Me becoming a hotwife – Part 5

This is the fifth part of my story; I would recommend reading the earlier parts first to understand and enjoy this.
Me becoming a hotwife – Part 4

Continuation …

He told me that sex is never to be done in public, but as slutty as I am, he will not follow that rule.
He told me that anal sex is not meant to be done in the Muslim community because it could be harmful, and we are not meant to harm any women for pleasure or anything, but I was different, so he will not follow this rule.

And there were plenty of rules and stuff he told me, but he said it didn’t matter because I wasn’t a Muslim and I wasn’t his wife either. I was just a fucktoy or a slave to him, so he will do whatever he wants and create rules for me by himself as he likes.
After that small talk about rules was over, me and my bull went in the bedroom, and my husband washed the dishes while we were having sex.

After we were done, he took the condom off and fed me the comb. He said whenever we have sex, I have to take the condom and eat the cum out of it every time. And if I forget or fail to do it, I will be punished.

My husband slept on the couch, and we were in the bedroom.

The next day, he went to his flat, and we did our daily routine. We prayed, and my husband went to his office. He was more happy now, and it was very good. He was going to his work happy, and seeing him happy was making me more happy. I was given permission to masturbate my husband, so when he returned home, I made him sit on the couch and masturbate for him, and I was all wet by seeing his face.
He was extremely horny. He hadn’t touched himself in the last few days, he said. He shot his cum, and it all went on my dress. I said it’s ok.
I sat beside him, and we talked. I asked him if he really used to finger his ass, and he said yes. I asked him about it, and he said that he used to masturbate his ass with his fingers, and then he used to fuck himself with a pencil or pen, and as soon as he inserted the pencil, he used to cum hard. He told me that he once came very close to getting his ass fucked by a man when he was working at a company.

daydayday……. It was just admiration and respect for them, and he wanted to please them by giving them his ass.
It was an interesting talk. I felt like he was gay. And I searched some terms on Google to see if he has any symptoms of illness or is gay. I showed him what a sissy is. He said it was him basically, but he was not that into wearing a female dress. He was a sissy. That’s why his dick was so small, I thought, but he corrected me and said everyone has a different penis length. And having a small penis is not less masculine. I asked him then why he was a sissy. He said that he liked and wanted to be a woman and fuck with Muslim men, but he is a man. And he doesn’t like being gay. He said he was different.

I wasn’t understanding anything, so I dropped the topic and complained to him.
So after this incident, everything was just like this.

My bull used to come to our house every Saturday for the aarti. Then he used to come in the evening or in the afternoon whenever he was free and wanted to come fuck me or take his stress out on me. or even take his anger out on me. He used to slap me and spank me for everything I did, and he used to make me wear sexy outfits and take me out somewhere and fuck me anywhere he wanted. So basically, I was living my life like a whore for Muslim dick. And it was enjoyable; I was loving it; I didn’t feel like I needed my husband for sexual intercourse or even like a husband. He was more like a roommate to me now. But he was my husband, and he was actually enjoying it too. He used to watch us have sex and masturbate every day, then he used to even kiss me after I was done giving a blowjob. It was very fun.

daydayday…… I wasn’t even able to get down to my home after that session, and I have fallen a couple of times while going.
My bull used to take care of me by being clean, eating healthy food, and everything else. He said he doesn’t really disrespect my faith; he just likes Hindu women and likes to fuck them. And I, too, respect his faith. He was kind and rich enough, but I didn’t need anything, so it wasn’t a plus for me, but he used to take me out for dinners and date nights; my husband used to come with us, but he didn’t sit with us. We used to go to the theater once every two months or whenever we were in a mood.

It was my birthday, and it was a very happy day for me as well as my husband. He told me to wear a burqa and then took me to the masque, where he asked a woman, whom he knew already, to guide me in everything. She took me in and made me pray, then she took me and showed me what to do and later dropped me off outside where my bull was waiting for me.

I told him I prayed for him, and he said, “Good girl,” and patted me.We went to a hotel nearby and checked in. He fucked me for some time and told me to be on the floor on all fours and follow him. He went to the window and just roamed around the whole room while I was following him like a dog. It was a funny experience, and then we left the room after some time. He wanted to go visit his family, so he dropped me off at home, and I went to my home. It was a very fun experience wearing a burqa and just wearing a panty and bra inside that. No one questions anything, even if it is slightly noticeable by the skin.

After a few days went by My bull bought me a diamond ring and proposed, but said I would be his personal cum dumpster instead of wife. It was funny, but I accepted it.

We all sat down after that and discussed the baby. My bull was now yearning, and his temptation was getting him.
My husband said it was our own decision, and as he is my husband, he is ready to raise a child. As it was now close to my birthday and our 2nd wedding anniversary, even our parents were asking us about our plans for a child.

My bull said that he will help me and my husband financially to raise the kid and make a good boy out of him too for a Hindu girl, but as me and my husband are both Brahmin, our child will be a Brahmin too. My bull was disappointed but said it was fine. He doesn’t care that much as he already destroyed my holy Brahmin pussy, and now it was going to make me pure by planting his seeds in my unprotected Brahmin womb.
I thought he would fuck me raw that night and cum in my pussy, but it was not the case. He said he would start it on my birthday.
My birthday was very close now, and it was making me nervous. Luckily, I wasn’t on my period, and most likely I was going to be ovulating during my birthday and probably the whole week as far as I have calculated.
So I told both my husband and my bull about this, and he said it was a good day for his sperm to make its way into my unprotected womb and make me a Muslim man’s body.

My husband was usually offering his asshole to my bull for his pleasure, but my bull was very awkward and didn’t want to do it. Even when I was usually on my period, I asked him to take my husband’s ass and fuck it.

My bull never touched me on my periods; he said it was not clean, and he didn’t want me to spread my legs for him while I was on my periods. So I used to offer him my ass during my periods. He used to take my offering and fuck me there only.
I told him to fuck my husband when I will be having his child in my womb. And he can use my husband for free whenever he wants to satisfy himself. He nodded and said nothing.

It was finally my birthday, a big day for me. I told all my friends that me and my husband are going on a trip, so no one should come to our home.

I got all the wishes from my family and friends on my phone itself, and the plan worked.
We were at home only, and my boss took his day off from work for me.
This day we did a big aarti, and this time he fucked me with a condom. I asked him why he didn’t fuck me without it. He said to wait for it. And he stuffed the condom in his mouth, took it in his hand, rubbed it on my forehead, and said “Happy Birthday.”

My husband then wished me, and then my bull said to lick all the dirt off my face for him. He did, and then we were ready for the day. My bull was talking to my husband and said to me to wear the saree he bought for me the day earlier. It was a wedding saree. It was already making me wet and horny. I can’t wait to have sex. He told me no pants or bra. So I had to wear it without them, and the saree was beautiful and already finished by my size, but the blouse piece was a bit loose. I showed it to my boyfriend, and he asked if I had the same color blouse. I said yes, and I wore my original blouse from my wedding, and it was a perfect match, and the size was perfect too.

We then were in the car; I didn’t know where we were going; I was sitting with my bull on the backseat as usual, and my husband was driving. My bull had my saree lifted up, and he kept rubbing my pussy all the way till we reached It was a long drive, and it took us a lot of time. It was a small village, and it had a small temple. We stopped there, and my bull said, “Let’s go in.” He took me in and we prayed, and it was the first time he wasn’t fucking me while I was praying. We had a small wedding for our small marriage. And by the look of my husband’s face, he knew this. My bull and I sat down, and the pandit ji did all the things we were supposed to do. He took 7 phere and then again 7 phere by me, and then we were almost done. My husband was in the audience, and he was throwing the rice, so our wedding was done. He was also throwing it while we were going to the car.

We sat behind, and the pandit ji gave us the best wishes and blessings. My husband sat in the car, and we drove off.
It was very strange, and I didn’t expect this to happen. We were now married in a traditional way, and it was a proper marriage. Now the only thing we needed was a wedding certificate. But it wasn’t possible as I was already married and would have had to go through a divorce first if I had to do that. I wasn’t doing it for anything. So it wasn’t a possibility. But my bull had his own ways. He had a fake certificate Xerox, and we signed it as a joke and then threw it on the road while driving. It was very funny, and we were all laughing and having fun.

My bull said now it’s time for a small holiday. We were now on the highway and going to Goa, as my bull revealed. It was going to be a long drive. We lived in Mumbai and were very already out of there, and we were in a village on the way itself, so we saved some time.
My bull told my husband to take the route from Pune and stop at a mall there.We already had breakfast before leaving our house, so we didn’t have to stop anytime in between. But the marriage took us so long that it was already afternoon when we were done. So he stopped at a dhaba and had lunch.

The waiter and the staff there were looking at me and giving me so many stares, and my bull said, “I want to have sex with anyone here,” and whispered in my ear that he had some condoms with him if I wanted to. I said no, and I whispered back that I was his wife now, and he could not just let anyone fuck me. He told me that, and that’s why I can let anyone fuck you because now you are my wife and I can make you do anything and I will have to do it. I said “fair enough.” And said no, I am not interested in having sex with anyone other than him.He said that’s a good, loyal Brahmin wife.And I giggled and saw my husband just starting at us. I told him what we were talking about, and he said it’s ok.

He went to the washroom while my bull paid the bill, and we were on the road again.I asked myself, “Husband, did you masturbate at the restaurant?” And he said yes. How do you know? I said I saw the lust and horniness in his eyes, and even the waiter and the staff will 100% masturbate thinking about me, I said.

My bull asked me how I was so sure about that, and I said I have experience; I have seen so many men looking at me with their lustful eyes, and it has happened so often that I have started to predict whether they will masturbate thinking about me or not.
He pinched my nipple and said how slutty I was. I laughed, and we then reached Pune, where my husband pulled up to a mall there. We quickly went in while my husband oarked the car and joined us.

My bull took me to a clothing shop and bought me 5 mini skirts and 3 crop tops that were so tight that my nipples were clearly visible from them. He said to wear a pair of them and give the saree to him.
He gave me the top and skirt, and I quickly went into the changing room and changed my clothes. I was still naked from the inside, and the skirt was making it so hot and sexy. It was all making me horny, and I wasn’t able to control my lust. I pushed my finger in my pussy while I was in the dressing room and then pulled it out and quickly ran out. My bull was waiting outside, and I didn’t want him to wait long.

I gave him the saree, and he told the shop staff to pack it up for us and give it to us in a different bag. And they did it. They were nice and sweet, and we were newly married. We took our dresses, and then I asked my boyfriend to come with me to a store where they sell men’s clothes.
He was insisting not to, but I kept saying it, and he said alright, and we went in. I have never bought any clothes for my husband, and here I was buying them for my new husband like a good wife.

He had bought me a lot of stuff, the mangalsutra, and the ring. I felt guilty, and I wanted to buy something for him too. I chose a suit; it was a complete set, and I told him to try the fitting. I sat outside the changing area, and he came outside. It was a perfect fit, but the pants were tight. I asked the staff if they had a bigger one, but they didn’t, so they suggested we see another suit, which was my husband’s size. I looked at my bull and gave him a smile as he called him my husband. I blushed and said, “Okay.” We went and I chose another suit for him, and this time it was a perfect fit and the perfect size. It was expensive, so I told my bull to stand there and went outside. My husband was outside the store waiting for us, and I asked him for some money to buy a suit for my husband, and he laughed because I called my bull my husband and asked how much it was. And he gave me his card and pin number. So I quickly went in, paid, took the suit, and we went out.
My bull said thanks to my husband for the money, and my husband said it’s ok as she’s his wife too now and it’s her job to do at least this much for his husband. My bull said true, and then we got to the parking lot.

We got in the car, and I got so horny that I just sat on my bull’s lap and started opening his zip code. I have never done this, and because I was so horny, I just wanted it now. I begged him to please fuck me, and he said, “Let me put on a condom.” I again asked him, “Why doesn’t he want to fuck me raw?” And he said to me, “Wait, and it will all make sense later on.”

I didn’t question him again, and as soon as he put his condom on, I spat on my hand and rubbed it on my pussy and pushed his dick into me, and we just sat like that for some time. I asked my husband why he wasn’t starting the car, and he said he thought I was having sex while we were in the parking lot, but then I said no and I said we will have sex while you drive. He said okay and started the car. We were heading out of the parking lot, and there were speed bumps all over the parking area, so whenever the car went over one, it slowed down. I jumped on the dick, and I was like a suspension. I was really horny. There were security guards like always, and I just slid out his drawer and sat on the seat. He put his dick in his pants, and as soon as we were out of there, I pulled his dick out again and sat on his lap.

If you are a true Indian, then you know how the streets are. So whenever there was a pothole, I just bounced on his dickens, and it was very fun. He had sex like that for some time, and then I sat on the seat and took his condom off and gave him a blowjob. He cummed in my mouth, and I licked his dick clean. We had a lot of time to reach Goa, and it will be late at night, so my birthday will be over by then.

My bull thought the wedding will be quick and we will be getting out of there quick, but it didn’t happen, still somehow my husband drove fast, and we reached there by 11 at the hotel.We were out when it was 7 a.m., and now it is 11 p.m. The whole day was spent in the car. We all slept and my husband drove some time, so my husband went in the backseat and I sat on the front passenger seat till he was driving.
We reached out to the hotel, which was already booked, and we had a honeymoon suite. The whole day was unrealistic, and I was so happy and excited for my life.

We went down to the dinner area, and we had a candlelight dinner arranged for us. My original husband was sitting alone on the other table, and he had his own room booked next to ours.

We had a birthday cake, and I sent some pictures to my parents and took some pictures with my real husband for his parents to see, and the hotel staff was shocked but said nothing as we made it look like he was our driver and close to our family, so it wasn’t that bad looking.
We ate our dinner and went to our room. It has rose petals all over the bed, and a full room was decorated in a very romantic, dim light, and it was very beautiful.

We already slept a lot on this road trip, so we were full of energy. He gave me the bag of my saree and said, “Get ready for our wedding night.” And then he left the room. I quickly got naked and put my saree on. And sat on the bed like my wedding night. I yelled at him to come in, and he had two glasses of milk with him. He called room service and ordered it while I was dressing. He said. It didn’t make sense, because how did he call them from outside the room? He said he called them to my husband’s room. He said he went there and talked to him and made sure he was alright and enjoying himself.

I felt good that he took care of my husband too. He came to me and lifted my saree from my face and then kissed me. I got so horny because of that. We kissed each other for a while, and then he told me to get naked now.

Just for a kiss, I wore my whole saree again and wasted so much time. But it was worth it. I quickly threw my saree at the corner and stood beside him. He told me to get on the bed, and then he spread my legs open and started fingering me. He kissed me again and started kissing me all over my body. and sucked my nipples and bit them; I moaned, and he said shush. I tried, and he tried another one, and I moaned again and just begged him to please just fuck me already. I was getting wet, and I wasn’t able to control myself now. He said wait a second and started moving down and kissed my pussycat. First time I’ve had my pussycat licked in a long time. I didn’t even remember that my bull ever licked my pussy. It was his first time for me.

He played with his tongue and then finally got naked. I took a deep breath and got ready. He placed his dick in the opening of my pussycat and said, “Pray to me, and I am your God for now.” I joined my hands and said, “Please push it in.” He gave a push, and it went in. It felt like I just discovered what sex is. I never had sex with my bull without a condom, and as soon as I felt his dick go in without a condom, the feeling of finally getting that was great. I waited so long for this thing without its outer skin. It felt amazing, and he pulled it out and spat on it and rubbed it on his dick and pushed it again. It went straight in without any hesitation. It was like a sword going into its scabbard. But like this, it felt like it was going in deeper.

That’s it for this part. If you like this part, then you can comment or mail me at [email protected].

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