How my neighbours sexy wife pounded by me

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Hello readers, myself Raj 24 years old , young energetic playboy sexually active from past 8 years . With height 5.8feet , fair with a well built body and intelligent enough to handle sexy girls, housewives with love, care and passion. At Present I live in Hyderabad .

I have encountered many Real life incidents with hot girls and sexy housewife’s.This my first story.I’m sharing a beautiful sexual experience with my sexy neighbours wife, how i fucked her for 1 year without suspicion from her husband and our neighbours.

Let’s come to the story, it happened in my hometown, Andhra Pradesh 2021. Her name nandhini 32 looks like 27 with height 5ft 6inch, stats 38 26 38 milky white, long hair, hourglass shape body ( L H S = R H S ), her curves are jaw dropping super sexy Telugu wife, when she walks to nearby stores in our area mens of all ages stare at her and wanted to take advantage with their cheap behaviour, which irritates her, due to these acts she stopped wearing sarees to near by stores.Fucking her in black saree from back is a dream to every men’s because she is damn hot and sexy in saree especially black .

I used to live in a 1st floor individual house alone due to some family reasons ,where they got rent in the house besides our same floor. Where our two houses are closely connected walls creating a step like structure easy to access each other small side path ways, where the trees infront my house and backside of her house eliminates the visibility of what’s happening on the side pathways of both house’s ,Why I stressed on the two houses connection is because it plays a crucial role in the entire story, acting as a safe sexual passage without any suspicion to our neighbours and her husband .

She is a well educated housewife, her husband in early 40s used to work as a manager in some chemical company. he is a workaholic, with so many night shifts in a month , which later on helped me do night shifts in his bedroom. They have a boy who is 6 years old .

Since day one I had an eye on her being alone in an individual house on the first floor, I’m able to hear and see what’s going on in their house easily without peeking. Her curves , cleavage, boobs and her back as she used to wear transparent silk sarees at home by seeing her create a bulge in my shorts . Slowly I got attracted to her sexy body where I used to imagine her fucking doggy style holding her tight and rigorously pressing her boobs . After 1month I decided to fuck her so I kept aside all my work started making my strategies to make her kneel down before me .

I started silently noticing all her daily activities , where housewives have their own schedule , so I changed my schedule accordingly. There is a huge problem if she finds out any kinky looks or cheap advantage taking behaviour. She will stay far away from you . So i used to behave like a gentleman in front of her, where I got some opportunities to take advantage by helping her but I want her complete trust in me . Finally i designed a beautiful strategy to unlock her pusssy.

First step, to create goodwill on me .
Second step, to get close to her son.
Third step, limited talk with her about their sons education and future.
Fourth step , As they don’t have any relatives or friends in the city i must get close to her husband because I know the city well .
Fifty step , I need frequent access to their house to understand their personal relations, for this to happen I need to take home tuition to her son , where I used to clarify doubts of School children on my terrace, just i need to showcase to her.
Sixth step, getting emotionally connected to her.( I BELEIVE SEX IS GAME OF BOTH PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL ) , If she is emotionally dependent on me she can convince herself to open her milky legs .
Last step, to fuck her as much as I can In all positions and squeeze her assets .

Need to implement these steps one by one, If any kinky looks and bad intentions get her notice she will never let you because such a super sexy housewife needs to be strict otherwise every man will make her kneel down .
I got close to her son where he is poor in studies and more interested in video games . I used to have PlayStation 3 console in my house where i let him to play for long hours he loved it and indulged in gaming world for 2-3hours , i used to bring new games to make indulge him in gaming just to fuck his sexy mom .

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