First Time Swapping

OK. So we were on vacation in Europe and met up with another couple from Australia. Jason and Cynthia. About the same age, perhaps a few years younger, which would place them in the late 20s. I was instantly attracted to Cynthia, she was simply gorgeous and had an amazing figure. My own wife is pretty busty, but Cynthia was hugely well endowed, amazing boobs with huge nipples. So I guess both Jason and I are boob men.

One evening we were staying in a b&b place in Ireland, watching ‘Titanic’ on the TV. I have no clear recollection of how it started, but Jason and Cyn started kissing and getting a little hot and heavy. We were all basically laying on the same bed just due to the layout of the room. So they start getting a little engaged, and my wife and I also started to fool around.

Next thing you know, Cyn has Jason’s cock out and is going down on him. He’s uncut, while I am circumcised, but we’re about the same size. So then my wife decides to join in the party, and I’m soon sucking on her breasts.

Cyn keeps making eye contact with us as she is going down on Jason. The two ladies said something to each other that I couldn’t quite hear, but soon enough we are all naked and Cyn is going down on me. At the same time my wife is going down on Jason. Pretty quickly he starts to titty fuck her and cums a load on my wife’s boobs, and Cyn is still blowing me. I’m about 3 seconds from cumming when she mounts me and I cum almost instantly inside her pussy. So hot and wet and tight!

I’d like to say that there were more activities, but that was basically the result. Jason did enter my wife a little later, in missionary, and I went down on Cyn, and that was enough. Damn, that was hot.

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