Servant is for Mom and mom is for son – Part-8

Hi users this is the continuation of Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son series, to understand the story better I insist you to read my previous stories.

I slept naked on my bed and I was raised by my mom sucking my cock, I opened my my eyes & looking at mom giving me head. Her face was shining and glistening due to the reflection of light.

Mom stopped sucking my cock and and greeted me, then again she went down to sucking my cock, her mouth was enveloped around my cock. I grabbed my mom by her hair and opened my eyes completely, mom was wearing the dress I gifted her yesterday. Now my flaccid cock was completely in mom’s mouth, I was not woke fully and my cock was full in my mom’s mouth. I then looked at clock it was 11am then I grabbed mom’s boobs started pressing them, I kept pressing mom’s boobs and pinching her nipples.

My cock started growing and became hard in my mom’s mouth, I left mom’s boobs and grabbed her hairs and started pushing her head deeper in my cock. I forced my cock deep into mom’s throat and kept her head deep on my cock, after some more mouth fucking I removed my cock form mom’s mouth and pulled her on me and kissed mom on her lips.

I pushed my hands down to her crotch and started rubbing her pussy, I inserted my fingers into mom’s pussy and finger fucked her for sometime then I pushed mom aside, I went down to her pussy and started licking her pussy. I was licking mom’s pussy while I finger fucked her, mom was moaning with pleasure and grabbed my head and pulled me into her pussy. Mom was pushing my head into her pussy making me lick her good, after some pussy licking mom started moaning and clutched her orgasm. I drank mom’s pussy juice and cleaned he pussy clean.

I felt the urge to pee so I lifted from my bed and went to bathroom, after peeing I came out to find mom standing out of bathroom.

Mom: Son, why you left I was thinking to get your cock in my pussy.

Me: Don’t worry mom you will get what you want but I felt the urge to pee urgently so I left. You really are looking hot in this dress, now call my aunt and tell her to come home.

Mom: Son, do you really want me to invite your aunt today, I was hoping to spend some alone time with you today.

Me: Yes mom invite aunt today, I want to fuck her tight pussy today, I just can’t forget the feel of your tight ass, I want to feel my aunt’s tight pussy on my cock today.

Mom: Ok son I will call and ask your aunt to come visit us today.

Me: Thanks mom, but I want you to seduce her and have some lesbian fun with her. You should make her ready for me today, I want you to make her want my cock in her pussy.

I don’t know son if she will be ready to have lesbian sex with me or she would take your cock today.

Me: Don’t worry mom I know your real talent, you can easily seduce her to have lesbian sex with you. I am also sure that once you trigger her sex crave she wouldn’t deny to take my cock in her pussy.

Mom: How can I seduce her son, I don’t know if she even wants to have sex.

Me: Mom you know the triggering points of women, you can seduce her by showing of your body to her in this dress. But before this call our servant and tell him not to come today, or our plan will be failed.

Mom: Ok son as you say.

Mom called our servant and told him not to come today, after this she called my aunt and asked her to visit home urgently and she accepted the offer.

Mom: Ok son, your aunt is coming home, what’s the plan. Just tell me how can I seduce her and how can you involve in this.

Me: Seducing her is your headache mom, you have to do it for me. While you have lesbian sex with aunt just tell her about my cock and you crave for me. Then I would come and have bath and you show her my cock while I bath. I would keep the bathroom door open for you both to peek and show her my cock, but you should get her to the bathroom and watch me naked when aunt is hot mood.

Mom: Ok son, let’s try this. But where will you be when your aunt comes?

Me: Don’t worry about me, I will be at the terrace watching you seduce aunt and get her laid.

Then I kissed mom tightly on the lips and we had breakfast, I wore my cloths and mom was still in the same dress & we were waiting for my aunt to arrive. My aunt arrived in sometime, I left to the terrace and was watching mom welcoming my aunt. Mom covered herself with a shawl and went to open the gate, she welcomed my aunt and invited her inside.

My aunt & mom greeted each other and then mom closed the gate and they went inside to the hall.

Mom: How are you Munni, it’s been long since you came, have you forgotten that we are alive.

Aunt: It’s nothing like that my dear sister, you know as usual house chores and busy life. By the way what was so urgent you called me.

Mom: Yeah I had to discuss something with you which is very important and I could not wait anymore to invite you.

Aunt: Ok sis I am listening, what is it so important.

Mom: See Munni don’t take me wrong but I thought that no one would understand me better than you could.

Aunt: Ok, what is it tell me then.

Mom: You know I and your brother both are getting old, but as I am passing my days of aging my hormones are increasing and my addiction to sex is driving me crazy.

Aunt: Ohh, I understand that, but what is it that I could help you.

Mom: See as you know your brother is aged now so is unable to perform hai duty towards me and feeling frustrated and unable to control myself.

Aunt: Yeah I understand it my dear sister how you maybe feeling. Who could understand you better than me, I have been through that frustrating times and urge.

Mom: See I know you could understand me, so I invited you and I wanted talk you about it.

Aunt: Ok tell me, what is it you want from me. What could I do for you so that you could be happy.

Mom: Look, I know you are alone and you want to have some fun too so I was thinking if we could use our servant as the medium of our satisfaction or I have other way too.

Aunt: What, have gone nuts. Do you even know what your are saying, do you even imagine how dangerous that could be.

Mom: I know it will be dangerous to invite servant, so as I said you we could have the other way too.

Aunt: And what is the other way.

Mom: See you and I are both alone now and we need to satisfy ourselves. So I was thinking if we both could satisfy eachother, you know what I mean. We could try something and satisfy ourselves and no one would know.

Aunt was stunned by mom’s words and she kept silent for sometime, no words could escape her mouth. Then after sometime of silence aunt spoke.

Aunt: Sis, I don’t know what to say. I am totally out my mind and words.

Mom: Don’t think of it too much Munni, just let go yourself, and I promise you if you feel that it’s not right then we can stop.

Mom then dropped shawl from her body and exposed herself to my aunt in the sheer transparent dress.

Mom: What do you think, do you see any problem with my body that you are brother is not attracted towards me now.

Aunt was just watching mom with glowing eyes and was hesitating to say anything. After some more taking aunt opened her mouth.

Aunt: There’s nothing wrong with your body sis, your body is amazingly attractive. Any men could fall for you, I have been inspiring your body for long now but as my husband died I did not care to make my body like yours.

Mom: See, you too inspire my body and now in addition to my body my hormones are making an urge to have sex.

Aunt was staring at mom boobs and mom looked at her and winked to aunt.

Mom: What do you feel looking at me, looking at your brother wife sheer exposed boobs.

Aunt: I don’t have any words to say you my dear sis, your boobs are just amazing. These are the tits which I have imagined to have for me and now looking at you I am just blank, how can any men ignore them.

Mom: Don’t just stare at them, if you want you can touch and feel my boobs.

Mom then actively took aunt’s hand and placed them on her boobs and aunt was in awe to feel mom’s boobs.

Aunt: These boobs are just amazing sis, I could not have imagined them how they really feel in my hands. Can I press them?

Mom: Surely you can my dear Munni, I have displayed them so you can feel my boobs and we both can have fun. But I want to feel your body too, you know like vice versa.

Aunt: You want to feel my body, this thin tiny boobs are no match against your large bad heavy boobs. But if you want to you can feel them, you are making me to feel my urges too.

Aunt was pressing mom boobs and mom caught aunt’s boobs and started pressing them above her dress. Now both mom and aunt were feeling & pressing each other boobs, mom suddenly kissed aunt on her lips while pressing her boobs which surprised aunt.

But to mom’s and my surprise she kissed mom back, they were in action of pressing boobs and kissing each other. Then suddenly aunt pulled mom’s dress aside her boob and started pressing mom’s naked boobs, which made mom act in a motion to remove aunt’s dress.

Mom then removed aunt’s kameez and now aunt was in her white bra and they both started kissing each other again and wrapped there arms around eachother. Mom unhooked aunt’s bra and removed her bra above aunt’s boobs and exposing them to the air, mom frantically pressed aunt’s boobs and locked her lips on aunt lips.

Aunt undid the mom’s gown knot and removed her gown dropping it to the floor. Mom was now naked infront of my aunt and then mom loosened aunt’s salwar knot dropping it to the floor. Mom and aunt were locked through lips, while pressing and feeling each other pussies. Mom rubbed aunt’s pussy above her panty and aunt was pressing mom boobs with one hand & was rubbing mom’s naked pussy with the other hand.

Mom then pulled aunt’s panty down and dropped the panty veil from aunt’s pussy exposing her pussy to display. Aunt was fully shaved in her pussy area not even a single thong of hair was on her pussy nor her armpits. Mom placed her hand on aunt’s pussy and started rubbing her clitoris and aunt was doing the same to mom, they both were engaged in a kiss while pressing each other boobs and rubbing there pussies.

Mom pushed aunt on deewan in the hall and grabbed her legs and parted them to have a clear view of her pussy and without saying even a word mom forced her face into aunt’s pussy and started licking and chewing aunt’s clitoris. Aunt was screaming in an extravagant manner letting her moans escape out of her mouth and pulling mom’s head onto herself, making mom lick her pussy deeper.

Aunt: Ohhh my dear sis I have missed this feeling for years now I am getting my pussy licked after many years I think I may not last longer to have my orgasm. Just keeping licking my pussy bitch, lick your sis in law’s pussy make me scream and have my orgasm.

Mom continued licking aunt’s pussy and inserted her finger into aunt’s pussy making it more pleasurable for aunt. Mom’s finger was moving in and out of aunts pussy while her tongue licked rolled on her clitoris.

Soon after some more licking aunt felt the urge to cum and she pulled mom face deeper letting herself cum in mom’s face. Aunt was panting with pleasure by mom’s licking and fingering, she collapsed on bed for sometime after her orgasm collided. Mom then moved slowly towards aunt’s face by kissing and licking her navel, stomach, cleavage, boobs, neck her face and then she stopped at aunt’s mouth and kissed aunt deeply on her lips. Mom and aunt were engaged in a French kiss inserting eachother tongues into one another mouth.

Aunt just could not control herself & she grabbed mom by her hairs and pulled her aside and went down towards mom pussy and started licking mom’s pussy. Now aunt was doing the same thing to mom what mom did to her. Only aunt was inserting her two fingers inside mom’s pussy while licking her clitoris, mom was pulling aunt into her pussy and forcing her to lick deeper.

Mom: Aaahh yesaah Munni, you are doing it great I never thought that getting you laid by my side would be so easy and so much great and pleasurable.

Aunt kept licking and fingering mom’s pussy, soon mom was feeling to getting herself on the edge of orgasm, after some more licking mom felt her orgasm and she cummed to her fullest and aunt drank all her cum just like mom did to her.

Then they both laid side by side and started taking.

Aunt: Ahhh sis, it was really good, I never thought that I would feel so intense great pleasure.

Mom: Ohh yess Munni I too didn’t thought that it would feel so pleasurable. Lucky that I invited to have fun rather than getting with servant.

Aunt: Were you really planning to get laid with your servant sis.

Mom: To say the truth I was not planning anything but since I saw his dick I could not control my urges and wanted to fuck him. Later I decided to invite you before proceeding anything with him.

Aunt: But only watching his dick can’t make you want him, what is that triggered your urges to have sex.

Mom: Yes it’s true, it is not only his dick that pushed me to the edge of having sex but there is something more which made me crazy.

Aunt: What is that made you crazy to have sex and feel the urges.

Mom: You wouldn’t believe me what happened that made me to get to this extinct.

Aunt: Tell me sis, you could say anything to me. What more is left between us now besides we have had sex with eachother.

Mom: Do you really wanna know what made me go this crazy.

Aunt: Yes I would like to know what made my dear sis go crazy for.

Mom: Ok, I will tell you but this should be only between us.

Aunt: Why would I say anything to anyone like this.

Mom: Ok, it’s just not my servant that made me crazy, it’s my son your nephew who made me go crazy.

Aunt: What?? What are you even saying, what your son has to do anything with your urges.

Mom: Yes, I am staying the truth it’s my son who is making me crazy, you wouldn’t know when your child I’d grown until you watch them. Until you watch them naked, until you watch them masturbate and drop there sperms in your bra.

Aunt: What? You watched your son naked. I mean watching own son naked is not a big thing but later you said particularly about his cock and masturbation. What is it all about.

Mom: Yes I am saying particularly about his cock, don’t take me wrong but my son has the biggest cock I have ever seen.

Aunt: You have gone crazy my dear sis it’s not right to watch your own son’s cock and watch him masturbate.

Mom: I would not have noticed him until he ejaculated in my bra. He was dropping his sperm in my bra and was keeping it for my use, firstly I did not notice anything and wore my bra but later when this continued I noticed a thick sticky liquid in my bra cups and I knew it was sperm. I also knew that it’s my son who is doing all this stuff with my bra.

Aunt: Are you sure that it was sperm and no other thing.

Mom: I can tell only by the smell that it’s a sperm. To catch him red handed I kept my new cupped bra & panty in bathroom and let him have bath before me. When I entered into bathroom I saw the same white sticky liquid in my bra and as well as panty.

Aunt: So, you mean to say that your innocent looking son is actually a notorious child.

Mom: You are wrong agin , as I said I have seen him naked, he is not child anymore, he is fully grown man now. He is so much grown that he can have a child now, the amount of sperm he ejaculate is enough to make any girl or women get pregnant just in one fuck.

Aunt: You really have gone crazy sis, you are talking about your own son in this way.

Mom: I may have gone crazy, but any women who urges to have sex will get crazy just by looking at his cock. Do you know what made me crazy about sex more than anything.

Aunt: What is it?

Mom: I could not stop myself from wearing the same bra and panty in which my son ejaculated his sperm, my nipples got erect and my pussy got wet instantly to the fact that it’s my own son’s sperms.

Aunt: You really are bitch to speak about your own son in this manner, have some shame. I would suggest you to get fucked by your servant rather than imagining your own son.

Mom: My dear Munni, as I told earlier I have watched my servant’s cock but he is no where compared to my son.

Aunt: I don’t know what to answer you about it, but thinking of your own son.

Mom: I know it’s not right to think that way about my own son, but just imagine getting that 7.5 inch long and thick cock in your pussy. It will make you to want his cock inside you, the fact that he is my son it makes me more wet instantly. If you think I am wrong then wait for sometime my son will be home soon, and we can tell him to take bath just to have a peek at his cock.

Aunt: I don’t know sis, what to tell you but it really feels weird in my pussy thinking about my own nephew’s cock.

Mom: It’s nearly time for him to come home, as soon as he comes hom yell him that he is smelling sweat and ask him to take bath. I am sure that he would not lock the door as usual while bathing and we can have a peek at his cock.

Aunt: No, what are you telling, have you gone insane to watch him bath.

Mom: I am only telling to watch him, I am not telling you to fuck him. Besides I want to show you how crazy I am becoming because of his cock.

Aunt: I don’t know if it’s correct to watch him.

Mom: Don’t think about it too much, just do as I say and you will know.

Soon after hearing there I conversation I climbed down from the terrace to outside and knocked the gate. It took sometime for them to open the gate as they had to get dressed, I was really sweaty due to standing in the sun watching mom and aunt have lesbian sex.

In sometime mom opened the gate, she was dressed in salwar kameez. I went inside and greeted mom, she was not wearing her bra I could mark the outline of her poking nipples. When I went inside aunt just came out of mom’s room, looking at my aunt I greeted her in surprise.

Me: Hi aunt, how are you, you visited us after a long time.

Aunt: Hii nephew, yeah it’s been long, I arrived earlier today to meet my dear sis and my lovely nephew.

She hugged me and I hugged her back, I could feel her boobs which were also without bra.

Mom: Son get fresh and we can have lunch together with your aunt.

Me: I will get fresh later mom, first let me have some food. I am too hungry to have the delicious food.

Aunt: No nephew your mom’s right you are all sweaty, first get fresh and we can have lunch together.

Me: Ok aunt, but I wanted to have the delicious food before bath.

Mom winked at me and understood my words about the delicious food I was speaking about.

I got into my room picked up the shorts and went straight to the bathroom. I dropped my clothes and for naked under the shower. As we planned I kept the bathroom door ajar to let my mom and aunt have a peek.

I was taking bath turned towards the door exposing my semi erect cock to the lovely womens. As the water ran over my body I applied soap on my body and with the latex in my hand applied soap on my cock and stroked it for sometime. Making my cock erect, I stroked my cock some more and cleaned soap form my body and turned the shower off. I dried myself and wore the shorts without any underwear to show my cock erectile to my mom and aunt.

After getting fresh I came outside only in shorts, my mom and aunt were gazing at me. My MoMA Nd aunt’s eyes were locked on my cock then to break the silence mom spoke up.

Mom: Dear son can you get curd to have with lunch. We are out of curd. Meanwhile I will prepare the dine.

Me: Ok mom I will get the curd.

I went outside and then went to terrace again.

Mom: Did you see, I told you, was I wrong.

Aunt: No sis you were absolutely right. Your son is really a grown man, I too have never seen such a huge and thick cock in my life.

Mom: Let’s tease him some time and get his cock erect. Let’s see how he reacts if we expose ourselves to him.

Aunt: Ohh but why do you want to tease him and expose yourself. I understand his cock is huge to crave for but still he is your son and my nephew.

Mom,: Just trust me and do as I say and you will understand what I am trying to say.

I went to the grocery store grabbed the curd pack and went home. When I reached home mom changed the plan of dining she put the dishes and plates on ground and asked me to have lunch sitting down rather in the dining table.

I understood what mom was trying to do, so I did nothing but quietly sit on the ground. Mom bought rice dish and bend infront of me exposing her boobs to me making my dick erect and aunt was watching me, or I could say aunt was watching my cock get erect by mom’s beding moment and boobs exposure.

Mom then asked aunt to get the gravy and she too bend infront of me to put the dish gravy dish down. Her boobs were not as big as mom’s but we’re tight and perky. Both mom and aunt nipples were erect in there dress and my cock was erect too forming tent in my shorts. Mom and aunt looked at my cock and smiled at each other, I did not do anything to hide my erection. I ate my lunch watching mom and aunt, we all were enjoying other’s company and exposure of our body parts.

Aunt then broke the silence by asking me some questions about my on going and future plans.

Aunt: So nephew how was the day, you came early today.

Me: The day was good aunt, yeah actually I did not had to anything so I came early. So mom where is the servant haven’t he come today.

Mom: No son, I asked him not to come today as I could spend the day with your aunt.

Me: Ohh it’s good mom, I am happy to see aunt today. It’s been long that I had met any beautiful young lady.

Mom: Ohhh so your aunt is young and am I old now

Me: No mom I didn’t meant to say that, you are the gorgeous women I ever met. Your beauty and aunt’s beauty is different, but I must say you both look younger than your age.

Aunt: Do you mean to say I am still young looking and beautiful despite my age.

Me: Yes you do, I say you both do look young of your age, any man could fall for you both.

Aunt: You are flirting with your mom and aunt now, you are one smart young man. On how many girls do you use this line to flirt with them.

Me: No, I don’t flirt with anyone, it’s because of you both that words are coming out of my mouth automatically.

Aunt: Don’t lie to us, tell us about your girlfriend.

Me: I don’t have any girlfriend aunt.

Aunt: Don’t lie to me.

Me: I am saying the truth, my choice in girls is different. I like mature women than girls

Mom: Aha so you like mature women.

Me: Yes mom, I like mature women. I am interested in mature women more than girls my age.

Mom: I can guess, but still aged women? You should be more interested in girls your age.

Me: I know mom I should be interested in girls my age but I don’t why but I am attracted to elder women. Women like you and aunt make me crazy and attracted towards them.

Aunt: So you think we are attractive, and you are attracted towards us.

Now the conversation between us was going little hot and crazy, we all were getting opened up.

Me: Yes aunt you are a attractive women, any man can get attracted to you. So am I.

Aunt: Yeah I can see and sense that you are attracted towards us.

Aunt was smiling and looking at my cock which formed tent in my shorts.

After the completion of lunch mom started lifting the dishes in the same manner exposing her boobs but this time my aunt joined her too. They both were showing off there naked boobs through her dress and they took there time lifting the dishes.

I was rolling my eyes from mom boobs to aunt and back to mom’s boobs. Watching mom and aunt I rubbed my cock while they were speaking to me. Mom the lift the dishes by winking at me and went to Feb kitchen. Aunt collected other dishes and plates and joined mom in the kitchen, I rubbed my cock above my shorts while looking at my aunt’s ass when she went to the kitchen.

I got up and went to the kitchen too, aunt was near the dish washer and I put my plate in the dish washer by sticking my cock into her ass and kept my cock poked into aunt’s ass when I cleaned my hand. I know that aunt could clearly feel my cock in her ass while put the plate and washed my hands.

I left the kitchen and went to my room and shut the door keeping it a bit ajar to hear mom and aunt’s conversation.

Aunt: Ohh sis your son really have some guts. He was poking his cock into my ass while washing his hands. You were right teasing him was fun, now I know why you were talking about him in that manner. He surely have got some manly thing in his shorts, he was willingly or unwillingly rubbing his cock looking at our boobs.

Mom: I know Munni, that is the reason I invited you. There is something about him that attracts me towards him, I don’t know why but I when I think about him my pussy gets wet.

Aunt: To say the truth sis, my pussy got wet too looking at your son’s cock.

Mom: So, what do you say Munni was I wrong about him and his cock, I am totally getting out of control when I think about him. I could not take his cock out of my mind.

Aunt: Hmm well you know as I said your son’s cock is huge and thick any women could get attracted to his cock, either it may may be his mom or aunt.

Mom: And you got the right conversation with him, he likes mature women rather than young girls, mature women like we are. Do you think my son crave for my body, you know like I do.

Aunt: I don’t know sis if likes or attracted to you but he surely does like the mature women. But I think he hides some fantasy on you, otherwise he wouldn’t have ejaculated his sperms in your bra as you said.

Mom: Haaa you are right Munni, I do think he secretly admire my body. So what do you think if I should get my servant cock to avoid thinking of my son’s cock.

Aunt: Sis I think that it would be too risky to get fucked by your servant, besides if he tells anyone our family image will be spoiled.

Mom: So what do you think I should do now Munni, I can’t control my urges anymore keeping my handsome young son beside me in my home.

Aunt: Sis I think, don’t take me wrong but I think you can try with your son. Besides he does like mature women and he is attracted to you, and know would know of you.

Mom: What, do you really think I could get my son. Is it possible that my son can have sex with me.

Aunt: I know sis it’s too risky to take the chance but think if it, your son keeps staring at us and especially you. He surely would not let the chance go if he could have sex with his mom.

Listening to mom and aunts conversation my already hard cock got stiff and I was rubbing my cock above my shorts. I was shock to hear my aunt advising mom to have sex with me rather than with our servant.

Mom: I don’t know Munni if that could happen, even if he is attracted to me do you think he will make a move on me.

Aunt: Theres only one way to find that sis, you can now directly go inside his room and seduce him to make a move on you. If he make a move you can get what you want and just let him make a move and let him do what is fantasise for and you can have sex with him.

Mom: Now, you want me to go inside his room now and seduce him. How can I seduce him?

Aunt: Hmm wait you could wear the dress which you wore when I arrived and ask his opinion about the dress and you may get the chance to have sex, now go and get him I am eagerly waiting to watch you get fucked by your son.

Mom: But do you think he would make a move knowing that you are around.

Aunt: Just tell him that I left and you want to know his opinion about the dress and expose your hot body to him.

Mom: But if anything happens or if he act weird looking at me then what shall I do.

Aunt: Don’t worry sis, I will be watching you both, if anything wrong happens then I will interrupt and control the situation now get going, get changed and go to your son’s room.

So dear readers what do you think lies in the future, what will happen in next story. Leave your feedback and comments.

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