The morning after their first time

I awoke the next morning with a slight hint of guilt in my soul. My Sister Dana’s naked body lay next to me in bed. The previous night and into the early morning we had made passionate and lustful love three times in all. I must admit though that the Little Vicar was in no … Read more

First Time Swapping

OK. So we were on vacation in Europe and met up with another couple from Australia. Jason and Cynthia. About the same age, perhaps a few years younger, which would place them in the late 20s. I was instantly attracted to Cynthia, she was simply gorgeous and had an amazing figure. My own wife is … Read more

A swinging couple converts vanilla friends

My daughter and I walked hand-in-hand, looking for animal footprints in the snow. “What’s that one, Mommy?” Emma asked. “Hmm, do you think it’s a bear?” I teased. “No, Mommy! We don’t have bears around here.” “Probably a dog then. And what about that one?” I pointed to some tiny, pointed prints. “A squirrel?” Emma … Read more