Me getting sex addict – Part 2

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After my train journey, I was helping my family as much as I could with the preparations for the wedding. Me getting sex addict – Part 1

The first two days were just resting for me; I was too exhausted by the train ride. All my hickeys, all the hard face fucks, all the slaps, and everything, including the creampies I took pills, and I was so worried about getting pregnant. My other cousin saw one of my hickeys on my back and said, “You are enjoying your life, huh?” I asked him why, and he told me there was a bite mark on my back. I ran to the bathroom and covered it up.

A couple of days later, I recovered from all of it, but the pain in my crotch and pussies was still somewhat there. My flatmate had enough and just started abusing me and calling me the worst names ever, so I finally told her that I lost my virginity but kept the story a surprise for her, and I will only tell her when I will be there, not even when she will be there for the wedding.

After a week, all the preparation and shopping were over, and it was the wedding day. And after the wedding was over, I had another sexual encounter; my flatmate was at the wedding, and I was with her only, and we were enjoying the day. But it took a 180° turn. I made a mistake. I wore a beautiful lehenga; it was my cousin’s wedding, so I kind of had to wear a beautiful and expensive dress. It was the most expensive and beautiful thing I have in my whole wardrobe. It was green and black. and suited me very well. Every single person I met told me I looked beautiful in that dress.

I wasn’t wearing pants, but I had to wear a bra because I didn’t do my makeup myself. The one doing my makeup noticed it, so I had to wear a bra. So the mistake I made was that I bumped into one of my old school friends. He was my friend as well as my cousin’s friend, as we were in the same school, so we had some common friends. He is a year older than me, and he was looking hot. He was wearing a gray suit with a white shirt, and the watch and shoes were on point. He was classy and looked really handsome. I dropped some juice on him and then took him to clean it up.

(I know this is the most pathetic and common type of sex story and is used many times, but mine is a bit different.)
I wasn’t talking to a lot of people, so after getting his suit ruined, we had some time together to talk. We talked about his work and all; his dad is in the estate, and he is getting in the same stream as him. He works for him only. I was impressed that he was actually doing something. I was very sorry because I just ruined his suit, and he kind of forgave me. He chatted for a while, and he was actually sweet. It turned into a very good chat, and soon he asked me if I had some time to meet him in the wedding hall. I said sure, and we walked together out of the hall. He took me towards his car, and nobody actually saw us going there. It was evening, and he started talking dirty. He was saying how hot I was looking and how beautiful I got when I got older, etc., and then he started to ask me if I had sex or not, if I was owned by a man or not. I said no, and I was actually horny, so I gave him a proper reply. I wanted to do it. He asked me what color pants I was wearing, and I said I was not wearing any. He got aroused and looked at my lehenga. I slowly lifted it just to show my feet and then dropped it as we were in public.

He asked what happened, and I said we were in public. He asked if I was okay with going to his place. It’s just a couple of minutes away. He has a small house that he lives in when he is in that area of the town. So it was rarely used, and he is the only one who uses it. I said sure and made a call to my dad; he was busy with the photos and etc., so he just said ok, and I then called my flatmate, making sure she was with someone and having a good time. And then we went to his place, which was just a couple of blocks away. It was huge for me, but for his wealth, it was small. He took me in immediately. He pushed me on the floor and lifted my lehenga; he saw I was not wearing anything, and he then made me take everything off, so I was naked. He rubbed his hands all over my body and touched every single inch of it. He rubbed my pussy and saw I was wet; he played with my boobs, pinched them, slapped them, and spanked my butt. Then he took off his pants and showed me his penis. It was about 6-7 inches long and thin. smaller than the ones I lost my virginity to just a week ago, so I wasn’t scared.

He placed me on the dining table chair; my boobs were pressing against the chair; I was on my knees. You can possibly find it on the internet if you search “over the moon bondage position.” This position is mainly used in bondage fantasy, but he was using it on me for casual.
He placed his dick in my pussy and pushed it. I was enjoying it, he fucked me like that for about 10 minutes, and then he grabbed me by my waist and put me on the sofa, got me in doggy position, and placed me there, then went in the kitchen, bought some oil, and I knew something was wrong. He asked me if I ever had anal, I said no, and he said let’s take your anal virginity. I want to do something that you will remember for the rest of your life. He couldn’t take my vaginal virginity, so he was taking my anal.

I sat straight and pleaded with him not to do it; I begged him; I got on my knees and touched his feet to tell him not to do it. He grabbed my hand and said, “Just do what I say.” I was still scared and told him not to. I was crying, but he still didn’t understand me. He placed me on the sofa and put his leg on my neck to hold it in place. I was still saying, “Please stop it,” and he spanked my butt. It was so hard that I got a shock from it. I screamed, and it left a dark red handprint on me. It was painful and aggressive. He said to just be quiet and let me do it. I then went quite I was upset and traumatized. He put some oil on my asshole and massaged it.

He pushed a finger in my ass and it didn’t go in smoothly; he fingered me for some time then pushed another one. And slowly, he pushed four fingers into my ass and then took his dickens, placed it, and slowly started to push it in. It was hard, and it wasn’t going in. He was having shit in his fingers, and I knew it’s not going to be a clean sex now.

He pushed his sick head in me, and I had enough. I took some long breaths and loosened up my asshole. I felt like my ass was sucking his dick in. He started pushing it, and slowly he started fiddling with it. I was getting orgasms, and he started fucking me hard. He fucked me like that, and finally, when it was fully in, he started fucking me hard and rough. He was spanking me, calling me a slut, and then started telling me about the past. He told me how he used to fantasize about me when we were in school, and he used to masturbate daily, imagining me. It was his wish that I would be his slut and eat every single load from his dick. But I wasn’t interested in any relation with him, so he was pissed at me and wanted to force me, but he couldn’t as I was so cute and beautiful. He didn’t want to ruin me and keep me safe, but when he felt that I wasn’t a virgin and had sex when I was out of town, he got pissed and had to take my anal virginity.

He was angry because of that and then came in my a**. He pulled it out and then again gave me the hardest spanking, and I pushed the cum out because of that. It was mixed with the sh*t. He then took the cum mixed with my spit and shoved it in my mouth. and forced me to eat it. It was nasty and tasted like shite. I gave up and did what he said. It was about a half hour that I was with him, and my flatmate called me; she asked where I was, and I told her I was out for a few minutes and I would be back soon. And cut the phone quickly. He grabbed my nipples and took me into his bedroom. He was going for another round. But it was different; he took some ropes and tied me to the bed with my hands and then tied my legs by spreading them. I told him to stop multiple times, but he was in the mood and wasn’t ready to stop. He then jumped on the bed and started beating me on my pussy. He slapped my pussy for some time, and I had an orgasm because of it. He started slapping my boobs, and then he confessed that he bumped into me on purpose, and the drink was all done on purpose. He then kissed me and said, “Don’t worry, it will be quick, and nothing will be visible when I go out.”

He then spanked me on my butt from the side and placed his dick in my pussycat. started fucking me. It was rough, and he was continuously calling me some questionable names like whore, you piece of shit, slut, slut for dogs, etc. I was enjoying it internally, but the process was getting me worried. I was crying. He kissed me on my forehead and said it’s over and cummed in my pussy. I had another orgasm, and I was shivering. He unties me, then takes me to the washroom and makes me sit and poo and push out all the cum. I do what he says, and then he washes my face and takes some sindoor and puts it on my head, as it was earlier. I was so horny when he did this.

Then he made sure that the rope marks were all hidden under my bangles. And then she dressed me in my lehenga. He made sure I was looking the same way I did before. I just ruined my makeup, and that’s it. He said, “We can do another session if you want.” I said no, please, and then rushed out of the house. He locked the door and dropped me back at the venue. I ran inside, and my mom asked me, “Why is my makeup gone?” I said I just washed my face, so it was gone. I went in the bathroom and put on some foundation. And we went back to the wedding ceremony. My flatmate met me, and I just told her, “I have a lot to share with you as soon as we return to our flat.”

She looked at me in shock, and I hugged her and said let’s enjoy this day, and then we went and took some pictures with the couple, and then we also took some together, etc. There was a reception at night, and most of the people who didn’t come to the wedding or who came to the wedding also came to the reception. It was a fun night; everyone gave a small speech, including me, and there was a dance as well. I had time to change and redo my makeup. He was also present at the reception, and he too gave a small speech as he was a good friend of his. He was staring at me while I was dancing, and I gave him some naughty looks. It was a very good party. Dinner was done, and then I met him once again when most of the guests were gone. I met him at the entrance, and he was leaving. I told him I enjoyed it; he said that’s good to hear, and then he kissed me on my lips and left. I wanted to stop him, but I have no romantic feelings for him. and if I stopped him, it could have been seen as if I was interested, which would have led to a huge drama, etc. And I was over that sh*t.

After that, my flatmate stayed with me for the next day, and we went together back to our flat by train. This time, it wasn’t like before. There were people, and most of them were old, and some of them were females. It was sad that I will never get that experience again in my life.
We reached our flat the next day, and she just grabbed me by my hand and made me sit on the couch. She sat on my lap and said, “You will not be able to move an inch without sharing what happened to your virginity.” I laughed and told her, “You won’t believe what happened…

She listened to me for hours and hours, talking about every single detail of what happened and the scene of the wedding day as well. She thought I was lying, but she grabbed my skirt, lifted it, and pulled down my pants. She pushed me on the couch and made me be in a doggy position while she studied my holes. She saw a huge difference and knew it was true. I backed up the deleted photos from the train and showed them to her; she was in utter shock and disbelief. She was completely taken aback by those. She was also worried if this got leaked. I deleted them. Then, the next day, I changed my number and spent the day just sharing my new number with my close friends and family.

My flatmate wasn’t a virgin; she lost it years ago when she was in school. He was a school slut, and many boys have fucked her in the years of her college as well. She was the popular girl, and her sexual urges made her a slut wherever she went. But when she was in college, her parents found out she had a boyfriend, so she decided to control herself and then shifted; now she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she doesn’t have sex, and all she does is masturbate. And when I got introduced to her, she made me a slut as well, but just for masturbating. He made me enjoy it so much that I got addicted.

After this sexual journey, I had She was more open and started fucking my ass with the wooden spoon we have. She started playing with me; she started to dominate me; she knew I was submissive, and she took a good chance on it. She did all the things possible. He tied me up the whole weekend when we didn’t have to study. She made me do nasty things like shit anywhere she said and pee wherever she said. She started peeing on me, and I started getting golden showers; most of the time, she just made me drink it. She spit on me, but it was a rare event. We went to college, and there she started giving me various tasks to do, like taking my pants off. Keeping my pants inside my pussy or asshole She puts her pants in my ass sometimes.

It was a rollercoaster; I was enjoying it as well as hating it. She was enjoying it the most; she made me do everything. She made me eat her ass, and most of the time I was her bitch, not her flatmate. I was loving this lifestyle. But then the corona started spreading, and as soon as we got to know about this, she ordered some sex toys; they were from a website, and they were shipped from another country, and the deadline was very close, as it was already getting close.

Our order got through, and we received it a couple of days before the lockdown. It was a double-sided dildo, but one side was smaller and the other was bigger. It was for lesbians to have sexual intercourse. And other toys were a huge dildo and a vibrator that could be used over long distances by an app. I was super excited by that vibrator, as it was the best thing for long distance. The first day, she put the smaller end in her pussy and then started fucking me with that. It was like she had a dog of her own. She had me on her dick for days, and she never stopped fucking me. She tied me up every single day and gave me a handful of gours to call my family and friends anyone. She didn’t tie my face just because of the video calls, and it will be obvious to them.

In the lockdown, we stayed together, and she gave me enemas; she fucked me; she beat me; she spanked my ass till I started getting orgasms just from the pain. She started torturing my nipples and pussycats. It was the life I never imagined. But soon, when we had a chance, we had to go to our family, as the lockdown was almost never ending. She made a rule that I would never leave my vibrator out of my pussy, and if I did, she would upload an image of me every time I left it out.
I kept it in my puss for a year until it stopped working. She was frustrated, but it was good for me as I felt weird when she started vibrating me while I was with my family. I have had plenty of orgasms while my parents were sitting in front of me. It was unsettling, and I wasn’t able to do it forever. I threw it out, and soon enough, our chatting was dying day by day, and we ended our relationship. We just didn’t text each other or even make a call.

After Corona was over, I went to take all my stuff back and shifted to another room till my study was over. And now I have a job in a good company in a big city, I earn well, and I have a boyfriend, but he isn’t able to satisfy me; whatever he does to me will never fulfill me. I am a painslut, I am a bitch, and I am a maniac when it comes to sex.

My BF has a 5 inch penis, but the thing that matters is the love. I love him very much and I plan to marry him, and I know that secretly he too plans to marry me, but I will not consider it if he is not a cuckold or open to swinging or having an open marriage. Because my sexual needs are never satisfied by him, and I believe they never will be.

I am planning to make him a cuck soon enough, so I just recommend him cuck porn and captions; if he gets those and loves them, then maybe it will be a match; if he doesn’t, then I will have to leave him.

That’s it for my story. My life is still going. And I have explained everything that has happened to me. I don’t know the future, but I am sure it won’t be as colorful as it was before.

This is my real-life story, and I give you permission to add your own fantasy and continue the fictional story based on your fetishes. You can send those fictional stories to me via Gmail: [email protected] and I will share it on the website.

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