Me becoming a hotwife – Part 6

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This was the best sex of my life. I will never forget this feeling. He fucked me for almost an hour, and he couldn’t hold it anymore and gave a final huge thrust and pushed his dick as deep as it could be and creampied. Me becoming a hotwife – Part 5

The feeling of his dickens shooting the cum deep inside my womb was the best. I have never felt something touch me so deeply in there. He was the first to make me feel so deep, and his chest felt like it was in my belly. I have this bulge in my belly area. I touched it and said, “Look, it’s you.” He laughed, pulled his dick out, and gave a big push. My whole body shifted upwards by that, and his balls slapped on my asshole. I now knew why it was feeling this deep. He never fucked me so hard that his balls touched my ass itself. He pushed in the extra inch today, and I never noticed it till now.

I was already feeling pregnant from all the blood he shot inside me. It was feeling a lot, and as he pulled his dick out, My puss made a popping sound. like it was airtight in there. I tried my best not to leak his cum, but it flowed down like a river and was making a pool of cum around my pussy. I quickly grabbed a pillow and placed it under my ass and tried keeping it in.
He took the glass of milk and gave it to me. I sat on the bed with one hand placed on my pussy so the cum wouldn’t leak and the other to drink the milk.

We drank the milk and laid down on the bed. I kept the pillow under my ass all the time, so it increased the chances of me getting pregnant by him. I was really excited to have this Muslim child in my womb and give birth to him.

It was almost 2 a.m. now, and we were going for another round. He grabbed both my legs and pulled them upward. My legs were now bent over until my shoulders. (I did some research, and it’s called a piledriver sexual position.) He stood up on the bed and angled his dick on my pussy and pushed it in. It went smoothly in because the cumin was working as lubricant. He pushed the cum deeper with his dick and fucked me for another half hour, then again cummed in my pussy. And he said no more cum eating for me as all the cum now will be going in my womb to have his dominance over his filthy Brahmin whore for Muslim dick.

He kept his dick like that for some time, and I felt it pulse and shrink. He pulled it out, and this time, as my body went straight, the cum started flowing down, and I tried to keep it in. My bull said it’s ok, and he said that he already cummed so deep in me that only God can save my womb from not getting pregnant.

I agreed, and we slept after that. He said to me that he will be buying some sex toys for me so that I can even plug my ass and have a vibrator while in public and have fun. It was a good idea, and we kissed and cuddled, then went to sleep.

The next morning we woke up very late, so we had some brunch and went out of the hotel. We then went to some of the famous churches and beaches, had lunch, and then went to the beach again and had fun. My bull and I were together, and my husband was walking behind us the whole time. We had a great time, and then we went to a restaurant. Muslim people don’t drink alcohol, so we avoided the club.
We went to our hotel. As we weren’t having dinner and started having sex, my mom called me while we were in the middle of sex, and my bull told me to answer it and talk to her while riding him. It was super hot. Whenever I was talking, he thrust his dickens hard, and I took a deep breath. She was asking me what I was doing. I said I was outside the hotel and I would call her later and cut the phone cord. He came in my pussy and we slept.

This was repeated every single day for a whole week. He took me out, we did some local shopping, then in the evening we went to the hotel, and he filled my womb with his child. It didn’t stop. After that tiring week, we headed home.

I was sure I would be pregnant by then. I had my periods, and I was thinking that’s not supposed to happen if I got pregnant. I was just confused and waited till my periods were over before telling this to my bull. He said it’s alright and it happens if we have sex just before the periods; it’s normal. I asked him what would happen if I wasn’t pregnant. will be calling me again just to make sure I wasIt was just a reason to have sex for me. I was too horny thinking that I would finally be able to give birth to a baby, and it was a Muslim man’s baby, which made it a million times sexier for me. It was my dream now. It was all I was thinking about. I was getting into it. I was now really liking the idea of being a Hindu slut for Muslim dudes, and it was making me orgasm harder and harder every time I had sex with them.

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