Actress Shubhangi Atre Brutally fucked by village old man

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Hello friends, i am Ashi Poorey here and i am gonna tell the hot fling that happened between my mom and a nasty guy at my rural village.  I am the only daughter of my parents. My dad Peeyush Poorey is a business man and my mom Shubhangi Atre Poorey is an actress. You might have already seen her in comedy sitcom Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai. Besides my parents, the only relative i had was my blind grandma living at my dad’s birth village. My grandma was home sick and refused to leave the village. So, she stayed there with a maid. The fun began when the maid had to leave for some reason.

Now, about my mom, She is the best looking woman I have ever seen in my life. She is an actor, a professional dancer so she maintained a lovely figure. Her skin is dusky and her hair was pitch black that covered her entire back. she has very pretty lips which anyone can kiss forever. Her ass is big and round, she used to wear saris and that made her butt more beautiful. Yeah she wears sarees in the same way she wears it as Angoori bhabhi in the show. It was the perfect match with her lusty figure but her greatest weapon would be her breasts, they were huge, the blouses would do a poor job of covering them because of their big size. They were like juicy coconuts, the sight of her cleavage would give an erection even to the dead. I always wondered how she act infront of the actors with those things on her. Maybe that’s why she is so famous among her colleagues on sets or my among my dad’s friends. She is a 41 year old sex bomb. Still, she maintained a very ideal life.

Now, let me jump to the main stuff. From now on I’ll call her by her name, to make it more pleasurable for you guys. One day, we got a letter from my grandma telling that she needed someone to look after her for a month as her servant had to leave for a month. Shubhangi was 36 years old then, my dad asked Shubhangi to do that, she was more than happy to do that. she and grandma always had a special bond. As it was my holiday, my dad told me to go with her. so one fine morning we left for our village. our village house was ok. it was made of bricks. the only problem it had was that the bathroom was not attached to the main building.

So if someone need to do something they have to go out of the house. with our house a friend of my grandpa called ramesh lived. He was a 71 year old man, he was very friendly with us and was a good family friend. his wife passed away and her two son lived abroad, He was all alone. a was a rich mam and had influence over the village.he used to come to my grandma’s place a lot. his house had a joining door with my grandma’s house as my grandma used to live alone. when we arrived there, he was quite happy to see us.

ramesh: “ahh, at last all of you have come, i missed you all. welcome home.”

dad: “thank you chacha. hope you are doing all right ?”

ramesh: ” yes my boy, i am are you Shubhangi? ”

Shubhangi: ” i am fine ramesh ji ”

Rameshv “You know what, I watch your show everyday, it’s so good, it makes hard, I I I mean it makes me laugh hard” Ramesh ji stammers.

now when ramesh was talking to Shubhangi, he was looking at her in a different way. Although she and dad didn’t notice, i looked at his eyes and saw that they were stuck at Shubhangi’s cleavage. More importantly, i saw a bulge in his dhoti. At that moment, i just ignored it and went inside the house with everyone. Grandma was very pleased to hear us. After dinner we all got together to do a little chat. Grandma was talking about the bathroom problem. As it was not attached with the main building, it was very hard for my grandma to use it. My dad told grandma that he would make an attached bathroom for her very soon. We stayed up untill 10 pm and we chatted with ramesh uncle. At 11pm rameseh left our house and we went inside our rooms. Shubhangi and grandma was staying together in one room but me and dad slept on the blacony as it was very hot. My dad went to sleep instantly but as it was a new place for me, i was having trouble going to sleep. My dad started to snore loudly. Man, this guy can really sleep. He wouldn’t wake up even if an atom bomb explode around him. I was awake and was looking at the sky. It was a very beautiful night. Who knew that the most remarkeable event of my life was about to happen that night ?

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