Servant is for Mom and mom is for son – Part-8

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Hi users this is the continuation of Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son series, to understand the story better I insist you to read my previous stories.

I slept naked on my bed and I was raised by my mom sucking my cock, I opened my my eyes & looking at mom giving me head. Her face was shining and glistening due to the reflection of light.

Mom stopped sucking my cock and and greeted me, then again she went down to sucking my cock, her mouth was enveloped around my cock. I grabbed my mom by her hair and opened my eyes completely, mom was wearing the dress I gifted her yesterday. Now my flaccid cock was completely in mom’s mouth, I was not woke fully and my cock was full in my mom’s mouth. I then looked at clock it was 11am then I grabbed mom’s boobs started pressing them, I kept pressing mom’s boobs and pinching her nipples.

My cock started growing and became hard in my mom’s mouth, I left mom’s boobs and grabbed her hairs and started pushing her head deeper in my cock. I forced my cock deep into mom’s throat and kept her head deep on my cock, after some more mouth fucking I removed my cock form mom’s mouth and pulled her on me and kissed mom on her lips.

I pushed my hands down to her crotch and started rubbing her pussy, I inserted my fingers into mom’s pussy and finger fucked her for sometime then I pushed mom aside, I went down to her pussy and started licking her pussy. I was licking mom’s pussy while I finger fucked her, mom was moaning with pleasure and grabbed my head and pulled me into her pussy. Mom was pushing my head into her pussy making me lick her good, after some pussy licking mom started moaning and clutched her orgasm. I drank mom’s pussy juice and cleaned he pussy clean.

I felt the urge to pee so I lifted from my bed and went to bathroom, after peeing I came out to find mom standing out of bathroom.

Mom: Son, why you left I was thinking to get your cock in my pussy.

Me: Don’t worry mom you will get what you want but I felt the urge to pee urgently so I left. You really are looking hot in this dress, now call my aunt and tell her to come home.

Mom: Son, do you really want me to invite your aunt today, I was hoping to spend some alone time with you today.

Me: Yes mom invite aunt today, I want to fuck her tight pussy today, I just can’t forget the feel of your tight ass, I want to feel my aunt’s tight pussy on my cock today.

Mom: Ok son I will call and ask your aunt to come visit us today.

Me: Thanks mom, but I want you to seduce her and have some lesbian fun with her. You should make her ready for me today, I want you to make her want my cock in her pussy.

I don’t know son if she will be ready to have lesbian sex with me or she would take your cock today.

Me: Don’t worry mom I know your real talent, you can easily seduce her to have lesbian sex with you. I am also sure that once you trigger her sex crave she wouldn’t deny to take my cock in her pussy.

Mom: How can I seduce her son, I don’t know if she even wants to have sex.

Me: Mom you know the triggering points of women, you can seduce her by showing of your body to her in this dress. But before this call our servant and tell him not to come today, or our plan will be failed.

Mom: Ok son as you say.

Mom called our servant and told him not to come today, after this she called my aunt and asked her to visit home urgently and she accepted the offer.

Mom: Ok son, your aunt is coming home, what’s the plan. Just tell me how can I seduce her and how can you involve in this.

Me: Seducing her is your headache mom, you have to do it for me. While you have lesbian sex with aunt just tell her about my cock and you crave for me. Then I would come and have bath and you show her my cock while I bath. I would keep the bathroom door open for you both to peek and show her my cock, but you should get her to the bathroom and watch me naked when aunt is hot mood.

Mom: Ok son, let’s try this. But where will you be when your aunt comes?

Me: Don’t worry about me, I will be at the terrace watching you seduce aunt and get her laid.

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