Me getting sex addict

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I was 22 at the time and lived with my flatmate in another city . My figure is 33-28-35

It was a normal day untill I got very horny all of a sudden, my pussy started to get wet, and all I could do was hold my pussy and rub it. I rubbed my pussy on my bed corner, then went to the dining table and rubbed it there as well. It wasn’t enough; I had to penetrate myself. I went through all the stuff I could think of pushing into my pussy and found a wooden spoon I use for cooking. I have a thin and long handle. I took that and put some oil on it and rubbed it on my pussy. I started pushing it in my pussy, and it went in smoothly. I was a virgin and used to live with a flatmate; she wasn’t at home, we masturbated in front of each other many times, and it wasn’t a big deal for both of us. We touched each other and played with each other’s bodies as well. She sometimes helped me masturbating by fucking me with a spoon or her fingers, but this time I was alone and had to do it myself. I squirted and had an orgasm.

That night, I had to take a train from the city to go to another city for a wedding in my family. It was my cousin’s wedding, so I had to be there no matter what. My flatmate dropped me at the railway station and made sure I was comfortable and on my seat. She then said goodbye and left.
It was an almost empty train, with only 5–4 people in my sight. It was cool till the next station. A lot of passengers got on the train, and in my compartment, there was a man in front of me and another man on the other side on the single seat. I was just watching out the city lights and the night view, and he opened his side window, and my skirt just got lifted by the wind. He clearly got a sight of my clean bald pussycat. I wasn’t even wearing pants at that time. I saw his face, and he was in shock. I quickly put my hands on my lap, and I made sure I never ever picked my hands up from my lap again. I was so embarrassed that I felt like killing myself.  I knew where this was going, and I knew if he got me, he would destroy me. But I was still wet, and my nipples were poking out from my top. I too engaged in the chat with him and soon got to know that he was a small businessman and was going to do some work in another city.

I told him I studied, but I faked my college name and my name as well. Everything went quite for some time. I took my tiffin box out of my bag, and he did the same. He had some biryani that her mom made for him, and I had some chapati and bhaji.
He offered me, I said no, but he insisted that I take some biryani, it’s good, and then I too gave him some of my food. He knew I was giving him some replies, and I was interested. He then gave me his number and texted me directly. We were sitting right in front of each other, and he texted me that the man sitting on the other side was staring at me. He asked me to go towards the door by text, and I said sure. He went first, and I too went behind him. We were standing in front of the basin, and I washed my hands. Only we were there. He leaned on me and said, “You have a beautiful pussycat.” A cold chill went down my spine, I had goosebumps all over, I got super wet, and the pussy juice was flowing all over my upper thighs. I was feeling it slowly leak down my legs. I blushed and said nothing; I had no words. I just whispered thank you, and he held my hands and said you are cute.

It was my first time; I have never received a compliment for my pussycat. And this made me so romantic and hot. I have had plenty of boys tell me I am cute, etc., but no one has ever been so passionate and romantic as he is. I said thanks once again, and I was over the moon about this. He said wait for a sec and went towards our seat. He said something to the man who just came towards our seat and came back. He said, “If you want to, then come in the washroom with me, and if you don’t, then you can go sit on your seat.” He gave me 30 seconds to choose and went into the bathroom. I stood there. It was the day I lost my virginity. I like this guy, and I feel brave enough to do this. I have been waiting for years to lose my virginity, and today was the day. I didn’t wear underwear in public places for years, and no one ever noticed my pussyfoot. And the first man who caught me will take my virginity; I was fine with it.

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