A Visit with My Aunt in California

All the characters in this story are 18 or older.

The story is a work of fiction.


Josh was racing down Interstate-95 when he heard the familiar ding from his phone letting him know he had received a message. He need not look at his phone to know that it would be from his mother, but he peeked at the lock screen anyway. Confirming his suspicions he saw ‘Lucifer <3 – text message’. Shaking his head and trying to concentrate on the road he quickly swiped up on the home screen and saw:

Lucifer <3: Your butt better be on that plane by now. Your aunt is going to be waiting when you touch down in California. Be good!

Of course Josh was not on the plane to California. He hadn’t even gone through security yet, but his mother was overly-prepared, and he simply wasn’t going to wait around in Philadelphia International for two hours like he would if she was in charge of the situation. He had enough on his mind. Josh was taking visiting his aunt and uncle out in LA for a couple of weeks while he visited different schools. Hopefully at the end of this trip he would know whether or not he’d like to attend school there next fall. Just as important was his decision as to whether or not he could co-habitate living with his Aunt and Uncle for at least four years. They had offered to provide housing their favorite nephew IF he decided to attend one of the local schools.

This was a big question because, though Josh loved his aunt Jessie and uncle Greg, he hadn’t actually seen them in the five years since they moved from Jersey to Cali. The time it took for them to get set up and established, coupled with an unforeseen pandemic, had hindered any chance of either his family visiting them or vice versa. They were by far his favorite Aunt and Uncle, and he hoped that hadn’t changed.

Finally at the airport, Josh parked his car in the lot and sprinted his way towards his terminal. He lucked out with security and made it to his gate with ten whole minutes to spare. “In your face, mom” he muttered and laughed to himself as he took his seat. The phone dinged again, but this time the screen flashed ‘Aunt Jessie – text message’. He slid it open.

Aunt Jessie: O-M-G Joshy, I hope you made it on your flight okay. I can’t wait to see you! I’ll be outside of baggage claim when you land. Just text me if you can’t find me<3

Josh: All good so far! I can’t wait to see both of you either!

He typed that message and one more to his mom where relayed that he had gotten to his seat with plenty of time to spare. Soon after, they instructed all passengers to turn their cellphones to airplane mode, and soon after that they were in the air and on their way West.

Fast forward five hours and Josh was wiggling his way out of his cramped seat and shuffling off the plane. Josh was six feet and one inch tall, and couldn’t fathom how anyone taller could survive in one of those seats for more than five hours. His legs were cramped and he was tired, but the warm sunshine coming through the windows briefly rejuvenated him, and with some extra pep in his step he navigated himself towards baggage claim.

Once there, it was another twenty minute wait for his bags to get pushed down the conveyor, but once he spotted them he scooped them up with ease and eagerly made his way towards the sliding doors outside in hopes of additional sunshine and the comfort of his aunt Jessie’s car AC. He stepped outside the baggage claim and scanned down the long pick-up area to his left, and then to his right, but his aunt wasn’t hard to spot. About a city block down the way she was standing beside what he assumed was her car. She wore a light blue sundress that clung to her body like saran wrap.

The family told jokes about how Josh’s mom, or Jessie’s sister, had gotten the ass of the family. If she did, then Jessie got everything else. It had been five years since Josh saw her, but he realized in this moment that he was seeing her with new-eyes. The sun flashed off the streaks of blonde that were mixed in with her naturally brown hair. She turned and his eyes connected with her eyes that mirrored her hair color. She had bangs that kind of framed her face and the strands almost perfectly connected to the dimples in her cheeks. Josh couldn’t help his eyes from continuing downwards to her chest where the sundress she wore jutted outward as it conformed to her busty chest-line. He tried to push-out the thoughts creeping into his mind and his started making his way past people and towards her.

As he approach he heard Jessie call out “Josh is that actually you?” Josh navigated through the last group of people in front of him and replied “In the flesh”. Jessie put her arms around Josh as he came within reach and Josh was all too eager to return the hug. Her hazel hair fell over his shoulder and her body pressed to his. He could feel her curves against his body which did nothing to help those creeping thoughts. “Wow, someone has been working out huh?” Jessie jested as she wrapped a hand around one of Josh’s biceps and gestured to it, breaking their embrace. Josh laughed, slightly embarrassed, though he wasn’t sure why. “Yeah, I was nearly late for my flight trying to get one last workout in.”

“Well it seems to be paying off” Jessie replied raising an eyebrow and laughing. “You won’t have to give up the exercise while you’re here though. Your uncle was sure to set up a home-gym in the basement.”

This news genuinely elated Josh. “Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah, I can’t wait to see it and the house in general.” Josh was walking and talking as he followed Jessie about fifteen yards down the pick-up lane to what he assumed was her car. “Yeah, well we’re excited to show you everything Josh. However, your uncle won’t be with us for at least the next two weeks. Unfortunately he’s away for work.” Josh could see his aunt’s expression change for a fleeting moment, but she began speaking again “But I know he wishes he could have been here to see you when you arrived.”

Josh placed his bags in the open trunk and made his way to the passengers side, swiftly joined by his aunt in the driver’s seat. “Okay, you must be starving, right? Shall we stop for food? Whatever you want it’s your choice.” Josh was grinning ear to ear as he answered “Well, I’ve always wanted to try In-N-Out.”

Jessie chuckled “Of course. In-N-Out it is.” They spent the majority of the ride to the famous burger joint chit-chatting and talking about family gossip. Once they secured the goods they made their way to Jessie and Greg’s home where they dumped their food on the kitchen bar and began to feast. “Mmmm this was such a good idea, Josh!” Jessie said taking a large bite of her burger. “I’m full of them” Josh retorted “and you should pass that information along to my mother.” Speaking of” Jessie began “did you ever text her that you landed?”

Josh looked back at her sheepishly. “Please text your mother so we have some peace and quiet while you’re here, for both of us.” Jessie giggled as she said it. Josh swiftly pulled out his phone and began typing up a message assuring his mother that he arrived safely, and that him and aunt Jessie had just eaten. “There, done” Josh said looking at Jessie. “You’re going to thank me for that later” Jessie chuckled in response. Jessie looked at the remnants of the food in front of her “I don’t know about you, but I feel like I can barely move.” Josh nodded in agreement and clutched at his stomach.

“In spite of our mutual discomfort I should probably show you around the place, and most importantly… your room for while you’re here.” Jessie stood and began to clear the remnants of their food from the table. “Awesome, let’s do it” josh responded excitedly. Jessie proceeded to tour Josh around the the two-level home. They started in the backyard where she showed off the pool and made their way into the reconverted basement which was now a gym enthusiasts dream. “Wow” josh exclaimed seeing all the equipment “I can see how you stay in such good shape” he said laughing lightly. “Impressed are we?” his aunt jested “The best part is back there.” She pointed as she said it. Josh walked down the small hall and turned to the right where it looked like what used to be a storage room had been converted into a sauna. “You have your own sauna?” he asked incredulously. “I may never leave.” He laughed as he said it, but part of him was serious. He was already looking forward to working out here.

“I’m glad you like it,” Jessie smiled and added ” and it’s available for your use whenever you’d like, but be careful as it does get quite hot in there.” Josh looked down the small hall back at her still wearing that sundress she was in when he arrived and his eyes drifted up and down his aunt’s body as he let out “I bet” softly and then hoping she didn’t hear him or notice his lingering eyes.

“Here, let me show you where you’ll be sleeping.” Jessie called and Josh followed. They made their way to the second floor where Jessie showed him a sizeable room directly down the hall from hers and his uncle’s bedroom. “Here you are.” She held out both hands exaggeratively. “It’s not the Westin, but it should do while your here.”

“No, it’s absolutely perfect, and thanks again for everything.”

“It’s absolutely no problem, Josh. Honestly, I’m so excited you’re here. Its been so long and it can get kind of lonely with your Uncle traveling. It’s a big house for little old me” she chuckled. “Well, anyway, I figure your probably tired with all the travel so how about you make yourself at home, and then tomorrow maybe we can go for a hike or something? There’s plenty of great spots around here.”

“That sounds great” Josh agreed. His aunt extended her arms for a hug. Josh was actually concerned as the image of his aunt was giving him complicated thoughts. His lingering stares in the basement had given him a semi that hadn’t quite gone away, but he reached out and embraced his aunt carefully pushing his butt out as to not get close enough that she might notice. “We’re going to have to work on your hugs muscle-man” Jessie said as she pushed a finger into Josh’s firm pectoral. Josh laughed uncomfortably, but Jessie proceed to adjourn to her room.

Josh spent the next hour or so unpacking before finally resting his legs and trying out his bed. He tried to fall asleep, but it was no use. Further complicating things was the mental image of his aunt in that sundress that clung to her like saran wrap. He had never had thoughts like this before about a family member, and he wasn’t particularly happy about it because he always thought his aunt and uncle were so cool. He didn’t want to do anything while he was here to embarrass himself. Once he finally gave into the idea that he wasn’t going to sleep he decided he would make use of the gym. He’d force himself to get tired enough to get a decent night’s sleep. It was about 9:30 at night, so Josh carefully threw a pair of basketball shorts on sans a shirt because he didn’t feel like getting a whole outfit dirty on his first night. He carefully left his room and crept down the steps so he wouldn’t disturb Jessie, though he wasn’t sure if she was sleeping or in another part of the house. He opened the door to the gym/basement and took it all in again while muttering “I could get used to this”, and quickly got to work.

Josh had a gym routine and stuck to it. Today was Friday which meant he’d be doing chest and ab workouts. He pushed himself hoping to tire himself out and work off that delicious In-N-Out he scarfed down earlier, but still tried to be quiet because he wasn’t quite sure how sound traveled around the house. When he could take more he decided to head to the sauna. There’s no way he wouldn’t sleep after all of this. He grabbed a small towel that was on the table beside the door and made his way in. The room was extremely hot, and immediately the sweat-gates gave. He set an alarm for fifteen minutes and tried to relax setting his head against the warm wood wall. His mind unfortunately drifted back to his aunt it that outfit that hugged her slim body and her almost disproportionately-sized breasts. He stirred briefly about nine minutes in when he thought he heard a noise, but closed his eyes again.

Maybe two minutes later he heard another noise, and as he opened his eyes he saw the door to the sauna opening. Coming through the frame of the door was Jessie, but to Josh’s surprised she was only clothed by a towel wrapped around her waist. Her breasts were completely exposed and her tiny brown nipples jutted out pointing in Josh’s direction. They looked firm and almost like perfect orbs with just a little gravitational pull ensuring that she was all-natural. When she saw Josh she shouted “Oh my god!”

Josh went from bliss to horror “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t be down here. I just couldn’t sleep.”

Jessie quickly tried to adjust her towel “No, no it’s fine. I should know better. I also couldn’t sleep” her face was crimson. “I’m sorry, but since I’m typically alone I don’t always dress for the sauna.” Despite his embarrassment Josh could feel his cock stirring in his shorts. They would offer no discretion for him if he wound up completely aroused so he delicately brought his towel over his shorts.

“Well,” she started “I guess the most embarrassing and uncomfortable part is out of the way. Do you mind?” She gestured at the bench across from Josh.

“No by all means. I didn’t have much longer anyway. I should probably go to sleep.”

“Pish-posh” Jessie retorted. “If you go to sleep like this it’s just going to be weird. You’ll be weird. I’ll be weird. It’ll be a whole thing” she laughed uncomfortably. Jessie had now covered herself the best she could though it was give and take. One way or the other parts of her would be exposed to her nephew that under other circumstances wouldn’t. The towel only just covered her erect nipples while the cleavage spilled over and she did the best to provide that her womanhood was hidden from view.

Josh appreciated her attempt, but it made no difference. The ship had sailed and he could feel the blood rushing below his waist. “So…” Jessie awkwardly started. “What did you work out?”

Josh trying to focus on anything other than the tanned cleavage of his aunt replied “Today was a chest and ab day.”

“Oh, I can see that” Jessie teased as her eyes made their way from Josh’s pecs to his abs which were all tense still from the workout. She couldn’t help but notice the towel in Josh’s lap and the sudden movement it made when she said that. Her cheeks went bright red again. Josh’s eyes followed his aunt’s and his stomach dropped as he realized she had noticed his growing erection under the white towel, which now betrayed him, and was turning into an impromptu tent. Josh’s eyes met his aunt’s as her eyes fluttered and she ever so slightly bit her lip.

“I’m really sorry” he blurted out and giving up on his attempt to conceal what was happening to him.

“No, no I’m sorry Josh. It looks like neither of us are getting through tonight without a little embarrassment. I didn’t mean to cause you any discomfort.” Oh no, Josh thought. She knew she caused his erection? Did she notice his stares earlier in the day? He didn’t know how to escape the situation.

“No, no it’s not that. I’ve just been a bit… excitable all day.” It wasn’t exactly a lie. He had been excitable, but she didn’t need to know or think she was the cause of the excitement.

“Yeah, but having a woman flash you in the sauna can only exacerbate the issue, I’m sure” she replied her tone of voice becoming softer and more sultry.

“No, really it had nothing to do with it” Josh quickly spat out nervously.

Jessie’s eyes became questioning. “Oh, really?” She quickly stood, and as she did the right side of the towel dipped just enough her right breast to briefly become exposed before she fixed the towel again. Josh’s cock twitched beneath the towel, but he held it in place. “Prove it then. If you’re aunt has nothing to do with it then there should be no issue if I come join you over there, right?”

Josh was nervous and didn’t know how to respond. No words came out and he just nodded in the affirmative. Jessie sat next to him. The towel struggled to contain her breasts and she was close enough to Josh that he could smell whatever the perfume was she wore. It was all intoxicating. This was without a doubt turning into the most erotic predicament he had ever been in, but a predicament none the less.

“No cheating” his aunt said in a mischievous tone as she took his hand and lifted it from his lap.

Thankfully nothing happened. Everything remained in the same place it had been. “See? I guess you were wrong” Josh shot back mockingly.

“Josh, that’s not a test. I simply sat next to you. I’d hope you were able to control yourself for at least that.” She began to shift in her seat and grabbed both ends of her towel. “If you’re going to prove it, and risk hurting your aunts feelings” she said in a sort of sarcastic tone “it has to be a proper test. And since you’ve already seen all of me this shouldn’t be a big deal.” As she said it she separated the towel that was holding on for dear life revealing her tan and athletic form with the voluptuous breasts that Josh had seen just minutes ago. He couldn’t help but take it all in. Little beads of sweat lined her abdomen and he suddenly wished he could lick them from her body. Reflexively his hard cock shot up. It was so quick and almost violent that the towel fell from his knees to the floor of the sauna while the head of his cock poked through the top of his failing basketball shorts.

“That’s what I thought” Jessie said her eyes growing bigger and her tongue running lightly on her lower lip. Josh was crimson right now. How would he recover from this? “Okay point proven!” he exclaimed as he immediately stood up to leave the room. As he did so his basketball shorts further failed exposing his thick throbbing penis. Jessie couldn’t help but have her eyes follow it. “Don’t go” she got out. “It wasn’t my attention to upset you. It’s flattering Josh, and I don’t get much flattery like that these days.”

Josh paused “I’m glad you’re flattered, but I am so embarrassed now.” He really was. He tried to not look in Jessie’s direction which was a feat itself given her exposure. He turned slightly and for the first time really saw her bare pussy which was, to perhaps his shock, completely shaven. It looked so inviting, and so the vicious cycle of embarrassment and arousal continued. “Well, don’t. You have literally nothing to be ashamed of. Look at that thing” she gestured at his cock escaping from his basketball shorts. “Instead of being embarrassed what if we just leaned into the situation” she suggested her eyes meeting his.

“And how do we do that?” He was shaken by the words coming from his aunts mouth.

She sheepishly started “Well for one, you could show it to me?”

“How would that help?” All the focus on his hard cock was only making his current situation worse.

“It’ll be old news. You will have seen me. I’ll have seen you. We’ll be even-stevens…” she trailed off her eyes now locked on the hardening bone between her nephew’s legs. “See?” His aunt gestured to her body as she spread her legs giving Josh a complete view of nearly her whole body. Josh’s penis fell like it might explode in this moment. “Here, let me help” and as she said it Jessie gestured for Josh to come closer with her finger. He was in a near trance and took a couple of steps towards her. Her hands reached around his muscular back and slowly drifted down it to the waist band of his shorts. She slowly slipped her fingers underneath and began to pull down. Josh couldn’t believe this was happening but as quickly as the thought came his shorts were down to his knees. His cock exploded from them standing straight out and towards his aunts mouth “Oh my god” the words escaped her lips.

“What? What’s wrong with it?”. There was a slight pause and dead-air.

“Umm nothing Josh it’s just…” she tried to find the correct thing to say, but couldn’t in the moment so she just said what was on her mind “has anyone ever told you how thick it is?” Josh knew from his time in locker rooms that his penis was at the least an average length, but had also observed that at least around the males he had seen that he must be in the above average spectrum for girth, though, it had never been confirmed in this way before. “I’m sorry Josh. I just have never seen one that thick before.” The cock jumped up again reacting to the praise. They just stood there for a moment frozen in time.

“Well..” Jessie started breaking the silence “you’re not going to be able to sleep like that” and she let out an uncomfortable chuckle. Josh would have laughed in response because it was true, but he was so embarrassed. “What if you took care of it?”

“Here!?” Josh couldn’t believe what he was hearing from his aunt, but she nodded.

“There’s no way either of us is going to be able to sleep like this,” she grabbed his hand and pulled him back towards his seat “so let’s just take care of it and we can all go to bed.”

“I don’t know if I’m going to be able to in front of you” he said honestly.

She stared sharply at him “Well, since we’ve ascertained that I at least partially inspired the situation I think you can manage.” She turned towards a shelf on the wall and grabbed a bottle. She tossed it in Josh’s direction. He was surprised but caught it. It was lotion. “Go ahead. It’s getting hot in here, and we’ve already been too long.”

Josh couldn’t believe this situation, but his aunt was right. He was way too aroused to go to bed. He begrudgingly began to pour lotion on the tip of his fat cock-head, and it slowly dripped down his shaft. As he did so he could see his aunt turn towards him on the bench exposing the whole front of her body to him. He began to run his hand up and down his hard member spreading the oil all over.

“How about you turn towards me…” his aunt implored “you know, for further inspiration.” He did so. He turned in the same position as his aunt now facing one another. As he slowly stroked she began to run her hands down her chest and cupping her large tits together. Her animal instincts were taking over, and slowly but surely so were his. His pace quickened as his confidence rose. It was like a dream for him. Her tongue ran along her lips “You like your aunt’s big tits don’t you?” The smile on her face was completely mischievous.

He could barely get the words out but he did “Yes, I love them.”

“And you’ve been staring at them all day since I picked you up at the airport, haven’t you?”

Josh would have been mortified that she knew, but in the moment he couldn’t care. He stroked faster. “Yes, I’ve been hard all day” he replied.

Her face changed. “Finally, some truth. For that you get a reward.” Josh continued stroking, but his aunt slid his legs off the bench and moved beside him. “Here let me do that. I want to feel my handiwork” she whispered in his ear as her hand moved his off his engorged cock and replaced it. “It feels even bigger in my hand. I may need to use two.” The words coming from his aunt only made Josh more excited. She leaned over and began stroking his thick cock with both hands cupped around it. Her hands moved purposefully slowly all the way from the tip to the bottom of the shaft. Her hands felt amazing wrapped around him.

“You don’t have to just stare at them” Jessie said gesturing to her tits which were jiggling with each stroke. Josh accepted the invitation and began to massage her breasts in his oiled hands. Jessie moaned slightly as he did so. “This is such a nice cock, Josh” as she moaned on it. The vibration from her moans sent shockwaves of pleasure down his pole and through his body. Her hands rotated around his shaft and the pace quickened slightly. Josh’s legs buckled at the pure ecstasy he was experiencing. Josh couldn’t stand it anymore and he leaned all the way over and began to suck on his aunts erect nipple. He tried to fit as much of her large breast in his mouth as he could. He was completely overtaken.

Jessie removed one hand from her nephews erect penis and it moved to between her legs where she was soaking. She rubbed her hands along her slit, and began to rub her clitoris with two fingers in a circular motion. Josh continued to kiss and suck on her nipples which were somehow even harder then before. Jessie began to moan and shake herself. They formed a wild clump of sexual energy on the wood benches as they both moaned and played with each others bodies.

As she moaned Jessie said almost pleadingly “I want it in my mouth.” Before Josh could even respond she leaned all the way over and began running her tongue all over his tip. This took his aunt’s breasts out of Josh’s reach, so he moved his hand to where his aunts had been and his fingers slid inside of her wetness. He brought his fingers to her clitoris and began to do a similar circular motion, slowly at first. She took his cock in her mouth, though, due to the thickness she could only fit so much. As she felt her nephew’s hand working her clit she moaned more and more on the tip of his cock.

She continued to suck and stroke his cock, but as Josh’s pace quickened on her throbbing clitoris she began to shake. With his cock still in her mouth she pleaded “just like that, Josh.”

He continued, but quickened his pace and as he did her moans became greater. Josh could feel the load within his balls churning. “I’m going to cum” he called to his aunt.

She rubbed her wet lips all over the fat tip as she let out “me too.” The exchange was too much for both of them. Josh’s legs buckled as Jessie continued to rub her lips all over his tip. She began to shake under the power of his finger tips and called out “I’m cumming.”

Knowing his aunt was about to orgasm literally under his hand was too much for Josh and he let out “me too”, and he began to shoot rope after rope directly into his aunt’s soft lips while she continued to stroke every last drop out of him. She moaned as she did, overcome with a strong orgasm of her own.

Josh went limp, and his hand fell from between his aunt’s legs. She pumped his cock a couple of more times before taking the tip in the mouth. This was too much for Josh and it elicited the last bit of cum within him to escape. They just laid there for a moment before his aunt looked back at him. “I bet you’ll sleep now.” She got up from the bench slowly and used the towel to rub the remnants of her nephew off of her face and then dropped it to the floor not bothering to cover herself again. She walked towards the door giving Josh a long look at her buttocks which had been unfairly the brunt of many family jokes he was suddenly realizing. She turned back and winked “I guess I’ll see you around the gym” she said laughing as she walked out of the room.

Josh sat there for a bit in disbelief of what had just happened. This was only the first night. What else should he expect over the course of two weeks? Or even more: what if he did choose a school out here?



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