She was his wife’s bitch sister

Wife’s bitch sister

“Honey don’t be like that,” Jane, my wife of four years, said as she did her makeup.

I had just told her I wanted to stay home and let her go to her sister’s house by herself.

Her sister hated me.

Her sister looked down on me.

Her sister belittled me.

I hadn’t done anything wrong; it was simply that I was blue-collar, and in Ginny’s eyes, I wasn’t good enough for one of the Keller sisters. The self-proclaimed princesses of Sycamore, Illinois.

It wasn’t as if they came from money. They grew up in a working-class family’s home too. Their father was an electrician, and their mother worked part-time as a bartender.

I was an elevator repairman.

Ginny had married up. Much up, in fact. Her husband Brian was ten years older and a successful lawyer. He was also the Junior Senator from the Land of Lincoln.

I met Jane when I worked on the elevator in which she got stuck in her building. We fell in love and were married within a year. She always said it was my rugged charm that made her fall in love with me. I always told her it was my big dick that she loved. She never denied that.

I complained, “Jane, you know she hates me and will go out of her way to get digs in and take shots at me.”

Jane shrugged, “She’s not that bad. Besides, we haven’t seen the headstone yet.”

Inwardly, I groaned. Her parents died six months earlier in a boating accident. Brian made a big deal out of spending an obscene amount of money on their extravagant grave marker.

“Can’t we just visit the cemetery and stay in a hotel?”

My wife looked at my reflection in the mirror and said flatly, “No.”

I sighed dramatically for effect and grabbed our luggage. We were going for the weekend, yet still had several bags.

She met me in the garage where I finished a cigar while I waited.

“Must you smoke in here, Viv?” She complained for the umpteenth time.

“You won’t let me smoke in the house.”

It was the same excuse I always gave when I smoked in the garage.

“Whatever,” she harrumphed and got into the passenger side of the Porsche SUV she had to have.

While I made good money repairing elevators, she made great money working for a public relations firm. She was building a reputation as a woman who could turn any shitty situation into gold for her clients. It didn’t hurt that she was smoking hot and used her feminine charms to build a client base of the rich and famous.

We lived in the far west suburbs of Chicago and her sister lived in the far north suburbs on the lakefront. It took an hour to get there as we hit no traffic, and the ride was silent.


“Jane!” Ginny shrieked as she opened the door to their large home.

The sisters hugged in the doorway and left me standing behind Jane holding our three bags.

They exchanged small talk for a few minutes and I dropped the bags on the marble floor and kicked off my dress boots.

“Take those to the guest room, Vivian,” Ginny said with a sneer. I hated that she always used my full name.

Yeah, it’s more commonly a woman’s name, but my parents named me after my dad’s favorite guitar player. They were probably stoned when they did it. My folks were potheads.

I picked up the bags and ignored the fact that Ginny didn’t bother to say hello to me. I saw Brian using the phone in his den on my way to our usual bedroom. It was typical for him to ignore me as well, that is unless he was bragging about something or showing off to my wife. I was surprised he wasn’t in Washington, but I didn’t care either way.

I closed the door, set the bags on the bed, and took a seat on the chair in the corner. I opened my phone and began to read Kalimaxos’ newest ebook.

Two hours later, Jane walked into the room and said, “We’re going out to dinner. Get dressed.”

I looked at the slacks I was wearing, and asked, “What do you want me to wear?”

She looked at me and shrugged, “Put on a dress shirt.”

“I didn’t bring anything except polo shirts.”

She groaned, “Oh, well. You’re going to look like a hillbilly.”

She turned and left the room.

I looked in the mirror and thought I looked good. I was wearing one of the eighty-dollar Nike golf shirts she bought for me with a two-hundred-dollar pair of slacks. If I’d had my way, I’d have been wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but Jane wouldn’t stand for that.

My thick black hair was styled short, my full beard was freshly trimmed and had sharp lines, and my shirt was even tucked in. If I looked like a hillbilly, I was a damn well-dressed one.


Ginny drove us to the opulent steakhouse in her new Mercedes, and I didn’t bother to ask why Brian wasn’t with us. They didn’t speak to me on the way anyway.

The restaurant was packed and many people were waiting for tables, but the Senator’s wife was ushered in without a reservation.

They lavished us with attention, and Ginny made a big deal out of ordering a bottle of Cristal for us. I got a glare from my wife when I ordered a scotch on the rocks.

“What kind would you like, Sir?” The waiter asked.

“Johnny Black,” I answered.

Ginny groaned and said, “Good Lord, get him Blue Label neat.”

“No,” I argued. “I’ll have the Black on the rocks. Make it a double.”

The waiter winked and walked away. He must have known how much of a bitch Ginny was.

Jane kicked me under the table, and I ignored her as I perused the menu.

I was halfway through my drink when the seafood tower appetizer they ordered without asking me arrived. When I saw Brian approach the table, I downed it and ordered a second.

“Oh, waiter!” I called out. “Could I also get some stuffed mushrooms, please? Thanks.”

Brian sat and said, “Sorry I’m late. I was talking with President Brown.”

I smiled, “What’s that asshole up to today?”

“Vivian!” My wife shrieked, and I didn’t care.

Brian frowned, “If you must know, he’s doing well and is planning a trip to Chicago soon.”

“Wonderful!” Ginny grinned. “Will we be able to see him?”

“We’re working out those details. He will definitely have me on stage with him when he gives his speech at a new manufacturing plant.”

“Wonderful!” Ginny clapped. “That will be great for your national reach.”

Brian smiled and nodded before stuffing crab meat into his mouth.

The rest of dinner was uneventful, and I wasn’t included in any of the conversations. Once I’d finished my steak, I excused myself to use the restroom. No one noticed.

An hour later, I was sitting in the bar watching a basketball game when Jane walked up.

“We’ve been looking all over for you.”

I laughed.

“Oh, yeah? You couldn’t have looked too hard. When did you notice I was gone?”

“We’re leaving,” she huffed and stormed away.

I took my time finishing my drink and paid my tab. The women were none too pleased when I finally got back to the car.


Later, in their guest room, Jane said, “If you wouldn’t have abandoned us, you’d have heard Brian offer me a job on his staff.”

I looked at Jane as I undressed and shrugged. She was plenty buzzed and couldn’t take her eyes off me as I slid down my slacks.

“He wants me to handle his media relations and then be his campaign manager when he runs for re-election in a couple of years.”

“Lovely,” I said and slid my boxer briefs to the floor.

She licked her lips when she saw my freed dangling cock.

“Honey, I know I usually don’t want to do it in my sister’s home, but…”

I laughed and slid into bed.

“What’s so funny?” She whined.

“You’re drunk.”

She rolled her eyes and slid her dress off. I wasn’t surprised she was nude beneath her dress. She couldn’t have unsightly lines you know.

She slid under the covers and took my flaccid shaft in her hand.

“Come on, Viv, baby. You can be the strong fireman rescuing the lonely woman.”

I rolled over and turned out the lamp. I asked, “Why do I have to pretend to be someone else? I tell you what. I’ll be the fireman, but you have to be Taylor Swift.”

She huffed, “I’ll be whomever you want. Just give me that fat…”

I rolled her over onto her stomach and knelt between her legs. She moaned as I pulled her hips up into me and slapped her ass.

“Oh, Viv!”

I took my semi-hard shaft and slapped her butt with it until I was hard. It didn’t take long, her ass was amazing, and I loved fucking her doggy style.

“Yeah, baby,” she whispered as I eased into her wetness. I was angry with her for the way she and her sister treated me earlier, so I decided to be quick and rough.

She loved it.

She was so loud as I pounded into her, I thought she’d wake the neighbors. There was no way Brian and Ginny didn’t hear as I slapped into her soft flesh.

After a few minutes, I drove into her harder as I pulled her long blonde curly hair.

“Fuck yes!” She screamed. “Harder, you bastard. Fuck me harder!”

How could I not comply? I knew she was seconds away from cumming, and so was I.

Her tight walls squeezed me as I thrust in and out, faster, and harder.

I released my first spurt into her and grunted when I pulled out and shot my ropes across her butt and back, making sure to pull her back so I could get some in her hair.

It was petty, but she hated it, and I needed to needle her a bit.

She collapsed forward into the pillow with a content smile on her lips. I shook my head and walked out into the hall to clean up in the bathroom next door.

I hadn’t realized I forgot to put on pants, as I was used to sleeping naked at home until I saw Ginny in the hallway.

She looked at my swinging, semi-hard dick and gasped. I ignored her and closed the bathroom door.


I woke at six the next morning and saw she was in the same position. Her hair had dried cum in it, and it was still on her back and butt. She looked rode hard and put away wet. She was still hot.

I dressed in mesh shorts and a tank top. I intended to wear that outfit as pajamas, but I had never put them on.

I’ll admit the tank top was tight fitting and showed off all the hard work my weightlifting had done, and the mesh shorts did nothing to hide my long flaccid member. It would be quite the show for Ginny and Brian.

When I walked toward the kitchen, I was surprised to find Ginny and Brian arguing.

Ginny said, “Don’t be stupid. You’re the rising star of the party. If your greed…”

“Relax, babe. That’s what your sister is for. I need her to make sure the skeletons stay in the closet and if they don’t, she’ll put a costume over them and convince everyone they’re clowns.”

“We’ll, I still say it’s still stupid. I…”

The floor creaked and she must’ve heard me around the corner.

“The coffee’s on the counter, Vivian,” she growled and walked away. I made it a point to check out her ass which wiggled nicely under her silk robe. Brian wasn’t happy I did.

He looked at my crotch and said, “Do you know what they say about guys with big dicks?”

I waited for his punchline and poured some coffee.

He stood and smirked, “Only other guys know what it’s like to fuck their wives in the ass.”

He chuckled as he left the kitchen. Admittedly, in the past, I had concerns about Jane cheating on me. I was never able to prove anything and dropped the idea. Senator Asshole brought back all those feelings.

I hated what I became around Ginny and Brian. I wasn’t an asshole by nature, but they brought out the worst in me.

It happened every time I saw them. Granted, I rarely saw Brian. I suspected I was too low on the social meter for him to waste a shit on, and it was Ginny who drove the animosity.

“What are you wearing?” Jane shrieked as she entered the kitchen. “You really are a God damned hillbilly.”

I shook my head and started searching cabinets for cereal.

A few minutes later, Ginny walked into the pantry where I wasn’t finding anything.

“Get dressed, we’re going out for breakfast before we go to the cemetery.”

I turned and she was gone. I saw a bottle of cognac on the shelf next to the door and had to talk myself out of drinking it.


“I’m so glad you’re coming on board, Jane. If all goes well, you might end up my chief of staff when I’m President.”

I almost choked on my veggie omelet. We never discussed her accepting the job.

“I’m excited, Brian. You’re going to do great things.”

Ginny beamed, and I took a drink and a deep breath to calm down.

“What’s the job pay?” I asked.

“It doesn’t matter, Vivian,” my wife said. She pissed me off by using my whole name. She never did that, until the previous night, and it was then I knew I’d lost her to the dark side.

“It matters to me. It matters to the bank holding our mortgage. It matters to the bank holding the note on your Porsche.”

“Look, Viv,” Brian said. “Sure, it’s a pay cut, but it’s government work for the people of this fine State of Illinois. She will live in my townhouse in Washington when we’re there, so you won’t have to worry about that. All of her expenses will be paid by my staff allowance or campaign funds, so there are no travel costs to worry about. You’ll be fine from what she tells me of your…uh, situation.”

“My situation, huh? Exactly when did these conversations take place?” I asked.

I noticed Ginny look up when I said that. Perhaps she realized it wasn’t a surprise job offer the night before. It was almost funny, watching the wheels turn in Ginny’s mind.

Ever the politician, he dodged the question.

“I think two weeks from tomorrow should be your first day, Jane,” he smiled. “I’ll need to have you in Washington as soon as possible.”

I didn’t like what he implied by ‘have you,’ and I could tell Ginny wasn’t pleased either. At least my misery had company.


For the next two weeks, we fought incessantly. I wasn’t happy being ambushed with her new job and I was more not happy with the fact that she’d be living with him in Washington DC for most of the year.

Six months after she left, I’d only seen her once.

During that time, President Brown survived an assassination attempt and resigned in scandal, and Brian was fast-tracked as the front-runner for his party’s Presidential nomination. Instead of running a campaign in a couple of years for the senate, Jane was immediately installed as his campaign manager for president.

Jane missed my birthday, and our anniversary, spent her birthday with Brian and Ginny in Washington, and for all intents and purposes was gone from our marriage.

The final straw for me was when she stopped putting money into our joint account. Her excuse was that she had to keep her money separate in case the campaign was audited, but I didn’t buy it. I had to dip into our savings so I could make our mortgage payment on the monstrosity she had to have.

I had divorce papers served to her on the day Brian accepted the party’s nomination at the national convention. I hadn’t been invited, but that didn’t matter. We were living separate lives, and I wanted to move on.

I didn’t think she cared as she never bothered to call me, that is until my lawyer went after her financials.

Suddenly, she tried to stop the divorce. I wouldn’t take her calls, so Brian started calling me, begging me to stop the divorce on her behalf.

He offered me a million dollars to stay married. His biggest mistake was leaving that offer on my voicemail. I gave it to Fox News. I always liked how Harris Faulkner and Sandra Smith’s legs were always encased in shimmery stockings.

It turned out that a Presidential candidate trying to buy off the husband of his campaign manager was big news for a couple of days. Rush Limbaugh called them the “drive by media” for a reason and they certainly proved that point with my news.

Originally, I thought he just didn’t want bad press, but no other reporters ever called me or showed up on my doorstep. Our divorce wasn’t news anymore, and I was willing to bet no one knew Jane was married.

After months of legal wrangling and court hearings, the judge ordered my wife to provide records of all her earnings and asset accounts.

Feces struck the rotating blades after that.

It turned out Brian and Jane were doing some kind of funny business with campaign funds. For some reason, there were ten million dollars of campaign money sitting in one of Jane’s accounts.

I could never figure out how they thought they would be able to get away with it, but they tried to claim it was a lump sum income payment to run the campaign. The problem with that was she didn’t report it as income on her tax return.

Long story short, that opened a can of worms, and they started looking deeper into Brian’s campaign money going back to his prior campaigns.

He apparently bought everything with campaign money. The houses, the cars, the boat, everything.

When all was said and done, he lost the election and got indicted for over fifty different counts of fraud, mail fraud, and false filings and statements. It turned out he didn’t trust anyone except his family to manage a larger coffer of campaign funds and not report him for his shenanigans. Which is how Jane ended up working for him.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out that instead of just paying fines, he and Jane were looking at jail time.

One of his former staffers rolled on him and took a deal from the feds to testify. Brian and Jane had no choice but to take plea deals and both went to federal prison. Brian for ten years, Jane for three.

It was bad luck for them that the Department of Justice was run by a man loyal to the President, who wasn’t happy when Brian beat her out for the party’s nomination.

Regardless of what happened to them, at the end of the day, my marriage was over, and I had to move on.


A year went by and I sold the house and moved to a less expensive suburb. I still drove my truck and still worked on elevators; surprising to me, I was in a good place after it all went down.

Then, that asshole Murphy showed up with his law in the form of Ginny at my doorstep.

“What do you want, Virginia?” I groaned.

“May I please come in, Viv?”

“It’s Viv now, huh? No sneer either. What do you want?”


She was crying. I sighed and motioned her in. I noticed a rusted older Toyota in my driveway.

“May I have some water, please?” she asked.

“No,” I gruffly answered and sat on my recliner.

Before she got to why she darkened my doorstep, she started sobbing.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my legs. I wasn’t interested in her issues, and I wasn’t going to console the bitch.

I watched her, and for the first time since I’d known her, she wasn’t wearing any makeup. Her designer clothes were also missing, and in their place was a pair of leggings and a scoop-necked t-shirt.

“I divorced the bastard,” she blurted after calming herself.


“They were having an affair.”

I laughed, “No shit? I figured as much but could never prove it.”

She looked at me oddly, “I wondered if you knew.”

“No, but I suspected. There was too much I was kept in the dark about, and your ex made a comment or two that gave me pause.”

She nodded, and I sighed, longing to get her out of my house.

“I lost everything,” she whispered, hanging her head.


She lifted her head and said, “I’m homeless.”


She begged, “I…hoped…I mean, you’re my last hope. I’ve been living in my car for a week since the sheriff told me to leave my home.”

“For fuck’s sake, Ginny. You expect me to help you after shitting on me since the day we met?”

“No,” she said through tears. “I know I don’t deserve your help, but I don’t really have a choice. It’s taken me a week to build up the courage to ask.”

I looked at her more closely and shook my head. She looked dirty. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail, and it looked unclean and gross.

“When was the last time you had a shower?”

“The day I left my house. I’ve been washing in fast food restaurant bathrooms.”

‘Fuck!’ I yelled in my mind.

She was the queen of the bitches, but she was desperate. She had to be to ask for my help. I knew she didn’t have any family, and I assumed her friends went away when her money did.

I knew I had to do something to help. I couldn’t leave her homeless; it wasn’t in me to kick an injured dog like that. I surprised myself by making the decision so easily, however.

“Fine. I have a guest bedroom you can use until you’re back on your feet. The first sign of disrespect, and your ass is out the door.”

I could’ve just given her some money and sent her on her way, but that would only be a temporary fix. She may have had to come back again.

She didn’t answer; she started sobbing uncontrollably.

I stood and walked out to see what I was dealing with in her car.

I saw the temporary tags and wondered how much she paid for the rusted-out late ’90s shit box.

I expected to see piles of clothes in the back seat, but there was only a large suitcase.

She walked up from behind and explained, “The bankruptcy court liquidated everything we had of value. I was allowed to keep some older jewelry which I sold to buy that car and had a few dollars left over with which to eat.”

I turned and asked, “Everything is gone? You were fucking loaded.”

“When it all went down, all of our money went to lawyers and fines.”

“I can’t believe you were so stupid. You dared to look down on me from your ivory tower, and you…”

“Viv, there is nothing you can say that I don’t deserve. I promise I’ll give you the chance, but can I please have a shower and a meal first?”

I shook my head and opened the door to get her bag.

“Thank you,” she said as I walked past her to my house.


While she showered, I ordered Chinese. I didn’t ask what she wanted and didn’t care. I also opened a bottle of wine Jane couldn’t take with her to jail and poured us each a glass.

Thirty minutes later, the food arrived, and she was still in the shower. I wondered how long it would take for my hot water to run out, but I didn’t care. I knew she had a lot to wash away, both literally and figuratively.

I had taken my first bite of an egg roll when she walked into the kitchen.

“Thank you again, Viv. You have no idea…”

“Eat before it gets cold,” I growled. I didn’t care about how good the shower felt. “I ordered you chop suey, or you can have some of my sweet and sour pork.”

“The chop suey is fine, thank you.”

“Here you looked for a job? I mean, you’ve got a college degree, right?”

She nodded and swallowed.

“I haven’t found anything yet. I swear, I’ll get one as soon as I can and get out of your hair.”

After she put her fork down, she asked, “Viv, may we talk about, um, how I…”

“Not yet. I’m too sober for that conversation.”

“Okay. Mm, this is excellent. I didn’t know you were a wine drinker.”

I shrugged, “What do you actually know about me? It’s not as if you were ever interested in having a conversation with me.”

She frowned but didn’t respond. I was glad as we would be having the conversation for which I didn’t want to have while sober.

I chugged the last of Jane’s expensive bottle of Cabernet and put away the leftovers.


I opened a beer, lit a cigar, and sat on my deck.

The night was warm for that time of year, and I liked sitting outside. I had a chipmunk buddy I named Dale who came around for peanuts when I sat outside.

I tossed a handful onto the grass and heard the sliding door open.

“Viv, I hope you don’t mind, but I bought Jane this bottle for her birthday a few years ago. May I?”


A minute later, she sat beside me as I watched Chip eat his peanuts.

“Go ahead,” I sighed.

She began, “It took my fall from grace, so to speak, before I understood how horrible a person I was. When my friends pretty much laughed at me and told me to fuck off, I got a cold hard slap to the face.”

I didn’t look over, I continued to watch Dale. I wouldn’t do anything to make her more comfortable.

“You did nothing to deserve the way I treated you. I was so caught up in my own bullshit that I became a horrid person.”

I couldn’t argue, so I tossed some more peanuts to Dale.

She continued, “You won’t believe it, but before college, I was a good person.”


“Huh?” She asked.

“I don’t believe it,” I answered.

She shocked me when she got off the bench and dropped to her knees before me.

“Viv, I’m begging you to forgive me.”

She dropped her head onto my lap and cried. I was stunned and frozen. The worst part was I started to get hard.

You couldn’t blame me. She was a beautiful person on the outside and I hadn’t been with anyone since my divorce.

She said, “Viv, I’ll do anything for you to forgive me. I’m humbled now.”

She sat back and looked at my erection.

“I’m sorry. I…uh…”

She stood and hurried into the house. I looked at Dale and asked, “What the hell am I supposed to do, Bud?”

Not surprisingly, he didn’t answer.


The next morning, I woke to the smell of coffee and bacon. I momentarily forgot I had a houseguest and wondered who was cooking. Then I remembered Ginny was there and still wondered who was cooking. I wouldn’t have believed she knew for what a kitchen was used.

I walked into the kitchen and saw Ginny standing at my stove, shaking her ass, and dancing to her air pods.

She looked sexy as hell in a t-shirt that barely covered her ass. Her legs were beyond belief and glistened as they swayed.

I watched her for a minute or so until she spun and screamed in surprise.

She said, “Sorry, I didn’t know you were there. I made you breakfast.”

“Thanks. It smells great.”

I tried to avert my eyes, but she caught me looking at her sexy bare feet.

I already knew she was an amazing-looking woman, but I’d never seen what she was offering up that morning.

“Eat before your eggs get cold,” she grinned.

“I can’t believe you know how to cook,” I said, then regretted it. It sounded too harsh.

She sat across from me and frowned.

“I can cook. We didn’t always have our meals out.”

“Sorry, I…”

“It’s okay, Viv. If I may, what did you hear that made you suspicious? I mean, I had some misgivings about how close they were, but…”

“He implied that my dick was too big for anal sex and someone else would fuck Jane’s ass. I figured she might have told him. She wouldn’t let me anywhere near her butt.

She looked down at my crotch, but the table blocked her view.

“I was stupid to believe he was faithful. I never would have thought my own sister would betray me though.”

“Life’s a bitch, ain’t it?” I mused. “The eggs are good. What did you season them with?”

I scooped up the last of my veggie omelet, and she answered, “I remembered you liked them with vegetables. Just salt, pepper, and a little bit of seasoned salt.”

“Well, they’re very good. Thanks again.”

She proudly smiled and sopped up her egg yolk with a piece of toast.

“Look, Ginny. I have a tee time in an hour. They’re hiring a couple of cart girls at the course, and I know it’s not much, but at least you can make a few bucks while you’re looking for something better. I’m a member, and I’m friends with Sara the manager, so I’ll put in a good word for you.”

“You have a country club membership?” She almost sneered.

I sighed and stood, “Forget it. You…”

“Wait! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound like that.”

“Fine,” I shrugged. “It’s not a country club, though. It’s just a golf course.”

“Thank you, Viv. How far is it? My car isn’t…”

“Not far. Come with me this morning and talk to the manager. You can take my truck home and I’ll get a ride.”

I wondered what was wrong with her car. I got that it was a piece of crap, but it wasn’t like she was driving it across the country.


After we finished, I walked out of the locker room with my friend Jake and saw Ginny sitting in the lounge.

Jake said, “Check out the hottie in the lounge.”

“That’s Ginny,” I answered. I had told him about her staying with me. He called me an idiot for not making her apologize with her pussy.

I wondered why she didn’t leave.

“Dude, she’s smoking hot. You have to…”

“Not a chance, Jake. She’s a world-class bitch.”


“You didn’t have to wait for me,” I said as we approached her.

She smiled, “I was hired on the spot, so I got a tour of the facilities and she said to have lunch on the house. I’ve only been done a half hour or so.”

“Hello, pretty lady,” Jake said and extended his hand. “I’m Jake.” He looked at her tits instead of her eyes.

She ignored it and said, “If you call me anything other than Ginny again, I’ll cut off your…”

“Okay,” I said intervening. “Jake’s sorry, Ginny. Let’s go home.”

She spun and hurried away.

I looked at Jake who stared at her ass, “Told ya. You didn’t have to look at her tits like that.”

“I think I just met my next ex-wife,” he said and laughed.

I groaned and followed after Ginny.

“They think very fondly of you there,” Ginny said as we got into my truck.

I didn’t have anything nice to say, so I didn’t say anything.

“Thank you for vouching for me. Your recommendation sealed it.”

“Well, just make sure you don’t make me look bad,” I said.

“I think Sara likes you,” she said quietly. “She asked a lot of questions about you and how well you know me.”

I ignored her. I knew Sara liked me. I wasn’t looking to get into anything with anyone, and one-night stands weren’t my style. Sara still flirted with me mercilessly.

“Viv, I needed to buy my first two club shirts. I didn’t have the money, so Sara put them on your account. I’ll pay you for them, I promise.”

“It’s fine,” I said.

I was just glad she got the job. That meant she’d be working on the weekends, and I’d see less of her. Fifty bucks for shirts was worth that.

I asked, “Do you need anything from the store? I need to stop at Wal-Mart. Unless that’s too far below you.”

I was sure she frowned when I said it. I realized I needed to work on my attitude if we were going to be able to live together. She’d been making an effort, why shouldn’t I?

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“Yeah, you did. But I deserve it. Wal-Mart will be fine, thanks.”

She got some basics and asked if I could buy her some shorts to wear at her new job. I obliged and was surprised when she asked me to tell her what I thought after she tried them on.

She looked good, of course. Beauty wasn’t her problem. She could make a potato sack look good.

“What’s wrong with your car?” I asked as we got out of my truck.

“I don’t know. It runs poorly, and the check engine light is on.”

“Let me take it for a ride. I’ll see if it’s something I can fix for you.”

“You know how to fix cars?”

I shrugged and took her keys.

It started fine, so I drove it to my friend Sanchez’s auto shop. His given name was Ken Marsh, and he wasn’t Hispanic, but when we were in high school he had jet-black hair and a thin mustache.

One of the jocks started calling him ‘Spic’ until Ken broke his nose and said, “I’m Irish, you asshole.”

We all laughed and started calling him Sanchez. We were kids, what did we know about being politically correct? He called me Chick, and what could I say? It sucked to have a girl’s name.

“Hey, Sanchez,” I said as I walked up to the stall he was working in.

“What’s up, Brother?”

“Can you check the codes on this piece of shit?”

As he took a look, he asked, “You buying a beater?”

“No, it’s my ex-sister-in-law’s. She’s staying with me for a while?”

“I thought Jane’s sister was a rich bitch. Did she have another?”

“Nope. She’s just a bitch now.”

“Wow!” He grinned.

“Yeah, that karma train is a stone-cold bitch.”

He hooked up his equipment and a bit later he said, “It’s the mass air flow sensor. It’ll be about $300 or so. I can add a PITA fee too if you want?”

“No. As much of a pain in the ass as she is, I’m paying for it.”

“Ok, Chick. Friends with benefits discount it is then. I can have it done tomorrow if that’s okay. I’m working anyway.”

“Thanks, Bud. I’ll leave it and see you tomorrow.”


“Can you fix it?” She asked as I walked in the kitchen.

“My friend is fixing it tomorrow.”

I looked at the stove and saw she was cooking a porterhouse steak in my cast-iron pan. There was some kind of sauce covering it.

“I can’t afford it, no matter what it costs.”

“I know. What did you do to that poor steak?” I whined.

“Oh, you’re gonna love it. It’s mushroom gravy made from scratch. The steak is rare, just like you like it, and it’s ready.”

“Where’s yours?”

“I’m just having a salad,” she said softly.

“Look, Ginny. You can have some steak. I used to give Jane the filet side anyway. You don’t have to eat like a rabbit here. You can have what I have, and you certainly don’t have to cook for me.”

“I just wanted to do something nice for you. You’re doing so much for me.”

“Thanks,” I said and sat to eat.

She kept looking at me throughout the meal. I was getting annoyed and groaned, “What? Do I have something in my beard?”

“I was wondering if you liked your steak.”

I nodded, “It’s good. Not something I’d ever think of eating, but it’s good.”

“Next time, I’ll get some cream and brandy to make you steak au poivre. It’s even better.”

I shook my head and sopped up the last of the sauce with a piece of bread. I held back saying I didn’t want to eat like her rich friends, but if that was better, it’d be fantastic.

I stood too quickly and groaned at the stiffness in my back.

“Are you okay?” She asked rushing to my side.

“I just overdid it today with golf and the walk back from the auto shop. I’ll be fine.”

“I’ll run you a hot bath to soothe those muscles of yours. Give me a sec.”

Before I could argue, she hurried off upstairs. The last time I took a bath was with Jane on our honeymoon, so I’d never used my tub. I was a shower guy, although my house had a large bathtub. Maybe I’d give it a shot.

“Put that down,” she demanded when she returned and saw me wiping out the pan. “I know how to take care of a cast-iron pan, and you need to get off your feet and relax.”

“Okay, okay. You can do the dishes. Just stop yelling at me.”

“I didn’t mean to yell; I’m sorry. Now let’s get you settled.”

“I’m perfectly capable of taking my own bath.”

“Oh, I, um, didn’t mean…”

“I’m sure you didn’t. I’m just a commoner.”

I walked away unsure of why I said that. She didn’t imply she was going to give me a bath, and I wouldn’t have let her anyway.

I shook off the momentary vision of her naked and rubbing soap all over my body. What can I say, she was beautiful.


I woke in the tub to Ginny knocking on the bathroom door.

“Viv, are you okay? Answer me, or I’m coming in.”

“I’m fine. I dozed off,” I yelled.

The water cooled, and I had no idea how long I’d been in the tub. My hands were pruny to be sure, and when I stood I was even more stiff. So much for the muscle relaxing.

“I worried about you. I thought you might’ve drowned,” Viv whined as I slid by her.

“Well, I’m all right. You don’t have to fuss over me.”

“I’m just trying to help.”

I nodded and said, “Thanks anyway.”

“What’s the matter? Don’t you feel better?”

“Honestly? No. I guess sitting in the tub for too long makes things worse.”

“Come on, Viv. Lay on your bed so I can rub your back.”

I laughed, “Ginny, no offense, but I don’t want your hands anywhere near my body.”

I walked into my bedroom and sensed her following me.


She pushed me back until my legs hit the bed, and I fell into a sitting position. With the cat-like grace of a ninja, she spun around me and began to rub my shoulders.

I couldn’t get out the word–stop–it simply felt too good. Stop became a guttural groan of pleasure.

“There, isn’t that better?” she asked.

I ignored her and let her continue rubbing whatever knot she found.

Her hands were surprisingly strong. I wondered if she rubbed her ex’s shoulders often. It certainly couldn’t have been from her doing any sort of manual labor.

“Lay down,” she softly said, while guiding my shoulder down towards the bed.

As she straddled my hips, I felt the warmth emanating from her pussy on my back. The leggings she wore did nothing to hide the dampness from her arousal.

“Your back is so muscular,” she cooed as she pressed her palms into my shoulder blades. My eyes drooped and a moment later I was asleep.

When I woke the room was dark. I realized I was on my back and she had her head buried into my chest. The largest surprise was that her hand was slowly stroking my hard cock.

I moved my hand to remove hers from my offending member, but she whispered, “Let me do this, Viv. You deserve it and more.”

“Ginny, no.”

“I know you hate me, but you’ve done so much for me, I have to show you I’ve changed. I’m not who you remember.”

She slid down and took me into her mouth. The moist heat felt amazing as her tongue circled my glans.

“Jesus, Ginny.”

“Mm,” she moaned, the vibrations caused felt incredible.

She slurped and sucked, never taking more than half of me into her mouth. She moaned constantly. It was as if she were getting pleasure herself from giving me the blow job. I didn’t realize she was rubbing herself over her thin leggings, which for some reason, disappointed me.

She moved in-between my legs and looked into my eyes, “Your penis is beautiful. My sister always raved about it, but I never realized it could be so perfect.”

How does one respond to a statement like that?

I said, “You’ve seen it before.”

She popped off my wet cock and said, “It was dark, and you weren’t this hard.”

I stroked her hair which she took as a request to continue. When she licked by sac, it felt like she had ten tongues all working in unison. She was amazing, it was as if she were making love to me with her mouth.

After several fantastic minutes, I pulled her up.

“Ginny, I want to…”

“No, Viv. This is about you. If you want to have sex with me, it will be another time. Just lay back.”

“Ginny, if there’s one thing I’ve never been, it’s a selfish lover.”

“I don’t deserve it yet. I haven’t earned the right.”

I laughed and slid out from under her. She gasped when I pulled her legs around and removed her leggings. I smiled seeing she wasn’t wearing underwear and her shaved mons glistened.

“Oh, shit!” she shrieked when my tongue hit her swollen clit.

She tasted divine as I lapped up her juices. Slightly different tasting than her sister, and her clit was larger and easier to find.

Her inner lips protruded like petals framing her entrance, and I nibbled and sucked on each making her moan. My tongue probed her hole, and my hands squeezed her ass as I licked and sucked her.

“Cum for me. I want to taste you,” I demanded.

“Lick me, Viv. Oh, God! Please keep licking me.”

I assaulted her clit while I moved my index and middle fingers into her surprisingly snug hole.

After a few minutes, her body began to tremble. Her legs shot out as they quivered, and her walls clamped down on my fingers before she squirted her juices all over my hand and bed.

The squelching sound of a squirting woman always turned me on, and it was no different with Ginny. Where she differed from any I’d been with before was her silence while she came. She was almost in a daze as I pumped my fingers in and out of her body.

Her closed eyes shot open when she realized I was lining up to enter her.

“Oh, Christ! Please be–gentle,” she ended that statement in a scream as I inserted tab D into her slot P.

She was too tight to take it all in one thrust, so I eased back and forth as her tight ring relaxed. Her juices flowed and slurped as I moved, filling the room with a symphony of sex.

I reached the depths of her limits and leaned forward to kiss her.

“How much more?” she whispered before our lips could touch.

I looked down and answered, “A couple of inches.”

“I can’t take it all,” she moaned sadly.

“I haven’t hurt you, have I?”

“No, you feel wonderful. Just please go easy. I’ve never felt anything like you before.”

My ego shot through the roof, and I started rocking into her. Her legs locked around my ass and pulled me into her, non-verbally urging me on.

“Kiss me, Viv. Please kiss me.”

I leaned down and met her lips as she rose. I tasted the wine we drank with dinner as her tongue parted my lips. She had a gentle way of kissing. Much less aggressive than my ex, her sister, and her lips were softer–like two pillows that begged to be kissed.

My lips didn’t leave the comfort of hers as I relentlessly pounded into her body, and her legs fell as she shook from her orgasm..

“Mm, ungh,” she moaned into my mouth, our never-ending kiss had created a bond that seemingly wouldn’t be broken.

Seconds later, I grunted as I released one spurt after the other into her receptive pussy. Her tight walls clamped onto me and she either had a continued long or back-to-back orgasms as she closed her eyes and her mouth broke from mine.

I slipped out of her as I set her down onto the bed. Her body tensed then completely relaxed as I moved her to the pillows at the head of my bed.

She looked well-fucked, but adorable with her sweaty hair matted against her forehead. She really was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen, and she could fuck with the best of them as well. I didn’t even get to flip her into my favorite doggy position, and she still was in the top two of all the women I’d been with.

I eased out of bed and made my way to the kitchen to get a couple of bottles of water. I saw the cast iron skillet cooling on the stove and it looked pristine because she wiped some more oil onto the surface and heated it again.

I had no idea she was so domesticated. My assumptions as to who Virginia was couldn’t have been more wrong. I had to admit, she did seem to have changed her demeanor completely just in the little bit of time I spent with her. That much was noticeable. I didn’t think she could have been that good of an actress.

When I walked back into my bedroom, my soft cock swung between my legs, and she stared.

“My eyes are up here,” I teased and sat against my headboard.

I handed her the cold water, and she took a large swig.

“Thanks,” she breathed. “I needed that.”

I nodded and took a drink of mine.

“Don’t hate me, Viv.”

I looked at her as if she were crazy. After what we did a few minutes earlier, I couldn’t have been that bad. I certainly wasn’t rough on her.


“Please, don’t hate me. I took advantage of you and…”

I laughed, “You’re joking? You took advantage of me? I was always in control, my dear.”

“I started touching you when you were asleep. It’s just, you were so hard. It was all veiny and purple-looking. I thought it might hurt, and you needed release.”

I put my arm around her and gently pulled her into me. “It always looks like that when it’s hard. It’s just the way I’m built. I assume Brian wasn’t the same.”

She laughed, “He’d be lucky if he was half your size. He was all hustle and no bustle when it came to sex, if you know what I mean?”

“I get the picture,” I grinned.

“Viv, I know one roll in the sack doesn’t change things, but I’m hoping you can see how much I’ve changed.”

I agreed, “I can see some change, but it’s going to take some time. Believe me, I never thought I would be in bed with you, let alone on your second day here.”

She smiled and snuggled into my chest, “You won’t believe it, but I’ve always wanted this. I think the way I treated you, partially at least, came from jealousy of my sister.”

“Oh, fuck off!” I blasted and pushed her off me as I slid out of bed.

“You were the worst kind of bitch to me for years, and I still helped you when you showed up on my doorstep.”

“Viv, wait.”

“I took you in and gave you a roof over your head. I bought you clothes. I got you a job. I’m fixing your fucking car, and now you want to tell me you were a world class bitch to me because you wanted to fuck me? Bullshit!”

I slammed the door to my bathroom and started the shower to wash her stink off of me. I was so pissed at her I considered kicking her to the curb.

The hot water falling over my body soothed me. it didn’t calm my mind in the slightest, but it felt good on my weary muscles. I must’ve decided to kick her out a dozen times in my mind, before I talked myself out of it and struggled with why I was being such a pussy.

I dried and dressed, then listened at my door to see if I could hear if she left my room. Not hearing anything, I opened the door and saw she was gone.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted her to be gone or not. I suppose I could’ve continued to yell at her, but what would that accomplish? It was a useless conversation.

She was a bitch. No matter how she acted with her hat in her hand at my doorstep. She was a user, and I was being used.

I sat on the bed and realized she changed the sheets while I was in the shower. It was something Jane always did as well. It was annoying at first when she’d jump out of bed and grab dry sheets immediately after making love. I got why she did it, for no wet spot, but I felt it was a little OCD.

I could feel the change flow over me. My mind calmed and my shoulders slumped in relaxation, a simple touch like changing the sheets for me changed my mind set and pushed away the anger.

I smiled as I moved my hand along the expensive sheets Jane loved so much. Then I heard, “Viv?”

I looked up at my doorway and saw Ginny dressed in one of my t-shirts.

“Viv, I’m sorry I ruined everything.”

I motioned for her to sit next to me.

“Maybe, I overreacted,” I answered.

“I’m sorry for how I treated you before.”

I made to ask her to stop apologizing, but she cut me off.

“No, I need to say it, and you need to hear it. If I’m going to be able to live under the same roof with you, we need to be able to talk about it. It was inexcusable, but it happened, and I’ll have to find ways to show you I’ve changed.”

“Ginny,” I said and took her hand, “I don’t know how you can ever show me you’ve truly changed. I can’t see how I’ll ever not think it’s a trick.”

“All I ask is that you’re open to me,” she whispered. “Just give me a chance.”

She stood and walked over to my window. Her eyes stared into the night and she continued, “You have no idea what I’m going through. You have no idea what it’s like to have the world by the balls and want for nothing. I had money and power because of my husband. I had friends in the highest levels of the social echelons in Chicago and Washington. I was going to be the First Lady if my dumb ass husband wouldn’t have gotten greedy.”

A tear fell from her cheek, but I didn’t feel sorry for her.

“Viv, I had it all, and it made me the biggest bitch in the world. Did you know before he died my father told me I disappointed him?”

I shook my head. She didn’t see me. She still stared out into the darkness.

“Yeah,” she continued. “He told me to leave Brian and run away. He said Brian changed me into a horrible person, and all I did was laugh in his face. I threw my money and power back at him and he shrugged it off. He didn’t care about that crap. He didn’t respect money or power. He certainly didn’t respect Brian.”

“That’s because Brian was a Democrat,” I countered trying to lighten the mood.

“Ha! You have no idea what hell I went through for marrying a Democrat. I’ve never been political, but daddy was a hard-core conservative.”

I nodded, remembering some of the conversations I had with her dad over the years before he died. He was a good man but set in his ways and stubborn as hell. We shared a dislike for politicians in general.

“You remind me of daddy in many ways. I think rebelling away from his overbearing personality set me on a bad path, and you’re so much like him it’s scary. You even look like him.”

I couldn’t believe she was going to try and play the daddy issues card on me too. I groaned inwardly.

“I think since I could never treat my father like shit, I transferred that onto you. I gave you all of the resentment I wanted to give him but couldn’t.”

That made more sense than her treating me that way because she wanted to screw me. I could actually buy that excuse, but ultimately, it was just an excuse.

“Look, Ginny, your father loved you. You have to know that.”

She turned and smiled, “I know he loved me. That doesn’t change the fact I disappointed him.”

She walked over and took her spot next to me again.

“Please don’t ask me to leave, Viv.”

She put her hand on my knee as if to punctuate her request. I didn’t move, nor did I move her hand.

“I wouldn’t put you on the street before, and I won’t do it now,” I said meaning it.

She leaned her head onto my shoulder and cried.

“Thank you, I can’t tell you how much I want to make up for…”

“Enough of that, okay? Can you please just let it go?”

“Okay,” she answered meekly.


….and on we went.

She eventually got a decent paying job, and she told me she wanted to pay me back for all of the things I bought her.

She had been living with me and off of me for six months or so, and I helped her get a more reliable car and some more clothes. I tried to decline, but she was insistent. We agreed on a simple payment plan, and she was happy.

I could always tell when she missed the days of designer dresses and thousand-dollar spa visits. Those days she got sad, she tried to wear a little more makeup and dressed a little better. I thought it was silly, but she looked damn good, so I didn’t complain.

We continued to sleep together in my bed, and she continued to try and make up for her old ways by screwing me into the mattress. I didn’t know if we would ever become a couple or not, but she seemed to think we were, and I went along for the ride. She even started hanging out with my friends’ wives, and they actually like her. Maybe she changed after all?

They’re putting the hard press on me to make an honest woman of Ginny but I wasn’t sure I’d ever be ready to marry another Keller sister. It didn’t go so well the first time.

I got out of my truck and took Ginny’s hand as we walked into the fancy restaurant. It was the one-year anniversary of her showing up on my doorstep, and I thought we needed a nicer night out.

She looked stunning in her little blue dress, and obnoxiously expensive heels. I didn’t complain, I even paid for the spa visit that morning where she got the works done. She made my mouth water.

I fidgeted with the little box in my pocket. I saw the waiter walk over with the bottle of champagne I preordered and smiled at Ginny who was oblivious to what was about to happen.

“What do you think about splitting the lobster tail and getting steaks?” she asked.

I took a deep breath and slid out of my chair.

“Viv?” she asked without looking up, until she noticed me kneeling next to her.

“Viv? Did you drop something?”

I smiled and said, “My hesitation about marrying another Keller sister.”

Her eyes went wide when she realized what I said. The waiter had to get another bottle of wine because before I could ask her to marry me, she tackled me into him and sent the bottle flying ten feet into the air.

I think somewhere in there she said yes, and I never even asked the question.

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