Me becoming a hotwife – Part 6

This was the best sex of my life. I will never forget this feeling. He fucked me for almost an hour, and he couldn’t hold it anymore and gave a final huge thrust and pushed his dick as deep as it could be and creampied. Me becoming a hotwife – Part 5

The feeling of his dickens shooting the cum deep inside my womb was the best. I have never felt something touch me so deeply in there. He was the first to make me feel so deep, and his chest felt like it was in my belly. I have this bulge in my belly area. I touched it and said, “Look, it’s you.” He laughed, pulled his dick out, and gave a big push. My whole body shifted upwards by that, and his balls slapped on my asshole. I now knew why it was feeling this deep. He never fucked me so hard that his balls touched my ass itself. He pushed in the extra inch today, and I never noticed it till now.

I was already feeling pregnant from all the blood he shot inside me. It was feeling a lot, and as he pulled his dick out, My puss made a popping sound. like it was airtight in there. I tried my best not to leak his cum, but it flowed down like a river and was making a pool of cum around my pussy. I quickly grabbed a pillow and placed it under my ass and tried keeping it in.
He took the glass of milk and gave it to me. I sat on the bed with one hand placed on my pussy so the cum wouldn’t leak and the other to drink the milk.

We drank the milk and laid down on the bed. I kept the pillow under my ass all the time, so it increased the chances of me getting pregnant by him. I was really excited to have this Muslim child in my womb and give birth to him.

It was almost 2 a.m. now, and we were going for another round. He grabbed both my legs and pulled them upward. My legs were now bent over until my shoulders. (I did some research, and it’s called a piledriver sexual position.) He stood up on the bed and angled his dick on my pussy and pushed it in. It went smoothly in because the cumin was working as lubricant. He pushed the cum deeper with his dick and fucked me for another half hour, then again cummed in my pussy. And he said no more cum eating for me as all the cum now will be going in my womb to have his dominance over his filthy Brahmin whore for Muslim dick.

He kept his dick like that for some time, and I felt it pulse and shrink. He pulled it out, and this time, as my body went straight, the cum started flowing down, and I tried to keep it in. My bull said it’s ok, and he said that he already cummed so deep in me that only God can save my womb from not getting pregnant.

I agreed, and we slept after that. He said to me that he will be buying some sex toys for me so that I can even plug my ass and have a vibrator while in public and have fun. It was a good idea, and we kissed and cuddled, then went to sleep.

The next morning we woke up very late, so we had some brunch and went out of the hotel. We then went to some of the famous churches and beaches, had lunch, and then went to the beach again and had fun. My bull and I were together, and my husband was walking behind us the whole time. We had a great time, and then we went to a restaurant. Muslim people don’t drink alcohol, so we avoided the club.
We went to our hotel. As we weren’t having dinner and started having sex, my mom called me while we were in the middle of sex, and my bull told me to answer it and talk to her while riding him. It was super hot. Whenever I was talking, he thrust his dickens hard, and I took a deep breath. She was asking me what I was doing. I said I was outside the hotel and I would call her later and cut the phone cord. He came in my pussy and we slept.

This was repeated every single day for a whole week. He took me out, we did some local shopping, then in the evening we went to the hotel, and he filled my womb with his child. It didn’t stop. After that tiring week, we headed home.

I was sure I would be pregnant by then. I had my periods, and I was thinking that’s not supposed to happen if I got pregnant. I was just confused and waited till my periods were over before telling this to my bull. He said it’s alright and it happens if we have sex just before the periods; it’s normal. I asked him what would happen if I wasn’t pregnant. will be calling me again just to make sure I wasIt was just a reason to have sex for me. I was too horny thinking that I would finally be able to give birth to a baby, and it was a Muslim man’s baby, which made it a million times sexier for me. It was my dream now. It was all I was thinking about. I was getting into it. I was now really liking the idea of being a Hindu slut for Muslim dudes, and it was making me orgasm harder and harder every time I had sex with them.

We had sex as I told him, and then he cummed in my pussycat, then told me to wait a week or two and try a pregnancy test. I waited and waited, then finally tried it.

And as I suspected, I was pregnant. I quickly ran to my bull’s house; my husband asked me what happened, and I told him to wait and I didn’t tell him; I wanted to tell my bull first about this. My husband locked the main door and followed me to his flat, and my bull opened the door.
I quickly jumped on him, hugged him, and showed him the pregnancy test. He was happy and kissed me and said he couldn’t wait to see me have a huge belly now.

He took me to his bedroom directly like that, and my husband closed the door and sat in the living room. We had a very passionate sex, and now that he was able to cum in me after so long He didn’t pull out. He kept cuddling deep in my pussy every time he pushed his dickens into me. I was so happy and proud of myself for finally getting impregnated by a Muslim man.

He took me to Masque for prayer, of course, by making me wear a burqa, and then took me to a temple for prayer so that I could pray too.
I then called my parents and told them about my pregnancy. They were really happy and gave me their blessings. My husband called my in-laws and told them about my pregnancy, and they too sent their best wishes and told us they would be here while I was in labour to take care of me.
We then avoided sex for 12 weeks, as people say it’s not good and there are rumours that it could cause miscarriage and stuff, so I didn’t want to take the risk.

As the time was over, I was already feeling the bump on my stomach and got emotional that it was really happening.

My bull came to our house for sex now, and we had normal, regular sex like nothing happened. He didn’t care if I was pregnant with his own child and fucked me mercilessly in almost every position possible. He creampied me every time and fucked me like a doll.
It was my wedding anniversary now,I was now 5 months or something pregnant, and He shared me with his 2 friends. He told them I was a hindu whore with a Muslim man’s seeds planted inside of my pure Brahmin womb, and he told them I was for free use for 12 hours straight. They can do whatever they want and fuck me however they want.

Me telling them I was a whore meant they didn’t know who I was and that the kid in my womb was his; they thought it was someone else’s child.
It started off very slowly, and they tried to be gentle and caring, but as soon as they started fucking me, they didn’t care at all. They literally fucked me like a whore and didn’t care that I was pregnant or that it could be harmful or anything. They took turns fucking my mouth, my pussy, and my ass. It was a little over four. Two were my bull’s friends, and my bull and me They double-penetrated me and tried to triple-penetrate, but because of my belly, they didn’t get a good angle to push their dick deep enough. I was getting fucked without condoms because I was already pregnant, and it didn’t matter if they creampied me or anything. They fucked me for a few hours, taking rounds and rounds, and then we had lunch. We took a break for some time, and one of his friends asked my bull that he said I was for free use, then can his cousins bang me too.
Now I looked at him, concerned but horny.

My pregnancy made me feel a lot horny, and I was getting horny a lot. He looked at me, and I nodded my head in a yes, and he quickly took his phone and called his cousins. The other friend was also called a friend of his. It was now a gangbang. They fucked me continuously for the rest of the day till the 12-hour timer was finally over. They filled me up with so much cum that I was feeling like my pussycat was going to explode. They cummed a lot in my asshole. And fed me a lot of cum. I was full already, and I didn’t eat dinner that night because of that. I went in the bathroom, and I pushed the cum out. I was shocked by the quantity of that. I didn’t count the number of creampies I had, but it was so much that I felt like if it were solid, it would be enough to carve a baby out of it. It was like a waterfall, but harder.

I was desperate to eat that cum, but I was on the toilet, and I wasn’t that horny that I would put my hand in it and eat it. It was not my thing. I wiped my holes and went out. They were all ready for the last round before going. Everyone had their dick in their hands, and I said I couldn’t gag it anymore in my ass or pussy.It was all sore, and I wasn’t even able to stand for a minute straight. I was walking funny, and it was painful for my ass.

I wasn’t able to sit, as whenever I sat, my ass hurt so much that I just lay down. I sat down on the floor, kneeling, and told them that they could feed me their cum and fuck my face instead of my pussy and asshole. They seemed okay with it and agreed. They sat on the sofa and came one by one and fucked my face. They all grabbed my head and pushed it on their dick and fished it out like a fleshlight. It was a whole different feeling when multiple men used me like that.

I nearly passed out, and they all chocked me and teased me. I was breathless the whole time I was there.
Finally, at last, my bull came and ended it by Cumping on all over my face. My face was drenched in cum, and he pushed it all into my mouth with his hand and told me that I could go now.

I quickly grabbed my burqa, which he makes me wear whenever he shares me with someone, and I wore it and ran to my home. They all were there for some time, and I don’t know what they were doing. I got freshened up quickly, and I was so exhausted that I texted my husband to get himself some food while he was coming home, and I didn’t cook anything today. I told him I was exhausted and I was sleeping, so he came home late, ate his dinner, and then slept beside me.
I told him everything the next morning, and he was concerned if it would hurt the baby or something, but I told him no. I told him to try to push his hand into my pussy. It was so wide open.
He was able to push his whole hand until his elbow was in there. He made a first, and I told him to masturbate me like that for some time till I hit orgasm.

I squirted all over his face, and he was done. He sat beside me and masturbated while I was talking to my bull on the phone. I asked for permission to make my husband masturbate, so that’s why he was able to do it.
After that, we casually had sex until it was the 8th month, and we stopped because it was close. I wanted a perfect delivery, and my parents and in-laws were both there for the delivery.

So my bull stopped coming to our home. One last time before deceit, I went to his flat while my parents were down, and I told my parents that one of my friends lives on the upper floor above my flat, so I told them I was there.
But I was at my bull’s flat, and I was riding on his dickey. I wasn’t able to wait for the deception and show my bull his baby. He fucked me hard by saying what a slut I was, that my parents were down below and I was here just for riding a Muslim man’s dickens. and humiliated me for this. He came in with a pussycat. I wasn’t wearing any pants, and I choose not to wear any pants whenever I go to my bull. It made it more hot for me.
After an hour, I went back home and went to the toilet. They were leaking and were almost up to my feet now. It was making me so horny. I masturbated in the bathroom and cleaned myself.

And then we started doing Pooja. It was very stressful for me. The only thing on my mind was my bulls-dick. It’s been almost two years now that he fucked me every week while I was doing Aarti, and I can’t do it without that anymore. I was so horny. I hated myself for thinking of a Muslim man’s dick while doing Pooja, and that’s what made it more horny and hotter.

I was completely a Hindu slut now. I accepted myself as a Muslim man’s fuck toy and a breeder. It was now accepted in my mind, and I completely gave up. As soon as it was over, I went in the bathroom again and masturbated while talking to my bull on the phone.
I told him that I accepted myself as a Muslim man’s breeder and a fuck toy for him. He said he was proud of me, and I had the biggest orgasm I’d had in a while. I was shaking so badly. It took me a half hour just to calm completely down, and then I went out and took some rest.
After a month, my labour pain started. It was very painful, and I was hardly thinking straight. I wanted my dog to be with me, but as my parents were here, it wasn’t possible. I managed with the help of my husband, who gave me his love and support. I was happy to have him. He had nothing to gain from me, and he was still giving me all his love and support. I was truly blessed to have him as a husband. But I loved my bull more. But I lived with my husband too, just for the mental support and love.

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. His name should be started with “Vi,” as in the religious practice, and I called my bull for that.
He suggested Vihaan, and that was it. We gave him that name. And it was put the same way on his birth certificate. It was now official. I gave birth to a Muslim man’s baby, and my womb is his now. He owned me in everything. He provided the nutrition for feeding my baby. He gave us support for the hospital fees too. He did everything in the background and took care of me. As soon as my parents were gone and the in-laws were gone too, I took my baby to his father, and he did some of his religious things, like saying something in his ears, and then he took some honey and put it in his mouth. I asked him if that was safe. He said yes.

He has a black string with a small pouch, but I was concerned that if someone said that, it would be bad, and as a Brahmin, that is not what we do, but there was an option. We can use just the string, and it is also used in Hindu religion to keep the evil energy away. So I asked him if he could do just the string and not the pouch. He said okay and took another one and removed the string, then tied it to the wrist. And then he asked me about the removing of the skin of the penis. I didn’t know what to do. If I should say yes or no, Because if someone saw that while changing diapers, then it would be a huge mistake. It will be horrific. I told him, and he said we can do it whenever we want until his puberty, so I was relieved and told him that we can do that when he gets 5 years old or something. I asked him if I could get his ears pierced, and he said yes. The process of shaving the head was the same in both religions, so it was easy.

I got his ears pierced at 5 months old. It was the perfect time, people’s relatives said. After that, for a whole year, there were a lot of guests who visited us to see our baby and give us good wishes. They didn’t know it wasn’t my husband’s baby, but we pretended it was, so it was funny that his side of the family was thinking it was a very pure Brahmin boy, and he was very light in skin colour and looking very cute. But they haven’t seen my bull, so they can’t relate to that, and they all convinced themselves that it looked like my husband even when he didn’t.
He acted as his father and cared about him like he was his own child. I was so happy because of this. He was a cuckold, he took care of my baby, he is married to me, he is not getting sex with me, and he can’t touch me very often or without permission. But still, he loved me, and I loved him more just because of this. He never made me feel like I was something different, and I was having a completely different experience than a normal housewife should have. My life wasn’t normal, and my husband supported me very much, knowing it was not normal for me. Even his life isn’t normal as he has his wife getting fucked, making a slut of herself, and being bred by a Muslim dick. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, but it is, and he wanted it, so he got it.

I was feeling sad for him but also grateful for my bull and being a Muslim slut. Just because he was Muslim, it made it a million times hotter for us. I lost my virginity to a Muslim dick, and luckily my husband was a sissy, and he wanted me to be a slut for a Muslim dick. He wanted me to get humiliated for being a Brahmin and humiliate himself for the same. He liked it, and he was desperate for it.
As we were both now owned by a Muslim man, his wishes were fulfilled.

My bull used my ass until my pussy was back to normal. He once pushed his hand in my pussy to see how big it was after giving birth. But he didn’t have sex. I was very wide open, and it took me a long time to get back to normal, but my belly was still loose, and it was looking very bad. I started to gain weight, so my boyfriend told me to go to the gym and he would join me there so that he could work out as well.
My boobs were massive now and filled with milk. It was so good, and the men staring at me were so lustful and made me all wet whenever I saw someone staring.

It was very exciting and fun. It used to bounce whenever I was running on the treadmill. And almost 5-6 men used to try to do something in front of me or use to make a good impression and try to be friendly. And my bull used to come and take me home, and I then used to look at their faces whenever I went home with him. It was worth looking at.
I had very tight clothes for gym, and they were very sexy as they showed off all my assets.
I used to lactate a couple of times when I was at the gym, and I had to rush to the washroom because of that. The milk used to just start leaking whenever I was doing some exercises, and it was going through my sports bra.
My boyfriend called me at his home the next day, and it was almost 8 or 9 months now that I was breastfeeding my baby. My mom told me that I should only do it until 8 months. It was gym time, but my bull took me to his flat and asked me to get in a doggy position. I was on the floor on my fours, and I took my bra off and kept a bowl under my boobs.

And then she started milking me like a cow. It made me so horny. I asked him if he could fuck me, and I told him it would be faster if he fucked me. Then I told him that I sometimes masturbate while feeding my baby, so the milk comes out very easily because I get horny.
He asked me again what I did, and I repeated that I masturbated while breastfeeding, and he slapped me hard across my face. And it left a slap mark on my face. It was all red. I felt my heart stop for a second because it was so sudden.

He said next time, take care of my baby, and don’t do this stupid stuff while I am breastfeeding. I wanted to say something, but he said shush, and he was so angry that he went behind me and grabbed my pants from my vagina and tore them.

I was now concerned about myself. He said what a slut I was, not wearing any pants and all wet in my pussy. He asked me if I got wet because I slapped. I said yes in the lowest tone possible. He spanked my butt hard, and I felt my ass getting warm now.

Thats for this part , if you like it, then comment.

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