One August, Sunday morning, the white Elroy joined a ‘Net-group, “DeviantGirls.”

And he accessed a message: – ‘I’m Lydia, a 50-y/o masochist living in Tulsa. I have blonde hair, trim legs, medium-sized tits and a round butt. Is anyone interested in ‘forcing me against my will’?’

After noticing she was in chat, he responded, ‘Hi, Lydia. I’m Elroy and I’m a Tulsa resident.’

‘Hello. Are you married?’ she asked.

‘I’m single,’ Elroy replied.

‘I’m divorced,’ Lydia answered.

‘Because you’re a bad girl?’ Elroy typed.

‘Yeah,’ Lydia said, then: – ‘How old are you?’


‘Are you experienced with SM/BD?’

‘I converted my basement into a dungeon.’

‘What’s your address?’

‘Ten-thirty-three Prairie Dr. and I expect you to submit to me this afternoon,’ he ordered.


‘Three o’cl0ck.’

‘I’ll be there.’

Nonetheless, Lydia wore nothing except high-heeled shoes and stockings to Elroy’s house,

He hurried her inside and remarked,’You’re a hot dish.’

‘You’re handsome,’ Lydia replied.

‘Thanks. Are you my slave?’ Elroy asked.

‘I’m your humble servant, master,’

‘I won’t damage you but will test your limits. Do you understand?’ Elroy questioned her.

‘I do, master.’

‘Okay,’ Elroy said as he pulled a hood over her head and steered her to his dungeon where he bound her wrists to ropes hanging from the ceiling.

‘Shall I desecrate your body?’ he inquired.

‘Please, master,’ Lydia answered as Elroy selected a flogger.

‘It’s your destiny to suffer, you dumb bitch!’ he snarled while beginning to whip her ass.

‘Eeeh!’ Lydia squealed.

Within seconnds, though, her rump had turned red.

Next, Elroy dropped the implement, undressed and smashed his 9-inched pole into her vag.

‘RAPE ME!’ Lydia screamed.

‘I’m going to batter you until you’re raw-sore!’ Elroy growled.

‘I already am!’

‘Do I care?’ Elroy sneered.

‘No, master!’

‘That’s right, fool!’ Elroy disparaged Lydia as he punched his tool into her rectum.

‘Destroy me!’ she implored him,

‘You stinking pervert!’ he bellowed.

‘I’m cumming!’ she wailed before Elroy shot jizz into her bowels.

After withrawing from it, he released her and removed the hood.

‘Did you enjoy your suffering?’ he asked,

‘Suffering is the only purpose for this slut’s existence.’

Elroy then directed spit into her face.

‘I despise you, slut!’ he snorted.

‘Thank you,’ Lydia said, and…

‘… you’re welcome, deviant!’ Elroy ended the afternoon,

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