juices. Mom cleaned my cock then I got behind my mom and positioned my saliva coated cock above her pussy and started inserting my cock in her pussy. Mom felt twitched with the swift push of my cock in her pussy and adjusted herself with my cock in her pussy.

Mom: Ohhh son you are making me nervous, does this is what it means real fucking. Everytime you insert your cock in my pussy you make me realise how much I have wanted such an intensive fuck. You fucking me like a whore, the combined pleasure of my son fucking his mother like a whore is immense. Yeah give it to me son, fuck your mom, fuck me with that big cock of yours, fuck your whore mother.

Me: Ohhh mom you are the one who have made me such a pervert, how does it feel to take your son’s cock in your pussy mom. Ohhh yes mom take my cock deep inside your pussy I am exploring my birth place with my cock, I will give you all the pleasure that you have ever wanted in your life.

Mom: Ohh son you are way better than your dad and servant , you make me feel complete, your cock is just perfect fit for my pussy.

Hearing all the praise from my mom for me, I started pumping my cock in her pussy with her ass shaking in front of me I started slapping her ass. Then I lowered my hands to her boobs and started pressing & squeezing her boobs with more power trying to squeeze the milk out of her mammary boobs.

Mom: Ohhh son ouuch ahhhh ahhhh ouuccchh don’t play so hard, be gentle I am all yours now. If you would have asked me earlier we would have been fucking already and I didn’t had to fuck our servant. I feel so much in my neglected pussy, your cock feels like a soother to my pussy heat.

Me: Ohhh mom keep your mouth shut, you are all mine now & I will have you as I want. Oh mom thanks to our servant mom, it’s because of him I am fucking you today, it’s because of him my cock is in your pussy mom. Mom you haven’t told me why you fucked of servant.

Mom: Ohh son it’s because your dad could not fuck me and I was desperate for sex, I wanted to have a dick in my pussy. I was feeling empty in my life without sex, I used to finger myself but was of no use and I could not find any alternative other than our servant. Your dad used to fuck me only once in a month that too I was left unsatisfied, later our servant started fucking me but he too was not satisfying me completely. Our servant would bring me to orgasam by fingering & licking my pussy after fucking me, but yesterday he made me cum without his dick going limp.

With me fucking my mom and our conversation how she got fucked by our servant made me crazy and I was fucking her fiercely. My cock sliding in and out of my mom’s pussy in rythm, I was pressing her boobs harder and pulled her head by catching her through her pony tail.

Me: Mom would you fuck our servant now, even when your son is there to fuck you. Would you fuck with our servant’s friend and Aunt munni as you have planned.

Mom: What do you whant me to do son, I will do as you say. Now I wouldn’t need anyone if my son is there for me. I will stop fucking our servant too I will not even let him touch me. You are the owner of my pussy now i will do as you command.

Me: Ohhhh mom don’t be so rude to our servant, he is the one who helped when you were in need. Moreover I wanna see you get fucked by him and as well as his friend. I also wanna see aunt Munni and you go lesbian, I would even join with him to fuck you and I would be happy to fuck aunt Munni.

Mom: Ohhh son do you really wanna get your mother fucked by other men, and would you fuck your aunt Munni too.

Me: ohhh mom yessss, I wanna fuck you in threesome, I wanna gang bang you, we three will fuck you. I also want to fuck aunt Munni whose pussy is not fucked since years. How tight aunt pussy would be, just the imagination of me fucking you with other men and aunt Munni is making me to verge of my orgasam ahhhh yeahhhh, We all will fuck together yeaahhhh ohhh.

I kept plunging my cock deep inside mom’s pussy making her moan more erotically, she pleaded me to fuck her faster and harder bringing her to climax. The room was filled by the moaning and fucking noises, with me and mom at the very verge of orgasm we didn’t bother if our sounds can be heard outside. With my cock going in and out of my mom’s pussy I wanted to see the expressions on my mom’s face and I wanted to fuck her looking into her eyes.

Mom: Ohhh sonnn you are such a godd sonnn fuck me, fuck your mom, fuch me harder, fuck your mom faster, harder and deeper I am gonna cum ahhhh shhh Ohhhhh wowwww.

With increasing speed of my stroke harder and deeper mom started cumming on my cock and the walls of her pussy sucking on my cock bring me to my own climax.

Me: Ahhhh mommmm yeahhhh you are the queen of my cock now you are making me cum, mom just turn around I am gonna cum, I am going to cum in your pussy aahhhh Ohhhhh. Turn over mom I want to put my sperm my seed in your womb while looking into your eyes.

I removed my cock & mom turned around with her back laid on the bed I have inserted my cock in mom’s pussy again by looking into my mom’s eyes.

With few more strokes I started ejaculating sperm in my mom’s pussy, with the last push I felt pulsation on my cock and my lava of sperm erupted in my mom’s pussy, I unloaded my sperm in my mom’s womb, my seed was plowed deep in my mom’s womb.

Mom then felt low and laid straight in bed with my cock still in her pussy. I laid above mom with my chest on her boobs for few minutes and I pulled my cock from her pussy, then I moved and stayed beside her and we both were gazing in eachother eyes.

As our eyes met again we started kissing each other, my arms all over her, and mom pulling me into her, our lips locked and tongues exploring eachother mouths again. This continued for few minutes and we broke the kiss, I put my head in my mom’s boobs and started gently pressing and sucking her boob.

Mom: Ahh son that was an exhausting fuck, I never had such a immense sex in my whole life. Thank you for everything you have done to me, I would have never thought of such a pleasurable day. I am delighted by your cock and energy you possess.

Me: Ohh mom don’t thank me, it’s my duty to keep you happy and satisfied. Just remeber what I told you earlier and plan in getting aunt to fuck with me and would really love to fuck you in threesome or foursome. But will you be able handle two to three cocks at same time, just the imagination of fucking you in group is making my cock hard again.

Mom: Let’s see if I could convince your aunt, I don’t know yet if I can handle three cocks at the same time. Now get dressed let’s eat something and we can think on our next plan. As of now keep your cock controlled we have full day for the fuck and maybe later you can help/teach me how to handle three cocks.

Me: Ohhh mom thank you very much, and I want you not to wear bra & panty while we two are in the house and hope you are having a hole in your salwar. As of now I want you to be naked for the day, you can complete your chores all naked infront of me.

Mom: Now get up and get yourself cleaned.

We stood and mom cleared the bed, mom was standing tall in front of me naked and went into bathroom. I was yawning and looking at the bed I was thinking what just happened between a mom and son, looking at bedy mind was recalling the mere few minutes ago my mom was with me in the same bed and I was fucking her. Then my mom called me bringing to my senses.

Mom: Hey son where are you, what are you doing, don’t be late get yourself cleaned, if you want you can join your mother. I will clean you as I used to do when you were a kid.

So dear readers what do you think lies in the future, what will happen in next story. Leave your feedback and comments.

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