Me becoming a hotwife – Part 7

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He was hitting hard. He was very angry. He grabbed my hair and pushed his dick in while pulling it. He was pushing it into my pussy. It was the first time after my deception.

Me becoming a hotwife – Part 6

It felt so good to have sex after so long, and I was getting really close to orgasm, but he stopped because of it. He said to beg for it, and I begged for him to fuck and don’t stop. He started grabbing my two boobs with his hands and started milking them. I was producing a lot of milk. It was leaking a lot of milk. And seeing that milk get into the bowl made me more horny, so I squirted, and my legs were unable to handle it. I was shaking hard, and he pulled out his dick. I pushed the bowl to one side and just dropped myself on the floor. I have no energy to even stand now.
He let me lay there for half an hour and then grabbed me by my hair and made me stand up. I crossed my legs because I was unable to even balance, and I was still so horny now. I felt like I was peeing. I couldn’t control him. He said to do it here only. and spanked my butt again. I sat down quickly, squatted, and started peeing. It was the best pee of my life.

The relief I got was unimaginable. He took the bowl of milk and brought it straight to my face and said, “Drink it all up, bitch.”

I opened my mouth, and he pushed the bowl in and tilted it. Some of the milk was getting on my boobs and dropping down, and he said, “Lick that too.”

It was mixed with my pee. I tried licking it, but I couldn’t. He said it’s enough and told me to clean the floor from my bra. I took it and tried to clean it up, but it wasn’t enough. He brought a mop, and then I cleaned it. My bra was drenched in my pee and milk.

He asked me to go to my home and wear another pair of gym clothes and come to his again. He took me to the door, and we looked through the peephole for some time. I was not wearing my bra, so I started wearing it while he was watching outside, and when I was just about to put it through my neck, he grabbed my arm and pushed me outside the door and closed it behind me.

I heard someone going upstairs, and I was so scared because I wasn’t wearing a bra. My pants were torn from my pussycat area, and I was naked there too. It was a challenge for me. I quickly ran down the stairs as fast as I possibly could and tried to open my door quickly before someone came. I heard someone just below our floor, and I was so scared. I opened the door quickly and just slammed it really hard. It made a huge noise. I saw through the peephole that some people were going upstairs. It was really tense. I quickly went and grabbed my other pair of gym clothes and wore them. I saw myself in the mirror, and the slap mark was still visible. I tried putting some foundation on it, and it is not very obvious now. I saw that my buttocks too had some marks. And sure enough, it did.

I didn’t care about those as I was wearing a yoga pant. As I sat down to put on my shoes, the burning sensation on my buttocks was getting me wet. I tried to keep a tissue between my pussy and pants so it wouldn’t get wet.

(I know I am not smart enough to just wear a panty directly.)

I went upstairs. He was ready too. We then went to the gym and had our usual workout.
After that gym, we talked about stopping breastfeeding and starting to give him food.
Almost a year went by very quickly, and we were always going to visit our family. So we had sex last time and went to visit our family, and he went to visit his.

As we returned, he arranged for his friend, who used to fuck me once a month, to do so again. He stopped when I was 7 months pregnant, and since then I haven’t seen him. So it was after a long time seeing him.

As always, I had to wear a burqa for them and then do some dancing like a stripper. After that was done, he spanked me or did whatever he had in mind. It depends on the mood. He fucked me hard this time. He asked me about the baby, and I told him he was fine and healthy. He said Muslim genes are always great, and if the womb is Hindu, then they are even greater. I had an orgasm, and I asked him about my husband. I asked him if he was interested in bisexual sex (which will include my husband so he could use my husband and fuck him or let him suckle or something); he was not showing any interest, but when I asked him, “Please,” he considered it and said he had never tried fucking a Hindu sissy and it will be a whole new feeling for him. I agreed and requested that he fuck my husband too. He said yes. My bull was just there, listening but saying nothing.

So next month I got my husband ready, and I told him everything, so he was ready with his ass clean and ready for it.
My brother’s friend didn’t know we lived just downstairs, so we went early, and then came his friend. It was very normal, as we did what we always do. I stripped, and my husband was just sitting on the floor. His friend took me in his arms and pinched my nipples. We then wanted to fuck, so he told my husband to suck his dick clean before he put his condom on.

My husband sucked it up as much as he could because it was his first time; it was very awkward and funny, but I was sitting with him, so I took over. He put a condom on and told him to suck it again so it would slide into me easily. He sucked it pretty well, and then I sat on his dick.
We had sex for some time, and he cummed, then he took a small break until my bull fucked me. My bull was not wanting my husband to suck or anything. He wanted nothing to do with him. He fucked me while my husband sat there, and as his friend recovered, he asked if my bull was done. He said no, and then I said that he could take over my husband’s ass until my bull was over with me.

He said okay, and my husband offered him his ass. He didn’t know how painful it gets or how hard it is. I told them to please use lube. He took some lube and placed it on his dick, then started sliding it in. It wasn’t even going in. The head of the dick didn’t even open the ass. He pushed it harder and harder, and after about 2 minutes, it finally slid in. I saw my husband’s legs were shaking. He wasn’t enjoying it as much as I was looking at him. As he started pushing it deeper and deeper, I saw his erection. My husband was getting an erection, and his face changed from pain to enjoyment. He pushed it deeper, and it was almost fully inside. And as he pulled it out, my husband loved the feeling. I saw his eyes roll upward. He fucked him for some seconds, and my husband cummed while having sex. It was a sissygasm.

After some minutes passed, my bull was done with me. He gave me to his friend, and he pulled his dick out and pushed it in my ass. Ah, that feels so good. I can’t even explain the feeling I got. He fucked me for some time and then cummed and spread all the cum above my pussy and asked my husband to lick it. He did, and then we were sent off.

We went to our home, and I asked him how his first experience was, and he said he loved it, and he is looking forward to more Dick now. He said he didn’t expect it to be that big when he was sucking it, but when it touched his ass, he was scared.

He wasn’t able to walk very well or sit properly, but he recovered until the evening. He said he wasn’t even able to put pressure on himself while standing up, and if he did, he pooped himself. It was hard, but he managed it, and from then on, it was always a good time with him.
My bull never wanted my husband, so he stayed away from him. He just likes me. After that incident, my bull and I started living together more and more, and some nights I used to go sleep with him. Or some nights, he used to come over and sleep.

At this point, we were so open that I was getting fucked everywhere, and I was enjoying it a lot. I was addicted to it, and I am still addicted to it. I can never get enough. While my baby was sleeping, my bull used to fuck me, and by the slapping noises from his balls, he used to wake up and see me get fucked by his father. He saw me get fucked dozens of times, and it’s still going on and on.

My husband participated whenever my bull’s friend came over. He used to fuck his ass, and he even started raw fucking him and cupping in his ass. It was another level of humility and pleasure I was getting. We were both now owned by a Muslim man, and it was so hot. We went to the theater, and years later we saw the same guard, but he was at the entrance, and he asked us if we remembered him. He asked my bull if he was still interested in sharing me at this time. It was a yes, and he asked him to meet us at the parking lot. I got myself ready, as it was not a new thing for me. A lot of strangers have fucked me now, and it was normal.

We waited for some time and told my husband to go buy two tickets for a movie that was going on. and he bought it. Then the guard came to our car, and my bull told me to go with him. I said ok, and he told the guard that he can use me for free for 3 hours and do whatever he wants to me. And then they gave me back the same spot there after 3 hours, and they will be waiting there. He told me he didn’t need to give any money and could just use me for free, but he was able to tip me if he wanted to.

He took me to a small cabin there. It was on the outside of the theater, and he took me inside and asked for stripping. He told me to get on my knees and give him a blowjob. Then he took my head and started fucking it like I was really a whore. He fiddled with it like that for some time. He then asked me to stand up, pushed me against the wall, grabbed my left leg, and pulled it upwards. He then placed his diaper and pushed it in. He was huge, but not as big as my bull. He fucked me hard in that position for about an hour. I was so tired that I felt like I would fall off, but he kept me in place with his hands, which were grabbing me just by my nipples. It was like the only spot for him to grab me. He didn’t bother to touch anywhere else.

He fucked and cummed in his condom and asked me if I liked drinking cum, and as I said yes, he was surprised, and I then asked him if I could drink it if he gave it to me. He happily took his condom out and pushed all the cum straight into my mouth. He told me that when he first saw me, he didn’t think I was a whore, but the one who brought me said I was. He was very horny and masturbated almost every day thinking about me and that one day I would be back, but it took me years to come back and meet him again, so he was happy and sad because it took so long. I told him about me.

And how I was a Brahmin woman who was owned by a Muslim man, and how I gave birth to a Muslim man’s baby, and how I was a slut only for him, and everything else. He was very nice and understanding. He went for a second round as he got so horny listening to my life story and gave me the orgasm I had been needing for some time. After he came, he passed me the condom, and I drank his urine.

He asked if I could have his friend too. I thought about it, and as my bull said, I was for free use. I said yes, and he called his friend, who showed up very quickly.

They were off from their duty for a tea break as the movies were on and there were not many people. He looked at me, and I saw the lust in his eyes. He quickly pulls his pants down and puts his condom in, then rushes at me. He takes his dick, rubs it on my pussy, and pushes it. It was a long penis. He fucked me for some time and cummed. The guard told his friend that I like cum, so he too pushed his cum into my mouth. I was still only having one hour of time now, and they decided to double penetrate me. They asked me if I agreed with their idea and if I was comfortable. As I said, yes. He took me and laid down and asked me to sit on his dickey. His friend pushed me down and started to get in my ass. Their both dick were in my asses now, and they started fucking me. They were in sync, and I was feeling both their dickes rub against each other from the inside. It was rubbing the wall between my ass and pussy, and it was making me so horny and wet. I had another orgasm, and I squirted. He fucked me till the hour was over and then threw the clothes I was wearing at me and threw some 50 rupee notes at me. He gave me 100 rupees.

I quickly put on my dress, grabbed the notes, and rushed to the car. They were waiting for me in the car, and I quickly sat inside and told them everything. We were going, and the guard was there and told us to stop. He told my bull how good I was and how I ate every drop of cum. They liked it and said if my bull was OK, they could bring me back over for some fun.He said yes, of course, and we drove off.
It was a fun experience, and we went home, and I slept with my bull and then took care of my baby. I was feeling full just from the meal, but I ate some food so I wouldn’t throw up.


After that, that was pretty much it. I was fucking every guy that my bull told me to, and I was being gang-banned, used as a toilet, and I even had poo sex. I got pregnant again by my bull and gave birth to another baby boy. And then Corona started, and we were in the same building, so we decided to quarantine my bull. I lived with my bull, and we were basically in the same room all the time. Whenever I called my parents, my bull was quite, and I told them that my husband was in another room, and I then used to go and show them, and we pretended we were ok. My bull did the same, and we had sex almost every day. My bull had me take pills so I wasn’t getting pregnant, and we had a stock of them. It was wild, and we even had condoms, if ever needed. My first baby used to watch us have sex every day, and he was 2 years old, so he was kind of understanding and asking why I was crying, but I told him I wasn’t, and then I threw him some toys so he could have fun with them while we were having our fun.

It was a very beautiful experience, and I was blessed for the rest of my life. I can never ask for anything more. I have everything I need. And it’s sex. I wanted a bull that fucked me like a dog and didn’t care even if I passed out, and I got that.

I was satisfied with my life. My son is now in kindergarten, and he will be in the 1st grade next year. My second baby is 2 years old. He will be joining school from the next year.

This is the last part of my story , hopefully you had fun . You can mail me at [email protected] , i will be thrilled to read your life stories if you are willing to share .

Have a good life . Good bye .

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